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You Might Die Trying

The Volturi have requested an immediate return of all vampires to Volterra to discuss the recent threat pressing upon all their kind. A request that has never before occurred. The reason: the complete exposure of the vampire world to the entire human population. A request that forces not only the Immortal Children to become involved, but also forces Isabella Swan to come out of hiding since she was changed in 1692.


6. Chapter 6: What A Vampire Values Most

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You Might Die Trying

Chapter 6: What A Vampire Values Most

By: HayleyM425



All hell had broken loose.

As the four wolves leapt toward Bella, Edward, and Ivy, the three shifted quickly into defensive crouches. The lead wolf, the one who had initially attacked Bella and slammed into her car, tried to dive between the two vampires shielding her, only to have Edward reach out quickly.

Edward grasped the wolf by its neck and using its momentum, turned and threw the wolf across the cleaning only to have it slam into one of the newborns that was facing off against Zafrina. The wolf let out a loud yelp as he slammed into the male newborn and hit the ground, only to jump back up and lunge back to the middle where Ivy, Bella, and Edward were.

The two wolves on the left decided to go after Ivy, which was a grave mistake on their part. As they came within a few feet of her, a multitude of vines sprung out from the ground beneath them. The vines quickly wrapped around their two snarling bodies, lifting them twenty feet off the ground before sending them flying through the air and over a few trees. Both wolves slammed into thick trees, causing large ‘booms’ to echo across the air as the mammoth pine trees fell to the ground.

As the wolves sailed through the air, Ivy took off after them.

The last two had tried to sneak around to get to Bella but were stopped when a twisting Edward, who had recovered from his toss of the first wolf, kicked his foot out and knocked another wolf back. The wolf went skidding across the ground, a large growl erupting from its body as deep trenches were gouged into the ground from the force of the kick. A cloud of dust followed the wolf's trail.

The final wolf, who had managed to get around Edward, tried to bite into Bella’s throat, but was stopped as Bella quickly grabbed one of its front legs and twirled around, a cyclone of wind and dust kicking up around them, until Bella stopped and released the wolf who went sailing through the air to only fly through one of the front glass walls of the Cullen’s house. The glass shattered and crashing sounds were heard as the wolf went through the house and out the other side, breaking another glass wall.

Bella quickly whipped around only to watch as the wolf that Edward had thrown first, had managed to get around behind them. Its body slammed into her torso, causing her to go flying back. Its jaws were open, silver venom dripping from its teeth as it prepared to rip into her granite like skin.

As Bella reached out to try to stop its descent, the wolf suddenly vanished as a red flash blew over her. Bella landed on her back, jumping up immediately to see what had happened. A few feet away, a mass of angrily snarling bodies were wrestling it out on the ground.

Christian had intercepted them at the last minute, diving across the clearing to slam cleanly into the wolf above Bella and send them flying through the air. As they hit the ground, Christian had twisted and bounced off the wolf, who took the impact. The ground beneath them had caved in from the force of the hit. The wolf only seemed to get angrier as it leapt up from its position and dove at the calm Christian standing off to the side. Christian lifted his right hand, a ball of flames building within his palm, which he smashed into the wolves snarling face. The wolf cried out loudly and went flying back, slamming into Alice’s silver Porsche. It lay still on the ground, whining out in pain as its face was half burnt off from the blast.

“You stupid mutts,” Vespera shouted. “Get back up and get the damn girl.”


Bella turned to see Edward appear beside her, looking around cautiously, his eyes mainly focusing on the wolves that were regaining their positions.

“We need to take the wolves out,” Edward said, placing his back against Bella’s. His eyes were set solely on the wolf that was snarling and barking as it stalked through the house it had been thrown through, staring directly at them.

“Obviously,” Bella muttered, her eyes focused on the wolf that Edward had kicked away seconds ago. Its body was low to the ground, venom dripping from its teeth as it snapped its jaws barking harshly at her.

“Christian would be our best bet I’m guessing,” Edward thought, glancing over at the small boy that was in a stand off with the wolf that had half its face burnt off.

“It depends,” Bella answered. “His gift has limits. A vampire can survive an attack depending on the strength. It is difficult to harness the fire when faced with an ancient or a newborn. It will hurt like hell, but it won’t be enough to finish them.”

“Shit,” Edward said as he saw the wolf leap at him. He dove away from Bella and met the wolf head on. Their bodies hit one another, large thunder like booms echoing across the clearing. As the wolf made a move to bite into Edward’s side, Edward pushed off, luckily escaping the wolf’s teeth. The wolf did manage to snag his shirt, the bottom half ripping off. Edward took a few steps back as the wolf snarled and spit out the useless shirt, running the distance to Edward. As the wolf got close, Edward crouched low to the ground and pushed off, shooting himself upwards. The wolf followed, only to be taken by surprise as Edward descended and slammed his fist into the wolf’s snout. A cracking sound was heard as the wolf flew toward the ground. A large crater appeared as the wolf was pressed into the ground. Edward followed and quickly reached down to rip its head off. Making quick work, Edward continued to rip the wolf apart until it was in different pieces, scattered throughout the clearing.

Edward turned to return to Bella only to be surprised as two newborns appeared in front of him at the same time and managed to kick him in the chest, sending him flying back and vanishing into the dark forest. The only sign of his landing a large cracking boom and a tree falling over. The two newborns took off after him.

Bella turned her body slightly to the side, placing herself at an angle to the wolf that was close enough to pounce. She was crouched down into a defensive position, her body bent and low to the ground. As the wolf lunged, Bella crouched lower, getting under the wolves body, and as it sailed over, grabbed its hind legs and reversed its direction. Shouting out, she put as much force as she could into it as she yanked the snarling body of fur backwards and slammed it, back first, into the ground as hard as she could. The ground shook from the force as a deep ditch appeared in the ground, cradling the surprised wolf. Bella released its legs and hopped on top, grabbing its head and yanking it clear off its body. Getting a firm grip on the decapitated head, she drew it back and threw it across the clearing into the remains of her rented car. She then proceeded to rip the rest of its body apart, throwing the pieces in different directions around her.

“That’s the last time I rent a car,” Bella cursed.



Christian was grinning at the limping wolf that he was stalking toward. “I think it’s time for some roasted mutt,” he said darkly. His eyes focused on the wolf and a cube of flames erupted from the ground around it. It quickly shrunk in size, trapping the wolf. The wolf howled as the flames burnt through its skin. Not quite put out, the wolf growled and raced toward Christian in anger. The flaming bullet shot toward Christian only to have Christian get a firm grasp, the fire not affected him in the least, on its head and body, ripping it into two and increasing the force of the fire until it was nothing but two separate smoldering masses of flesh.



Ivy had managed to reach the two wolves as they were standing up from their landing position. As they jumped up and started to run toward the clearing, Ivy skidded into the open, the two wolves immediately noticing her and changing directions. As they headed toward her, two pairs of thick brown vines shot out from the ground, wrapping around their paws and held them tightly to the ground. The wolves snarled as they reached down and started biting the vines, managing to bite through them and release their legs. Ivy quickly realized this and suddenly the ground beneath them began to sink in. The two wolves growled as they vanished into the earth, the ground filling up again above them, trapping them underground.

“Well that was easy,” she said, as she turned and started to head back to the clearing where the fighting was taking place.

Just as she was turning, the wolves had somehow managed to free themselves and leapt out of the ground, surprising Ivy as she whipped around. She didn’t manage to turn fast enough as one of the wolves snapped its jaws closed around her lower arm and yanked.


A crack was heard as the wolf ripped off her right forearm and hand. It landed on all fours and sprung back, chewing on the dismembered arm.

“You’re going to fucking pay for that,” Ivy hissed, slamming her left hand out and knocking the second wolf in the side of the head. The wolf took the punch in the side of the face and went flying through the air, slamming into another tree.

Seeing red, Ivy dove at the wolf that had taken her hand and grabbed one of its front legs, wrenching it out from underneath and yanking hard. The wolf lifted up into the air as high as Ivy could reach and then was brought back down, slamming into the earth, creating its own crater. Not done, Ivy lifted it up again and slammed it once more into the ground. As it snarled and twisted in her direction, she placed her foot on its chest and yanked, ripping its front leg off. Ivy jumped back holding the wolf’s limb.

Her eyes glinted as she focused on the howling wolf that managed to jump up onto its three remaining limbs, its snarling and glaring face snapping at her. Ivy whipped around as she heard the second wolf leap at her from its position where she had thrown it. Twirling the borrowed arm from the wolf, she whipped around and swatted the airborne wolf in the side. The arm acted as a bat and stopped the wolf flat. As it landed on its paws, Ivy dropped the arm and jumped back in time to avoid its pounce.

As its blurred body landed where she had been standing, it pushed off the ground, following her. Ivy landed in the limbs of one of the trees and reached up and swung herself up onto a limb higher, the wolf sailing over to land on the ground 10 feet beneath Ivy’s position.

Ivy grabbed a thick branch above her that was three times her size and twice as thick and ripped it from the tree before jumping and hurtling toward the wolf that was still recovering from its land. Twisting it, she pointed the sharp broken end at the wolf and slammed it down on top of the recovered wolf. It howled as the tree shattered against it, not breaking skin, but pushing it to the ground. As Ivy held it down with the tree limb, Ivy focused on the other wolf and sent vines at it. They wrapped quickly around its body, lifting it into the air.

“You take my arm,” Ivy hissed. “I take your life.”

As the words left her mouth, Ivy reached down and decapitated the struggling wolf beneath the limb, then shot toward the restrained wolf and took his head as well. She quickly finished ripping their bodies apart and tossing their pieces toward the Cullen house to burn later.

Muttering to herself, Ivy walked over and scooped up her arm that had deep bite marks all along its length.

‘Mangy mutt,’ she thought, lifting her arm and holding it against the remaining stub of her right forearm until the granite like tissue began to reconnect and regenerate.

She flexed her fingers as she waiting for it to fully reattach itself, glaring at the spot where the wolf had ripped it off.

As it stitched together, she turned and raced back to the clearing where the fight was taking place.



Edward shook his head as he stood up, lifting the tree that had stopped his flight and landed on top of him. As he started to push it away, he felt a body slam into him. His arms came down to grab the newborn that had lunged at him. The both went flying back until Edward’s back slammed into a tree. The newborn pulled its arm back to punch him, but Edward ducked and the newborns hand went through the tree’s trunk. Slipping around behind the vampire that was yanking its hand out, Edward grabbed the mans head by his head, pulled it back and slammed it forward. Its head blasted through the trunk and became jammed for a second like the newborns now freed hand. Edward didn’t give him a chance to recover as he jumped up and slammed his elbow into the vampires back near its neck, causing the head to pop off and the body to slam into the ground.

Twisting, Edward grabbed the second newborn by its shirt and tossed him away. The woman, snarling and red eyes glinting, hissed.

“You think it’s that easy,” she hissed, her hands forming claws and her body lowering to the ground to match Edwards’s crouched position.

“We’ll see,” Edward hissed back.

The woman lunged at him and swung her leg to kick him in the head, but he ducked and slammed his hand into her back, causing her to stumble before turning around and managing to punch him in the chest.

Edward skidded back a few feet from the blow. A newborn was very strong and this one seemed to know what she was doing.

“I told you it wouldn’t be easy,” she commented, a smiled spreading across her face. “I’m going to rip you to shreds.”

Edward didn’t say anything and just crouched down, his eyes focused carefully on the woman. Jasper had told him a while ago that the best way to deal with newborns was to use speed, get behind them, and take the head off quickly.

Focusing on her thoughts, he saw what she was planning to do. As she dove at him, he countered by flashing around and behind her, grabbed her hair, placed his other hand on her shoulder and yanked. A satisfying crack was heard as the woman screamed and Edward pushed harder, twisting her head and snapping it off. The head flew back behind him and he finished her and then finished the man he had left be the tree.

Hearing a shout, he turned and headed back through the forest, hearing the thoughts of the group as they took on the other newborns and Vespera’s lackeys.

‘I have to get back to Bella,’ he thought, becoming nothing but a blur as he zigzagged through the trees.



Zafrina had managed to lure three of the newborns off to the side, leading them away from the larger group to take them out on her own. Jumping backwards, she continued to create a larger distance from the rest of the mini fights erupting across the expanse of the Cullen’s front yard. Their speed was impressive but Zafrina had experience, while they were just in a blood-induced craze.

The three were staying in a tight group, trying to triple team her. When Zafrina was satisfied with the distance, she grinned as she unleashed her gift.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to use this, gentlemen,” she called out to the three young men snarling at her. “You should feel honored.”

With that, she watched as they froze and began looking around in confusion. She had trapped them in a delusion where they were surrounded by walls of rock and water that reached up into the sky for hundreds of feet. She watched calmly, enjoying their confused states.

“I don’t want to get my hands dirty,” she said as she switched the vision suddenly, submerging the three in a single vision but altering each of their visions personally. She laughed madly as they turned on each other and began attack each other.

She had changed their sight to see each other as another person. Instead of seeing two companions, they all were seeing each other as either Bella or Zafrina. They turned on one another instantly. Snarling and cursing at one another, they began to rip one another to shreds like animals until all but one was left.

Glancing up from her nails that she had been checking, Zafrina sighed. “I was hoping they would somehow manage to finish one another off.”

Pouting, Zafrina glided over to the remaining vampire who was barely left standing and finished him off. Wiping her hands, she stuck her foot out to kick a wiggling leg away from a torso.

“How bothersome.”

Taking one quick look around to see that the body parts were far enough away until they were able to come back and burn them, she whistled and headed back toward the shouting.


The Cullen’s

“Not at the house! I just finished decorating,” Esme called out in horror as her concentration was taken from the newborn that Carlisle and her were handling. She had managed to see Bella send a wolf flying toward the front of the house. Esme sighed as a loud crashing sound echoed as the front wall of glass shattered and the wolf went sailing into the house. She couldn’t be positive, but she could swear she distinctively heard her priceless vase shatter.

“It’s alright dear,” Carlisle called as he weaved around the newborn and kicked it in its back, causing it to stumble forward. “It’s just a house, just think of how much fun making a new decorating theme will be!”

Esme reached out and grabbed the twisting newborn’s arm and swung it around, causing it to stumble and skid along the ground. “I just completed it last night though.”


Esme and Carlisle turned and ducked as a cursing newborn male flew over their heads, a grinning Emmett following it.

“This freaking rocks!”

Emmett beat the newborn before it hit the ground, jumped up, and came down, feet planted on the vampires back and slammed him into the ground front first before leaping off and landing a foot away.

“Emmett,” Carlisle called as he turned back to intercept the vampire they were working on from tackling Esme. “Don’t play around.”


A few present paused as Alice shrieked out suddenly. Everyone turned in confusion as she threw a vampire away from her to glance at her brand new silver Porsche she had gotten a month ago. Nothing was wrong with it.

Well, nothing WAS wrong with it until Christian sent a wolf at it.

“Why is all of our stuff being destroyed,” Alice shrieked as she watched her one of a kind car turn into twisted metal in horror.

“Dude! That was awesome!”

Emmett laughed as the wolf slammed into the side of the car and knocked it up onto its side before it topped completely over. The side was completely dented in so far that the left hand driver’s door was touching the right hand passenger door.

“Maybe you should pay attention to what your doing,” Jasper commented as he swooped in to catch the vampire Emmett had slammed into the ground before it got a hold of a distracted Emmett.

Catching the vampire in the side, Jasper slipped behind and twisted the head off.

“Hey,” Emmett pouted as Jasper finished the task. “I was going to do that! Your taking all my fun away Jasper.”

Rosalie suddenly appeared beside them, her hands locked with a female vampire who was pushing against her, causing her feet to sink down into the ground leaving trenches in their wake.

“You need some help babe,” a calm Emmett asked as he walked over.

“Stay away from me,” Rosalie hissed as she bent her knees and sank down, her back touched the ground as she yanked the shocked woman over her body like a speeding bullet. It sent her flying to a ready Alice who caught the woman and twisted her head off and then the rest of the became separate pieces in the blink of an eye.

Emmett’s eyes were bugging out as he saw Rosalie bend and sink to the ground. Mouth dropping open he stared in pride. “That….was hot.”

Rosalie slipped back up into a standing position, throwing her hair over her shoulder. Smiling, she turned and winked at Emmett. “I try.”

“You owe me a new car Christian,” Alice shouted, throwing an arm in his direction. It flew passed him and he turned red glaring eyes at Alice. “I’m serious! I was on a 2-year waiting list for that car you just chucked that furball at!”

Alice glared right back, lifting her arms to rest on her hips in a stern stance before she was yanked out of the way of a charging vampire by Jasper.

“Watch your surroundings Alice.”

Alice smiled and gave him a quick hug before he shot back and went after the vampire that had tried to attack his wife.

“How sweet,” Alice said, before turning and glaring as another vampire managed to get a grip on her sleeve and rip it off. “That was my favorite shirt you asshole.”

Alice dove after him.


Vladimir and Stefan

Vladimir and Stefan were not wasting time and seemed to be taking extreme pleasure in destroying the newborns that were trying to attack them. They were taking out vampire after vampire, left and right, not pausing for a second.

They forms were blurring from spot to spot. They were exceptionally fast.

“I got left,” Stefan shouted to Vladimir who nodded and went right.

“An arm,” Vladimir called out, ripping an arm off a oblivious vampire, tossing it over in Stefan’s direction.

“For an arm,” Stefan called back, sending a limb back over to Vladimir.

They each caught an arm and grinned as they slammed them into two more vampires’ faces before decapitating them.

Zipping back to their designated center, they placed themselves back to back, glancing around for their next victims.

“How about a leg,” Stefan asked as he casually folded his arms and watched as a vampire headed at him.

“That’s sounds nice,” Vladimir chuckled darkly. “You want the whole leg, a hip, or a thigh?”

“How about you surprise me,” Stefan said as he ducked forward and tackled the vampire charging him. With his speed, Stefan jumped up, planted his foot in the grounded vampire’s chest and ripped a leg off at the hip.

Vladimir followed his example and lunged at the closest vampire, ducking under as the vampire attempted to grab him and shouldered him in the stomach. The vampire flew back before Vladimir reached out, grabbed a leg, and pulled it out from under the vampire causing it to hit the ground on its back before its right leg was ripped off at the knee.

Vladimir placed a foot on the struggling and screaming vampire, turning around to glance at Stefan while holding up his prize. Stefan was mimicking him with his victim’s whole leg.

“You always have to beat me don’t you,” Vladimir commented as Stefan used the leg to salute Vladimir before turning around and finishing the vampire at his feet.

Vladimir followed his example.

Jumping back so they were back to back once more, they started to scout out their next victims.

“I haven’t played this game in 1500 years brother,” Vladimir commented. “I almost forgot how much fun it was.”

“Your telling me,” Stefan laughed. “Which body part shall we collect next?”

Vladimir seemed to think, raising his finger to his chin and adopting a thoughtful face. “How about ears?”

“That works for me.”

They grinned and raced apart, heading after the poor newborns that had been sent after them.



‘What the hell,’ Vespera thought.

She was seriously about to get pissed. This group of misfits were completely decimating her collection of newborns and wolves. It was disgusting.

She scowled as she watched the Cullen’s jokingly toss her vampires around and joke between one another. The Bella girl had managed to effectively stave off her wolves, thanks to those annoying children and that stern looking boy. The two Romanians were playing with their opponents, making each body part worth points. That Zafrina woman had managed to draw three of the vampires away and somehow made them tear one another to shreds before she finished the last one.

Her eyes glanced around in anger. This was not how she had planned this going. The wolves were supposed to take out that Bella girl and the newborns were supposed to handle the rest.

She simply was not prepared for the number of opposing vampires though. Glancing over at the group of creators, she frowned deeper as she saw them staying out of the massacre.

As though they felt her eyes on them, Jason, Jeremiah, Angela, and Aliza glanced over at her simultaneously before lifting their shoulders in a surprised shrug.

Her eyes narrowed in disappointment.

‘Maybe we should pick this up at another time,’ she thought.

Debating on the odds, she knew at the rate that her newborns were being destroyed she wouldn’t stand a chance, and she needed to get out now and change strategies. Glancing at the four still staring at her, she nudged her chin off to the side in a dismissal motion, before taking off through the trees and vanishing.

Jeremiah, Jason, Angela, and Aliza wasted no time vanishing either. They each took off in separate directions, knowing exactly where their destination was.


Elizabeth and Alijah

Elizabeth choked and glared in anger as a vampire managed to grab her by the throat from behind before throwing her through the air and into the Cullen house. She flew through the opening the wolf had made and landing in a crash against a grand piano, which shattered on impact.

She pushed herself up and turned around to glare at the vampire stepping into the house after her.

“I’m sorry, did that hurt,” the vampire hissed.

“Probably not, but this will,” a voice commented behind the vampire responsible for throwing Elizabeth into the piano.

Alijah sent a forceful stream of water at the surprised newborn with the force of a tsunami. The unprepared vampire didn’t even have time to shout as Alijah blasted him into the stairs, through the wall, and into a dining room.

Elizabeth was on her feet and beside Alijah by the time the vampire landed on the ground on top of the broken dining table. Her glare was so angry that Alijah stepped back and waved her forward toward the standing vampire, not wanting to get in her way.

“Be my guest.”

Elizabeth huffed and stalked toward the confused vampire that was staring at his soaked clothes. Stepping over the remains of the stairs and the wall, Elizabeth released a breath. The air escaping her mouth was visible as the temperature in the room dropped to freezing, the remains of Alijah’s water attack becoming solid ice, icicles forming from the dripping water on the ceiling. The vampire who had thrown her was instantly frozen in place, his eyes glancing around frantically.

“That was a big mistake,” Elizabeth hissed.

The temperature continued to drop as Elizabeth reached the frozen vampires side.

“You should never, EVER, have touched me, let alone throw me through a wall.”

Pulling her arm back, Elizabeth made a fist and she sent a power packed punch into the vampire’s stomach, watching with satisfaction as the frozen vampire shattered into little pieces.

“Have fun Liz?” Alijah commented, stepping into the ice room. “He did get you pretty good…I can’t believe you let him get your throat.”

“Shut up Alijah!”

“I’m just saying,” Alijah continued devilishly. “That was pretty stupid.”

Elizabeth turned and glared.

“You know what else is stupid, turning your back to the two vampires behind you.”

Alijah’s eyes widened as he whipped around to only be punched in the face by the two men standing behind him grinning.

“You should listen to your little friend there tiny,” one of them laughed as Alijah broke through two chairs to land against the reinforced ice wall.

Alijah glared from his seated position.

“That was rude.”

A large flood of water fell on them from above, stalling their shouts of surprise as they were submerged and caged in a bubble of water.

“If you would do the honors Elizabeth,” Alijah called as he stood up and brushed himself off.

“My pleasure,” Elizabeth called as she focused on the water and froze it instantly.

The trapped vampires were frozen within twin blocks of ice, their red eyes and mouths opened wide in horror.

Elizabeth and Alijah happily walked up to them, smiling, before slamming their feet into their respective blocks with a pleasure that should be labeled as wrong.

The cubes of ice and the frozen vampires inside shattered into hundreds of pieces. Little cubes and shards of ice, some containing body parts, slid along the icy floor before becoming still.

Alijah glanced over at a smiling Elizabeth who was watching an iced head spin around. “That was a pretty nifty trick, Liz.”

Elizabeth glanced at him and winked. “We make a pretty good team, my dear friend.”

Alijah laughed and turned to look out into the destroyed living room. “Maybe we should head back and help with whatever is left.”

It was more a question than a statement, and Elizabeth shrugged, stepped through the hole, and the room instantly returned back to normal temperature. The ice melted, leaving behind thawed pieces of what used to be vampires.



Bella glanced around as she took in the battlefield full of dwindling newborns. There were twitching limbs scattered around the field. Loud shouts and screams filled the air as the newborns were quickly overtaken by the more experienced group of vampires that they opposed.

While a few had taken hits, she had seen Edward get teamed up on at least, she knew that in the end their would not be any casualties because Vespera had been unprepared. Anyone could see that.

Bella assumed that Vespera had been surprised by the amount of vampires that were opposing her. At most, she had brought five vampire dogs and only twenty or so inexperienced newborns against there fifteen. Vespera herself and the group of four standing in the tree lines did not count because they had remained outside of the fight and merely observed.

She had to stare in surprise as she watched Vladimir and Stefan treat it as a game. There was just something wrong with making body parts worth points. Aside from the Romanians, she had lost sight of Zafrina a while ago, seeing her leading a group of three off to the side and away from the main heart of the battle.

The Cullen’s were goofballs. That is all she had to say on the matter. The big one that she had learned was Emmett was jumping around and enjoying himself way too much. They conversed with one another the whole time like they were on a fun family outing instead of fighting off stronger and faster newborns. They did not seem to be having problems with that though.

Bella did not know what had happened to Ivy. One minute she was right next to her, stopping two of the wolves from getting her, and the next she was gone along with the wolves. Christian was gleefully making sure that the wolf he was taking care of was nothing more than a pile of ash. Elizabeth and Alijah had vanished since the beginning, but she was not worried for their sake, more for the sake of the newborns that were stupid enough to go after them. The combination of Alijah and Elizabeth was just pure deadly with their special gifts combined.

There was probably two newborns left by this time and the Cullen Clan seemed to have them taken care of within minutes. Bella shifted her eyes over to take in the spot where Vespera had been standing when all of this had first started only to glance around in surprise when she noticed that she was gone as well as her four little helpers.

“Looks like Vespera ducked out,” Christian commented as he came to stand beside her.

“It would seem so,” Bella responded.

Christian and Bella watched as the Cullen’s finished off the last newborn, sending its body parts in various directions before Emmett and Jasper high-fived one another.

“Maybe you should let them know to start collecting all of their chucked pieces to be burned,” Ivy commented as she appeared from out of the woods.

Bella turned to look at her, noticing that she was nursing her right arm for a moment, a scowl present on her face.

“What happened to you?” Bella asked as she saw deep bite marks on the arm, like something had chewed on it.

“Damn wolf managed to take me by surprise for a moment,” was all Ivy said as she turned away to watch Christian tell everyone to collect the pieces and put them in a large pile to be burned.

“It took you by surprise?” Bella exclaimed in shock. “How did that happen?”

Ivy just glared at her before turning to watch Elizabeth and Alijah step out of the house through the whole in the front glass wall. They didn’t seem any worse for ware, but Elizabeth looked a little miffed while Alijah appeared amused.

A flash of orange erupted and Bella turned to see that they had managed to make a large pile and Christian was now happily staring at the flaming pieces of leftover newborn.

“I see you all made it out okay,” Carlisle spoke up as he approached Bella and Ivy.

“Not much of a challenge,” Ivy answered back.

Carlisle and Esme came to stand in front of them with the rest of the Cullen’s making their way over from the pit of fire that was starting to decrease in size.

“Hey Bella,” Alice said, bouncing over to her from Jasper’s side. “Nice entrance there. It seemed you brought them along with you.”

“You need any help with your…um…car,” Emmett asked, staring over at the mass of twisted metal across the clearing.

“Maybe later,” Bella said regrettably, already imagining the phone conversation she would have to make to the rental company.

“We are going to head out and feed,” Stefan spoke up as he walked over. Both Vladimir and Stefan’s eyes were almost pitch black.

“I’ll come with you,” Zafrina said, appearing from behind the house.

“When can we expect you back?” asked Esme, plans of fixing the house already being mapped out in her head.

“I’d say by tomorrow afternoon,” Vladimir said. “If you want us to respect your wishes, and feed away from Forks.”

“Yes, thank you,” Carlisle nodded.

“What happened to Vespera and the rest of them?” Edward suddenly asked, appearing incredibly close to Bella’s side.

Bella shivered as Edward brushed against her side slightly.

“They booked it out of here,” Emmett chortled.

“I guess we better go check out the damage,” Esme spoke up, turning an dragging Carlisle behind her.

“That’s right! You owe me a new car,” Alice shouted out, whipping around to point a dangerous finger at Christian who was talking in hushed tones with Alijah and Elizabeth.

Christian looked over at the enraged pixie, “I do not. You shouldn’t have parked your car there in the first place.”

“Are you shitting me,” Alice screeched. “How was I supposed to know that they would attack us here so soon? You killed my baby!”

“It wouldn’t matter either way,” Elizabeth spoke up, her voice interrupting whatever Christian was about to say. “It would be a 2-year wait anyway wouldn’t it?”

“She’s got a point Alice,” Jasper spoke up as he placed a hand on her shoulder and sent a wave of calm at Alice and Christian.

“Fine,” Alice muttered before following after Esme and Carlisle to see what else had been damaged in the fight.

Emmett and Rosalie followed their examples while the Immortal Children shared a look, nodded to Bella and took off to see if they could trace where Vespera and the other four vampires had disappeared too.



“You okay Bella?” Edward asked, his eyes a dark gold as he peered closely at her to see if their was any damage.

She didn’t seem to have any injuries in any way, which was fantastic in his book. He had been worried that when he was hit into the forest that something might have happened to her and he was not there to stop it.

“I’m fine,” Bella said, turning to look back up at him.

Edward noticed that they were alone. His family had gone back into the house, the Romanians and the Amazon had left to feed, and the Immortal Children had taken off somewhere.

His eyes took on a strange glow as he stared into her dark golden eyes. Reaching a hand up, he brushed some of her hair, that had fallen to cover the side of her face, away. He moved his body closer until he had her slowly pacing backwards, his hands coming down to rest on her hips.

“What are you doing, Edward?” Bella asked as he continued to walk her backwards.

“Just making sure your okay,” Edward’s seductive voice floated over her like liquid honey. He lifted his eyes up to see how much farther they needed to go and a sly grin erupted across his face as he felt Bella come to a stop and stiffen as her back was pressed up against the side of his Volvo.

“I already told you…”

Edward cut her off as he leaned down and pressed his lips firmly against her own. He smiled into the kiss as his eyes slid closed and he felt her respond almost instantly. Whatever she had been about to say was effectively stopped.

Edward stepped closer, trapping her against the side of the car and encircling her waist with his hands. He tilted his head and leaned down slightly to deepen the kiss.

Even though it had only been two days since he last saw her, last tasted her, it felt like an eternity.

“Edward…” Bella muttered as her eyes fluttered slightly open as his lips left hers and began to trail down her jaw to her throat.

“Hmm…” he murmured, intently focused on what he was doing.

“Maybe we should…” Bella suddenly moaned as he began to suck lightly on her ear.

Edward grinned. “Maybe we should what?”

His released a breath of air to blow across her throat as he released her ear and began to trail back toward her lips, his hands flexing.

Bella seemed to say screw it as she tilted her head up to catch his lips. Edward felt her hands lift up and settle on his chest between their bodies. Edward groaned. Her hands were soft but firm as they traveled up to his shoulders, and settled at the base of his neck in his hair.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for someone like you?” Edward spoke softly as he pulled back and rested his forehead against hers, keeping his eyes closed. “It’s so surreal. It is as if you sing to me. Drawing me in.”

Bella smiled softly. “I know what you mean.”

Edward opened his eyes that were a molten gold color to stare into her dark ones. Bella’s hands were still tangled in his hair, her arms raised up and cradling him softly against herself. His hands had slipped from her hips so that his arms were now wrapped around her.

“I have a surprise for you,” Edward suddenly said as he pulled back and suddenly lifted her up to be cradled in his arms.


Edward merely smiled and then raced around the house to where his room was, the window opened slightly, which he took full advantage of as he leapt up and balanced on the ledge while prying the window open. He knew that his family was downstairs. He could hear Esme grumbling to herself as she caught sight of what exactly had gone on inside the house during the fight.

Edward saw Bella looking around herself curiously from her position in his arms. He was still frustrated that he could not hear her thoughts when her eyes paused on the large king sized bed that was situated against the glass wall.

“Edward, please tell me that is not my surprise,” Bella commented dryly.

“It might be.”

Bella sighed.

As Edward set her down on the bed, Bella shifted so she was sitting on its edge.

“I have a question,” Edward started, taking a seat next to her.

Bella’s curious eyes turned to him.

“Vespera singled you out,” Edward started, his voice calm but curious. “Why was she after you? Have you met her before?”

Bella sighed. She was waiting for someone to ask her that question.

“No, I’ve never met her before.”

“But then, why was she after you?”

Bella stared at him painfully, her mind already remembering the confrontation and warning she had gotten years ago.

“Vespera isn’t after me. At least I don’t think she is.”

“I don’t understand,” Edwards’s eyes showed his deep confusion as he stared into her own guarded ones.

“You need to understand something. Remember when she said she had nothing against me, but the person she answers to does?”

Edward thought for a moment before nodding. Seeing him nod, Bella continued.

“Well, I believe I know who that someone is. You see, years ago, when I was first changed, I had an encounter with another male vampire. I was still young, a newborn, and I don’t remember what happened honestly. I didn’t recognize the man, but I was so angry when I saw him torturing this young girl. All I remember is the anger and hate that I felt. The next thing I knew, Alijah and Christian were there and somehow I had killed him.”

Edward nodded, his eyes slightly pained as he listened to her. Her voice was filled with sorrow and regret.

“I later learned that the man that I had somehow killed was part of the Guard. He was Jane’s mate.”

Edward froze in shock. “Are you saying that Jane is the one who Vespera was talking about?”


Edward’s mind reeled at the news.

“But how is Jane controlling Vespera? Jane’s power shouldn’t work on her?”

“My best guess is that Jane is holding something over her,” Bella said, reaching out and taking Edward’s hand into her own.

“I took the most important thing a vampire has away from Jane. I took the one thing that a vampire values most in their lives,” Bella said sadly. “I took Jane’s mate and she swore that she would get her revenge and kill me one day. I guess that time has come.”

“I won’t let her,” Edward promised, his eyes swirling with passion.

Bella smiled at him as he leaned over and kissed her again, this time softly. Leaning toward him, Bella raised her other hand that wasn’t holding his hand and softly cradled his cheek.

‘I swear I won’t,’ Edward thought. ‘I’m not loosing you now.’


Isabella (Past)

It was two months after Isabella had blacked out and ended up killing the other vampire. She could barely remember what he looked like. All she could remember was the terrified eyes of the poor girl who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Immortal Children had kept the incident quiet, barely speaking about it unless she directly brought it up. They wouldn’t even tell her where they had vanished to for two days after it happened.

Isabella was currently out hunting, her eyes and ears searching and listening carefully to her surroundings. The game in the area she was in was slowly dwindling due to the large number of settlers that were beginning to drift into the area. She would soon have to move on from her current location and take up residence elsewhere.

She had been thinking lately that she should split off and be on her own for a while. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy Ivy, Elizabeth, Alijah, and Christian’s company. Isabella just felt that she should explore the world on her own.

Nothing was stopping her now.

Hearing a soft beating coming from a little ways off, along with the soft crunch of hooves touching the ground, Isabella took off after what she knew was a deer.

One of the things that fascinated her was that the animals knew when something was enclosing on them and they would begin to run to try to escape. Their senses were incredible and Isabella felt horrible for hunting them, but she didn’t have any other choice.

Seeing the deer race off into the trees, Isabella quickly and painlessly caught it and killed it before feeding.

When she finished, she laid it on the ground and turned around to see if there were any other in the area. The Immortal Children had gone off hunting on their own, something Isabella had no desire to be apart of, so she had all the time in the world.

I see you’re not worthy of being alive,” a soft voice spoke up before a young woman, who seemed to be about 16 appeared from within the trees.

If Isabella wasn’t looking close enough, she could have sworn it was Ivy, but there was something deeply off with this girl. She had long brown hair and was wearing a simple white dress, her glowing red eyes glaring at her from her spot within the trees.

I’m sorry, do I know you?” Isabella asked.


It was simple and blunt. Isabella could feel the anger and hate rolling off the woman and it was making her nervous. It was obvious she was also a vampire.

Isabella felt a shift in the air and recognized it for what it was almost instantly. A power was being activated and she was positive the woman across from her was responsible.

After a moment when nothing happened, the woman growled.

What the hell is going on,” she hissed. “You should be on the ground in pain.”

Powers don’t work on me,” Isabella answered, not seeing any better option than to be honest. “Who are you?”

I’m Jane.”

Isabella turned fully so she was completely facing the frustrated woman across from her.

Okay. What do you want?”

I want you dead,” Jane hissed before she suddenly charged Isabella.

Completely not expecting her to be so bold, Isabella barely managed to avoid Jane’s fist from slamming into her face. Jane didn’t stop however and simply whipped around and threw her leg out, catching Isabella in the back of the knee and knocking her off her feet.

Isabella managed to roll out of the way as Jane slammed her other foot down where her chest used to be. The ground shook with the force of the kick, the trees around them shivering as though an earthquake was ripping through the forest. Pushing herself out of the roll and into a crouch, Isabella began watching Jane intently, who seemed to become even angrier.

Jane’s eyes were glaring at her out of the corner of her eyes as they followed Isabella’s movement, her hands tightened into angered fists.

Why do you want to kill me?” Isabella called out.

You killed my mate!” Jane shouted out as she charged at her again, managing to land a blow to Isabella’s shoulder and sending her backwards and skidding along the ground.

Isabella scowled as the pain coursed through her body.

She can sure hit,’ she thought.

Jane was suddenly next to her and sent her flying with a kick to her side. Isabella was still too new to understand how to fight back and she was wondering if she was going to come out of this alive at this point.

You killed him,” Jane growled out as she stalked toward Isabella who had jumped up and began backing away from her.

I don’t remember! I don’t know what your talking about!” Isabella called out frantically as she screamed and dove out of the way as Jane slammed her fist into the trunk of a tree.

You don’t remember,” Jane chuckled darkly, her head dipping down and her shoulders shaking. “How can you not remember taking the most precious thing I have in my immortal life. I will never find that again! You stole him from me! That simply does not go unpunished in our world.”

Isabella was extremely nervous. She was beginning to see where Jane was coming from and knew that she was serious in killing her.

I won’t allow it,” Jane said softly as she came at Isabella again.

Isabella knew she wouldn’t be able to dodge this one, there simply wasn’t enough time. Closing her eyes, she waited for the blow.

It never came though. Instead, a large boom erupted and then suddenly Jane was cursing and screaming in anger.

You damn kids! You can’t always be around to defend her.”

Isabella opened her eyes to see that Alijah had intercepted Jane at the last second and managed to fend her off for the moment. Ivy and Elizabeth were standing on either side of her while Christian was balancing himself on a tree branch watching from above.

We told you to let it go,” Elizabeth said to Jane.

I don’t care, she has to die, it’s only fair,” Jane managed to say over her loud growling.

What’s fair is not always what is right,” Christian said from his spot in the tree, his arms crossed and a grin on his face.

You retched little brats! The Royalty should have finished you off with the rest of those disgusting Immortal Children.”

I’m touched by your consideration,” Ivy mocked, lifting a hand up to her unbeating heart.

Consideration! I’ll show you consideration,” Jane shouted as she dove at Alijah who had yet to back away from her.

Alijah smiled and suddenly a large stream of water erupted beneath Jane, lifting her into the air and sending her into a large tree that cracked upon the impact but didn’t break.

You might as well leave Jane,” Ivy called out, her voice amused. “You don’t stand a chance against all of us.”

Isabella glanced around in surprise, not really understanding what was going on.

Jane picked herself up from the roots of the tree, glaring at them in disgust and hate.

If you think this is the end, you are sorely mistaken. I will not rest until she is dead,” Jane hissed, pointing at the confused Isabella.

You just wait. You won’t always be around to protect her.”

With those last words, Jane vanished.

Christian jumped down and landed next to Alijah.

Very nice,” Christian commented darkly.

Can someone explain to me what the hell just happened,” Isabella asked in confusion.

What’s there to get,” Elizabeth said humorously. “That was Jane. She’s part of the Volturi, Aro’s pet so to speak. That vampire you killed was her mate and she wants you dead.”

Isabella stared at Elizabeth with her mouth open. She had said it so bluntly and simply that it sounded like she was relaying the weather.

You mean, she was serious?”

Oh yeah,” Alijah said. “She was dead serious.”

Isn’t that just great,” Isabella huffed, blowing some hair out of her face and scowling at them. “And you were going to tell me this… when exactly?”

The four shared a look before shrugging.

I guess that’s my answer,” Isabella remarked, glaring at the four who were smiling lightly at her. “This is just perfect. Not even a year old and suddenly I’m on someone’s hit list.”

Look on the bright side, we now know you need some work on your fighting skills,” Christian laughed. “Because what we just saw was pathetic.”

I hate you,” Isabella whispered vehemently before turning around and vanishing into the woods back toward their current residence.

She could swear she heard Christian laughing all the way back.



“What the fuck just happened?” Vespera shouted as she rounded on the four vampires following her.

“We lost,” Jeremiah commented.

“I saw that,” Vespera said. “We need to have a change of plans.”

“You think?” Aliza muttered sarcastically.

Vespera rounded on her and sent her flying into the wall of the warehouse. The steel wasn’t able to handle the force of the impact and blew out, Aliza screaming as she skidded along the ground.

“You go to Volterra,” Vespera called after. “Let Aro and Jane know what happened and see what they say to do.”

Aliza vanished quickly, not wanting to anger her anymore.

“You three,” Vespera said, turning to the surprised three remaining. “Jeremiah and Jason, I want more wolves. Lots of them! I want them ready to go by next week. Don’t bring me those pathetic things you made last time. I want something that will rip them apart.”

Jeremiah and Jason nodded.

It was easy to see that Vespera was extremely pissed off. Not wanting to be around when she finally exploded and took it out on them, they quickly ran off, intent on fulfilling her request.

“What would you like me to do?” Angela asked.

Vespera turned to glare at her.

“I want you to get me some more fucking newborns.”

Angela cringed back before nodding and racing off into the night.

Vespera turned around and grabbed a large piece of metal that used to be the engine of a boat and hurled it through the air. Her scream ripped through the night.

“God damn pests. I won’t let them get the best of me,” she hissed.

Deciding that she needed to feed, she left the dark warehouse in search of a meal.

“Mark my words, they will pay for humiliating me,” she growled out before vanishing into the darkness in search of her prey.