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Human Extinction

Vampires rule the entire world; humans are extinct and only a myth in some of the oldest minds. Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her “dad” for a bit, and discovers something: Edward Cullen. What is he, and why does Bella feel she wants to kill him?

New story! If it is at all confusing, please ask. It is a very different concept, I think. Enjoy!

1. Bloodlust? What's that?

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Bella Swan was not a normal human girl. In fact, she wasn’t human at all. Nor was her mother, whom she was leaving now to join her inhuman father in Forks, Washington. Her mother wasn’t her mother, of course, and her father wasn’t her father. The government had paired her with the two, but after they had split – which was still allowed – and her mother had found another mate, the government had ruled that her “parents” share Bella. She didn’t remember her real parents. She didn’t even remember what species they had been. She could, however, remember the muddy vision, dull emotions and slow, labored movements of that species, as that was what she once was.

Now however, she was a vampire, and she needed no human necessities such as food, water, washrooms or beds. They didn’t exist anymore. The only thing that really mattered in the world was how large your hunting grounds were, and how much money you had to buy property. Occasionally wars broke out over property, land, or hunting grounds, usually resulting in the government intervening. The government intervened into everything, and with its superior technology and the most gifted vampires running it, it controlled the entire civilized world. Time mattered to no one anymore. A week could be measured in months, or years, depending on how old you were. The government had led the world to believe that humans were extinct, that animals were a vampire’s natural blood source, and that vampires were the peak of civilization.

There are legends upheld by some of the oldest vampires, who were alive as vampires when humans were the predominant food source and ruling species in the world, but they are either largely ignored or, if they become too believable, destroyed.

So Bella began her new life in Forks believing that there was no such thing as humans. That belief was about to change.


“Hi Dad,” I smiled awkwardly as I greeted my “father,” Charlie Swan. The government has assigned us the last name, and we’d stuck to it, as was regulation. Charlie was the Policing Officer for the town of Forks, and he made sure that no property or hunting disputes broke out between the vampires that lived there.

It was day out, and I was lucky enough to be able to see Charlie sparkle, as it wasn’t raining. It usually rained in Forks, and the last time I was here, about five decades ago, it hadn’t stopped.

My father was an average looking vampire, with a friendly smile, brown curly hair and a brown moustache. He wore plaid shirts a lot, and I teased him about that. Plaid shirts were for poachers and thieves. His eyes were a brilliant orange at the moment, and with the multi-colored hues reflecting off his skin, he looked very handsome indeed.

“Bella you look radiant! That is probably because the last time you were here I didn’t get to see you sparkle. What a shame we don’t sparkle that often, here in Forks. But come in, please. Why are you here, child?” He led me into the wood paneled hallway of the expansive house, a house the Policing Officer automatically had the right to, along with the land it stood on. The last one had died trying to break up a dispute five hundred years ago, and a proud Charlie was promoted.

I had forgotten to announce my arrival beforehand in my haste to run here. “Oops, I didn’t tell you. Renee’s new mate, Phil, has asked to marry her, and he plays baseball and travels a lot. He and his profession bore me.” Vampires rarely lied to their betters, and I felt no need to now. Sports did bore me, and Phil was one of the most boring males I’d met. That and I couldn’t stand the way they looked at each other, full of love and dedication. My single father wouldn’t need me to voice it aloud to understand that. “So maybe Forks has what I need, a little excitement, you know. Now that its one of the most popular places for real estate.”

“Are you planning on going to school, or finding a job?” Charlie asked as he led me up to my room. I surveyed the space quickly in my peripherals – light blue walls, wood floors, one large window, a sloped ceiling, and a computer and phone on a desk - before replying.

“Actually, it’s been a while since I’ve been in any kind of schooling, as I’ve had my job as a Talent Specialist for a while now. I was thinking I would try studying hunting tactics, and biology. Perhaps a language too…” Charlie left with a nod, leaving me to muse over which courses I would take.


Charlie’s house had three washrooms, and luckily one was connected to my room. Charlie was hunting last night, and he’d come back this morning for only an hour before leaving for City Hall. I had the house to myself now.

I took the time I had before school began to take a shower – my mahogany hair, usually shiny and lustrous, had gotten dusty and matte looking in my run to Forks. It hung down to my waist, but I still had it shampooed, rinsed, dried and styled – straightened - in less than five minutes.

Next I took time to do my makeup, something I rarely did anyways. It was my first day of school here though, and I wanted to look as best I could. I offset my tawny eyes with a swipe of well placed black eyeliner, and one coating of flat black mascara. My lips had enough color on their own, so I let them be.

I had no idea what I was going to wear, though. I’d only brought a small case of clothing from Arizona, and all my clothes already in the drawers at this house were tackily outdated.

I ended up in a cotton black cardigan, one that reached down to my knees in the front, but only the middle of my back in the back, a small but still appropriate indigo blue tank top with lace adorning the edges, and skinny cut black jeans.

I grabbed my bag, ran downstairs, and stepped into the shoes of my choice – silver kitten heels – without stopping my run.

I reached the school in seconds, and I still had five minutes before the bell would ring.

“Good morning, Miss…?” The pretty redheaded receptionist asked me as I breezed into the office area.

“Swan, Bella Swan,” I replied coolly, knowing she would know who I was. Policing Officer was an infamous profession.

“Oh, Charlie Swan’s assigned daughter,” she smiled and pressed her hand to her chest, a sign of respect. “I haven’t heard your name in a few decades. Which courses will you be joining this semester?”

“I’d like to study Biology, Spanish, Hunting, and Modern Technology, please.”

She quickly typed up my schedule at her large laptop, then printed it off and handed it to me briskly. I received it with a smile, and was through the door of my first class, Hunting, in seconds.

Vampires were permitted to study whatever classes they wanted, if they chose to attend school at all. One could join at any time of the year, and stay for as long as they wanted. Getting a job did require at least one year of studying the sort of profession one would like to pursue.

I had taken a hunting class in Arizona, before starting to study for my chosen career, Talents. Today the class I was joining was going outside to do practical study.

No one asked me to announce my arrival in front of the class, and only one male asked me my name as we followed our teacher into the forest surrounding the school.

“You’re new here, what’s your name?” A cute male of a vampire kept stride with me and spoke quickly so we could finish our conversation before we would stop running.

“I’m Bella Swan, and you are…?” I smiled sidelong at him and noticed how good his sparkle looked with his spiky blonde hair.

“Mike Newton. My dad owns most of this town’s land. I’m having a hunting party soon actually. Would you like to come?” He was good looking, and I knew what he was after. I could have him take me if I wished; I’d had a few males in Arizona, it was just a normal part of life. Until one found a mate they wanted for good, it was completely acceptable to take or be taken as often or as little as you wanted. Nothing came out of it but pleasure.

“That sounds great, sure,” I accepted easily as we all came to a halt deep into the trees, trees in the forest that I knew the school, and therefore the government, owned. Any student registered with the school could hunt on these grounds, though it was mainly used for training. Students thought it shameful not to hunt on their own lands.

“Alright, today we’re going to be practicing solo herding techniques. Does anyone have experience with this?” The teacher, a black haired female with sharp yellow eyes and pencil thin lips, asked us all as we stood there. I could smell a herd of deer already, about five hundred feet north of here, still within the school’s boundaries.

A few people raised their hands, including Mike. I didn’t, even though I did have a bit of experience with it. I wasn’t as advanced as the teacher was looking for when she’d said experience. I checked.

“Good, good, you few that do know how to do this can help your classmates,” she told them, and Mike instantly came to stand by my side.

As she told us the technique and then let us begin the hunt, I informed him, “I already know how to do this, thanks.”

“Then why didn’t you raise your hand?” His cute face held confusion as he looked me in the eye. His own eyes were nearly black.

“Oh, come with me anyways, you’re thirsty,” I insisted, and he gladly loped along beside me as I pursued the scent of the deer herd.

I was near two hundred yards into my pursuit when two things happened: I smelled a new scent so different yet so tantalizing – it was unlike anything I’d ever smelled before – and Mike grabbed my wrist and whispered into my ear.

“As thirsty as I am for some blood, I’m even hungrier for your body, Bella,” Mike implied as he stopped and pulled me closer.

Normally I would have taken him up on the offer, but there were at least fifteen others in this forest at the moment, we were in school, and that smell was driving my throat wild. Apparently Mike was indifferent to it.

I had to get rid of the latter, as I wanted whatever prey came with the former too badly to share it. So I did what I knew would work to distract him for a minute as I thought: I kissed him.

He was instantly engrossed in the embrace, but I remained coolly apathetic as I pondered what to do with him.

Finally I had an answer. I drew back and growled softly, then instructed him in as seductive a voice as I could muster, “You want more of me Mike?” He nodded readily. “Alright, then go finish the hunt and meet me at Lake Crescent. I’ll be waiting…”

I broke away from him and ran, making sure to plant the idea to finish hunting firmly in his head. Once I was satisfied he would do what I’d asked, I got out of his head. His mind was extraordinarily simple for a vampire.

Now I could follow the scent without interference. I stopped when I was close to the boundary line, and then decided I didn’t care if I was caught on someone else’s land. My father would understand, surely.

I was about to cross the line when I sniffed, smelling the scent behind me. Had I caught the scent wrong? How could it be behind me now, when it had been in front of me seconds before?

I whirled around on the spot, and saw the source of the scent, about a hundred yards away. Of course, how silly of me, the wind had changed direction when I’d stopped.

The prey was all wrong though. Its back was to me, but I could see that its stance resembled that of an average male vampire’s. A vampire couldn’t emit such a delicious scent though; we had no blood, as far as I knew.

Its hair was a dull orange-brown color that had leaves and twigs in it. I could see the back of its neck, and it wasn’t sparkling, so it definitely wasn’t a vampire. Suddenly it unzipped its pants and grabbed something in front of it with its hands. A stream of yellow liquid rained down onto the tree it was facing. As more of the liquid came out, the more the air smelled like ammonia, a chemical I hadn’t smelled since the government named it harmful to nature, and therefore our blood sources. The acrid smell helped to ease the burning in the back of my throat, and drowned out the scent of the thing’s blood.

I was mesmerized. This thing had blood and ammonia in it? What on earth was it? As I wondered over its existence, it zipped up its pants and turned around to face me.

Its facial features did look a lot like a male vampire’s, but its skin color was unlike any I’d ever seen, comparable only to some of the lighter dust storms in the Arizona desert, flecked with brown mud and dirt. And its eyes were green. They were beautiful eyes, and its odd colored hair hung over them slightly. Its mouth was almost female, but its very male jaw compensated for it. Tiny orange-brown hairs peppered its chin, and as it looked at me now, the strange eyes it had turned fearful.

“What are you?” I asked in a whisper, shocked that anything could resemble a vampire so closely, but have blood.

It cocked its head to the side, an expression of confusion crossing its face. “I can’t hear you,” it said, and it was my turn to be confused. I was mostly speaking to myself when I’d asked the question, definitely not expecting an answer. But it talked too.

I advanced closer, until I was about twenty yards away. The scent of ammonia still lingered, so I was able to refrain from pouncing on it – for now. “I said, what are you?”

“Well, I’m estimating that in about twenty seconds or less I’ll be dead, so it hardly matters what I am, right?” It stuck its hands in the pockets of its dirty jeans and shrugged.

“You’re beautiful,” I found myself saying, then instantly regretted it. Mike was beautiful, even if he was a bit egocentric.

“Are you kidding me? I look like a pile of shit compared to you and your vampire buddies,” it laughed without humor.

I didn’t understand the joke. “What’s shit?” I asked it as I ran my hands through my hair.

“Never mind,” it smiled, a pretty crooked one that made its eyes light up.

“Are you male?” I asked it, wanting to stop calling it it if I could.

“Yes, I’m male, can’t you tell? I look just like those male vampires, don’t I? Or am I not handsome enough to be compared?” it – or I suppose, he – shrugged and laughed again, this time with feeling.

“You’re just dirty, and your skin is an odd color, and you don’t sparkle, and your eyes are green. Other than that, you are fairly handsome. And you’re different.” I inhaled and my nostrils greeted his mouthwatering scent again, reminding me of why I was talking to him. “That and you smell delicious.

“Woah, woah, I am not meant to be drained by you, you know. A simple way to deal with my scent would be to stop breathing. Of course, that would mean you wouldn’t be able to talk to me anymore, which would be a shame. Here’s my number,” he took a pad of paper and a pen out of his pocket, scribbled something on the paper, and threw it at me.

I caught it easily and looked down to read it. I took his advice and stopped my breathing, which was something I’d heard of, but had never done myself before. It was awkward, and hard to do.

“By the way, my name’s Edward. Edward Cullen,” I looked up, but he was already gone. I began breathing again, but could only smell a hint of his scent in the air, nothing like how it had been when he’d been standing so close to me. He’d followed the direction of the breeze, so I couldn’t pursue the scent even if I’d wanted to.

I didn’t want to kill this Edward Cullen, at least not yet. He was something different in this vampiric world, that much was for certain. But what exactly was he?