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New Beginnings

This is an AU story that takes place during New Moon. Jacob and Bella never become close friends. Laurent finds Bella in the meadow and changes her. Bella and Laurent move to Salem, MA and little do they know the Cullen’s are there as well.


4. Chapter 4

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Chapter Four

Well, that was intense.

There aren’t enough words for the feeling that overtook me in that moment. When I looked into his eyes, I knew that I had to do everything in my power to get Edward back.


AP Biology was going to be a breeze. It was almost pathetic how easily and quickly my mind completed the questions before me. I was oblivious to the stares and the hushed remarks by the students and Mr. Harris. The hour was never-ending. In that hour, every second was consumed with the image of his godlike face.

It was driving me mad.

There is no doubt that this very minute, Edward is was invading Alice’s mind, reviewing every vision she’s had of me. I was going to have to apologize to her later.

Finally, the bell rang. Only one more hour before lunch.


English. My favorite subject.

I reviewed the syllabus. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Camus, Bronte, Austen, Huxley-standard 11th grade reading.

I was watching the clock the whole time. Counting down the seconds to the lunch bell. Every once in a while though, I would glance at the other students who were slyly and rather unsuccessfully, trying to talk about me in secret.

She kinda looks like them, doesn’t she? Obviously comparing me to the Cullen’s.

What’s her story? I know she’s loaded.

God, she’s hot. I’d like to hit that!

Teenagers. Ugh.

The bell signaling lunch blared and at a normal, human pace I made my way to the cafeteria. I took a few minutes to gather myself. This would be the first time in five years that I was going to speak to him.

What would I say?

I waited for what seemed an eternity and slowly entered the cafeteria. As expected, all eyes were on me. My eyes were only on him.

He was sitting alone, at a table next to his family. His eyes boring into mine. Liquid topaz.

He was waiting for me.

The students in the cafeteria were not blind to the silent exchange between us. Their curious eyes were darting from me to Edward and back again. Whispers of the strange, beautiful girl and the mysterious beautiful boy in the background, like a scene straight out of a movie.

I never took my eyes off him as I made my way through the cafeteria to his table. I acknowledged his family; all but Alice had apprehensive looks on their faces, mixed emotions. Their trays filled with food, all untouched.

Crap. I forgot about food. First mistake of the day.


I sat across from Edward trying in vain to form a coherent sentence in my head. Sitting across from him now, it was next to impossible.

With these eyes, I was really seeing him for the first time. Beautiful, angelic, sad.

I said the first thing that came to me.



It was amazing what hearing my name spoken in his voice did to my body. It tingled all over and excited me.

“So,” I began, “I’m assuming Alice has filled you in on everything by now?

Silence. It was deafening.

He just sat there, staring straight into my soul, his eyes burning with intensity.

“Well, if you’re not going to talk to me, just listen.”

And with that, I closed my eyes, let down the shield that protected the thoughts and memories he was so desperate to know in the past and let Edward “hear” me for the first time.

I’ve been practicing this with the few gifted vampires we have met along the way. For years I thought there was something wrong with my brain. Turns out, I’m gifted too.

I wanted him to hear his words in my mind from that day in the woods. I let him see my intentions when Laurent turned me. That I changed for him. I showed him that even now, I loved him more than anything.

Edward looked at me with a new expression. One I couldn’t comprehend. He stood, looked at me one more time, briefly, and walked away.

Then the bell rang for class.