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You Might Die Trying

The Volturi have requested an immediate return of all vampires to Volterra to discuss the recent threat pressing upon all their kind. A request that has never before occurred. The reason: the complete exposure of the vampire world to the entire human population. A request that forces not only the Immortal Children to become involved, but also forces Isabella Swan to come out of hiding since she was changed in 1692.


2. Chapter 2: Into the Vampires Den

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You Might Die Trying

Chapter 2: Into the Vampires Den

By: HayleyM425


Underground in a room that was large and circular, laid a hidden secret that if ever revealed would cause fear in everyone’s hearts. For in this room is where hundreds, if not thousands, of humans had spent there last moment of life, in paralyzing fear.

It was the Volturi’s feeding room.

The air was stale and heavy, hovering within the room like that of a dungeon that hadn’t been used in hundreds of years. The stonewalls and pillars were glistening softly with the slight dampness chill that filled the air. The torches that were strategically placed around the room lit the walls with a soft golden glow that flickered and created more shadows than would exist in the darkness.

Within this room, a distant murmur existed. A hum enveloped the large area that wrapped around the numerous individuals that were scattered around the room. There was no mingling, just distinct groups that clustered together in separate areas and spoke amongst themselves with quick glances around the slowly filling space.

At the front of the room, seated in their chairs, sat the Volturi royalty, talking amongst themselves and waiting for the rest of the arrivals. The Elite and Guards were stationed in front of the chairs in a row, created a blockade and warning to all those present.

The door at the front and the murmur rose slightly as the group of four slowly walked into the room, glancing quickly around at everyone present before the four all nodded quickly to Aro, Marcus, and Caius. They moved quickly into one of the unoccupied areas and formed a somewhat defensive circle that was more aggressive then defensive.

All the eyes were on the four, even minutes after they had arrived. Their small stature’s and childlike appearance marked them for what they were.

The only surviving Immortal Children.

Everyone present knew of them, but very few had ever met them. They were known mostly for their powers and the fact that they had survived the Royalties decision to exterminate the Immortal Children.

They were Ivy, Christian, Alijah, and Elizabeth.

Ivy had the appearance of an innocent eight year old with long mahogany brown hair that reached down to her mid back and hung loosely. Her eyes were a rich red centered inside an adorable heart shaped face. She was wearing a pair of simple dark blue jeans with a black t-shirt that had vibrant green leaves that appeared as though they were blowing across the expanse of her chest.

Christian had a slightly demonic appearance, a 6 year olds trouble making appearance. His hair was a deep red with black and blonde streaks throughout, cropped short but with wild lengths in various directions of disarray and some pieces slightly longer and falling down his face and over his eyes. His eyes were also a dark red but he had dark coal eyeliner around his eyes, making the red pop and creating an eerie image with the rest of his pale pasty face. He was wearing a pair of loose fitting black jeans with a burnt orange shirt with a red long sleeve zip-up jacket over it.

Alijah was more calming in appearance. His hair was cut short and the color of light blonde that when the light hit it appeared to have streaks of pale blue throughout. His face was simple, soft, and pale. He looked like he was around seven years old. His eyes were a dark red like his siblings. He was wearing a pair of loose jeans and a simple light blue shirt with a dark blue jacket over it.

Elizabeth had the youngest appearance of the group, appearing to be around five-years old. Her hair was almost the same color as Alijahs, a light blonde, but instead of pale blue highlights, her hair at times almost appeared white. She was wearing a pair of white Capri pants with a white tank top and a blue sheet button up shirt.

“Do you think they will stop staring at some point,” muttered Alijah, his eyes shifting around with a calculating gleam in them.

“I doubt it,” Christian answered, “I should have followed Bella on this one; she’s smart if she stays away. This many of us in one place is incredibly dangerous.”

Ivy turned to stare at him, her eyes squinting slightly before she responded to his desire to be elsewhere, “That girl had better make an appearance; I have a feeling that she would be quite useful, considering the situation.”

“Would you guys cut it out,” cut in Elizabeth, her airy bell like voice breaking into the sharp conversation, “I don’t really want to draw any more attention to ourselves and if you guys start one of your little wars, I am so out of here.”

Alijah grinned as he stared at Elizabeth, his eyes glowing as he prepared to make a sassy comment back to the ‘peace-maker’ as they all liked to call her. His mouth opened to retort before the door opened once more and a large group, in vampire standards, walked into the room as a group.

The thing that caught everyone’s eyes was the color of their eyes. They were all varying shades of gold.

“I wonder who they are…” trailed Ivy, staring at them curiously.


“How many do you think are already there,” asked Alice as she ran along side Jasper.

“It will be hard to know until we actually are in the room with them,” answered Jasper, his eyes flicking over to look at Alice beside him.

Carlisle and Esme were running ahead in front of them while Rosalie and Emmett were running somewhere behind them. Edward was ahead of them all, being as he was the fastest of them, and that they were all in quite a hurry to reach Volterra.

“Hey! I think we’re almost there you guys,” Emmett shouted cheerfully, his pace picking up slightly, causing Rosalie next to him to huff and match his new pace.

Within moments, they came to a stop at the entrance to the tunnels under ground that would lead them to the chamber that the Volturi waited in. They ducked through the entrance, heading into the dark tunnels until they reached the elaborate door that would lead them into the room that would be filled with their kind.

“Well, I guess we better get this over with,” Carlisle said, turning to glance softly at Esme who nodded her head.

Carlisle reached his hand out and opened the large door like it had the weight of a feather. Immediately they felt all eyes shoot to them, the dark red of them glowing and piercing through the dismal light that was available in the room.

Edward gave a momentary pause in his walk as all the thoughts of those in the room started to slam into him. Reaching a hand up, he placed it against his head like it would stop the flow, before shaking his head and continuing on next to Alice. This all happened within a moment.

“Too much at once,” Alice spoke, reaching out and softly gripping his hand that was cradling his head and brought it down to his side.

Edward gave a light chuckle, “Yeah, they all seemed to be noticing our eye color and wondering who we are.”

Alice giggled along with him before squeezing his hand and following Jasper and the rest of the family over to a spot along the wall that had yet to be taken.

Edward lagged behind his group a little, shuffling through the thoughts that were circulating throughout the room. Most revolved around who they were and why there eyes were golden, while a few were acknowledging that they knew Carlisle from somewhere. His golden eyes focused on the group of four huddle in one of the corners that stood out like a sore thumb. He noticed the one in green looking over at him curiously before ducking her head and whispering something to the red head next to her.

Edward stepped closer to his family and sidled up next to Carlisle.

“Do you see the group in the corner?” Edward muttered, discreetly pointing out there direction.

Carlisle glanced over and recognition flashed in his eyes. He nodded to Edward, intent to leave it at that, but Edward continued to stare at him.

Grumbling, Carlisle turned toward him to fill him in quickly.

“That is the last of the Immortal Children. Rumor has it that Aro saw something in them and allowed them to live on. They are Ivy, Christian, Alijah, and Elizabeth if I remember correctly. There not to be messed with, they have some powers that are unique.”

Edward listened intently and turned back to glance at the young group before deciding to let it go and leaned back against the wall, to watch the odd group of people present. His eyes sweeping over the members in the front, noticing Jane narrowing her eyes at there group before turning away.

The door opened once more and a bunch of vampires began to filter in, all seeming to have arrived at the same time. They filtered in and separated into their respective groups, with the ones on their own finding their own spot before becoming motionless.

He noticed the Denali clan entering. He hadn’t seen them since his last visit up to Alaska and he gave them all a nod as they entered. Tanya, Carmen, Eleazar, Kate and Garrett seemed close to approaching them before they noticed the limited room surrounding there group and heading to the opposite side of the room.

Following behind them was the Amazonian, Egyptian, Irish and Romanian covens. The European and American nomads seemed to be making an appearance as well.

The tension in the air was heavy. This many predators around one another was never a good thing. There was a reason why their kind tended to keep to themselves.


Snapping out of his thoughts, he turned to Emmett and Jasper, seeing that they had stepped and were now leaning against the wall on either side of him.

“I don’t like this,” Jasper spoke, his tone low.

“Tell me about it,” Emmett muttered, his eyes snapping from group to group, “it’s giving me the heebie-jeebies.”

For added effect, he gave a little shake throughout his body that went well with the big grin erupting across his face.

“Please try to act your age for once,” Jasper said, lifting his hand to cover his face in embarrassment.

They fell silent after that, decided to watch instead talk amongst themselves, something the rest of their family had taken to doing the moment they walked in.

Suddenly there was movement in the front and all eyes snapped toward the front to see Aro, Marcus, and Caius standing and walking forward slightly to be able to be seen by everyone in the room.

“My children! Welcome to our home! Volterra is still simply gorgeous isn’t it!”

Aro’s voice carried across the room, a few of the vampires groaning and wishing they were somewhere else. Aro’s voice was gleeful and tricky, which meant they weren’t going to like what he was about to say. Marcus and Caius turned to one another to give each other a look. Aro sometimes got carried away when guests were present and it seemed like this was going to be one of those times.


‘I can’t believe I actually came,’ Bella thought.

She was standing in an alley in Volterra, hiding in the shadows and watching as vampire after vampire showed up and entered into the tunnels of the kingdom lying beneath her very feet.

She had recognized a few of them. Right after she had arrived and taken up post, she had seen Zafrina, Senna, and Kachiri appear out of the darkness only to vanish just as suddenly into the tunnels. It must have been serious enough an issue for the Amazonian coven to show.

The next group to slip through the door was the duo that made up the Romanian coven. Vladimir and Stefan were two dark vampires that had once been the royalty of the vampires before the Volturi overthrew them. That duo was bound to bring some high-end tension into the little meeting that was about to take place. Just like the Amazonian coven, they were suddenly there and then they were gone. If Bella wasn’t a vampire herself, she would have missed them. There speed was something to marvel.

The Egyptian coven, made up of Tia, Amun, Benjamin, and Kebi, appeared at the same moment as the Irish coven, Siobhan, Liam, and Maggie. They both froze outside the entrance as they all came within close quarters of one another. The surprise passed quickly and they all ducked into the tunnels quickly.

‘I guess I had better make my way inside,’ Bella thought as she prepared herself to dart into the entrance herself.

“Is there a reason you are hiding,” a voice spoke up from behind her, causing her to whip around in shock.

A trio was standing behind in a group, taking up the whole width of the alley she was currently standing in. She knew her they were the moment she laid eyes on them and didn’t quite know what she was supposed to think. The European nomads, Alistair, Charles, and Makenna. After thinking about it for a second, she wasn’t surprised that they had been able to spot her. Alistair was after all known for his ability to track.

The two males were dressed darkly, head to toe in black, while the sole woman in the group was just very fashionably in a crème colored trench coat that reached her knees with black pants and high heels showing. There red eyes were glowing as they all focused on her.

“No, there is no reason,” Bella spoke up, standing up to her full height to create a confidant image after her shocked appearance when they had surprised her, “I am just observing, I like to know a situation before I go into it.”

Alistair nodded his head and was about to respond when his eyes snapped to somewhere behind her. The woman, Makenna, eyes also shot behind her before glancing over at her two companions.

They all suddenly took off, heading into the tunnels in the blink of an eye.

“Well,” Bella muttered, turning back around, “that was rude.”

Reaching her hand up to push her hair back behind her ear she glanced both ways and shot into the tunnels, following the many other groups that had entered before her. It was eerily silent as she entered the tunnels, not a sound echoing off the walls.

‘Good thing I know where I’m going,’ Bella thought, reaching the door to the entrance of the room within seconds. She paused for a moment, trying to decide on how she was going to enter the room and where she was going to go.

As she stood there, she heard what could only be Aro’s voice speak up, ““My children! Welcome to our home! Volterra is still simply gorgeous isn’t it!”

Rolling her eyes, she opened the door a crack and hopefully entered the room unnoticed for the time being. It was incredibly packed and as she reached her corner in the far back, she took the time to observe her surroundings.

She could clearly see the Volturi up in the front, Aro grinning like a buffoon up in the front. She took in the guard and the elite standing next to them quickly, her eyes glaring as she crossed Jane and Alec path. Snapping away from the front, she took in the groups that were stationed around the room. She saw Ivy, Christian, Elizabeth, and Alijah standing up near the front and to the side. They were huddled into their little group, with Ivy and Elizabeth currently caught up in a glaring match with Jane.

Bella let out a practically inaudible giggle as Jane began to get noticeably angry.

‘You can always count on those two to get pissy,’ she thought, tearing her gaze off of them.

Bella suddenly started to get a funny feeling, almost like she was being watched. Ignoring it as Aro started to speak again, basically nonsense and having absolutely nothing to do with the reason why they were all unwillingly standing here, she started to get a little annoyed. She could tell the gaze hadn’t wavered yet and it was starting to feel oppressive.

Shifting her eyes to the opposite side of the room, her mouth opened slightly as her dark bronze eyes met those of liquid gold. He was by far the most gorgeous being she had ever seen. His body was equivalent to that of a god, a living Adonis. His gaze alone made her hot, it was piercing, almost as though he was trying to see into her mind. His forehead was scrunched slightly, his eyebrows lowering before shooting up in surprise when she met his gaze head on.

They were locked in one another’s gaze until the big burly guy next to him nudged him and pointed toward the front of the room. His gaze shifted and the spell was broken for the time being.

“Aro, get on with it,” Caius said harshly, his voice carrying throughout the room.

“Oh, dear me! I seem to have lost myself for the moment,” Aro said, his voice light, “please forgive me! But we have asked for you all to be for an urgent matter concerning the unveiling of our existence.”

“A woman name Vespera is creating an army of newborns to spread throughout the world to gain control of the different regions and reveal vampires to the population. We don’t know why she is doing this, but we do know that she is quite powerful with some gifts that give her the upper hand, even against the Volturi.”

“What kind of powers could go against the Volturi,” Stefan spoke up, a grin slithering across his face at the idea of the Volturi being eliminated. Or at least taken down a peg or two.

Caius’ eyes shot toward the two vampires standing arrogantly near the middle of the room.

“How nice it is to see you take part in the discussion, Stefan! You never could keep that trap of yours shut,” Caius hissed, the dark intent in his eyes causing some tension to rise in the room.

“Not a problem Caius,” Stefan replied, mockingly bowing toward his figure, “I only wish to be of help in this problem.”

Caius hissed at him again before Marcus grabbed his arm lightly.

“What powers does she have,” a voice to the side spoke up, all eyes shooting over to take in the well-dressed man with blonde hair that many knew of as Carlisle.

“Carlisle! Why it has been so long,” Aro started, turning toward the group of vegetarian vampires in the corner, “and look at that, your whole family here as well.”

Aro’s eyes lit up as he took in Edward and Alice, who were standing tensely against the wall.

“Dear Edward and Alice, have you decided to take me up on that offer yet? I just can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to join us,” Aro spoke, his words weaving through the room with a undertone that no one could distinguish.

“What are the powers Aro,” Carlisle spoke again.

“Oh yes! Quite problematic gifts she has. From what I have been told, she is completely immune to other vampires gifts, so no matter what power a few have been gifted with, it will not work on her,” his eyes shifted over to Jane and Alec momentarily, “and there is talk that she also is able to instill a level of loyalty in anyone she meets.”

A murmur rose up in the crowd as the news was let out.

“Why exactly have you asked for us all to meet here then,” Carlisle spoke again, trying to get to the point.

“Why, we need assistance in getting rid of her. Merely sending the Elite and Guard will not be enough. She has already created a large army that lies in waiting even as we meet here,” Aro said, his purposes for everyone appearing slowly starting to be made clear.

“So what your saying, is that you want a group of us present to take care of the problem, so you don’t run the risk of loosing any of your precious Elite or Guards,” a new voice spoke up, this time child-like and coming from one of the Immortal Children, namely Elizabeth.

“Hold your tongue you little mutant,” hissed Jane, her eyes focusing on the quartet.

Elizabeth grinned and leaned forward, crouching into an attack position, “I dare you,” slipped past her lips, exposing her pearly white teeth. All those present felt a shift in the air, a shift they all knew to well. A power was being activated.

“Stop it this instant,” Marcus spoke quickly, his back stiff as he directed his message toward Jane.

Jane immediately stopped whatever she had been planning and settled back stiffly, while Elizabeth slowly came out of her crouched position, her small body uncoiling gracefully and her wicked grin still spread across her face.

Bella’s eyes narrowed, ‘Jane doesn’t give up that easily,” she thought.

She could remember the last time she had a run in with that little demonic thing. It had ended with Jane about ready to throw a hissy fit because her gift didn’t work on her.

A small smile slipped out at the thought.

“That’s the general idea my dear one,” Aro voice finally cutting through the tension, “we are looking for a group who would be willing to go after her. I am more than willing to loan out some of my Elite or my Guards to aid in the pursuit.”

There was a level of deceit in his voice and almost everyone present could hear it. A hum started throughout the room once more, all present discussing what he had just proposed.

Bella’s eyes shot around the room, trying to listen in on what the many present were talking about. The majority were against the idea of putting there own lives on the line to stop someone that the Volturi had ignored until the last minute. A few were excited by the idea of a no-holds-bar manhunt, mainly Stefan and Vladamir.

Bella felt a presence appear next to her the same moment she noticed that Jane was no longer in the front of the room. Instantly stiffening, she glanced down out of the corner of her eye to see the controlled face of Jane next to her.

“I thought I saw you come in,” Jane said softly, her voice low enough that no one around them could hear her, “I’m surprised that you have the audacity to show your face around here again, after what you did.”

Bella flinched slightly. That was something she was hoping that would not be brought up regarding the circumstances.

“I should tear you limb from limb you know,” Jane hissed, her voice steadily getting louder as her anger caught up with her, “nothing would make me happier.”

A few things happened all at once. The temperature in the room, which had already been cold, dropped down considerably to the point where the light dampness on the walls instantly froze. At the same time, the torches that lined the walls erupted into large infernos. The group present all created a large distance between the drama that was erupting in the back.

Bella was standing in surprise behind Alijah and Christian, who had appeared out of no-where as soon as Jane had finished her sentence on tearing her apart. They were crouched defensively in front of her, identical hisses erupting from there throats.

The vampires present watched in stunned silence as two of the Immortal Children crouched in the defensive in front of a sole vampire that none of them had seen arrive, with Jane grinning in front of them.

“Big mistake,” Jane hissed, focusing on the two and unleashing her gift.

Immediately, Alijah and Christian crumpled to their knees as the pain began to spread throughout their bodies. Jane let out a harsh laugh at the squirming bodies on the floor.

Her laugh was abruptly cut off however and a look of anger crossed her face as the two suddenly stopped thrashing and once again jumped up to crouch before the girl.

A few present let out a gasp.

Jane’s power wasn’t working.

Jane let out a screech and in a show of acting like her appearances age, stomped her fit and growled.

“You little witch! You can’t do that!”

Bella refrained from saying anything as she simply stared at Jane impassively.

“I only know one person who can do that,” Aro said, stepping out from the crowd of vampires watching, his eyes alighting on the still figure of Bella.

“Isabella! My darling! It has been too long.”

Aro stepped forward and around the two snarling vampires standing in front of her to take Bella into a hug. Bella tensed and froze, her hands hanging limply at her sides, her bottom lip tucked into her teeth as she raised her eyes upward in defeat.

‘Looks like keeping a low profile is out of the question.’

As Aro stepped back and turned to talk to someone, Bella’s eyes swept the crowd only to latch onto the molten gaze of pure gold staring at her with an expression buried in their depths she couldn’t read. Her gaze dropped to his lips as her name left his lips silently, only to shoot back up and meet his gaze.

For some reason that she couldn’t begin to explain.

She felt safe.

She felt like she had found home.


Vespera walked down the rundown streets of Las Angeles, ignoring the disgusting men howling out to her, making lewd comments about what they wanted to do to her. Turning into a dark alley, she walked toward a single door with a flickering light overhead. A man was sitting outside, hunched over in a pathetic attempt at keeping watch.

As she got closer, she scowled and reached out a hand to grab the surprised man in shock, dragging him through the door once she had it opened and tossing him into the darkness.

A scuffling was heard and then the mans screaming erupted, echoing off the walls. A light was flicked on to reveal a group of figured kneeling around the mans body, their teeth latched into whatever part of the body they had access to, draining him of his blood. Slowly. Painfully.

As the screams finally ceased, Vespera grinned and turned toward the man that was standing silently at her side, watching the spectacle along with her.

“How many are new ones.”

“5 of them. That makes this group of newborns at about 17 total. We lost two the other day,” the man spoke, his red eyes flicking to Vespera’s face and then back toward the group of snarling newborns.

“That’s not anywhere near the number I asked for, Jeremiah,” Vespera said, her voice low and disappointed.

Jeremiah turned fully toward her. He was a young man, appearing to be around 23, with a muscular and lean body. His hair was coal black and tied at the base of his neck in a low ponytail. He was wearing a simple black business suit with a white dress shirt underneath.

“Angela and Jason are out hunting for more,” he said, “they are also supposed to bring back some dinner.”

Vespera nodded, her eyes sweeping over the group in front of her that had given up on the drained body and gone back to resting stone still on the ground.

“Any promising ones?”

“At the moment,” Jeremiah started and then paused, his eyes traveling across the group, “not yet. But sometimes the gifts take a little time to manifest themselves.”

Vespera nodded before turning to him and pushing him back against the wall behind them. She grabbed his head and pulled it down, bringing his lips to hers. He let out a moan as she pressed her body against his, her other hand staying down to graze over the bulge in his pants.

Nipping at his lower lip, she pulled back and pushed away from him. Straightening her shirt, she turned and made her way to the door, before pausing with her hand on the knob.

“I’ll be back in three days, I expect some progress by then.”

And then she was gone, leaving a frustrated Jeremiah running his hand through his hair.

“Every time,” he muttered, turning back to the group of newborn vampires that were getting a little antsy, “Angela and Jason better get back here soon.”


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