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Awake Upon Dawn

Awake Upon Dawn, a Breaking Dawn Redux, traces the story of Edward and Bella after the happenings in Twilight, Eclipse and New Moon and explores the dangers that their irrevocable love entails. An epic tale of romance, passion and its consequences.

Hello readers, I present to you Breaking Dawn Redux, my first attempt at Twilight fan fiction. All the wonderful characters from the Twilight universe belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am merely borrowing the characters. Enjoy it.

1. Preface

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This was the end. This was how Death would take me away, alongside the cold body of the man I truly loved. I should have felt regretful but I didn’t, not even the slightest bit. I should have felt sad, but I somehow felt content. Maybe it was because I had come to terms with this kind of death, or maybe it was because I was lying next to the person I wanted most. This was certainly a beautiful way to die.

My blurry gaze settled on the angel adjacent. I could make out his flawless features so well… His perfect bronze hair carefully arranged into a beautiful mess… I could imagine his golden orbs that would turn into a darker shade when angry, his thin lips that would sometimes be tugged into a handsome smirk when feeling amused, and his ashen skin that made him look so strikingly stunning. The image was so sharp and clear as I swayed back and forth through a pool of consciousness and unconsciousness.

His eyes gradually opened, as if awakening from a deep slumber. His eyes met mine, uncertainly at first and then swiftly lit in recognition. In the blink of an eye, he was no longer lying on the floor but was leaning close to me, his nose inches away from mine. This angel’s eyes trembled with increasing fear and unimaginable panic. My fingers slowly lifted to touch his smooth face, wanting to feel his soft skin and remember its smooth texture.

“Bella...” His shaky voice did not hide his shattered soul too well.

I wanted to say this angel’s name, but my parted lips uttered no sound. My throat felt dry, and I could not muster the energy to force out words. It must have been my heavy blood loss, my broken bones and my numerous bruises. Feeling the pool of blood soaking through my hair, I heard my faint heartbeat lose its rhythm, and I was fearful yet certain he could hear it too.

“Bella, don’t move. It’ll be alright, everything’s going to be alright. Don’t die on me, okay? Please don’t Bella. Don’t give up on me. Don’t.” The angel’s voice was so beautiful as he repeated those words, clutching on my hands as if clutching to any remnant of sanity.

I could only weakly smile at those words. Dying in the arms of the one you loved, wasn’t it the perfect way to die?

“Please Bella.” His words were broken. “Please…”

His arms enveloped me in one quick motion. He held me preciously, afraid he might break me with his touch. His shirt was heavily stained with my blood, and as I peered into his eyes, I noticed they were not pitch black but a curious melange of ocher and gray. His words became more and more distant, and I could feel myself drift to sleep.

“I love you Bella, please, don’t die. Hang on.”

I wanted to tell him, tell him so badly but I couldn’t. I love you too. Can’t you hear my thoughts? And that little dark voice inside of me scoffed at the idea.

“Bella! Bella, don’t close your eyes, don’t! Bella! Stay awake!”

I had to tell him. I had to. He had to know that I loved him too. I gathered all the strength remained in my body to do so, although there was not much left, and with my last breath, I told him. I told him in a small murmur, but I was not even sure if his heightened sense of hearing caught my whisper. I hope it did. I hope he heard my love.