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An Apology

This is out to my readers...if you normally do not read my work or think this is just fanfiction, skip on to the next story.


1. Sorry

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Hey Readers,

I know I haven't posted or updated anything in a very, very long time. I know that I need to finish my stories, and I also know that a lot of people are getting rather impatient with me at the moment.

I just want to tell everyone that I just had surgery today on my lungs, because I've had a chronic cough since August. I thought it was simply pnemonia, and that it would go away. So I rested for a week, and then started going back to school, and taking easy rehab practices into the pool, building myself back up. I was about to get my cuts in the 500 free when I got even sicker than I had been, and was pulled from the pool. My coaches told me I couldn't swim anymore this season, and if I wanted to help out still, I would just have to time my teammates and cheer at all the meets, which I did.

Also, my other had intensive knee surgery about two weeks ago, and she's now just beginning to walk normal. I've been helping her out around the house, making lunches for my little sister and getting her off the bus everyday from school.

And to top it all of, I got a very serious virus on my computer, and I had to send it in the be repaired. Luckily, I had all my documents saved to a disk so I didn't lose anything at all. But I don't have any internet (I'm using my friends computer right now!) so I can't post anything. I've almost finished two of the three strories I have posted on the Archives, as well as gotten about ten thousand words into a new story I've been working on. It's called Deadly Dancing, which has a short summary on my bio. Let me just say if you like action stories, you'll like this one.

So, I don't know when I should have everything up , but hopefully within the next few weeks. Me and my friends are all going at midnight to see it, but sadly we all have to go to school the next day. Coffee time! Until then, I hope everyone enjoys the movie!


PS - Since I feel really bad, I decided to put a small scene from Deadly Dancing.

I turned, my eyes alight with the anger I felt burning inside me. I lifted the gun to his face again, and he seemed surprised.

"Let me leave now, or else I will shoot you," I said carefully, shaking my gun to show him I wasn't joking. I was sick of him treating me like a child.

"So you're going to go AWOL on us?" Meka asked from behind him, his voice hard. "All because of that boy?"

I raised my eyes at him, and lowered my gun. "From what I recall, you both have gone AWOL plenty. And no one ever tried to stop you."

Morgan eyed the gun that I had held to his face moments ago, and carefully took a step towards me. "Bella, the only reason we've been able to do it is because we have more experience than you. We know how things work more. We know the cost a mistake could make."

"And I don't?" I asked harshly, raising my arm up, showing the red scar running down my arm. Then I sighed. "I'm not going to do anyhting dangerous. I'm just going to take him to Volterra. He has family there we can leave him with so we won't have to worry about him anymore."

Meka nodded. "That's a good idea. And it should only take you a few hours to go there and back, and then we can leave to the airport." Morgan nodded also, and I knew he approved.

Taking a deep breath, fully aware that this was most likely going to be the last time I ever saw him. I called out to him, my voice clear and soft.


I hope that makes you all interested!