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lonely stars

This is a poem about bella after edward left and she found jacob again.

Hope you like it! Please review and tell me what you think.

1. Lonely stars

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I look out my window curled up trying to hold myself together

The stars shine bright tonight, odd that they should in this rainy town

The moon looks dull compared to the stars

They shine brightly and unmoving

The stars must be lonely

THey can not move and have no way of getting to one another

The stars must be lonely

in their own little quadrant unable to converse

I know they have no human traits but I just don't care

I wonder if they are broken like me and if they have to hold their selves together

I watch the lonely stars until the sun comes up

I get ready and make my way to my own personal sun

I shal be less grim and gain a little of the lost sanity and then I shal wait till the cold night greats me and lay lonely and curled up with the lonely stars