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New Start,New Man

Bella has been dating Mike for 3 years.Her friends are tired of him mistreating her.She however just thinks of it as a phase what happens when she meets the new doctor?Will he open her eyes for the first time in 3 years or will she forever stay with Mike?Canon pairings.All Human.


1. Meeting and Cheating

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I woke up as usual. In the middle of the bed with rain pouring down in sheets. Ah rainy little Forks. No matter what the weather Mike always seems to be missing every single morning. My friends think he's cheating,I say it's just a phase. I still love him though. I know he stares at other girls when we go out. He's a guy though. All guys do that ,right? Except for Emmett and Jasper. They honestly and truly love Alice and Rose. Oh well.

Emmett pulled the jeep in the car park. I was getting a check up. You obviously now where I am know. We walked in and the bell dinged. That sure amazed Emmett. You'd think the man had never heard a bell before. I walked up to the secretary's desk. "Hi Beth!" The secretary was a woman in her forties. She has two beautiful daughters Emily and Brooke. They're also against Mike. "Hello Bella!Your doctor has been transferred to Seattle so you get the new doctor." "Cant wait!" I said. I sat down next to Emmett. "You know you didn't have to stay." I told the gig dumb lug that sat next to me. "I know. I 'd have to drive back though. A waste of gas." He said obviously bored. We waited for a few more minutes before the most beautiful man walked out. "Isabella Swan?'' It to me a minute to realize he was calling for me. I stood up and walked over. "Hi." I said quietly. "Hello Isabella." He said. His voice sounded heavenly. "Please call me Bella." I hated the name Isabella. "Well then please call me Edward." Music to my ears. "Sure."

We went through a normal check up. I walked out and met Emmett by the door after paying. We got in the jeep. "So did you like your new doctor?" Emmett asked. "Oh yes. He was so cute. Did I say cute I mean hot. His voice is heavenly music to my ears!" Oh crap. I will never live this down. Why did I have to start babbling. "Heavenly music to your ears! I am so telling the others!" Emmett guffawed. Great. Emmett dropped me off at home. Mike's car was in the driveway so he must be home. I walked in and hung my coat up. I walked in the living room and saw Mike kissing,no making out with Jessica Stanley! "Mike!" They immediately stopped. "Bella?" Mike asked. "No it's Kristen Stewart." I said sarcastically. I ran out the door. I kept running until I bumped into someone. I looked up through teary eyes. I saw it was Edward. I don't know what caused it but I wrapped my arms around him. He did to after a minute of being in shock.

"Bella what happened?" He asked concern laced within is words. "I found my boyfriend,Mike,cheating on me." I started bawling. He hugged me tighter. "Don't worry Bella. Is there anywhere you would like to go?" You could hear the anger seeping through his words. "Could you take me to my friend Alice's?" I asked still crying a little. "Sure." He said. I told him where it is and we were there in no time. Thanks to Edward's crazy driving. I walked up and knocked. I knew everyone was there. Emmett's jeep is in the driveway. A few seconds later Alice opened the door.

------------------------------------------------------------------ I was almost to my car when someone bumped into me. I looked down and saw Bella looking up at me. She wrapped her arms around me. It took me a minute to come out of the state of shock I was in and wrap my arms around her. "Bella what happened" concern weaved in my voice. She told that she caught her boyfriend Mike cheating on her. I felt a fire in my veins. Who would do that to such an angel. She truly was an angel. A beautiful angel at that. "Don't worry. Is there anywhere I could take you?" I asked. "Could you take to my friend Alice's?" She asked still crying slightly. "Sure."

A small pixie like woman came to the door. "Hi Alice." She greeted. "Hi Bella! Why are you crying? Who is this?" Obviously asking about me. "He's Edward. I'll tell you more about him when I tell you why I'm crying." She told her. "Oh well come in. You too Edward." She hurried us in." We walked into what I assumed was the living room. I greeted everyone and Bella began her story. I held her the whole time. I wish I could do this all the time.