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You Might Die Trying

The Volturi have requested an immediate return of all vampires to Volterra to discuss the recent threat pressing upon all their kind. A request that has never before occurred. The reason: the complete exposure of the vampire world to the entire human population. A request that forces not only the Immortal Children to become involved, but also forces Isabella Swan to come out of hiding since she was changed in 1692.


3. Chapter 3: Apple of My Eye (Part 1)

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You Might Die Trying

Chapter 3: Apple of My Eye (Part 1)

By: HayleyM425


Flashback to Salem, Massachusetts (1692)

Isabella! Can you run into town and pick up some flour for me,” a middle-aged woman shouted out to her daughter who was kneeling down and playing with a stray tabby cat that had been hanging around the house lately.

The woman who shouted was wearing a tan and green dress with black boots on her feet. Her long brown hair had been pulled up into a loose bun with stray pieces coming out to frame her face. Her cheeks were rosy from the work she had been doing in the small cottage like house, but her warm brown eyes seemed to glow with an inner happiness. Her face was very kind, laugh lines surrounded her eyes and lips, and was a light pale peach color.

The small cottage behind her was situated slightly on the outskirts of town and just large enough for her and her daughter, Isabella. The woman’s husband had died a few years back from sickness and the towns people were kind enough to help support them in any way they could. There was a small line of trees that hid the house from the road that led into town that was situated less that five minutes away on foot.

The yard in front of the cottage was full of different types of vegetation, ranging from flowers to bushes to vegetables, which were all lovingly and meticulously cared for by the kind woman standing in the doorway.

Yes Mama!”

Isabella answered back, standing up and brushing off the bottom skirt of her dress that had picked up some dust. As she stood, the tabby cat shot off into the bushes and vanished from sight. Isabella turned and ran toward her mother, Renee, planning to grab the coins that would be needed to purchase the flour from old man Thomas’s shop.

Isabella was a simple young woman, having turned 17 a month ago, and a devoted daughter to her mother. Her brown wavy hair was also pulled back into a loose bun like her mothers but throughout her activities that day most had come undone and now flowed down around her shoulders and face. She had the same kind face as her mother and the same warm brown eyes, but more youthful in appearance. She had many suitors in the town, mainly one of the village’s farmer’s sons, Mike Newton. She was wearing a simple dress similar to her mothers except her skirt was a dark maroon with a crème colored top and a black apron wrapped around the front.

Now make sure you go there and come straight back, you hear me,” her mother jokingly commanded as she handed Isabella two copper coins.

I will Mama,” Isabella grinned, slipping the coins into the large pockets in the front of her dresses apron, “I’ll be back before you know it.”

Within a moment, Isabella had taken off, vanishing on the small path that led to the road that led into town. As Isabella left the safety of the trees, she slowed down to a walk and grinned as she started to look off into the trees that encroached upon either side of the well-used dirt road. Hearing a rustling she turned her head carelessly to the side and called out, “Is that you Tabby! I don’t have any more food on me little missy so you better go find some supper.”

Hearing nothing in response, she shrugged and continued on her way.

She reached the small town in what seemed like no time in all. The church was the first thing in sight, the old white building standing out starkly with its white painted wooden beams. A small group of women were standing out front talking to one another while there small children ran in circles around them. A couple of men were standing around in the streets, resting after a long day in their fields.

Isabella! Hey! Isabella!”

Reverend Samuel’s daughter and niece, Betty and Abigail, were waving in her direction as they raced toward her, Betty lagging behind her slightly older cousin who had shouted out to her in the first place. As they reached her, they stopped and both gave her identical grins.

Hey girls,” Isabella said, “how are you two doing? Hopefully not causing too much trouble.”

Betty and Abigail shared identical looks before shaking there head. A funny gleam came into Abigail’s eyes as she focused once more on Isabella who started to walk again toward the shop to get the flour.

Mike’s been asking about you again,” Abigail slyly started, completely missing the exasperated sigh that escaped from her older audience, “he was wondering when you were going to wander back into town again.”

Has he,” Isabella responded after a moment, hoping her less than enthusiastic response would sway the two girls to change the topic. She entered into the small corner store and walked up to the counter, slightly ignoring the mischievous duo following her and giggling.

Yes he has! I think he wants to see if you want to go to that picnic my father is holding this weekend with him,” Betty, the younger girl, spoke up finally.

Isabella chose to ignore that as she smiled at Thomas, a kind old man that was slightly senile in Isabella’s opinion, and greeted him.

Hey Mr. Thomas! How are you doing?”

I’m just fine my dear! What’s this I’m hearing...your friends saying something about that good boy Mike Newton. His father owns that farm down near the creek doesn’t he?”

That would be the one,” Isabella confirmed, hoping to get the flour and head on back, “My Mama just sent me here to pick up some flour real quick and then I need to be on my way, she needs it for supper tonight.”

Mr. Thomas nodded, walking away from the counter to grab the individual flour parcel that sat with a group of others, before turning back and setting it onto the worn wooden counter.

There you are my dear that will be just two coppers.”

Isabella handed him the money, grabbed the flour, and turned to head back out with her two loyal followers trailing behind.

Isabella! Well,” Betty pouted, “what do you want us to tell him! He told me specifically that if we saw you to ask you and let him know what your answer was.”

I’m sorry Betty; I have to help Mama in the garden that day.”

Oh…okay…I guess I’ll let him know,” Betty muttered, her eyes shooting across the road that ran through the town, her eyes lighting up and causing her to reach out and grab Abigail’s sleeve, “look! There’s Sarah! Let’s go say hi!”

The two tore off running toward Sarah Good, the poor beggar woman who lived on the outskirts of town like Isabella and her mother. Before Isabella turned away from the two, her eyes narrowed as she saw that Sarah was muttering to herself, her hands tightly wrapped around the simple cross lying across her chest.

Turning away, she headed back toward her home, once again taking in the small group of women nestled in front of the church, and they appeared to be having an argument of some kind.

She reached the end of the town and headed down the path she had taken earlier to get there. She was almost home when she paused. There was a little girl standing in the middle of the road staring straight at her. She was wearing a deep green dress with black boots, her straight brown hair falling over her shoulders to her midback. She appeared to be no older than eight years old, but what really shocked Isabella besides her pale white skin was the deep red eyes that were staring back at her.

Isabella felt like she was caught in the eyes of a predator, but before she could react in any way, the little girl vanished. Feeling a little shaky, Isabella shook her head.

I’m seeing things…’

Walking a little ways up she reached the spot the girl had been standing and turned off into the small path that led into the area her home was.

Immediately she knew something wasn’t right. She should have been hearing her mother from inside the cottage humming, she did that while she was baking, but all there was was silence.

Isabella knew something was wrong.

Dropping the heavy sack of flour, she tore off across the yard and into the cottage, pausing to glance around quickly, her wide brown eyes quickly taking in the still pale body of her mother lying in the middle of the floor.

Isabella’s hand rose up to her lips that were parted in shock. Her eyes widening and her other hand reaching up to grip her throat.

Even from here, she knew her mother was dead.

Isabella screamed and then everything went black.


When Isabella awoke, it was dark outside and she couldn’t remember why her she was lying in the middle of the doorway. Sitting up and holding her head in her hand, she lifted her eyes to look around only for them to freeze as they landed on the black form lying lifelessly in the middle of the room.

She stared for what felt like hours.

She would never understand why she never cried.

Why a tear never fell.

After a time, Isabella was shocked out of her stupor when she heard a soft ‘meow’ from beside her. The little tabby cat was back, blinking up at her innocently, before opening its tiny mouth to let out a tiny yawn before meowing again.

The meow woke her up.

Isabella, deciding to keep her mothers mysterious death a secret, managed to dig a deep hole behind the house and bury her there. By the time she had finished, the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon.

The small tabby cat hadn’t left her side, instead it had taken to rubbing against her legs and meowing cutely whenever Isabella had paused in her task. She raised her arm and brushed it across her forehead. She was covered in dirt, her hair was a mess, and there were new holes in her skirt that showed her bare legs underneath. She had hiked her skirt up and tied it up a little, with her apron, to keep it from brushing against the ground as she worked, but it had done little good. Her hair was completely loose, surrounding her face and falling to her midback in a tangle of curls.

“Why don’t I feel sad,” she whispered, staring at the newly made grave that was in front of her.

She heard a crack and whipped around to see a flash of green disappear into the forest. She could have sworn it was that little girl again. She stared a moment longer before turning around and heading into the house that was now her own.

She knew that she could never go back into town.

There would be too many questions.

So days passed, which turned into weeks, and suddenly the leaves on the trees were turning as Autumn encroached. The air cooled and leaves littered the ground around the cottage that was beginning to look a little worse for wear.

The only company Isabella had was the little tabby that followed her everywhere, meowing and pawing at anything that came within her path. As the weeks passed, Isabella would swear that she kept catching glances of the little red eyed girl she had seen the day she found her mother lying dead. However, she was beginning to question her sanity at this point because she had never cried or mourned for her mother.

She hadn’t felt what she thought she was supposed to feel when your only living family was killed.


She never found any clue as to who had done it and she never had looked at her mother to find out what killed her. Only checked to make sure she really was dead, which was easy to tell because of the graying pallor of her skin.

She spent most of her time going over her mother’s books and continuing the secret teachings her mother had been giving her in their spare time from managing their garden and upkeep of the cottage. All of the books were old and worn, crammed into a small room that existed on the side of the house.

Her mother had told her that no one was to know about the books and that she was never to tell a sole about what she was taught.

She had always honored that.

Never questioned it.

It was just as the leaves were beginning to fall that Abigail and Betty appeared, standing on the road and peeking through the now bare trees. Isabella was on her knees weeding what was left of her vegetable garden. She was covered in dirt and her hair was undone. Her simple dress had tears in it and her boots were slightly worn by this time. She hadn’t been to town in months and had been living off of whatever was in the area.

“Isabella? Is that you,” Abigail called softly, her voice sounding surprised.

Isabella whipped around and stared at the two girls standing on the road and staring at her. They looked the same, but there was something off with them. Just by looking at them, Isabella could tell they were hiding something.

Isabella didn’t say anything for a moment, just continuing to stare at them, when she saw quick movement out of the corner of her eye.

The little girl!

She was standing just out of sight of the two other girls, hiding between two large tree trunks, her red eyes staring straight at her once more. Isabella’s mouth dropped open as she saw that the girl was holding Tabby, who was purring and rubbing her cheek against the girls happily.

“Who are you,” Isabella shouted.

The girl merely grinned and then vanished once again.

Turning back to where Abigail and Betty had been standing, she was surprised to see no one standing there. Glancing back down the road, she saw the two of them just before they vanished.

They were both running.


Isabella woke up in the middle of the night to shouting and banging. Confused, she sat up and stared through the dark. She could see the soft glow of fire outside her windows and she was confused before she understood what was being shouted.

“Come out of there you witch!”

This shout was followed by a torch behind thrown the window and rolling across the floor to land against a wooden chair that quickly caught fire and began to spread.

In complete shock, Isabella jumped up and grabbed her blanket off the bed, racing over to try to put the flame out but was distracted as a man kicked in the door and a flood of people entered the room.

Reverend Samuel was the first to speak, his voice booming and carrying throughout the room.

“Isabella Swan, you have been accused of practicing witchcraft and worshipping the devil! For your transgressions and afflictions against the Christian souls of Abigail Williams and Betty Parris, you are hereby under arrest and to be brought before the magistrate to be questioned and examined.”

“What! What are you talking about! I just saw Abigail and Betty earlier today and they seemed fine,” Isabella called out shocked.

Two men approached her and one kicked her in the back of the legs, causing her to fall down to her knees in pain. The two men grabbed her arms and started to drag her out as she kicked and screamed, trying to get away.

“The witch admits it! She cursed those sweet girls! Just like Sarah Good and that retched Tituba,” the man who had kicked her shouted, tugging harder on her arm, causing Isabella to cry out in pain and surprise.

“Let go! You aren’t making any sense!”

The next thing she knew, she felt something slam into the back of her head and she lost consciousness.


She woke up later, lying in a small cold room with hay strew out across the dirt floor. The walls were a cold grey, signs of damage existed everywhere she looked. The walls were cracked and browned, the only light coming from outside through the oblong half-moon window with steel bars through it. A think wooden door existed was across the room from her.

She recognized this place.

It was the towns holding cell for people awaiting trial located beneath the small court house.

“What is going on,” she whispered; fear beginning to take place in her heart, “they called me a witch…that doesn’t make sense…”

Isabella curled herself into a corner, staring out dismally at the empty cold room before her. She had never felt so helpless in her life.

“A witch, what did I do…what happened to Abigail and Betty…” she continued talking to herself, hoping to pass the time and make sense of what was happening.

Who knows how long she stayed curled up in the fetal position in the corner, as far away from the door as she could get, her hands fiddling with her dirty skirt.

As the sun started to go down, she knew this because it was getting steadily darker in the small cell, she heard footsteps and the door was swung open. Reverend Samuel stood there with his bible in hand, his robes falling around his body, with his hard, unfeeling face glaring at her with cold, calculating eyes.

“Your trial has begun,” he said, the same moment that a man entered and hauled her to her feet, dragging her toward the door.

She was tired and hungry so she didn’t put up much of a fight, merely shuffling her feet as he dragged her.

She was brought out of the small room and dragged down a small hallway that gave off a creepy and unforgiving vibe that instilled a sense of dread within Isabella that seeped deep into her bones. The chill from the autumn air had carried into the stone walls surrounding the underground hall they were traveling through, causing Isabella to shake and tremble as it blew unforgiving against her.

She closed her eyes as Reverend Samuel started a prayer for her soul that had been damned to the devil and the man dragging her pulled her up the stairs behind him and out into the small court room.

It seemed like the whole town was there.

A dull murmur erupted as the townsfolk began talking and pointing at her, some throwing rotten fruit and objects at her as they sneered and called her names.

It was all a waste though, she was past the point of caring.

She felt numb.

She felt exactly like she did when she had found her mother dead on the floor, unmoving and cold as granite.

A plum struck her in the side of her head causing her to turn mournfully in the direction it was thrown from, only to feel nothing as she saw who had thrown it.

It was Mike Newton.

Turning away, she was forced to sit in a chair placed before the man sitting in the front of the room. The seats behind her for the witnesses were simple wooden beams set into two rows of eight. The double doors had been left open and the people who hadn’t come early enough to get a seat were standing in the back of the courtroom, leering at her.

Isabella simply looked down as the judge began to speak, silencing the hostile crowd behind her.

“Isabella Swan, you have been accused of witchcraft by afflicting your powers on Abigail Williams and Betty Parris,” he paused here, as a ruckus arose from the front row.

Abigail and Betty had started to wail and twist in strange ways, calling out for help as Betty threw herself to the ground and writhed on the floor.

“She’s doing it! She’s punishing us for identifying her,” Betty screamed, “Make it stop! Make it Stop!”

Her father, Reverend Samuel stepped up and smacked a confused Isabella across the cheek, causing her to fly from her seat and land hard on the floor.

“You let my daughter and niece go you witch!”

Isabella didn’t even feel the pain. She just continued to lay there for a moment, before twisting and pushing her upper body off the ground and struggling to her feet. She had lost her boots somewhere along the way and she was barefoot, her feet scratched and bloodied. Her dress was in tatters, having been ripped and shredded. Her hair had fallen over her face, covering it and hiding it from the onlookers.

She knew it was over.

There was nothing she could do.

She looked up and into the eyes of the crowd that glared at her. There was no forgiveness there. No pity. Just a blankness that terrified her and chilled her to the bone worse than the chill from the air.

When she was finally standing, she wobbled slightly before getting her bearings and silently retook her seat.

She was deaf to everything that happened after that.

“Isabella Swan! You have been found guilty of witchcraft and will be put to death in the morning. Do you have anything to say for yourself? Anything to save what little is left of your soul.”

Isabella looked up and stared at him for a moment before turning around and staring straight at the two grinning girls who she thought had been her friends but who had put her in this predicament.

The two girls who had sentenced her to death.

“I hope you got what you wanted,” she whispered, before turning away as firm hands grabbed her and began to drag her back to her little room.

As the man threw her inside, she crawled over to her spot in the corner and closed her eyes. Waiting for morning when all of this would be over and she wouldn’t have to live another moment in the hell she had been living in since she found her mother dead.


Isabella awoke the next morning before they came to take her to the gallows.

She was oddly at peace with herself.

She wasn’t scared, just regretful.

Sooner than she expected the doors opened and two men entered to take her to the town’s gallows. As they made a move to grab her and drag her, she shook them off and stood on her own.

“I would like to walk there on my own,” Isabella muttered, not looking at them.

They seemed to not care and came to either side of her as she began to walk out into the cold hallway and up the stairs. As she exited the court room, she saw a crowd standing in front of a wooden beam that had been suspended in air and held a single rope with a noose.

Isabella raised her head high as she approached, her eyes staring forward and toward the rising sun that was slowly starting to peak out over the horizon. As she reached the steps that led up onto the platform, she couldn’t help but have a strange thought that stuck with her even as the executioner brought her to the middle and slipped the noose around her neck.

The townsfolk that had come to witness her hanging were oddly quiet. Her eyes were closed so she couldn’t see there faces but she knew she would only see masks of indifference, even happiness.

She heard Reverend Samuel ask her if she had any last words and she calmly opened her eyes to stare at him. He seemed to be waiting patiently, giving her a moment, which surprised her for a moment before she realized she didn’t care. The thought that had been on her mind since she had reached her final spot was suddenly back full force.

She turned toward the rising sun, staring at the light that was slowly bathing across the wilderness laid out before them.

“I only wish to feel warm again,” Isabella said strongly, letting a simple small erupt across her face as waiting calmly for the platform beneath her disappear.

Suddenly the platform under her feet was gone and she was hanging there.

She didn’t even struggle as the rope cut into the skin of her throat. She just continued to hang there numbly even as her throat began to burn from the lack of oxygen entering her lungs. Her heart was starting to beat faster, trying to keep the blood flow going, but she knew it was pointless. Just as she could see black appearing in the corners of her vision something happened.

In the silence that existed around her, a scream erupted and suddenly Isabella was gasping for breath as she felt something slam into her, the rope being snapped off at her neck.

She felt like she was flying.

Moments passed and she had yet to open her eyes and when she did, she was back at her cottage, lying on the ground in the middle of her garden, staring up into the red eyes of the little girl who had been haunting her for weeks now.

Her eyes must have been full of questions because for the first time the little girl spoke, her soft musical voice sweeping across Isabella with a child-like calmness, sounding like bells.

“Let’s give you that chance to find your warmth.”

The little girl leaned down quickly and then Isabella felt the strange girls teeth settle on her throat before they pierced through, the girl’s teeth snapping together like an alligators.

Then there was only pain.


(EDWARD - Present)

“My children! Welcome to our home! Volterra is still simply gorgeous isn’t it!”

Edward stared impassively up at the ancient vampire as he started to talk. Even though it was the first time he had heard Aro speak in probably 50 years, he already hoped that Aro would stop talking for another 50.

How funny would it be if I brought a chicken in here and gave it to Aro as a present, maybe he would let me keep the eggs.’

Edwards’s eyes tore away from the front to stare incredulously over at his bulky moron of a brother. Emmett currently had a thoughtful look on his face his eyes full of mischief.

“Did you just think about giving Aro a chicken,” Edward said, turning toward Emmett.

Emmett broke out of his private moment to turn toward Edward and grin widely.

“It might have crossed my mind.”

“I don’t even want to know,” Edward muttered, turning away from Emmett as Emmett’s mind suddenly conjured up an image of Aro, Caius, and Marcus dressed up as chickens dancing to “I’m a little teapot.”

Choosing to try and distract himself, he turned toward the motionless vampires that were stationed in front of him. He could see the Denali clan clearly from his spot, Tanya winking at him out of the corner of her eye when she noticed his glance in their direction.

Ignoring it, he took in the two brothers in the back of the room, Stefan and Vladimir, there dark figures tense and angry. Shooting over them quickly, Edward looked toward the European nomads, only to immediately notice that Alistair’s eyes weren’t toward the front but toward the back, staring in a corner that was strangely unused by the other covens.

Following his line of sight, Edward was surprised to see a woman standing there, hiding within the shadows. She seemed to be watching something off to the side near the front, a small smile on her face. He followed her line of sight and saw what she was grinning at. Jane was currently in a glaring match with the two girls that made up the Immortal Children.

Edward was so aware of the mysterious girl in the corner that he heard her almost silent giggled. His golden gaze shot back toward her to take in her appearance. His kind was naturally beautiful, but this woman was a goddess.

She wasn’t dressed in expensive designer clothes like all the others present. She was wearing a simple pair of jeans with a simple plain blue t-shirt that fit her snuggly and a pair of white sneakers. Her thick brown hair hung around her like a curtain, the golden toned highlights making it appear warm and soft. It framed her pale heart shaped face, making her golden eyes shine brightly with traces of brown. Her lips were parted slightly revealing a sliver of her teeth.

‘Her eyes,’ Edward thought in surprise.

Edward had a sudden desire erupt in him to kiss those lips that appeared soft and inviting from even half-way across the room. He continued to take her in when she suddenly turned and looked directly at him.

Her eyes were soft and warm, but guarded at the same time as she stared directly into his.

She appeared to be curious, her eyes shifting to take his appearance in before returning to his eyes. Her head had tilted slightly to the side, giving her an innocent appearance of curiosity.

They held each other’s gaze until Edward felt Emmett nudge him in the ribs, a little too sharply in his opinion, causing Edward to glare at Emmett before his gaze shifted to the front of the room where Aro was starting to talk again.

Only seconds had passed since he had first spoken, but Edward felt like it had been an eternity.

Edward heard Caius growl out for Aro to get on with it, seeming as Aro had been grinning like a fool as he took in all the vampires present.

Aro seemed to glare at Caius for a second before shifting his eyes back to the front to look out at the group assembled before him.

“Oh, dear me! I seem to have lost myself for the moment,” Aro said, his voice light, “please forgive me! But we have asked for you all to be here for an urgent matter concerning the unveiling of our existence.”

Edward missed what he said next, his eyes and thoughts straying back to the woman in the corner. He wanted nothing more than to cross the room, grab her, and take off with her to somewhere they could be alone.

‘What has come over me,’ he thought, his eyes staring at the woman across the room, seemingly far out of his reach, ‘I have never wanted someone like this before. Who is she.’

Edward felt the air shift and turned away from her to see Caius staring down Stefan in the back of the room, “How nice it is to see you take part in the discussion, Stefan! You never could keep that trap of yours shut.”

Edward noted with some amusement that Caius’s voice was positively venomous, he was almost surprised there wasn’t venom dripping from his lips.

Stefan’s voice spoke up mockingly from the back of the room, his voice layering and floating over everyone present with its edged tone, “Not a problem Caius, I only wish to be of help.”

Edward saw Caius hiss and Marcus stop him from doing anything drastic before his head whipped to the side in surprise, hearing his father figure speak up.

“What powers does she have,” Carlisle’s voice spoke evenly, his tone laced with a question.

Of course, Aro jumped at the opportunity to talk with Carlisle, he always seemed to have some sort of fetish with the man.

“Carlisle! Why it has been so long,” Aro started, his eyes sweeping over all of us, “and look at that, your whole family here as well.”

Edward stared disgustingly as Aro’s eyes focused on Alice and him. Edward would almost swear his eyes were dancing in glee at the prospect of the two of them being here, within his reach.

“Dear Edward and Alice, have you decided to take me up on that offer yet? I just can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to join us.”

A shudder of disgust passed through Edward as Aro spoke to him and Alice.

‘Is he giving you the heebie-jeebies little brother.’

Edward could have punched Emmett as his laughing comment flew into his head. He turned and released a hard glare at Emmett, his eyes promising retribution, to which Emmett grinned and mouthed ‘bring it.’

Carlisle had spoken up again while Edward had been planning out Emmett’s sudden demise. Of course, he only realized it when Aro’s silky voice spoke up again.

“Oh yes! Quite problematic gifts she has. From what I have been told, she is completely immune to other vampires gifts, so no matter what power a few have been gifted with, it will not work on her,” Edward noticed Aro’s eyes shift over to Jane and Alec momentarily in the pause of his explanation, “and there is talk that she also is able to instill a level of loyalty in anyone she meets.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, thoughts bombarded Edwards head so swiftly he was slightly surprised and taken aback. After the shock wore off, Edward suddenly was incredibly interested in what the mystery girl in the corner was thinking.

He blocked out everyone’s thoughts and focused on the corner where she was standing, but he didn’t hear a single thought.

There was just silence.

His eyes opened in surprise and then slid into a focused glare as he tried to hear what she was thinking. But there was nothing.

He couldn’t remember the last time her was this baffled.

‘Why can’t I hear anything,’ he thought, his mind racing to come up with an answer. Only to come up blank. There was nothing coming from her. He couldn’t seem to hear a single thought that went through her mind.

“Hold your tongue you little mutant.”

That line broke through his determined thoughts to hear what the girl was thinking. His eyes shifted over to take in Jane who was glaring hatefully at the blond Immortal Child Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s small body was crouched forward in an attack position and it seamed like she was goading Jane on and loving every second of it.

The air seemed to change, causing all those present to shift cautiously. Those who knew what it was was even more wary of the power Jane was about to unleash on the small girl who was grinning like a maniac at her.

Edward focused on Jane, hearing her thoughts of wishing to tear Elizabeth apart. And just as Edward heard her make up her mind, Marcus spoke up, from where he had been standing silently the entire time they had been there, telling them to stop.

Immediately the two backed off, Jane practically pouting while Elizabeth was gloating.

“That’s the general idea my dear one,” Aro voice finally cutting through the tension, “we are looking for a group who would be willing to go after her. I am more than willing to loan out some of my Elite or my Guards to aid in the pursuit.”

Edward realized he must have missed something very important in the few minutes he had been studying the girl who had caught his eye in the corner. As soon as Aro had finished, the room broke out into a discussion, the majority wanting absolutely nothing to do with what was bound to turn into an all-out blood bath. He could practically hear the excitement in the two Romanians who were discussing the matter between themselves in hushed tones.

‘I knew I saw her come in.’

The stray thought was completely at odds with the others who were present that Edward turned to find the source only to see Jane vanish from the front and shoot toward the back, to stand next to the woman in the corner. The woman had been looking around watching everyone else, but as soon as Jane appeared next to her, she had stiffened and glanced down at her with a wary look in her eyes.

Edward could see Jane’s mouth move but couldn’t hear what she was saying, although he had the sudden urge to rush over and throw Jane away from her because whatever she had said had caused the woman to flinch.

But he definitely heard what Jane said next and Edward knew that everyone else present had heard it to because he felt Emmett and Jasper tense and take a step forward in their direction. If Edward had torn his eyes away from the scene he would have seen Alice freeze up before smiling and watching calmly the scene that was about to unfold.

“I should tear you limb from limb you know, nothing would make me happier.”

Jane’s voice was so full of anger when the words left her mouth that Edward didn’t doubt that she would follow through with her threat. But suddenly, a couple things happened so rapidly that Edward could barely keep up.

Between the sudden shift in the temperature and the fire exploding out of itself, the most surprising was when Alijah and Christian, the two boys of the Immortal Children, appeared crouched defensively in front of the woman. Their poses were threatening and hisses that were erupting were on a level of threatening that Edward had never heard before.

The woman appeared surprise, staring down at the two small bodies crouched defensively in front of her, only for her eyes to snap up and morph into two small slits of gold as Jane hissed, “big mistake,” and unleashed her gift on the two boys.

Jane laughed happily as the two fell to the ground in pain, their hands gripping their heads as they squirmed.

But then suddenly, it stopped, and the two boys were suddenly back up and glaring hatefully at Jane once more. Jane’s face, from what Edward could see, had contorted into a look of pure anger that made her appear much older than her youthful appearance.

Edward almost wanted to laugh as Jane let out a screech and went as far as to stomp her foot like a little two year old that hadn’t gotten her way. But while he didn’t laugh, he certainly heard Emmett’s poor attempt at covering his. One of Emmett’s arms was crossed across his stomach and his other was placed over his mouth, trying to muffle the sound as his eyes sparkled from his forced internal laughter.

‘Edward,’ Emmett thought, his howling laughter barely making his name understandable, ‘did she just stomp her foot, maybe I should give her the chicken and let her keep the eggs, that might make her happy.’

Choosing to ignore the laughing man beside him, he focused back on the quartet in the corner that had the attention of everyone in the room.

“You little witch! You can’t do that!”

As Jane squealed out her words, the woman just calmly continued to stare impassively at her. Edward thought it was strange that she had yet to say a word. It was frustrating. If he couldn’t hear the thoughts of the woman, he wanted to at least hear her voice, which he knew would be equivalent to an angels in his mind.

He needed to hear her.

Suddenly Aro was there, stepping out of the crowd of curious vampires, “I only know one person who can do that,” his eyes were focused solely on the young woman, “Isabella! My darling! It has been too long.”

‘Isabella,’ Edward mouthed, the name flowing off his lips like the finest wine.

It was perfect.

Just as he mouthed her name, Aro had swept her up in what appeared to be a very uncomfortable hug, and Isabella’s eyes had crossed the room to settle on his. He felt a rush of heat as her eyes dropped to his lips and watched her name roll off before glancing back up and staring at him with such an intensity that Edward knew he was caught.

He wanted her.



Bella squirmed in Aro’s hold until she managed to get out of his grip, taking a few steps back to put some distance between them. Aro was just creepy in her opinion. His skin was so papery thin that it could be categorized as plastic saran wrap.

She visibly relaxed when Aro turned away to say something to Jane that caused her to revert to her vacant expression. Flicking back over to the golden eyed boy that had been studying her intently moments ago, she jumped a little when she saw him still staring at her.

She looked away when she felt Ivy brush against her slightly.

“You okay Bella,” she asked, her eyes settled on Aro and Jane who seemed to be having some sort of argument.

“Yeah,” Bella answered, “I was just surprised is all. I didn’t expect her to be so ‘bull seeing red’ about it.”

“If you ask me,” Alijah spoke up, “that girl has always had some issues.”

“Really, I think she’s always had a thing for you,” Christian said, his red eyes flashing as he poked at his brother.

Bella laughed lightly as Alijah tensed up and then shivered in disgust at Christian’s assumption.

“I would rather poke my eyes out with a heated metal stake,” Alijah muttered, turning his nose up and turning toward a chuckling Elizabeth who was standing off to the side.

“I have just had the most wonderful idea!”

Aro’s voice rose up once more before turning back toward Bella and the group surrounding her. Bella’s had the sudden urge to run and not look back. Aro’s voice was positively deceitful.

“Since you five seem to know each other, why don’t you guys go after Vespera! You certainly shouldn’t have a problem dealing with her and her newborns, what with the gifts that you all share between you all,” Aro looked like a kid in the candy store at the idea, “and then you have sweet Isabella’s gifts and I’m sure her bag of tricks has become much more extensive and devious since I last saw her, what do you say?”

Jane, for her part, looked like Christmas had come early.

“What a great idea Aro! They would have positively no problem getting rid of that retched woman,” Jane happily put in, her eyes showing the pleasure at the prospect of one or all of them falling to a woman who made even Jane nervous.

“Are you fucking kidding me,” Ivy hissed, “that’s got to be a pile of the largest bullshit I have ever heard!”

“I don’t think so,” Elizabeth muttered, getting nods of agreement from the silent Alijah and Christian.

“But it’s such a perfect idea! It would get the ball rolling! I can even send Jane and Felix with you if you like,” Aro offered.

A choking sound erupted from Bella as her eyes practically bugged out of her head. It was pretty much the same reaction that came from Jane, her mouth falling open in shock at even the thought.

“Aro,” Bella started, “I really don’t think that would be wise. I just came to see what the matter was. I don’t like to get involved in things that are none of my business.”

“But this is your business my dear, you are one of us, no matter how much you like to alter that aspect with your mundane appearance,” Aro responded sweetly.

Bella seemed at a loss for words, her eyes shooting around the room to take in the watching vampires who appeared accepting of the idea, after all, it didn’t involve them in the least. She took in the boy who had captured her attention across the room, he seemed to be having an argument with his coven, a short pixie woman seeming to be backing him up and agreeing.

“It’s settled then,” Aro spoke, “you five shall go after Vespera and take care of the matter,” he paused for a moment, “unless of course there are any volunteers to go along with them.”

There was silence for the longest time before a dark voice spoke up from the back.

“We’ll help out.”

Of course, the two Romanian’s would want a piece of the action. Vladimir was the one who had spoken up, his voice dripping with excited anticipation. His brother, Stefan, was nodding his head in agreement.

Another voice spoke up from of to the opposite side of the room, near the front, “I’ll bite.”

One of the tall Amazonian’s spoke up, specifically Zafrina, her two companions shaking there head and muttering that she was being stupid.

No one else spoke up for the time being, all choosing to stay out of the blood bath that was sure to arise from this wild goose chase.

“Then it’s decided,” Aro said, “you eight will go after Vespera and take care…”

Aro was interrupted from a shout across the room.

“WOO-HOO! Let’s kick some newborn butt.”

All eyes shifted over to the Cullen clan to see the big one wiggle around in a shamefully embarrassing dance while shouting out different phrases, most revolving around tearing a newborn apart limb from limb and then going after the mama sheep. The other Cullen’s in the group appeared to be slightly embarrassed, the tall blonde woman finally seeming to have enough and reaching up to smack the big one over the head, hard. He stopped his ‘happy dance’ to hold his head and pout.

“Carlisle, does your companion’s words translate into your family helping out,” Aro said, the humor in his pasty face showing through at the big ones actions.

“Unfortunately yes,” Carlisle said, “we would like to offer our services.”

“Splendid, we shall just leave you all to get acquainted then,” Aro responded.

Suddenly, the room was cleared out within the space of a second, leaving only those who were going to be part of the tracking and elimination group to go after Vespera.

Silence settled upon those who had agreed to stay and help. Eyes shifted back and forth warily at one another, no-one quite sure where to start.

“So, I think chickens should be involved in the plan.”



(Somewhere in Seattle)

“Hey Baby! I wish you were DSL so I could get high speed access!”

A man in a run down Cadillac shouted, his three other passengers taking part in the hollering and calling out to the woman that was walking down the street in the tight red skirt and jacket suit. She paused when the poor attempt at a pick-up line had been thrown out and turned to glance over at the car of men that had stopped on the side of the road of the run-down street she was walking on.

The one who had shouted was laughing uproariously as he hung out the window of the passenger side throwing out lewd comments and inappropriate hand signs.

Vespera almost felt sorry for him.

Almost being the key word.

She turned and grinned in their direction. Her red eyes flashing and her pearly whites shining as the men suddenly realized that something wasn’t right with her.

Too bad they didn’t have time to make a get-away.

Faster than they could move, Vespera had crossed over to the drivers side and ripped the steering wheel right off the front panel of the car. Followed by the ripping off of the drivers left arm.


The flurry of movement and shouting was suddenly cut off as Vespera made quick work of the group of four. She proceeded to rip them out one by one and bite into each of there necks, taking a moment to savor the feeling as their blood slipped down her throat before tossing their used bodies into a darkened alley across the road.

When she had finished off the last, she calmly licked her lips and continued on her way. She was walking in the ‘graveyard’ of the Seattle harbor ports. It basically consisted of run down warehouse buildings that now were used for storage more than anything else. She was heading toward a large building that was situated in the very middle of the ‘graveyard’ as the locals called it. It was the worst looking building of the bunch. Some of the siding had been damaged and brown rust had begun to seep up the sides of the metal siding. The surrounding area was littered with destroyed cargo boxes and random pieces of useless equipment.

But the outside wasn’t what mattered.

What was being held inside is what mattered to Vespera.

Reaching the sliding door that led into the behemoth of building, she pushed it aside to only be met with darkness and silence. Her heels echoed off the cement floor, the inside oddly empty.

As she walked deeper into the building, small noises could be heard, mainly growling and hissing, along with distinct guttural chatter.

As she turned a corner she came upon a large group of people, some fighting, some arguing amongst themselves, some feeding.

“Jason, I need to speak with you.”

Her voice never rose above a calm level voice, knowing that he would hear her even over the hissing and growling.

A man appeared out of the group. He was of average build but bulky with muscles. He had long black hair that was left to hang loosely around his face. He was wearing a simple pair of black pants and a white dress shirt. His eyes were a bright red, a sign that he had fed recently.

“Hello Vespera,” his voice was deep and smooth, carrying the same hypnotizing quality that all of there kind had.

“I am here for an update, I just got back from meeting with Jeremiah and he mentioned Angela and you were on a hunt to find some more,” she paused here, her eyes sweeping over the large group that was behind him, “which I see has been a success.”

“Yes, we found some promising newborns that are already showing signs of having gifts,” Jason responded, his hands coming up to cross across his chest.

“How many?”

Jason shifted on his feet, placing most of his weight onto his right side, “I would say, all together, around 120.”

Vespera let a grin slip passed.

“That’s excellent news, where is Angela, I have a few questions for her,” Vespera asked, as her eyes started to take in the area behind Jason, searching for the red hair of Angela.

“I’m right here Vespera,” a woman called as she suddenly appeared next to Jason. She was short, only reaching up to Jason’s mid chest. Where Jason was at an average height of 5’10’’, Angela was about 5’4’’. She was wearing a casual athletic outfit that was a dark purple color, causing her red hair and eyes to pop out against her pale skin.

“Wonderful, I was wanting to know how that little project I put you in charge of it going, I had a little run in with Aliza and she wasn’t having any luck with it,” Vespera’s eyes narrowed as she mentioned Aliza, she hadn’t seen her since their last encounter.

“It’s actually working out exactly how you wanted,” Angela spoke up, trying to keep Vespera in the pleasant mood she was currently in, “there’s about 20 right now. They are slightly harder to control then the newborns, understandably. But we have them under control now where you requested them to be.”

“That’s very good news Angela, I wouldn’t want to have to deal with you like I did Christian and Aliza.”

Angela’s eyes shifted over to share a look with Jason, who appeared to be just as confused as she was. They both knew that wasn’t exactly good news.

“My plans are coming along quite nicely, be prepared to have them put into action in three days,” Vespera said as she turned around, “make sure you round up Jeremiah and Aliza before then. I will meet you all back here when the time is right.”

As Vespera vanished from sight, Angela and Jason felt a shiver pass over them as her last words floated over the air to them.

“Be ready.”



As the silence continued to stretch across the room, no one seeming to want to start up a conversation after Emmett had yelled out something about chickens.

Bella turned to Ivy and whispered she would be right back, turning and ducking away toward the large double doors to vanish back into the tunnels. No one took notice of another vampire shooting out of the room after her.

She had to get out of there. She had been cornered into something she did not want to be involved in. She turned off down another tunnel until she managed to reach an exit, racing out into the darkness.

‘Even after all that time, its still dark,’ she mused, ducking off into the cover of a small park situated next to a small school. It wasn’t anything special, just a simple play ground with some park benches and tables for a family get together. She walked up to one of the larger trees and turned around, pressing her back against the trunk and leaning her head back to look up into the branches.

As she started to calm down slightly, she realized she wasn’t alone.

Her head shot back down and her eyes focused forward to look into liquid gold.

“You,” she muttered, her small mouth forming a soft ‘o’ shape.

He remained standing quietly, impassively, just looking at her from his distance a few feet away. He didn’t appear to be threatening, just curious and cautious.

Neither said anything for the longest time, just merely enjoying being in one another’s presence until something shifted and he spoke, his voice carrying across the space between them to wrap deliciously around her.

“Why can’t I hear you,” he asked.

Bella was incredibly confused. That wasn’t exactly what she was expecting to hear.


He seemed to take that as a sign and suddenly he was standing in front of her, less than an inch of space between their two bodies. His liquid eyes were boring into her own, the intensity of them making her feel suddenly alive.

They made her feel warm.

“Why can’t I hear you,” he repeated, his hand reaching up to brush his fingers softly against her cheek.

She was momentarily stunned until she shook his fingers off, her eyes becoming guarded, “I don’t know what you mean.”

He seemed to realize that she wasn’t quite following because he lowered his hand, but didn’t step away from her.

“I can hear others thoughts, but I can’t hear yours.”

Her eyes lit up in understanding.


“Why is that?”

If she could have blushed she would have, but since she had been changed, she hadn’t been able to.

“It’s one of my gifts,” she finally answered, her voice light and defensive, “other vampires gifts don’t work on me. That’s why Aro was so insistent that I be one of the ones to go after Vespera. It would even the playing field.”

Bella watched as understanding showed through his eyes, his head nodding almost imperceptivity. Up close, she was able to take in the full beauty of what he was. He truly was a replica of a Greek God. His eyes were darker and more molten, all of his emotions and feelings shining through them. He seemed to be processing what she had said and she suddenly realized that she had no idea who he was.

“I’m sorry, but…who are you?”

He seemed to jump slightly as if he had been startled before his eyes refocused and bore into her own.

“I’m Edward and I already know your name,” he paused here before her name rolled off his lips like a prayer, “Isabella.”

‘Oh yeah! I would totally be blushing if I could,’ she thought as she dropped her head for a moment.

She felt his hand settle on her chin and lift her face back him, his eyes intently glancing into her own, as if he was searching for something.

“I actually prefer Bella,” she whispered, hypnotized as she started to feel slightly lightheaded from their closeness.

“Ah!” he muttered, his eyes dropping down to her lips, “Bella it is.”

His eyes slowly traveled back up her face, taking in every inch, she could of sworn he was memorizing every curve and dip.

She didn’t know what was going on, but she suddenly had a strong urge to close the distance between them and place her lips on his. It wouldn’t be that difficult, there was already practically no space between them, and she could feel his shirt brush against her every time the wind picked up.

Her eyes dipped down to shift to his lips before lifting back up quickly, only to realize she had been caught.

The next thing she knew, her back was pressed more tightly against the trunk as he stepped forward and pressed his body against the length of hers. His hands settled on her shoulders, only to travel up both sides of her neck to cup her cheeks. Her eyes rose to look into his and then he was suddenly leaning forward and his lips settled firmly against her own. His eyes falling shut.

Bella’s eyes opened wide as this Greek god pressed himself more tightly against her and tilted his head to the side as he tilted hers, opening his mouth slightly to deepen the kiss.

Bella let out a light moan as she gave in and closed her eyes, responding by opening her own mouth, allowing him access, which he readily accepted.

‘He’s so warm,’ Bella thought as his tongue slipped between her lips, her own pressing back against his as his hands left her face to travel down and trace lightly over her arms to finally rest against her waist.

If her eyes were open, Bella was sure she would see fireworks, but all she could see in her mind was his smoldering eyes staring into her own right before he made the first move.

She let out a silent whine as he started to pull back, his lips vanishing from hers, but his body and his hands remaining. She didn’t open her eyes right away, she was still slightly dazed.

When she finally did open them, all she saw was gold.

He had a tiny lopsided smirk on his face as he watched her expression before apparently seeing what he was looking for.

“I guess that answers my question.”

Not finding the energy needed to respond vocally, she merely made a questioning noise in her throat as confusion began to sweep into her eyes.

His lopsided grin began to get bigger as he leaned forward once more to kiss her lips lightly before traveling to her ear and whispering, “you feel it too.”

‘Oh shit,’ she thought, her eyes widening.