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You Might Die Trying

The Volturi have requested an immediate return of all vampires to Volterra to discuss the recent threat pressing upon all their kind. A request that has never before occurred. The reason: the complete exposure of the vampire world to the entire human population. A request that forces not only the Immortal Children to become involved, but also forces Isabella Swan to come out of hiding since she was changed in 1692.


1. Chapter 1: Calling All Vampires

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Twilight. I just decided to steal them for the time being! What I wouldn't give to be Stephenie Meyer...


You Might Die Trying

Chapter 1: Calling All Vampires

By: HayleyM425



If there ever was a night to not be on the dark streets of Volterra, Italy; tonight would be that night. The classical structures seemed to enclose the narrow alleys with an oppressive presence that warned of danger. A fog had risen from off the cobblestone of the streets because tonight truly was a bone-chilling night.

Shadows moved throughout the city, ducking into dark alleyways or racing across streets. Not a sound was to be heard, only silence with a breeze coming up from off the shore that surrounded the south and west parts of the historical town of Volterra.

A town known for its dark and disturbing secrets.

Many would find it odd, if they took the time to look out there windows, to see the large variety of people that appeared out of no-where, calmly walking through the streets, sometimes alone, sometimes with others.

There was one similarity between the varieties of different individuals that walked along the deserted streets of Volterra that night. They were all extremely pale and beautiful. They all exuded an air that can only be described as animalistic, seemingly predatory.

That feeling was not without truth.

For these creatures were truly what they appeared to be. They were the creatures of the night that was only heard of through stories and nightmares.

These creatures were vampires.

And for the first time in history, they were all meeting peacefully within the sturdy stonewalls of Volterra with one purpose in mind.

To stop one of their own kind whose sole purpose was to expose them all to the world.


Chapter 1

What appeared to be a young woman walked down the street in the middle of the night until she reached what appeared to be a dry-cleaner store. Glancing behind her quickly, she ducked into the alley that rested between the two stores on the end of the street. Her dark red eyes pierced the darkness as she walked further into the alley, carefully stepping around trash and broken glass that was scattered across the dark floor.

Letting a chilling smile grace her lips, she reached her hand out as she passed the large garbage bin that was situated near the back of the alley. A shriek was heard as her hand connected with the shirt of someone hiding behind the structure.

Giving a sharp tug, she chucked the body to the opposite side of the alley and gave a pleasing smile as the body struck the wall and slid to the floor.

“I thought my instructions were clear, Aliza,” the young woman said as she approached the crumpled body on the ground.

“Th…they were! The situation just got out of control and...”

A sound similar to concrete striking concrete echoed off the cold walls as the mysterious young woman reached out, grabbed Aliza’s leg, and ripped it out from beneath her to send her body once more hurtling toward the trash can.

A moan escaped the woman known as Aliza as her body settled to a rest against the dented metal of what once was a large trashcan. The metal had shifted into an indent in the shape of a body and parts had cracked to pop out in sharp metal points. It had become a razor trap.

“I don’t want to hear excuses! I want you to do what I told you to!”

“Yes! I will Vespera! I…I just need another chance! Christian betrayed me and th…”

Aliza inhaled deeply as she glanced up only to meet the cold red stare of the woman who had created her.

Vespera was truly a piece of art. She was a tall, statuesque woman that would be any mans dream. Her lithe body was shapely with strong legs that seemed to go on forever. Her onyx black hair was long, reaching her mid back in a tendril of curls, with small pieces framing her heart shaped face that was the color of ivory. Her eyes, which had once been a deep vibrant green, were now a dark rich red color that appeared almost black. She was dressed in a gorgeous dark violet business suit that complemented her hourglass figure. On her feet were a pair of matching stilettos with a wicked looking heel.

Aliza, since her creation, had always felt admiration and awe whenever she was in this powerful woman’s presence. Aliza was beautiful in her own right, like all of there kind, but she knew she could never match up to the woman before her. Aliza was average height, with blonde hair, an okay pale face, and deep red eyes. She was dressed in a simple grey dress pant with a ruby red silk dress shirt.

“I don’t want to hear excuses,” Vespera hissed, “I want you to complete your end of the assignment before I regret creating you and kill you where you stand.”

“Yes,” Aliza pleaded, her eyes wide and frightened, “I won’t fail you again, I swear!”

Vespera sent her a smile that froze her on the spot and caused her to shutter. That smile, any smile at that, from Vespera terrified her more than anything else did. It was a smile of death.

Vespera leaned closer until her lips rested against Aliza’s ear, and the tip of her finger completed its path down the side of her face to rest on her neck.

See that you don’t. And I handled Christian for you.”

Suddenly she was gone and Aliza was left alone on the cold ground of the empty alley, frozen in fear, as her mistress departed. She felt something resting in her lap and she glanced down only to let out a high-pitched scream. For in her lap was most likely the only remainder of Christian.

His hand.


In a large house located on the outskirts of a small town called Forks that was composed primarily of mirrors, there resided a unique group of individuals who all held a similar chilling secret. A secret that would condemn them all to living anonymously and separate from the rest of the world for the rest of their existence.

They were all vampires.

Except this particular coven was comprised of a unique group of vampires, one that went against there very nature. They were all vegetarian vampires that attempted to integrate into society and pass themselves off as humans. A group of misfits who became a family in hopes of giving their lives some meaning, some purpose.

“Edward! We’re going to be late if you don’t get your butt down here right now!”

A young woman screamed, her golden eyes glaring up the stairs that led to the second floor of their home. She was below average height, about 5’ 2’’, with a graceful figure that was wrapped in a pair of high-end dark wash jeans and a gorgeous golden silk dress shirt with a pair of matching gold heels strapped to her dainty feet. The gold of her eyes and shirt brought out the golden streaks in her short black hair that was spiked to create a pixie like image. She had the pale ivory skin that all of her kind was cursed with.

“Alice, with the way we all drive, I’m sure we will make it in time,” a young pale man said as his hand reached down to enclose that of the young woman named Alice.

“I know that Jasper,” Alice said, turning to smile sweetly to him, “but it would be great if a certain someone would pick up the pace.”

The end of her little speech was obviously directed toward a specific individual, but all Jasper did was smirk as her little rant ended. Jasper was tall, pale, toned, lanky, and blonde. He stood at a height of 5’10’’, which was a drastic difference when compared to the small figure of Alice at his side. It was obvious he had a deep European influence in his past. What made him incredibly unique were the numerous scars that littered his body in the shape of small crescent moons. His eyes were also a golden hue, although they were much darker than the young woman he was standing next to.

“Maybe I should go up and help him out,” a tall, well-built man said, “maybe he just lost track of his pants and is partaking in a top-secret mission to undercover the conspiracy of runaway jeans?”

A loud thud echoed through the room as a pale hand struck the back of his head in a resounding smack.

“Emmett, you’re a moron.”

Emmett lifted his hand up to the back of his head to rub it as he turned to pout at the person who struck him. Emmett was by far the most intimidating of the group, standing at a daunting 6’ 2’’, he looked like he belonged in a magazine promoting a gym membership then dressed in a pair of baggy jeans with a black t-shirt and a green track jacket. His eyes were the similar golden hue color that all his family had, that were more pronounced with his dark curly hair and humorous light that shined through his eyes.

“Rosalie, it took me forever to get my hair to sit exactly how I wanted it to on my head,” he pouted, his hand trying to desperately rearrange his hair that was obviously not disturbed in the slightest.

“Maybe you should have thought about that before you spouting nonsense about ‘runaway jeans’ and ‘conspiracies,’ she scoffed, tossing her head slightly to push her long blonde locks over her shoulder. Rosalie was quite possibly in the running for the most beautiful woman in the world. She was tall, standing at a solid 5’11’’, with a figure any woman would kill for. Her eyes were also a light golden hue, although at the moment she was squinting at the tall man standing next to her in disapproval. She was casually dressed in a grey ruffled tank top with a red sweater over the top with black tight jeans and a pair of red kitty heels attached to her feet.

“Sorry to interrupt your little lover’s quarrel, but we are still missing a certain someone who told us he would be driving today,” Alice butted in, effectively stopping the beginning of what was to be an intense discussion on the validity of Emmett’s belief in pant conspiracies.

“Why don’t we just go on ahead and he can be late on his own,” Rosalie said, turning to head toward the door that would lead outside to their vast collection of cars.

“Oh!! I’ll drive! My jeep has been looking for some action lately,” Emmett exclaimed excitedly as he turned to race and get his keys to his beloved monster of a jeep.

“No offense Emmett,” a young man started to say as he descended the stairs wearing a pair of jeans with a green shirt and a black jacket thrown over it, “but we’re not exactly trying to bring attention to ourselves, and pulling up in that beast will cause every single eye to turn in our direction.”

“Edward! Don’t talk about my baby like that! I just added the sweetest grill to the front…it came with an attachable snow plow that’s wicked looking,” Emmett exclaimed somewhat sadly, knowing that his opportunity to drive ‘his baby’ had passed.

Edward was impossibly beautiful in his own right, his appearance similar to that of a Greek god. His skin was very pale, ice cold, and like marble. His face was perfect and angular, with high cheekbones, a strong jaw line, a straight nose, and beautiful, full lips. His hair was always in a casual disarray and a beautiful shade of bronze. His most memorable feature would have to be his crooked smile that brought out the brightness of his golden gaze, turning his eyes into an almost liquid gold.

“Let’s just get a move on guys, we really will be late if we continue wasting time like this,” came the soft voice of Jasper as he walked by, pulling a grinning Alice along side him.

They all started to file out of the house, reaching the silver Volvo in record time, before Edward hit the gas and they were flying down the driveway to the main road. As Edward turned into the entrance of the Forks High School parking lot, Alice tensed in the passenger seat and stared blankly ahead.

Less than a second later, the Volvo had stopped and Edward was tense behind the wheel, his eyebrows furrowing as whatever Alice was seeing appeared in his own mind.


Hearing her name, Alice shook her head and turned to look at Edward before nodding and turning to the others as Edward reversed and headed back to the house.

“We need to talk to Carlisle and Esme now,” Alice said, “The Volturi have called for an emergency meeting in Volterra.”

Silence reigned in the car as everyone’s thoughts turned toward the Volturi and what could possibly have happened to cause them to call for an immediate meeting of all vampires. One thing was for sure. They knew it couldn’t be good news.

As Edward pulled onto their driveway, Alice pulled out her cell to call Carlisle and fill him in on what she had seen. Discussion aside, they all knew that the outcome would be them taking an unscheduled trip to Volterra. No matter how much they didn’t want to go, especially Edward and Alice, it seemed like they had no choice in the matter.


Underneath the city of Volterra, lies an underground maze that leads to the living chambers of the Royalty of the vampire’s world, the coven known as the Volturi. They act as the enforcers to the laws established to allow for their existence in the world without causing a massive panic. They are also the ones that established the rules more than 3000 years ago when they first were recognize as a force to be reckoned with.

They are essentially headed by Aro, one of the three legendary ancient vampires, who has the ability to read a any thought a person has had in their entire life through physical contact. Next in line is Marcus, the second in the equation for the three most respected vampires, who has the ability to sense relationships. The final is Caius and while he has no known power, he is still regarded as one of the Volturi Royalty. There overall appearance is very similar. They all have pale, practically translucent skin, with long hair reaching their shoulders. Aro and Marcus have dark, pitch-black hair, while Caius has pure white hair.

What makes the Volturi such a force to be reckoned with, is that they have built up a coven of elite vampires that all carry unique gifts that allow for them to enforce the laws of their kind. Aside from the Elite forces that are the main source of power for the Volturi, there is also the Guard. The Guard is a group comprised of skilled fighters whose sole purpose is to protect and follow the orders of the Volturi Royalty.

Within the Volturi’s Elite, there is Jane, who has the appearance of a young girl with long dark brown hair that falls into her pale face and a child-like voice to match. She has the ability to create an illusion of pain in anyone she pleases. Alec, who has the appearance of a young boy with short dark hair and dark eyes, is often seen at Jane’s side and he has the ability to cut off the senses of others. Demetri is the tracker of the Volturi, once he has a locked onto a person’s mind, he is able to track them no matter the distance or circumstance. He is a tall and lean man with an chalky olive complexion with dark wavy hair that reaches his shoulder. Chelsea, another member of the Elite, has the gift of being able to undo or strengthen the ties in a relationship. Her appearance is much lighter than the others, an average height strawberry blonde woman with the same pale appearance and red eyes that are common with her kind. The last of the Elite is Renata, who acts as the personal guard for Aro. She has the ability to create a physical attack shield that repels people that come into contact with her or her shield. Her appearance is slightly older but still young with platinum blonde hair that is almost silver and the common attributes of pale, granite like skin and red eyes.

They are considered a legend to the people who live within Voltera’s walls, used to scare young children at night. All of Voltera’s residents have heard of their kind and the claims of the vampire kingdom that lies beneath their feet, but none believe it, and those that do find a reason to believe the legends are disposed of properly by the Volturi themselves.

Within the chambers of their home, the Volturi Royalty, Elite, and Guards were restlessly discussing the information that had been brought to them days before, regarding a vampire named Vespera who was constructing an army of gifted vampires to unleash upon the world and reveal the existence of vampires to gain power.

“Aro, why don’t we just send a group to destroy her,” spoke Marcus, his voice softly piercing the still air of the underground chamber.

“Because,” Aro started, “if we sent anyone to destroy her, no matter whom or how many, I fear it will not be enough.”

“That’s ridiculous! Your saying this woman is more powerful that the entirety of the Volturi? That’s insane,” Caius shouted, stepping forward angrily.

“That’s not what I am saying at all Caius, calm yourself,” Aro spoke, glancing harshly at Caius across from him, “the repercussions of such an act and the losses from such an envoy I fear would be too devastating to comprehend. We could kill her, but we would loose more than we would gain. Her gifts are too dangerous.”

“What gifts could such an inconsequential woman have against the Elite, Aro,” spoke Jane, her soft, child-like voice interrupting the argument between Aro and Caius.

Aro stared at her pensively for a moment, the pale skin on her forehead wrinkling.

“From the information that we gained from the man named Christian, she appears to have two gifts, both threatening in their own right. Her first is the ability to instill loyalty in whoever she meets, but her second is the most deadly. It appears she has a complete immunity to other vampire’s gifts.”

Eyes widening around the room, a few looked on in shock.

“Is that even possible?”

This time it was Demetri, his loud, hollow voice bouncing off the stonewalls surrounding the room.

“I am afraid to admit that yes, it is possible,” Aro continued, turning to Jane who looked angered at the prospect of someone being immune to her power, “so unfortunately Jane, my dear, your abilities would be of no-use in this case.”

Jane let out a hiss as her eyes narrowed on nothing in particular. Just the thought of her powers having no affect on someone angered her to the core. It showed on the outside as well, as her once vibrant red eyes altered to a dark brewing black.

“What do you propose we do then,” spoke up Caius, his tone slightly biting as he regarded Aro, “it appears that you have given this much thought.”

It was silent for a moment before Aro’s whole demeanor changed from that of a brooding, menacing man to that of a carefree trickster.

“It has been quite awhile since our last visit,” Aro spoke, his tone gleeful, “why don’t we send out an invite to our lovely collection of friends.”

Marcus turned to look at him silently, his mind turning at the prospect.

“Do you have a particular person or group in mind for this little reunion your thinking about.”

“Well, I was thinking of…well…them all.”

While the news of Vespera’s power had shocked them all, this was on a totally different level. It was absolutely unheard of. Having the entirety of the vampire race descend upon their beautiful city of Volterra?

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” mumbled Chelsea.

“Well snap to it my darlings,” speaking gleefully, Aro turned around and began to head out of the room, Renata following closely by his side, “make sure to get the word out! I just can’t wait until I get to catch up with everyone. It really has been too long…”

His voice began to vanish as he sunk deeper into the maze of tunnels, a loyal Renata following diligently, leaving behind a stunned and confused group of vampires.

Felix, a member of the Guard, turned to look at Marcus and Caius who stood with dumbfounded looks in the direction that Aro had vanished, “is he serious?”

Marcus and Caius looked at one another silently before turning to the rest of them.

“You heard him,” Marcus started, his voice controllably indifferent, “get the word out. And make sure Gianna knows we will be having a ‘few’ guests.”

Turning around, Marcus and Caius vanished, heading to wherever they felt like going. Soon enough, the hall was empty as the remaining Elite and Guards set out to spread the word for the meeting that was to take place in Volterra regarding the threat of a woman named Vespera who was hell bent on exposing their race to the world.


“Miss Swan! Miss Swan! I made you a pretty picture,” a little boy of five yelled, his little feet scurrying across the room to excitedly hand his most favorite teacher the picture he drew of his puppy he had received for his birthday.

A young woman raised her head from the picture she was helping a little girl draw of her family when she heard the little boys excited plea.

Smiling brightly, she reached out and caught him as he started giggling madly while thrusting the picture he had drawn into her face. Letting out a small chuckle, the woman known as Miss. Swan grabbed the piece of paper from his chubby, eager hand to focus on the brown blob that resided in the center.

“Wow Shawn! This picture is amazing,” she said, glancing down into the bright brown shining eyes of the little boy sitting contently in her lap, “and you drew it for me?”

His head began to bounce excitedly as praised his drawing.

“Uh-huh! All for you! It’s my puppy! Mommy and Daddy gave him to me for my birthday last week! He’s a little crazy and pee’s all over the place, but I still love him!”

Miss Swan smiled widely as she leaned down and whispered in his ear.

“I shall post it on the wall behind my desk, how about you run over and clean up your desk, your Mommy will be here to pick you up soon.”

The little boy eagerly jumped out of her lap and bounced across the room before he began to messily clean the area he had been working in.

The young woman grinned as she stood up, making sure to brush her black dress pants off and straighten her green cardigan sweater. Moving across the room, she pulled out her scotch tape and turned around to post the picture on the wall behind her desk like she had promised Shawn.

Miss. Isabella Swan was a young woman with a rosy complexion and golden brown hair falling softly onto her shoulder with warm honey highlights spread throughout her wavy locks. She appeared to be no older than 25, her body that of what many considered to be the envy of the modeling industry dressed in an attire considered proper for a fresh out of college kindergarten teacher. Her eyes were a rich deep brown with golden flecks that when the light hit right appeared to make her eyes a warm coppery color.

She was adored by her class of 20 bright young toddlers eager to learn because she wasn’t afraid to sit on the floor and get a little messy to help out and participate in whatever arts-and-craft they were participating in that day.

“Alright kids, lets clean up your work areas and get all your stuff together! Your Mommies and Daddies will be here soon to come and pick you up,” her soft voice floating through the room like velvet, caressing them all with a feeling of warmth.

Immediately, noise erupted in the room as 20 little kids began to put their crayons and papers away and collect their book bags from the area situated by the door.

Rolling her eyes, Miss Swan turned around to erase the chalkboard behind her, a smile permanently etched into her face as another day of joy had passed. She lived for helping out other people. She was always there to lend a hand if anyone so much appeared to be having a bad day or in trouble. Her sweetness is what drew so many to her, she was like honey to a bear.

Everyone that knew her couldn’t understand why she wasn’t married or surrounded by followers trying to ask her out, she was the perfect woman in all her friends and co-workers eyes.

A shrill-bell erupted overhead, causing shrieks and screams to erupt from around the room as the kids eagerly raced from the room, eager to show their parents or whoever was picking them up their works of art they had spent ‘all day working on with Miss. Swan.’

Grabbing her small tote bag and jacket, Miss Swan left the room after turning the lights off and closing the door, to head out to her car. Responding to the greetings of the other teachers as she passed, she quickly made a focused dash outside, eager to reach her car that was parked in the teacher parking lot.

Her car wasn’t anything special, just a simple baby blue Honda Accord. It served her purpose from getting to and from the elementary school and keeping up appearances.

Quickly entering and throwing her collection of jacket and bag into the passenger seat, she swiftly pulled out of her spot and headed down the road to her apartment in the upper end of the city.

When she reached the parking garage under her building, she bee lined for the elevator and rode to her floor before racing down the hallway and into her apartment. It was small but cozy. She didn’t need much and that reflected in what she surrounded herself with. It was a pleasantly decorated one-bedroom apartment with a master bathroom, a decently sized kitchen, and an adequate living area that held a state of the art entertainment system and an ivory leather couch.

What was not ordinary, however, was the little girl of about eight sitting on her couch grinning like a Cheshire cat that had not only sent Alice on a wild goose chase throughout Wonderland, but had also caught the ever-elusive canary. The girl had a calming and innocent appearance about her. Her hair was a rich mahogany brown that fell to her mid-back with a silky appearance that woman would kill for. Her manner of dress was slightly dressy when compared to an average eight year old. She was wearing a simple pair of white dress pants with a green colored button up shirt with a white tank top showing underneath. Her feet were covered in a pair of white ballet flats with small ivy leaves printed all over. The one thing that was not ‘normal’ was the pale white skin and blood red eyes.

“Hello Bella! I have some news that you might be interested in hearing,” the young girl’s voice was deceptively soothing, wrapping around the room like steam.

“Ivy…it’s been awhile,” Bella said, stepping further into the room to stand before the young girl on her couch, “to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit.”

Ivy let out a laugh as she flopped gracefully onto her back to stare up at one of the few people in the world she would consider a friend, no matter how far their friendship was stretched.

“Why I am fabulous, thank you for asking,” Ivy sang, stretching out across the coolness of the couch, “my brothers and sisters send their regrets that they were unable to come along for my little visit, but they headed on ahead and I am supposed to meet up with them when I finish here.”

Bella stared pensively at Ivy, drawing her bottom lip in between her teeth as she studied the child before her.

Ivy let out a sigh as Bella refused to say anything other than staring at her intently.

“Alright, I’ll get down to business,” Ivy reputedly said, “first off, what the hell is up with the get up? You look like a preschool teacher.”

“I am currently a kindergarten teacher,” Bella said hesitantly, knowing that would send Ivy off into hysterics.

Which it did.

It took about five minutes for Ivy to calm down after Bella’s concise words. But after she regained control of herself she stared up at her with twinkling red eyes. After a momentary stare-off, Bella let out a sigh and blew her hair out of her face. The next moment, a shimmer appeared around her and she was suddenly standing before Ivy with much paler skin and dark golden eyes. At this, Ivy let out a nod before her expression turned serious.

“Alright, so I am here to give you a little heads up about a little birdie told me. Apparently, the Volturi have called for a meeting to discuss a matter of ‘great importance,’” Ivy said mockingly, as her fingers rose to make quotation marks around the ‘great importance.’

“What? Since when have the Volturi ever made a request like that,” Bella exclaimed surprised.

“I know, right? All I know is that they are serious. Serious enough to send their little pet Jane out to spread the message.”

“Odd,” Bella said, trailing off as she looked over Ivy’s shoulder in thought.

Ivy was suddenly standing in front of her looking into the eyes.

Bella’s eyes shot back to focus on Ivy and a wary look appeared in them.

Ivy suddenly looked serious, which as never a good thing. She tried to maintain the appearance of an innocent child even though she was well over 100 years old. She, along with her ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ were the only remaining Immortal Children in the world. They were viewed as an abomination and disgrace among the vampires, yet the power that Ivy and her siblings contained was a forced to be reckoned with and likely the only reason they remained alive today.

Ivy’s power alone was unique and highly praised. She was able to control the element of the earth. And when she did unleash her power, it was positively deadly, just like her siblings.

“I know you like to keep to yourself,” Ivy started, looking intently at Bella, “but Aiden was telling me he had a bad feeling about this and that we should take this issue seriously. Which means that your going to have to make an appearance.”

Bella stared back into Ivy’s eyes, a feeling of worry festering inside her chest. She hadn’t been apart of the vampire world since her creation, and she wanted to keep it that way. She was sure she was considered nothing more than a myth as it was and she wanted to keep it that way. She wasn’t even sure if Aro even truly believed in her existence.

“I see.”

The words were spoken softly, almost like they were forced from her lips, as the reality of what Ivy was telling her was setting in.

In a moment of rarity, Ivy’s eyes softened and her hand came up to brush softly against Bella’s face.

“My siblings wanted me to come and see if you wanted to go with us, but I’m sure you’ll want to maintain an air of anonymity, which if you are seen with us is absolutely impossible,” it was spoken softly, in a way that was expressly an omission between one friend to another.

Bella seemed to wake from her daze as she turned away from Ivy to head toward the door. She grabbed her jacket and purse and opened the door at the same time that a shimmer surrounded her and she was much more the rosy Miss. Swan. As she was shutting the door, she heard Ivy call out to her.

“Volterra, Italy. You know where you need to be. They say it’s urgent.”

And then the door was closed and there was nothing but silence.