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New Beginnings

This is an AU story that takes place during New Moon. Jacob and Bella never become close friends. Laurent finds Bella in the meadow and changes her. Bella and Laurent move to Salem, MA and little do they know the Cullen’s are there as well.


1. Chapter 1

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I haven’t been human for 5 years.

It was there, in our meadow, I begged for death. My body may have died that day, but my soul died months before. The day he left me in the woods. That was truly the end of my life. Darkness and misery consumed me. I was an empty shell, hollow, unable to feel, unable to function.

Laurent want my savior.

Instead of a permanent death, he offered me vengeance. A way to get back at Edward for leaving me in Forks, unprotected, unloved. He knew my being turned into a vampire was Edward’s greatest fear. Looking into Laurent’s crimson eyes, I told him, more than anything, I wanted to hurt Edward.

He smiled his beautiful, terrifying smile and I closed my eyes and waited for the fire to burn.

Chapter One

Over the next five years, Laurent became my teacher of sorts. Unlike James and Victoria, Laurent was civilized. By civilized, I mean he does not hunt humans. I have the Denali clan to thank for that. They taught him that it’s possible to survive on animals. This way of life is generally looked down upon by others of our kind. To go against the most basic of our instincts baffled most. We blended in easily with humans.

Well, maybe not easily. To humans, we were beyond beautiful.

Where I was once clumsy and awkward, I am now graceful, lithe and strong beyond imagination. In my human life, being gawked at and talked about probably would have embarrassed me, but I really can’t remember what it was like being human. The memories fade as the days of my immortal life continue. That’s ok by me. The less I remember of Edward, the better.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Who am I kidding? Even in this immortal life, I am still a bad liar. Most of my human memories are hazy, but those involving Edward and his family are engrained in my mind as if they just happened. If I were to run into Edward today, I’m pretty positive that I would be just as dazzled by him as I was five years ago. Seeing him now, I would forget that he left me, that he said he didn’t love me. Edward still consumes my thoughts, the very fiber of my being.

After Edward left, I was in the woods, in a daze, furious and depressed beyond words. I felt like my life had ended right there. I wandered through the woods until eventually, I ended up in our meadow. By luck or fate or whatever you call it, Laurent found me and granted me my one last mortal wish. My motives hidden, I convinced him that this was the best way to get back at the Cullen’s for killing James.

I hoped me would change me instead of killing me as Victoria had ordered. It gave me hope that it as possible that I could be with Edward forever if I found him. If I were a vampire like him, maybe he would want to be with me forever too.

Charlie and most of the residents of Forks started a search party to find me. After months and no sign of me, they gave up the search. Guilt took me. What I did to Charlie and my mom wasn’t fair. But didn’t Edward tell me once that vampires were selfish creatures by nature? I look in on Charlie from time to time. Sometimes I find him standing at the edge of the woods, looking, hoping, in vain. Sometimes, he visits my empty grave for hours.

I’m fairly certain the Cullen’s have heard news of my “death.” I wonder if Alice, with her gift of seeing the future, knows I’m here, one of them. Maybe that’s not how her gift works. Maybe since they think I’m dead, she can’t see me, because she doesn’t know what she’s looking for. But then again, maybe she does see me coming one of these days. I hope she does.

At my request, Laurent did not tell the Denali sisters that he changed me. I didn’t want Edward to find out and kill Laurent over something I wanted so badly. Something he wouldn’t give to me.

For the last five years, we’ve been moving from small town to small town, staying with other vampires we come across. Never staying in one place too long. It wasn’t until this year that I decided we should find a place and settle permanently. I told Laurent I would like to finish high school. In reality, I wanted time to figure out how to begin my search for Edward and his family. My family.

We settled on Salem, Massachusetts. This is the perfect environment for those like us; weather similar to Forks. Cold, but that doesn’t matter. Little did I know, I wouldn’t have to work on my plan for long.