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Darkness Of Night

its been a while since bella had renesmee everything seems fine until the volturi (being mad from their last encounter) make another plan this time, involving some familiar wizards to get revenge on the cullen. What will happen and what will they do. Crossover involving characters from harry potter. R&R come on people almost 1000 reads and only 9 reviews...i wont be updating until i get atleast 15 please i have the rest of the story but what good is it updating if i dont get to see wat you guys think of the story ***update*** i still only have 9 reviews. is my story that bad?

my first attempt at a fanfiction these are not my characters they belong to stephenie meyer and j.k. rowling R&R please

5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Harry's Pov

The field we were in was gigantic. The green scenery was priceless. We were standing in a circular field surrounded by a vast majority of oak trees, pine trees and many more beyond recognition. I analyzed more and noticed how there were patches of many flowers of all the colors of the rainbow. I went to the closest one and examined it. There were beautiful orange poppies and yellow daisies. There was also one flower I had never seen. It was a mixture of red, orange, and yellow little flowers making one bigger flower. The little flowers (florets, I think is what you called them) were yellow and then turning to orange, then red petals after the yellow and orange. They were arranged in a circle with smaller circles inside and bright green leaves.

"Hey Hermione what flower is this?" I asked pointing to the flower.

"I'm not sure, but I remember learning about that plant before at Hogwarts," she replied still thinking. "Oh yea! It’s a Lantana. We learned that the Lantana plant can be venomous and also the berries, if you eat them before they're ripe. We also learned that when heated in water for an hour and made into tea while saying the words 'Lantana Camara' will extract the poison and make it even more powerful, so powerful that it'll even kill any magical creature. I'm not sure about vampires though, because they're all so new to me."

"When was this? I don't remember!" I added, questioningly.

"I'm not sure, maybe you should've paid attention," she said making fun of me.

"Are you ready to practice, Harry?" Aro asked.

"We're beginning in a few minutes," Jane added, looking at me.

"Oh, yeah. Yeah, we can start. The sooner the better," I nodded. I walked forward to them and waited for what was about to begin.


Bella's Pov

The day of training had been a success. I learned how to use my shield even better now, noticing that I can actually block people separately. I didn't have to make a big bubble to keep everyone I wanted in. I could block them with their own individual bubble, and yet we were all still connected like before. Edward couldn't read everyone’s mind when he was out of a bubble, and he could read everyone’s mind -including me- when he was in a bubble.

Edward was still a little depressed knowing that everything had gone how I had planned. I had even had some rounds with Emmett and had won him constantly, making him angrier than usual.

I was now waiting for Nessie to come. Looking around waiting to see her face. To see how she was. To see whether she was feeling better after what had happened with her Jacob.

That's when she came trotting down the stairs, effortlessly coming down and sitting next to me. She turned to me and hugged me. "Don't worry mom I’m fine," she told me.

“You are?”

“Yeah! I know that Jacob will be all right. After all he is strong.”

“And a werewolf,” I added.

“Mom,” Nessie said looking at me.

“Yeah, honey?”

“Um… I need to… tell you something,” she replied curiously.

“What is it?”

“Seth came today, and said that the whole pack was leaving, including Sam. I also saw Dad running off into the forest a few minutes ago, where did he go?” she said touching my cheek with her hand and showing me a vivid image of Edward’s departure.”

“The pack went to help Jacob.” I replied soothing her cheek. “Daddy’s gone to check up on Charlie, honey he’s going to bring him here with you.”

“With me?” she asked.

“Yes, with you. Edward and I will go close to Italy to check up on the Volturi.”

“WHY!” she yelled.

“Don’t worry Alice and Jasper are going. They’ll be on the look out. We’re just going to see if it’s true about the wizards being with the Volturi”

“You don’t need to check, Alice’s visions are always correct.”

“True, but the Volturi might have found a way to trick us.”

“Exactly, which means you shouldn’t go, what if it’s a trap and this is exactly what they want you to do.”

“Don’t worry honey, we’ll be alright anyways we have to make a few stops afterwards.”

“Well just go to the stops then, but please don’t get near the Volturi.”

“Ok Honey. We won’t go near the Volturi,” Edward answered coming in from the door with Charlie at his side.

“Thank you daddy,” Nessie said happily. Then her mood changed quickly turning serious, “You better not be lying Dad!”

“Oh I’m not lying honey,” he responded. “Come on Bella my love we’ll be leaving shortly.”

I stood up and we went to say goodbye to everyone. After finishing our farewells we departed and left from forks.

“Why did you lie to our daughter Edward!” I bellowed.

“Well what else was I going to say?” he questioned.

“I don’t know anything except for lying.”

“It’s not like this is the first time sweetie.”

“Ugh! How could you say that?”

“When she was a few years old, she asked you where babies came from, and you remember what we told her?”

“That was different!” I snapped.

“We said that babies come when parents pray for them, and the next day they fall from the sky.”

“She was young and it was nothing that could hurt her.”

“Really? She was scared for a week, thinking the babies might break their arms when falling.”

“Shut up, Edward!” I yelled.

The rest of the trip I just looked out the window, seeing the cities go by. I remember when I was still human everything would blur on by with ought me noticing, but now everything just seems to go by in slow motion.

We were at the airport in about less than ten minutes. We were actually not going to take a normal plane. Edward had actually bought a jet. He said it was a King Air 350. I didn’t know what that was, but then I saw it.

Edward had told me that when they bought it, it was white. When I stepped out into the field in search of our jet I didn’t see a white jet. I asked him where it was and he pointed one to our far left.

It was silver with black stripes running through it. It had nine circular windows and measured about 17 feet. When I stepped in side I awed with amazement. The interior was roomy and had 9 leather chairs, that seemed to be a shade of beige. I jumped in a seat and pulled Edward in front of me —The seats weren’t arranged like an airports coaches seats. They seemed to be more like a first class area. Edward had told me that the plane went up to 315 miles per hour, and that was just the cruising speed!

“Wow this is marvelous!” I screeched.

“It sure is,” Alice said chuckling behind me.

A man’s voice came through a teleprompter and said, “we will now be lifting off. Please buckle up and enjoy the ride.”

I looked out the window as the carrier lifted of the hard black cement, the craft gaining speed and the clouds rushing by.

I was told that the trip was only going to last about less than 2 hours so I just turned over to Edward and leaned my head on his shoulder.