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New Beginnings

This is an AU story that takes place during New Moon. Jacob and Bella never become close friends. Laurent finds Bella in the meadow and changes her. Bella and Laurent move to Salem, MA and little do they know the Cullen’s are there as well.


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

Salem is my kind of town. It’s more populated than Forks, but more intimate, quiet.

Laurent and I worked on finding a place to live and creating a back-story for our little coven of two. We had birth certificates, social security cards, driver’s licenses and even bank accounts. Large accounts at that. One thing I will never understand is how vampires have so much money. Money is no object to them. How they get that money, maybe one day I’ll find out.

Obviously, Laurent and I couldn’t use the brother and sister story as the Cullen kids had. We decided that Laurent would be my stepfather who adopted me after my mother died. Laurent was much older than I so, it was believable. What is it with vampires and adoption? The thought made me smile.

Salem High wasn’t that far from our new house. I could easily run to school everyday through the woods that passed behind the school, but Laurent insisted on getting me a car- a shiny, expensive one. Ugh. Even in this life, I still can’t get used to the idea of something that cost more than Charlie’s house back in Forks.

School was already three months into the semester. Once again, I find myself the new kid in school. And now, with my enhanced appearance, I was sure to be the talk of the student body.

Seeing as how I can’t sleep, I was up all night with a feeling of anxiousness spreading through me. Anxious because I didn’t want to slip up. I haven’t been around humans for a long amount of time in years. I wanted this to work. I wanted to be normal, in a sense. As normal as possible at least-I was going to try to make human friends.

I liked that idea.


Laurent was out hunting. I should have been hunting too since I was going to be around so many humans tomorrow. Instead, I sat by my window, my mind going through a thousand possibilities of what the first day of school would be like. I moved to my large and well stocked closet, trying to find something to wear. How I wished Alice were around.

And at that very moment, she was.

Our neighbors didn’t bother us. I could sense they knew there was something different about us. I heard a light tapping at on the door. I went downstairs to see who it was. I listened for a heartbeat, for blood pumping through veins. There was nothing. I opened the door expecting the worst, but there she was, with that glorious smile of hers plastered from ear to ear.

“Hello, Bella,” she said. “I knew you’d find us eventually”


So, I guess Alice was keeping tabs on me even after Edward made her promise not to. She couldn’t help it, she loved me too. Alice was the sister I always wanted. Annoying at times when she started picking on me about my clothes and my old, beat up truck. But she was also loving, friendly and the most understanding of her family.

“When I saw what happened in the meadow that day, I panicked. I thought he killed you. I almost told Edward right then that we had to go back to Forks. But as my vision continued, I saw this moment; me finding you and helping you find your way back to Edward.”

I knew it. There was no was Alice would forget me.

“How did you keep this from Edward all these years?” I asked.

“Oh, I started singing in my head 24 hours a day. Sometimes in French, sometimes in Farsi. I think after a while he just gave up on listening in altogether. It was tough, let me tell you.”

“Did any of the others suspect anything? Did you tell Jasper?”

“Oh, they don’t know anything. Tomorrow will definitely be interesting. By the way, immortality suits you.”

I smiled my first true smile of happiness in five years.

And Alice, lovely, pixie-like Alice, hunted with me that night to prepare for the unknown tomorrow.