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You Might Die Trying

The Volturi have requested an immediate return of all vampires to Volterra to discuss the recent threat pressing upon all their kind. A request that has never before occurred. The reason: the complete exposure of the vampire world to the entire human population. A request that forces not only the Immortal Children to become involved, but also forces Isabella Swan to come out of hiding since she was changed in 1692.


4. Chapter 4: Apple of My Eye (Part 2)

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You Might Die Trying

Chapter 4: Apple of My Eye (Part 2)

By: HayleyM425



Edward had yet to move back and Bella was very aware of the pressure being exerted on the tree trunk behind her, mainly because her mind was slowly trying to catch up with itself, and in order to do that, she had to somehow take her mind off of the delicious body that was pressed tightly against her front.

She could almost feel that lopsided grin against her skin.

She didn’t know how long they remained motionless, but he seemed content to just press against her. Finally able to focus her thoughts back into some form of coherency, she tilted her head slightly to the side.

“Umm…” she started to mumble, feeling some relief as he pulled his head back to stare into her eyes, which caused whatever she had been planning to say to fly right back out the window with the screen slamming shut behind it.


His grin was still in place as he stared at her. She felt his hands squeeze slightly on her hips, causing her eyes to flutter.

Wait, what the hell am I doing, she thought, coming to her senses and reaching up to push against his chest the same time she twisted her body to free her back from the trunk and allow her some freedom for movement.

She had a distinct feeling she was only successful in this action because she had taken him by surprise and even with that she only managed to push him back just enough for her to slip by. She didn’t move away from him very far, just slightly off to his right so she wasn’t trapped.

He hadn’t lost sight of her though, even though he had been surprised his eyes had followed her movements and he looked at her out of the corner of his eye for a moment before turned toward her.

“Umm…what do you mean I feel it too?”

His eyes seemed to light up slightly as the question slipped past her lips. His head tilted slightly to the side as he seemed to think about how to respond, “You mean you don’t feel this attraction….this pull between us…?”

Bella’s mind froze. She knew what he was talking about. She had felt it. She was continuing to feel it. But it would take a hell of a lot more for her to admit it.

If there was one thing Bella had learned throughout her existence, it was to be cautious.

But for some reason she wanted to just throw all of her instincts and caution to the wind and run into his arms. She instinctively knew on some level that he would open his arms to her without a thought. From what she had been able to see, and continued to see in his eyes, he had made his mind up about something and she knew that something was her.

With that knowledge in mind and her thoughts screaming every form of precaution at her that it knew from its 333 years of existence, she did what she did best when faced with a predator that was after her.

She ran.


(The Cullens – A Few Moments Ago)

“It’s settled then,” Aro spoke, “you five shall go after Vespera and take care of the matter.” He paused for a moment, “Unless of course there are any volunteers to go along with them.”

From there side of the room, the Cullens could do nothing more than watch as Aro volunteered the strange group in the corner to go after Vespera. Alice seemed to be waiting for something, her eyes resting solely on Edward as he watched from in between Emmett and Jasper what was happening across the room. Emmett seemed to be off in his own little world while Jasper was still as tense as he was in the beginning. Esme and Carlisle were having a silent discussion between themselves, most of it revolving around nods and shakes of their heads. Rosalie was being Rosalie, standing silently and watching everything with a critical eye.

As the silence in the room began to become oppressive, one of the Romanians in the corner, Vladimir, spoke up and volunteered their services in the hunt.

“Guys,” Edward suddenly said, his eyes not straying from across the room, specifically the young girl Isabella who had just been volunteered with the Immortal Children to go after the threat, “I think we should help out.”

When he finished he turned to look at everyone who were giving him identical looks of confusion.

“Edward,” Carlisle spoke up, breaking away from his conversation with Esme. “I think we should stay out of this one. I have a bad feeling about this. I think it would be best to take a step back in this case.”

“Carlisle’s right Edward,” Esme’s soft voice trailed after Carlisle’s, “something about this whole thing isn’t adding up. We were just talking and we think something is going on here that we aren’t seeing.”

Esme paused here and then turned toward the silent Alice who had yet to take her eyes off Edward, a small twinkle visible in her eye, “Alice, can you see anything about this woman Vespera.”

Alice seemed to break out of her trance as her name was called, “Nope. I haven’t had a single image of her. I’ve tried but it seems like I’m blocked or she just isn’t making up her mind about anything. But I agree with Edward. We should help out.”

Edward seemed to relax slightly as one of his family members took his side. Jasper and Emmett were sharing identical looks of caution while Esme and Carlisle were starting to get a little antsy as the conversation started to play out.

Zafrina, the tall Amazonian woman, broke through there discussion when she too stepped up to the plate to help, with an ironic choice of words in their opinion.

“Come on guys, the more people there are, the less likely we are to loose anyone.” Edward said, his voice taking on a persuading and seductive tone as he tried to convince his family to help.

Jasper, who had been silent up until this point, decided to put his two cents in, “I don’t see the harm. I mean, I know how to handle newborns and this might be a little fun.”

Carlisle didn’t even bother to hide his shock at Jasper’s words, “Why do I feel like I’m getting teamed up against,” he muttered.

Rosalie simply appeared not to care either way, her face just flowing from one to another. Edward and Alice both looked at her with a silent question in their eyes and she just shrugged, some of her blonde hair falling over her shoulder in the process, “It doesn’t really matter to me.”

Alice and Edward then shifted over to Emmett, the last one of the siblings that had yet to agree or disagree with the plan. He had a strange look on his face that made him look constipated but was actually a look that Edward and Alice recognized as him thinking hard.

Alice’s body began to slightly vibrate as her excitement began to build up, her feet shifting and bouncing constantly as she attempted to patiently wait for Emmett to make up his mind. When she reached her limit, she brought her arms up to settled on her waist in a stern and demanding position, “come on Emmett! What do you say, this waiting is killing me.”

If they only knew what Emmett was planning to do, they would have skipped over him completely and tried to take up convincing Carlisle and Esme on their own. If they were human they all would have jumped a foot in the air when Emmett’s loud and booming force erupted to cut off Aro who was closing the door on the option on joining the group.

“Woo-HOO!,” Emmett yelled, his body slowly starting to do a little jig as his excitement hit an all time high. “Let’s kick some newborn butt!”

Edward and Rosalie’s mouth dropped open slightly at the sound and dance that their moron of a sibling was doing. Rosalie was slowly starting to appear fed-up as all eyes turned over in their direction, “Emmett, stop…” she hissed.

When her husband just continued to move around in his own version of some wedding dance gone wrong, she reached her limit and quickly stepped up to smack him upside the head as hard as she could at the moment in her embarrassment. He immediately stopped to pout at her and hold his head as he let out a pathetic whine. “Rosie, why did you do that.”

Before Rosalie could answer, Aro’s voice carried across the room from the group of vampires that were watching the on-goings of the Cullen family. Not exactly there finest moment either.

“Carlisle, do your companion’s words translate into your family helping out,” Aro said, the humor in his pasty face showing through at the big ones actions.

All the Cullens focused their eyes toward Carlisle who looked like he was put into a position between a rock and a hard place. Their was obvious conflict in his eyes as he looked at each and everyone of them in turn before he visibly deflated and signed, turning toward Aro.

“Unfortunately yes.” Carlisle said, his voice sounding slightly begrudged. “We would like to offer our services.”

Besides his less than enthusiastic response, Aro seemed happy and started to speak up once more, “Splendid, we shall just leave you all to get acquainted then.”

The next instant the room was cleared out of everyone who hadn’t agreed or been forced to search out and kill Vespera. As no one seemed to want to make the first move, each group just continued to stand awkwardly from their positions at opposite ends of the room.

Rosalie had been watching Emmett with a critical eye ever since Aro had left the room. She knew that gleam in his eyes and it usually resulted in him saying something stupid. She was mostly familiar with it because he always got that look before he came up with something stupid to do when they were alone. Which is why when Rosalie saw the pieces click together she took a step closer to her husband at the same time she started to warn him, “Emmett, don…”

“So, I think chickens should be involved in the plan.”

“EMMETT!!!” Rosalie shouted as she once more smacked him in the head. When she finished with her punishing task, she turned to look stubbornly at everyone in the room. “What? Is there a problem?”



Edward was momentarily stunned. His eyes followed the quickly disappearing blur that was Bella as she took off through the trees toward the outskirts of the park that they were standing in.

‘Is she really running away?’

As Bella’s foot hit the cobblestone pavement that made up a majority of the roads in Volterra, Edward sprung into action and took off after her.

‘I mean really….?’

He watched as Bella disappeared down a street up ahead and cursed slightly as he lost sight of her. Making a quick decision, he leaped up onto the roof of the building next to him and began to spring himself from roof to roof, following her scent and the areas of silence.

It was like a homing beacon those silent spots.

This continued for all of five minutes before he suddenly realized she was heading back toward the tunnels that led to the underground feeding room where his family and the rest of the group was waiting. Consequently, probably her only safe haven now, if you considered being caged in with the predator that was after you a safe haven.

‘I don’t think so.’

Living up to his reputation as the fastest, in his family at least, he shot off and launched himself from the roof he was currently running along top of to tackle her from behind. He knew it wouldn’t hurt her so his concern was minimal at best. There was a resounding ‘boom’ as there bodies smacked into the hard ground, a sound that could be taken as thunder as it carried and ricocheted off the walls of the alley they were currently in, with the mouth of the tunnel less than a few feet away.

“SHIT,” Bella yelled as she twisted her body at the last second to take the impact on her back.

Immediately, before they even had stopped moving, Edward had grabbed her wrists and pinned them and her body to the ground. Bella struggled for a minute after they had stopped moving, squirming and pushing against him trying to get up and away, but Edward wasn’t budging.

They both may be vampires but Edward could tell by looking at her that she wasn’t very powerful in the strength department; he would probably bet she was more powerful in other areas.

Areas that he wanted to take the time to learn about.

Edward continued to stare down at her, not saying a word, as her head suddenly stopped thrashing and she froze to glare up at him. She had some of her hair covering her face and he wanted nothing more than to reach down and tuck it behind her ear, but his hands were currently preoccupied with holding her down. She may not be very strong in vampire terms, but she still managed to make it hard for him to keep her still.

Her glare seemed to intensify as he just continued to stare down at her. He could practically feel the energy to get away vanishing as she gave up, little by little, until she was lying completely still and calm beneath him.

She puckered her lips up and blew the hair that was covering one of her eyes away and then focused everything she had into her glare as she stared up at him.

“Really…,” she started, a pout starting to form. “I mean seriously…are you really PINNING ME TO THE GROUND.”

The end of her rant ended up in her shouting at him.

He thought it made her look like an angry kitten and hell if that pout wasn’t turning him on. Which is probably why he started to chuckle as the situation started to look incredibly hilarious. He had never acted like this before in all of his years and here he was, pinning a girl to the floor to keep her from getting away.

He must have been loosing his mind.

Deciding to say something, Edward opened his mouth, “Are we done with this cat and mouse game or shall we continue?”

“This cat and mouse game wouldn’t even be happening if you just left me alone and didn’t come chasing after me like a bat out of hell,” Bella’s angry voice drifted up to him. “I mean, who tackles someone from a rooftop? 10 points for originality, even if 9 of them are for insanity.”

Even in anger, her voice was beautiful and soothing to him.

Already getting tired of the situation, Edward leaned down until his face was inches from her, his lips less than a hairs width from hers. He let out a lopsided grin as her eyes started to flutter closed, only slits of gold peaking up at him through her lashes.

“How about we make a deal,” Edward whispered, his lips brushing lightly over her own with every word. “I’ll get off and let you up, if you agree to not run away again.”

He waited as she thought about it, not moving back at all. He kind of liked the proximity and knew that he didn’t really want to get off her, but she seemed to be slightly uncomfortable and he didn’t want that.

“Okay,” she whispered, the action causing her lips to brush against his own.

He grinned, and caught up in the moment, closed the remaining distance and pressed his lips firmly against her own.

It was pure heaven. Much better than the last one they had shared only moments ago in the park.

To his complete surprise, she responded immediately, her head tilting and her lips parting to allow him better access and the opportunity to deepen the kiss if he wished to.

He would have been a fool not to take her up on that offer.

His hands left hers, allowing her the freedom to move if she so wished, and she did. He felt her hands slide up his back and up his neck to finally tangle in his hair and pull his face closer to her own. His own hands were making quick work of their own. He slipped one under her neck to lift her head of slightly to change the angle and deepen the kiss while his other one settled on her check to softly run his thumb over it.

As a moan slipped past his lips, Bella seemed to wake up and pull back the best she could, her hands falling from his hair and her head turning until her cheek was resting against the ground.

Edward sadly took this as the sign that it was over and he rolled himself off her to lie on his back beside her. Neither moved for a moment, both seeming to be content to just lay there.

“I guess I’ll have to admit that feeling now won’t I?” Bella asked, her head was still on its side, staring over at him, a soft smile on her lips.

Edward couldn’t help but grin as he mimicked her and tilted his head over to stare at her. “Well, looking at the circumstances, I don’t think you have much of a choice.”


(Salem, Massachusettes – 1692)

When Isabella was regaining consciousness after passing out from the pain, she was aware of two things. One was that she was lying on her back on something soft. The second was that she wasn’t alone.

Her eyes shot open and she sat up at the same time only to go flying forward from the motion and fall over the end of the bed to land on her face. As she stared down at the wooden boards of the floor,, she began to realize that she could hear things that she normally wouldn’t be able to hear. She was more aware of her surroundings. But the one thing she was aware of most of all, was that her heart wasn’t beating and she wasn’t breathing. She pushed herself up and sat back down on the bed, only to lay back down and stare up at nothing.

She sucked in a huge amount of air in shock, only to realize that nothing really happened with the action. She brought her hand up in front of her face and was surprised to see that not only had her hearing enhanced, but so had her sight. Everything was so visible, the lines and shape of her hand, the wooden beams of the ceiling above her. She could even see slivers of wood that were sticking out. Every crevice and every line was in full detail.

“What on earth,” she whispered, taking it slow this time as she sat up.

“I see your awake finally.”

Isabella shifter her head to the right to see the little red eyed girl standing in the doorway that she hadn’t realized was open the whole time. She was in the same outfit she was wearing earlier except her hair was pulled back slightly by what looked to be a vine of some kind.

“Who…where….what’s going on….what happened.”

Segmented ideas of what Isabella wanted to say came out in a voice that she realized she didn’t recognize. It was smoother and deeper than what she used to have, but at the same time it was light and seductive like a bell.

The girl smiled and nodded her head to something as her eyes shifted off to the side for a moment before returning to Isabella.

“All those questions will be answered soon enough, but for right now, let me explain the basics of what is going on before things start to get a little out of hand,” she started, “first off, my names is Ivy and I believe I already know yours Isabella.”

As what the girl was saying began to register in her mind, the automatic response that always slipped past her unchecked whenever she met someone knew slipped out, “It’s Bella, not Isabella.”

The girl let out a tinkling laugh, “Alright then, Bella it is.”

Starting to feel more slightly at ease, Bella shifted her weight until she had her feet planted firmly on the floor instead of laid out on the bed.

“The second thing you need to know is, you’re a vampire.”

Bella’s head shot up incredibly fast from where she had been looking at her skin that was suddenly a lot paler than what she was used to.


“You are a vampire. I changed you. Well, in a sense I saved you from dying when those fools in your town tried to kill you.”

Bella just stared at her.

“As much fun as this is, you staring at me like you are, why don’t we head out of here and you can meet some friends of mine,” she said as she turned to leave, keeping one red eye on her, “and we can fill you in on what to expect.”

Seeing no other choice, Bella stood up and followed after Ivy, trying her best not to stumble at the newfound speed at which her body moved.


It has been three weeks since Bella was changed into a creature of myth. She had learned that she didn’t have the insane thirst that most newborns were born with and she acted almost on the same level of function as that of a decade old vampire. On that day when she had first woken, she had been introduced into a whole new world that most believed existed in only myths and fairytales.

She had met Ivy, a vampire who was an outcast in their general society because she was what everyone called an Immortal Child. Ivy told her the history of the Immortal Children as well as informed her about the group known as the Volturi that had set out to destroy all the Immortal Children. Along with this, Ivy told her why she and her friends had been spared by the Volturi and allowed to live.

Ivy’s coven consisted of the only other Immortal Children, Christian, Elizabeth, and Alijah. They had been together since their birth and were heavily reliant on one another. They did not associate with other covens and kept to themselves. Bella was the first person they had spoken to on a conversation level for over a hundred years.

Christian was the troublemaker of the group that enjoyed planning and getting even. On some level, Bella feared him because of the dark aura that surrounded him and was practically visible, but she guessed her fear was more nervousness if she really had to put a name to it.

Elizabeth was the fun one of the group. She was very spontaneous and liked to play tricks on people. Although Bella learned that these tricks weren’t really fun for the people they were pulled on because it usually ended in there death. Bella found out, the longer she hung out with the odd group, that Elizabeth was very talkative and confrontational, almost on the same level as Ivy in the talkative department and Christian in the confrontational.

Alijah was what Bella liked to call, the calm before the storm. He had a very peaceful persona and was always found thinking or wandering off on his own for peace and quiet. He did however, like to have very big spats with Christian that usually ended up in a free-for-all between the two.

The fact that there appearances were that of little children always put Bella off from the way they acted. They had been frozen in their state of childhood for well over 300 years and their actions proved it.

Ivy was the mastermind behind the group, the one that held them all together. Her level of playness was up to speed with the others, but it was on a darker level, about even with Christian’s. Bella got along with Ivy the best.

When Bella first learned that Ivy had been the one that had killed her mother, she had been surprised at how much anger had gone through her. In a fit, she had grabbed Ivy and thrown her as hard as she could into the surrounding forest, which resulted in ivy slamming through twelve trees before she came to a rest in a crouched position.

Bella had been surprised.

At this point, after Elizabeth and Christian had stopped laughing, Bella learned about her strength that at the moment was multiplied because of her newborn status. It was after a moment that Bella forgave Ivy for killing her mother.

Bella also learned about the gifts that some vampires gained when they were changed. The first thing that Bella learned was that she had the power to alter her appearance to a certain degree. Her eyes, which had freaked her out at first because they were a glowing red, she was able to change to any color she wanted. She could change her hair color, her skin tone, and her face, anything in regards to herself she could alter to a limit.

After hearing that most vampires only had one gift, she had accepted that as her own. She was also introduced, in that first meeting, to an idea of what the Immortal Children’s powers were.

Ivy was able to control and manipulate the earth. She had demonstrated this by having the ground under Bella’s feet vanish and sink into a black hole. Bella had fallen for a good couple of feet before Ivy had caught her with a web of roots.

Elizabeth was able to control and manipulate the air . Elizabeth’s playfulness had come into play at this point when she decided to give Bella a taste of her own medicine when she had thrown Ivy through a few trees. One moment Bella had been standing off to the side of her and the next a huge gust of air, with the force of a tornado, had slammed into her and sent her hurtling backwards into and through a couple of trees.

Christian was able to control and manipulate fire. Bella really hated his way of demonstration. She learned really quick that fire was very dangerous to a vampire and after his little stunt, she was extremely wary around it. Before Bella had fully recovered from her trip through some trees, Christian had created a ring of fire around her that began to slowly shrink and enclose on her. When she tried to jump out of it, the top closed up and she ended up scorching some of her arm. When she had landed, she thought that he would have stopped but he continued to shrink the walls of her fire prison until it was so small she could barely move and she was trapped. She never knew how far he was going to take it because after a moment of Bella starting to panic, Ivy had cut in and told him to cut it out.

Alijah was able to control and manipulate water. Alijah had chosen to demonstrate his little gift by dowsing Bella’s flame cage with a large amount of water. The fire had diminished but Bella was left soaking wet surrounded by hissing steam that vanished in the blink of an eye

Bella learned very quickly not to mess or pick a fight with the group. However, as the days started to pass, Bella also discovered that she had a few more gifts up her sleeve. After her first hunt, she had discovered that a power that had been dormant inside her had awakened.

This gift was immunity to vampire’s powers.

There were limits to this however. As long as the power wasn’t released with the intent to harm her, they could break through her barrier and strike. They discovered this when Elizabeth decided to test her gift on Bella once more and it had ended up sending her through a window of their house. She hadn’t been harmed, but she could still to an extent be affected by a vampire’s power.

She also learned that she could extend her power to include others. She could shield another person as long as she could see them.

Ivy had told her this was extremely rare because she had never come across a vampire with multiple gifts. Alijah accredited it to the traumatic moments that led up to her being turned. The build-up from finding her mother killed, to being accused as a witch, and accepting her fate had probably unlocked a few recesses in her mind that allowed for her to have an additional gift.

Even at the early stages of her change, Bella knew that that wasn’t the last of her gifts, they just seemed to be taking longer to develop.

Another thing that Bella learned was that human blood did not agree with her. Be it in the act in order to get the blood or the taste alone, she had no affinity for it. So in order to keep up her strength, she began to feed on the animals in the area. The Immortal Children found this to be disgusting and avoided her whenever she planned to go hunt.

Overall, Bella’s adaptation into the vampire world was going remarkably well.

It wouldn’t be for another 100 years before Bella discovered the real reason why she had multiple powers. Her gifts of being able to alter her appearance and her immunity to other vampire’s powers all stemmed from her core gift that was her main one.

Her main gift – the ability to activate a dormant power within a vampire, or extend an already existing one.

The only problem that Bella ever encountered when she was adapting to her new life, was one day when she had gone hunting and Ivy, Christian, Elizabeth, and Alijah had gone off to do there own thing, Bella had come across another vampire that had been toying with a teenage girl.

A rage had erupted in Bella at the sight and before she knew what had happened, she had blanked out and killed the other vampire. When she had come to, the girl had vanished and all that was left of the vampire was a smoking pile of ashes and a chain with a sword charm on it.

Christian and Alijah had found her and were able to figure out what had happened. They had managed to calm her and get her to leave and head back to their home, but not before Bella saw Alijah pick up the necklace and share a look with Christian.


(Bella - Present)

Bella glanced over to her side to watch as Edward ran along side of her and kept pace. She knew he was faster than her, if him catching up to her and tackling her was any indication, so she knew he was running at this speed for her benefit.

They had agreed to put there discussion on hold until after the initial meeting with everyone that was going to go after Vespera. As they reached the door that led into the feeding room, Edward turned to nod at her as he slipped through the door discreetly. Bella waited a moment longer before she slipped through after him.

Not much had changed since they had been gone, the groups were standing more closer together but there was still an air of tension and hostility that seemed to be getting to Elizabeth, if her narrowed eyes were anything to go by.

“Hey guys, did I miss anything?” Bella asked as she came to stand next to Ivy who was glancing between Elizabeth and the tall Amazonian woman with a grin on her face.

“Not much,” Ivy answered, breaking away from her entertainment.

“Okay, so what’s the plan, figure anything out yet?” Bella asked as she took in the rag tag group that fate had allotted them with.

“The only thing we have figured out,” Christian spoke up, “is that Elizabeth and Zafrina do not get along.”

“On any level,” broke in Alijah.

“You guys talking about me as if I’m not standing right here is starting to get on my nerves,” Elizabeth hissed as she turned away from her glaring match with the grinning Zafrina.

“Well since we are all here, why don’t we figure out what we’re going to do.” Vladimir spoke up.

Everyone turned toward him, figuring he was going to start things off.

“First off, has anyone ever come across or seen this Vespera woman before?”

As the shakes went around, Vladimir seemed to develop a twitch under his eye, “isn’t that nice.”

“I may have an idea where she is,” Christian spoke up.

The whole group’s eyes shifted over to the small boy that was standing off to the side, his dark eyes glancing around at everyone for a second.

“The last time I had a run in with her, she was basing her plans out of Seattle, Washington.”

A few eyebrows went up in surprise.

“She’s in Seattle,” Carlisle asked, his voice fading out in surprise.

“Yes, she’s been working on creating an army of newborns lately. She had quite a following the last time I checked,” Christian continued.

“How do you know all this,” Zafrina asked, her voice edging toward an accusation quality.

“I’m not in with her,” Christian shot back glaring, “I just happened to have been in the area and when I ran into one of her little helpers I decided to see what she was up to.”

“Well,” Stefan asked, “what did you find out.”

“Not much sadly,” Christian answered, “the whole bunch isn’t very trusting surprisingly. I managed to tag along with a woman named Aliza for a couple of days, she was working on a project that Vespera had given her but wasn’t having any luck with it. Right before I was going to find out what it was, Vespera paid me a surprise visit.”

“You mean you have actually had a run in with her,” asked a surprised Elizabeth, “you didn’t tell me that part!”

Christian turned to her, “Well sorry, I was too busy nursing my missing hand to really go into specifics.”

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes, “You told me that happened in a fight you and Alijah had.”

Her eyes shifter over to Alijah as she mentioned his name. Alijah had the decency to look sheepish as her glare settled on him.

“Get over it Liz,” Ivy broke in, recognizing the signs of a fight before it began, “we have better things to deal with at the moment. Christian, how many newborns would you say she has right now?”

“From what I was able to pick up, quite a few. I would say in the hundreds.”

“This is going to freaking rock!”

Thirteen different pairs of eyes shifted disbelievingly over to a grinning Emmett. The Cullen coven had been oddly silent during the whole exchange, seeming to have decided to see how everything planned out.

“I mean come on you guys,” Emmett happily said. “When was the last time that you had an opportunity for some fun like this.”

“Emmett, this is not going to be fun,” Rosalie spoke up, “it’s going to be dangerous. We don’t know what Vespera is actually up to or how many newborns she’s actually managed to create. We’re walking blind here.”

“Rosalie is right,” Carlisle spoke. “We need to get some more information on Vespera and what she’s doing before we make anything related to an actual move. We don’t know what she’s fully capable of.”

“Tearing off hands for no reason is certainly up her alley,” Christian muttered unhappily, a version of a pout appearing on his lips.

“Christian,” Bella finally spoke up. “Your going to have to get over that. Plus, if you bring it up one more time, I can’t say much for your safety if Elizabeth’s expression is anything to go off of.”

A sound similar to a snort escaped from Zafrina at the thought of Elizabeth doing anything to Christian, “What she going to do. Blow bubbles at him.”

“Bubbles,” hissed Elizabeth as she rounded on Zafrina. “I’ll show you fucking bubbles you bitch.”

“Whoa! Don’t you move an inch! You guys calm down! This is not helping,” Ivy yelled as she reached out to grab Elizabeth’s shaking arm.

“I’m sorry,” Esme broke through the silent tension that was building as the two glared at one another, her gaze shifting over to Bella’s. “I know this is completely off base, but I don’t seem to recognize you from anywhere. What’s your name dear.”

Bella looked surprised as the maternal figure from the Cullen coven smiled at her. Bella even went so far as to lift her hand and point at herself with a look of surprise on her face, “me?”

“Yes dear, I thought I knew pretty much everyone that showed up today but I’ve never seen you before,” Esme spoke softly, continuing to smile over at her.

“Well…um…I’m Bella, I don’t know what else you want me to tell you,” Bella managed to stutter out as she was put in the spotlight.

“That’s fine Bella, I was just wondering so I knew what to call you by,” Esme didn’t miss a beat in answering back.

Silence settled for a moment before Stefan broke through once more, “well, what’s the general plan. We can’t stand here all day and I hate the stink of the Volturi so the sooner we get out of here the better.”

“Why don’t we head over to where we are currently living?” Carlisle offered. “Coincidentally it’s in Washington, not that far from Seattle, in a small town called Forks. We could make further plans from there.”

“That sounds like a plan,” Alice said as her eyes shifted over to Bella before breaking out into a big smile.

“Of course, we’ll have to get an agreement from you all to not do your feeding within the area,” Carlisle said. “I’m sure you all known our history of being vegetarians, so if you need to feed, you need to take it to at least to another state.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Good, how about we all meet in Forks at our house in say,” Carlisle pause here to think for a minute, “two days? That should be enough time for you all to get anything you need to get done, done.”

Vladimir and Stefan agreed before asking for the general area in which there house was before vanishing from the room. Zafrina agreed and saluted the bunch, winking at Elizabeth just to piss her off, before vanishing and saying she would meet up with them in two days.

The remaining two groups stayed behind to stare at one another for a moment. Bella noticed that Edwards eyes rarely left her face the whole discussion.

“Do you all know where you need to be,” Esme asked kindly as she took in the reclusive and standoffish Immortal Children.

“Yes.” Christian answered sharply.

“Oh…” Esme said surprised by his sharpness, “I guess we shall leave you…”

“What are all of your names,” Bella spoke up. She had realized she didn’t know any of there names other than Edward’s. She only knew Vladimir, Stefan and Zafrina’s because of what Ivy had told her, but Ivy had never mentioned this group.

“Oh! I didn’t even realize,” Esme exclaimed. “Well we shall just have to fix that won’t we. I’m Esme and my husband here’s name is Carlisle.”

“I’m Emmett,” spoke up the big one, his grin almost looking painful.

“Buffoon,” Christian whispered to Alijah, even though everyone present could hear it.

“I’m Rosalie,” the tall blonde answered, only to pause and glare at Christian and Alijah, “the buffoon’s wife.”

“Jasper,” the silent blonde man answered.

“I’m Alice! I just know we’re going to get along fabulously Bella,” the exited pixie responded, smiling and bouncing in her spot as she waved at Bella.

Bella smiled back at her before shifting her eyes to the last one in the group, the one she already knew.

“Edward,” he said, his lopsided grin falling into place as his eyes began to smolder as he stared at her. “Pleasure to meet you.”

They had agreed to keep up a pretense that they didn’t know one another until they had a chance to talk, but guessing from the looks that Alice and Ivy were sending at both of them, they knew they had been found out by those two at least.

Bella nodded and turned to look down at Ivy who was smirking up at her.

“We’ll catch up with you later Bella,” Elizabeth said as she turned toward the door, “we have some business to take care of and I’m sure you need to do something about that job of yours. Let them know you’ll be gone for a little while and all that.”

As the Immortal Children turned to leave, Bella let out a chuckle as they crossed through the door only to hear Christian curse as Elizabeth slammed him into the cement wall, causing it to crack and some pieces fall.

The last they heard of them was Christian screaming, “What the hell was that for…”

Bella suddenly realized she was left alone with the Cullens.

‘Isn’t this lovely,’ she thought as she twisted back around to face to interesting group who just stood there patiently staring at her, mostly in curiosity.

“You have a job,” Emmett asked, his voice sounding like a little kids.

“Yes,” Bella answered cautiously, not wanting to go into much detail.

The pixie of the bunch, Alice, bounced forward to stand in front of her suddenly, ignoring the warning from Esme, “what do you do,” she asked.

“Umm..well...if you promise not to laugh I’ll tell you,” Bella said, unsure of what she should do in this situation, “I told Ivy the other day and she laughed for five minutes straight almost, so if you swear not to laugh I’ll tell you.”

For some reason, Bella felt completely comfortable with these people, so she didn’t see the harm in telling them a little about herself.

“I promise.”

The response was quick, so Bella mustered up her strength, blew the hair that was falling into her face away and answered.

“I’m a kindergarten teacher.”

Dead silence.

Alice took it very well, merely blinking, while the rest of the Cullen’s seemed to be digesting what she said. Suddenly a gasp erupted and Bella looked over to see Emmett with a horrified expression on his face.

“You don’t,” Emmett paused here, lowering his voice to a horrified whisper, “eat them….do you?”

Bella was totally not expecting that.

“What?!? NO! Oh my god!” she blurted out horrified. “Why on earth….what thehell….what is WRONG with you?”

Emmett seemed to relax before he erupted in hysterical laughter. He was leaning over holding his stomach from laughing so hard. This went on for a minute or two and right when Bella was about to cross the room and smack him upside the head like she had seen Rosalie do, he stopped laughing and stood up straight.

“I’m sorry…I just thought…well…you are a vampire you know,” he managed to get out between light chuckles.

Bella eyed him for a moment, trying to decide on how to respond.

“I actually don’t drink human blood, never have, I’m basically what you guys called yourself, a vegetarian,” Bella finally answered, “if by vegetarian you mean you feed off animals.”

“Oh well then,” Emmett said, “I guess that’s pretty cool then.”

Bella looked over at Rosalie who had her eyes rolled up and was muttering to herself about something that Bella couldn’t hear.

Deciding that she needed to be on her way, Bella took a step back from Alice who was still standing in front of her, “I guess I better get going then, I have a few things to get in order before I meet up with you all in a few days.”

Without waiting for a response, Bella took off, vanishing into the tunnels to head back to her apartment and send notice to the school that she would be gone for an undetermined amount of time.

As she slipped out of the tunnels and into the sunlight, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of happiness. At first, when Aro had first volunteered them, she had been petrified, but now that things seemed to be getting off on the right foot, she didn’t feel so worried.

Well, she thought, it’s not like things will be boring. I think the biggest problem that we will have is keeping Elizabeth and Zafrina from killing one another.

She grinned as she ducked into the car she had rented and took off down the road, exiting Volterra and heading toward wherever this exciting adventure was planning on taking her.

Her life had been a little dull lately. Maybe this is exactly what the doctor ordered.



Vespera groaned as she walked into her apartment on the west end of Seattle. She was in the nicer area of downtown where you had to have quite a bit of money to even begin to think of living there.

She had just gotten back from her visit with Jason and Angela and she wanted to just relax. She knew the next couple of days were going to get a little hectic and once she put her plan into motion, there would be no stopping it.

Walking into the living room, she paused, deciding what she wanted to do, before her eyes settled on her pride and joy.

Her violin.

She reached out to touch the smooth wood that made up her priceless violin that she had had custom-made years ago. Lifting it up to settle under her chin, she grabbed the bow and brought it up to touch the stings lightly.

Closing her eyes, she let her hands do the work as she receded into her mind, enjoying the haunting music that flowed from musical instrument in her hand. She only felt peace when she was like this, completely surrendering herself to the music.

“I see your quite comfortable here Vespera.”

Vespera’s eyes shot open wide in shock. She hadn’t even heard someone enter the room. Stiffening for a moment, deciding what she was going to do first, she made up her mind and slowly lowered the violin and bow to her sides before turning around. Her mask once more back in place.

“Hello Aro,” she said as she caught sight of the Royal vampire only to correct her statement as she saw the small figure step out from behind him. “Jane. To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

“Just stopping by for a progress report and to warn you about some unforeseen obstacles that we hadn’t been counting on,” Aro said, his red eyes shifting throughout the living space.

“Oh,” Vespera said, setting her violin down on the stand and placing the bow in the proper place, “what obstacles are we talking about?”

“Some people decided to help out and volunteer there services to your main targets,” Jane muttered, glancing hatefully up at the woman who was the main player in their plans.

“How many?” Vespera asked from her spot across the room, her eyes taking on a calculating quality.

“Besides the original five, you have Vladimir, Stefan, Zafrina, and unfortunately, the entire Cullen clan coming after you,” Aro said, his voice not carrying an ounce of sympathy or air of apology.

“Oh yeah, that’s not an issue at all,” Vespera hissed. “You do realize this changes all of my plans. We don’t have nearly enough newborns for that large of a group, especially if this group know how to deal with them.”

Vespera felt all of her plans flying out the window.

“Then make it enough,” Jane hissed, “I don’t care how you do it! I just want that bitch dead for what she did. If all else fails, forget the rest of the them and just make sure you get rid of her.”

Vespera narrowed her eyes as she shifted her gaze from Aro to the vengeful form of Jane, “I would watch myself if I were you Jane. Your not exactly my most favorite person in the world at the moment.”

Jane hissed at her before turning to glance up at Aro who was smiling at the interaction between the two.

“Ladies, lets try to keep things in perspective for a moment,” Aro said. “How is that little tip I gave you coming along. They should come in quite handy if your following my instructions correctly.”

Vespera nodded her head as she picked up on what he was hinting at.

“It’s actually working out better than was to be expected. At first, Aliza was having some problems, but Angela seems to be having better luck with it. Last time I checked she had about 20, which I’m going to have to ask her to triple with the new information,” Vespera said, not even bothering to hide her anger at the news.

“Excellent!” Aro exclaimed, “I just want to make sure you remember why you need to do this, my dear, wouldn’t want you to loose sight of your motivations before the ball really gets rolling.”

Aro’s voice was positively evil as he finished his sentence. His whole appearance had changed from calm and careless to calculating and heartless.

Vespera stood up straighter in response as his words hit her head on.

“There’s no need for a reminder Aro,” she hissed. “I’m well aware of what I need to do and why.”

“Good.” Aro said, nodding his head and turning to leave.

“Just one more thing,” he called out over his shoulder. “You might want to learn to finish the job. Christian was at the meeting. Ciao darling!”

With that last word, he was gone, leaving behind an angry and pained woman.

“You bastard,” she hissed, turning around kicking the closest thing in her reach, which just happened to be her priceless violin. The instrument flew across the room only to slam into a wall, denting the wall, and causing the violin to shatter and splinter as it exploded.

“FUCK! NOT AGAIN!” Vespera screamed, “God-Damn you ARO!”

“God damn you to hell,” she whispered as she whipped around and vanished from the room, the only sound of her leaving was the slamming of the door behind her.