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No Return

Well......... On English we had to write a short story.. and this is the outcome. It's a story about a girl and her family. Please read the story notes!!!This short story doesn't contain any characters from Twilight, but it does contain vampires and werewolves :)

I think that this story is rubbish and that I have no writing talent at all, but because my friends thought that it was cool (yeah, right), they convinced me to post it here (I still cant believe that I'm doing this). Lately I was thinking about expanding this story or just writing another one (longer this time XD), so I would be very happy if you told me what you think about this one.

1. No Return

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Present Time Present Time

I was looking into my best friend’s eyes. No. She wasn’t my friend anymore. Even if she wanted to be one she couldn’t be. She was my enemy now.

I don’t know what I was looking for. Pity? Some left overs of our huge friendship that disappeared, because I happened to be someone... not someone but something I just couldn’t help being, and that I did something that even I regretted? All I saw in her eyes was pure hatred and disgust.

I couldn’t believe it. Michelle and me knew each other from the day we were born. That’s 17 years. 17 years of our beautiful friendship didn’t matter to her. She didn’t care that I still was the same person that I used to be a week ago. She didn’t care that I’m horribly sorry for what happened to her brother.

The wind swept my black hair around my head as I stood at the beach, staring into my enemy’s eyes waiting for them to come. Michelle seemed to be waiting for something too.

I was thinking about good times when I was still human, Michelle was my best friend and Matt was still here. Times when I didn’t know that my family were vampires, or that Michelle and her family were werewolves. Then Nickelback’s ‘Got to be somebody’ filled the air around us.

‘How ironic’ Michelle smirked. ‘You’ll never be somebody because you’re something. You’re even not supposed to exist.’

I tried to ignore this comment, but I couldn’t. It wouldn’t hurt me more even if she punched me. Not that she could.

‘If you haven’t noticed, you are a mythical creature that shouldn’t exist either’ I snapped back and after hearing my phone ring, fished it out and put it to my ear.

‘Hold on. We’re nearly there.’ my brother said and he hang up. I wasn’t surprised that my family already knew what I did.

I relaxed. Soon they will be here and maybe they would explain everything to Michelle and her family and we wouldn’t have to do something that I didn’t want to. Even I didn’t believe myself. Whatever will happen we will have to do something horrible.

20 seconds after my brother’s call I was surrounded by my family. My mother came up to me and wrapped her arms around me. ‘Everything will be fine sweetheart’ she whispered into my ear and pulled away from me, but I knew that nothing would be fine. Not after what I did to Matt.

Michelle was glaring at us from the other end of our small battle area.

I could hear my brother James murmuring to my dad ‘ They’re nearly here’. Human ears would not be able to hear it, because it was said much too fast and quiet.

Then Michelle’s parents emerged from the forest, and came to stand next to her. They looked unusually relaxed.

My father came to stand at the front of our little family group. From the corner of my eye I could see my second brother Christopher concentrating on something. Well, that explains why Turners were so relaxed. Thanks to his ability they would talk to us calmly, without ripping us to shreds. My third brother William was just looking at our opponents with a resigned expression on his face.

I started to feel very nervous, and then a wave of calmness soothed me and I whispered quick thanks into Chris’ ear.

Do we have any chance?’ I thought and then I heard James’ voice in my head answering my question ‘I’m sorry Vanessa, but even with Chris controlling their emotions we can’t change their mind. I’m sorry.’

I felt tears rising to my eyes. ‘ Thanks’ I replied in my mind.

‘You have to move out immediately.’ Michelle’s father said.

‘Luke be reasonable. We won’t hurt people and you know that...’ my dad started, but Luke interrupted him ‘No. We’re sparing your lives and we’ll let you go. It’s our task to protect people who live in this town.’ He said, but I knew that he was lying.

I couldn’t stop myself and I shouted at him ‘It’s not about who we are, but about your son, isn’t it?’ He looked at me shocked and started to say something, but I interrupted. ‘I loved him too! It’s not our fault that he’s dead! It was an accident!’ I shouted in frustration, hot tears running down my cheeks.

Accident?!’ he hissed, and this one word was filled with anger and sadness at the same time. ‘If it wasn’t you, then Matt would still be here!’.

‘It wasn’t us that started that stupid vampire – werewolf thing!’ I heard my father shout. I was surprised, because usually he was very calm. ‘It was you that began to fight with us! You didn’t even gave us time to explain anything!’ he added.

Luke was staring at us with hard, cold eyes. ‘You have 2 hours’ he spat out and with that he and his wife started to walk away. Only Michelle hesitated and didn’t move. She was looking into my tear-filled eyes, then her eyes traveled to the diamond rose on my neck and I could see her own eyes softening and letting out few tears.

‘I’m sorry’ she whispered and ran in the direction where her family disappeared.

I couldn’t take it anymore. ‘Michelle! Michelle!’ I screamed after her. I thought about running after her and try to talk to her, but James hearing and William seeing what I’m about to do, both grabbed my arms. ‘Michelle!’ I shouted hoping she could hear me, but even I didn’t hear my own voice ‘cause of my loud sobs filling the air around us.

William had let go of my arm, so James could hug me. I buried my face in his chest, while he was stroking my hair. ‘Don’t do that Chris. Let her cry’ I heard him say as he heard Chris thinking about sending a wave of calmness towards me.

I couldn’t believe that we had to move out. Everything changed in one week, on my 17th birthday.

One week was enough for me to change and for my best friend to become my enemy. One week was enough for me to get to know what my family really is. One week was enough for my whole life to fall apart.

Let me explain to you what happened.

Week Ago

I always knew that there was something wrong with my family. I started to notice weird things when I was 12 and William had his 17th birthday.

Week before big day, he was somehow… tired and empty. He looked like he didn’t sleep well, and he stopped eating. I was worried, but my parents seemed not to be bothered by this.

Then the day of his birthday came and after our small family party, me, Christopher and James had to go for a sleepover to our grandma. I didn’t understand why we had to do that, so I asked my mother what was the point. She just looked at me with a smile on her lips, and answered ‘It’s just for 2 days sweetheart. It will be fun, you’ll see.’ I just gave her a hug in response and went to sit on the back seat of my grandma’s black Honda.

Those two days were filled with games and laughter. When we came back home, and I saw William, I was shocked. He looked different. His skin was pale, almost white. His eyes were somehow darker, a spark of mystery dancing in them. He was… well… handsome.

When he hugged me, it felt like I was hugging a block of ice. He was horribly cold, and rock hard.

The same scenario happened 2 years later, on James’ 17th birthday. Me and Christopher were send to our aunt this time, and when we came back home, James was pale and icy cold.

Then, year later, when Chris had his 17th birthday, I was supposed to go to my grandma’s again, but this time I was ready. Whatever secret this family was hiding, I had to know it.

‘I won’t go mum!’ I told her after our family party, and I could see panic rising in her eyes. She looked at my father and said ‘I think we should tell her, Tom.’

He looked at me, then at my mother and answered ‘We can’t.’ then he turned to me and said ‘And you will go to your grandma, whether you like it or not’.

I was angry, but I knew that there was no point in arguing with my father. When he makes a decision, nothing can change it.

I came back after two days and I wasn’t surprised when I saw Chris’ pale skin, and when I felt his rock hard, cold body hugging me.

After that I started to pay more attention to my family’s habits. I’ve noticed that they weren’t eating or sleeping. Sometimes I felt like James could read my mind, and Chris always guessed right what my next test result will be, or who will win the football match.

Whenever I was sad or angry, William would always somehow calm me or make me happy, just by being in the same room as me.

I couldn’t understand what was going on with my family, but everything seemed to be changing on someone’s 17th birthday, so I was excited when there was only one week to go until mine.

I was sitting in the canteen with my boyfriend Matt next to me. We were waiting for his sister, Michelle while I was playing with my sandwich, because I didn’t feel like eating it.

Matt was looking at me with a worried expression on his face.

‘Are you ok?’ he asked me with a frown.

‘I’m fine’ I mumbled back.

There were only 2 days left until my birthday now and I was feeling tired. I couldn’t sleep and eat properly for the whole week. Like my brothers before their birthdays I thought and I groaned. Just thinking about them made me angry. They were looking at me every day with worried eyes and they wouldn’t tell me why, no matter how much I would beg them to.

‘Why won’t you tell me!?’ I asked James 2 days ago, but he just said ‘You’ll soon find out’. So I stopped asking them what’s wrong, and I just waited, hoping that I would get my answers on the night when I’ll turn 17.

‘Hey Vanessa!’ Michelle said, hugging me at the same time. I couldn’t stop smiling when she was around. Michelle was like my own personal sun, which turned my rainy, gloomy days into sunny, bright ones.

She sat down opposite me and gave me a small package wrapped in blue paper.

‘It’s from me and Matt. We thought that it would be better to give it to you now, before your birthday, rather than after’ she was saying, as I was opening my present. It was a small box covered in satin. I opened it and inside was a gold necklace with a beautiful diamond rose.

‘Wow’ I whispered and hugged Matt. ‘Thank you!’ I squeaked.

‘Do you like it?’ Michelle asked with a huge grin on her face.

‘I love it!’ I said and fastened the necklace on my neck. It looked gorgeous.

When the bell rang, I’ve put my untouched food into bin and headed for my next class. After French and 1 hour of learning about boring genes, I hugged Michelle and Matt goodbye.

‘Are you sure that you don’t want a lift? Your house is 2 miles away!’ Michelle said. Usually I would accept this offer, but this time I wanted to walk, so I just said that I’m sure and headed in the direction of my house. As I walked I smiled. 2 weeks of freedom I thought with delight.

I was walking through the nice streets of Forks. It was a small village located in northern Scotland. Most people didn’t know about it, because it wasn’t on map, but it was the most beautiful place I’ve seen in my whole life. It was surrounded by Atlantic Ocean from one side and by forest from the other side, in which my house was located.

When I got home, I saw William standing on the front porch, leaning against a wall.

When I approached him he stopped whistling and looked at me.

‘What?’ I asked him irritated.

‘Nothing.’ He replied and added ‘Everything will be different when you’ll turn 17’. He grinned, and came up to me and hugged me.

‘You’ll practically be an adult’ he sighed and said something very quietly to himself that sounded like ‘And you won’t be the same anymore.’ I shivered, but not because of his cold skin, but because his words frightened me.

Especially the last sentence.

I was still sleeping and having nightmares, when I’ve heard a loud bang and my brothers stormed into my room.

They were shouting, hugging me and screaming ‘Happy Birthday!’ After ten minutes they ran downstairs to the living room, leaving my room (and me) looking like the tornado was here. I stared in horror at my messy room and shouted ‘I’ll kill all of you!’ in the direction of living room. I could hear laughter and Chris shouting back ‘I would love to see that!’

When I changed and came downstairs, I saw my parents looking at me, both with worried expressions on their faces.

My mom came up to me, hugged me and said ‘Happy birthday honey’. Dad did the same. I could hear sadness in their voices. Was it because I was becoming an adult, or was it something else?

For the whole day my brothers were behaving like they had 5 years. They were running around the house, shouting and singing. Everyone was laughing.

‘I can’t believe that I’m related to them.’ I said to my mum, when they stormed past us with water guns.

‘Let them have some fun.’ She said and went back to the kitchen to prepare food for the party. But the problem is that they’re nearly 20 years old. I thought, but I didn’t say anything.

For the rest of the day I was watching my brothers going crazy and having madder ideas every minute. I didn’t know that they were that creative.

At 6 all my relatives were gathered in the living room, which was decorated with balloons and confetti. They sung ‘Happy Birthday’, gave me presents and ate some cake. I’ve quietly put my piece of birthday cake into the bin, because I didn’t want to eat. I’ve noticed that my parents and my brothers didn’t eat theirs either.

After 3 hours of talking and laughing, everyone left. I hugged each member of my family and went straight to bed, followed by 5 pairs of worried eyes.

I fell asleep very quickly. I had nightmares again. When I woke up it was still dark outside. I looked at my watch which showed that it was 2 am.

And then I felt it.

It was as if my veins were on fire. I screamed and then my family was surrounding me. My mother came to sit down on my bed next to me. She took my hand, and started stroking my forehead.

‘Everything will be fine’ she was murmuring over, and over again, squeezing my hand.

I screamed in agony as another wave of fire flew through my veins. I didn’t know what was happening. All I knew was that I wanted to die here and now. And then I knew why I couldn’t be here anytime someone turned 17.

I screamed one more time and gave myself to the darkness that surrounded me.

I woke up at 8 pm. The pain was gone, and somehow I felt different. I looked around and saw faces of my family staring at me. James grinned and I smiled back.

‘Welcome back honey’ my mother said and kissed my forehead. I’ve noticed that her skin no longer felt cold, it was warm and soft. I’ve also noticed that despite the darkness that surrounded me, I could see perfectly, and I could hear cars zooming past on the street, which was 2 miles away.

I held up my hand and then I saw that my skin was ghostly white. I looked into the mirror which was hanging next to the wardrobe and I saw a beautiful black haired girl with intensive green eyes staring back.

‘There are some things you should know’ my dad started, bringing me back to reality.

I turned my head to look at him.

‘I will be happy to answer any questions you have. Which I believe you do have.’ He said and smiled.

‘What are we?’ I asked

My dad looked at my mom, like he was looking if she’ll give him the permission to continue. She nodded and he said ‘Vampires.’

This didn’t shock me. I felt like I always knew this.

‘Why did I turn into a vampire now?’ I asked.

‘We’re not entirely sure, but we think that it’s something to do with the genes’ he said. I knew That I should pay more attention on biology I thought, and James smiled.

‘Don’t laugh- but how can we come out during the daytime?’ I asked.

They laughed anyway. ‘Myth.’ My father said.

‘Burned by the sun?’


‘Sleeping in coffins?’

‘Myth.’ He hesitated for a moment, and then said ‘We can’t sleep.’

It took me a minute to absorb that. ‘At all?’

‘Never.’ He said.

‘You haven’t asked the most important question yet.’ My mom said.

‘Which one is that?’ I asked her.

‘You aren’t concerned about our diet?’ she asked with a small, sad smile.

‘Well?’ I asked, looking at my family.

Finally William answered ‘We don’t drink human blood. We drink animal blood.’

‘Oh’ I said and started to think about 10 things at once.

‘Why are you confused?’ Chris asked me with a frown.

How the hell did he know that I’m confused? I thought, and I heard James answering my thoughts.

‘He can feel and manipulate people’s moods and feelings.’

A little yelp escaped my mouth, and everyone started laughing.

‘How did you…?’ I started, but he interrupted me. ‘We have some additional powers. I can read mind, William can see the future, and Chris can play with moods. Also dad is unusually calm and mom can block anyone’s power.’

Well, thatexplains everything. I thought and James gave me a sheepish smile.

‘Do you think that I have powers too?’ I asked them.

‘Probably, but we’ll discover them later.’ My father said, and seeing my frown he added ‘Aren’t you thirsty?’

Just then I realized that the back of my throat was burning, and I winced. My father smiled and I stood up.

And then we were running into the direction of woods. It felt wonderful.I heard James’ voice in my head saying We’re also faster, stronger and have better senses than humans.

We were running in woods and I was laughing, when I saw it.

We stopped running and we stared at 4 wolfs, each size of a horse.

I heard my dad’s whisper ‘Werewolves.’ and I stared with unbelieving eyes.

And then one of the wolves changed and became…

Michelle?’ I asked. ‘You’re a werewolf?’

‘And you’re a vampire.’ It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. I stared as the other 3 wolves changed into Michelle’s parents and… Matt.

They were glaring at us with pure hatred in their eyes, but Matt was staring at me, with cold, hard eyes. I couldn’t tell if he was shocked, or angry. His face didn’t show any emotions.

‘You’re not supposed to be here!’ Michelle’s father hissed and then two things happened at once.

Michelle and her family changed into wolves. Matt plunged at me, and I extended my arms as if to protect myself and a black fire shot from my hand, hitting Matt straight into heart.

I stared in horror as he fell to ground, only one thought running through my mind over and over again I killed Matt. I killed Matt.

Michelle changed back into her human form and ran to her brother. She looked for his pulse, but I knew that she won’t find it.

‘No!’ she yelled ‘Matt wake up! Wake up!’ she screamed over and over again.

Her dad fell on his knees next to his son’s dead body and started weeping, while his wife was crying on his other side.

I stood there and stared. I couldn’t believe in what I’ve done. I wasn’t able to do anything.

Tears were running down my face, as someone put their arms around me and carried me home, to my bedroom.

I was lying on my bed, crying quietly, while someone tried to comfort me. Was it my mom? Or maybe one of my brothers? I didn’t care. I killed someone. I was a murderer. I didn’t deserve to live.

The next day in the afternoon I couldn’t bear it anymore. I had to talk with Michelle.

I dialed her number and she picked up on the second ring. ‘What do you want leech?’ she hissed, and I knew that she would never forgive me. ‘I need to talk to you.’ I said quietly ‘Can you meet me at the beach?’ I asked.

‘Fine’ she snapped ‘It’s better be worth it.’ And she hang up.

I ran to the beach, without telling anyone where I’m going and I didn’t stop until I saw Michelle standing, with a murderous expression on her face. I couldn’t blame her. After all it was my fault that her brother was dead.

Present Time

10 minutes later I was still crying and James was holding me. We headed in the direction of our house to pack our bags, and to plan what we’ll do next. We can never come back I thought Michelle will never be my friend again. She’s my enemy now. Matt won’t come back. And then a thought hit me It all happened because of me becoming a vampire. I hated myself for what I was. I will never be human again. I thought as I looked at the sun.

There’s no return.