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The Island

After graduation, Bella is invited by her best friends Rosalie and Alice to go on a week long vacation on the Cullen family yacht. Little does Bella know that this is no girl's trip though. Also along for the ride are Alice's older brother Emmett, the captain of the yacht, Alice's twin brother Edward, and Edward's soft spoken yet very intense friend Jasper.

What will happen when Murphy's Law takes over, and everything that can go wrong, does? The six wash up on a deserted island, and then things get interesting.


2. Underwear

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I had spent hours packing all of my necessities into my big, trendy, Coach suitcase. It had been so hard deciding what to bring. I mean, I hardly knew what we would be doing, but I kept getting these really strong feelings that I might meet my soul mate. I wanted to be prepared. I wished I knew what he looked like though. You can tell a lot about a person by how they look. No, that’s not right. I mean that you can read a person by how they dress. If he was wearing worn tennis shoes and a fanny pack, for example, I would instantly know this wasn’t the guy for me. If he was clean cut and had a friendly face, well, that I could work with.

I was very proud of myself. I had only packed the essentials. Stuffed in my bag I had several pairs of panty hose, my cutest lingerie, a sexy dress, a sun dress, a sweater dress, a cashmere sweater, capri’s, shorts, a bathing suit, three pairs of jeans, four tank tops, five adorable t-shirts, a sparkly sequined top, and a formal gown, because hey, you just never know. I also had a jumbo bottle of mint chamomile shampoo and conditioner, herbal soaps, tampons, sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat, a pocket mirror and a medium sized mirror, scented candles for setting the mood with my soul mate (should I meet him), a lighter, my huge purse, my medium sling bag, and my clutch. But I felt like I was forgetting something… Although, that was probably for the best. I already had to sit on my suitcase in order to get it closed.

Now, all I had to do was help Bella pack up the rest of her things. She didn’t realize it yet, but she was lucky that I did all the shopping for our little voyage. Her sense of style was atrocious. She’d thank me later.


Yeah, I’d known about the trip since the beginning. Don’t patronize me. Maybe I like packing at the last minute. It’s not like it’s that hard. It’s not some sacred art, the way Alice treats it.

I grabbed a suitcase and set it on my bed, looking at it with a hand on my hip. Hmm, what to bring, what to bring… I threw open my closet and picked a few things randomly. Low rise jeans, check. Sexy black cleavage bearing top, check. Sexy red cleavage bearing top, check. There was definitely a pattern to my clothing. The suitcase still looked pretty empty, so I threw in a tight pair of capri’s, two sundresses, and an armful of sexy lingerie. I also threw in a jumbo box of condoms, because you just never know.

Some people think I’m vain and stuck up. I know I’m vain and stuck up. I also know that I’m young and beautiful, and I might as well use what I have to my advantage while I still have it. I don’t have a great personality. I’ve never met a guy who wanted to hang around and talk after I’d put out. I knew I wasn’t super smart like Bella. The only classes I aced were the ones taught by men. But I wasn’t stupid, either. I knew that this thing I had going for me was temporary. I was using my looks to their fullest advantage, hoping that somehow I could provide some sort of a life for myself later, once I was old and wrinkly and not attractive anymore.

I was readying myself to be ugly.

I wanted to make sure I could take care of myself, once nobody wanted to take care of me anymore. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. I closed my trunk and clicked the little latch in place, then carried it out of my room. Alice was impatiently waiting for me downstairs, rifling through the fridge.

“You don’t have any food in this house!” She yelled, not realizing I could hear her perfectly fine. I walked down toward her.

“Yeah, I know.” I agreed.

“Don’t your parents ever grocery shop?” she asked, slamming the fridge door shut.

“No.” I replied. Of course they didn’t. I was lucky if they even came home. “Ready to go?”


Rose sat on my bed flipping through a magazine while Alice helped me pack the things I wanted to take with me. We would be going on a nice, relaxing week long trip on her brother’s boat- er, yacht- making stops at some of the harbors. I had insisted on seeing the things that Alice had packed for me to bring, and now I was glad I had.

“Fishnet stockings?” I asked, deeply confused and a little bit irritated. “Why in the world would I need fishnets? I’m going on a boat, not downtown to some sleazy bar!”

“What?” snapped Rosalie, her voice irritated and dangerous. I looked at her in confusion, then noted that she was wearing fishnets. Great.

“Wow Rose, those look really good, actually. You proved me wrong.” I said, trying as hard as I could to sound sincere. As a sign of faith I threw them back into my suitcase. Oh well. Just because I packed them didn’t mean I actually had to wear them.

Alice did not seem to be a very practical packer, although I appreciated that she had gone shopping and to such great lengths for me. But why in the world would I ever need a formal gown? I tossed that aside. Stiletto’s? Did she know me at all? I could just picture myself wobbling around a boat deck in those things and then falling overboard. No way. They met the ‘no go’ pile with a swish. I came upon something truly bizarre and had to actually have Alice explain it to me. She had packed a long, floor length brown leather duster jacket. The only place I had ever seen anything this over the top was on tv. Normal people like me did not wear such things

“But what if you get cold?” Alice whined, begged, and pleaded. “What if it rains? Look, it has a hood! And it’s water resistant! That is real, Italian leather.”

“All the more reason I shouldn’t bring it. I’ll just end up ruining it, Alice, and you spent too much money on it.” I tossed it into the pile of things not to take. Alice picked it up as if it were something precious and fragile and cradled it in her arms, a wounded look in her kohl rimmed eyes. With a sigh and a deep feeling of regret, I took it from her and put it back in my suitcase. “Okay!” I sighed. Alice’s face lit up and I began to wonder if that whole thing had been an act. I was not getting very far with this unpacking thing.

More ridiculous clothes joined the pile, which steadily grew larger and larger. How had Alice even fit this many clothes into a suitcase? I was coming to the bottom of it, almost done with my sorting, when I came upon a pile of things that were lacy and silky. My cheeks burst into flame as I pulled out a dark bluish green lace bra with sheer cups. I held it looped around one finger, afraid to let it touch me.

“What are these for?” I asked, feeling embarrassed. “No, never mind. I know what they’re for. But why do you think I would need such sexy lingerie? Did you plan on me losing my virginity on this little expedition or something?”

Alice and Rosalie looked aghast at each other, obviously confused. “I don’t understand…” began Rose, rifling though the lacy under things. “I don’t see anything wrong with these. They look like normal old underwear to me. Not something you’d have sex in.” She pulled out a black lace thong and smiled. “Okay, maybe this one. But don’t worry, I’m taking it off your hands.” Rose stuffed the offending garment into her little clutch. That would be fun the next time she needed something out of it. Where are my mints? Oh, they’re under my thong.

“Bella, these aren’t sexy at all. They’re just normal bras and panties, really.” Alice argued. She really did look a little lost and confused.

“Do you mean to say you wear these sorts of things day to day?” I asked in disbelief. Alice and Rose shot each other perplexed looks.

“What do you wear?” They asked simultaneously, brows furrowed together. Embarrassed, I lifted up my t-shirt, revealing my rather flat chest concealed by a gray sports bra. I opened my top drawer and pulled out a few pairs of underwear, showing them the cotton under things with the little flowers on them that I bought in six packs.

“Normal underwear, like these.” I defended myself, feeling thoroughly embarrassed. I had just shown my boobs to my two best friends. I mean, admittedly, they were covered, but still. I felt exposed, and also like I didn’t measure up. Alice didn’t have big boobs either, but she was so tiny. It suited her waifish figure. And Rose…. Well, Rose’s boobs were full and perfect and pushed up and exposed so everyone could see. Next to my two stunning friends, I had often felt overshadowed and ugly, but never this much.

“Bells, you’re eighteen.” declared Rosalie. “It’s time you start wearing your big girl panties.” Alice nodded along, arms crossed over her chest. She handed me a silky pinkish beige bra with ivory lace and pointed me toward the bathroom.

“Go try one on and see if you don’t like it.” she instructed. I wanted to argue, but they both looked very set on this. Fine, I’d try it on. But after that, I’d just go back to wearing the old reliables. I walked into my bathroom and locked the door, not wanting either of them to barge in on me. I pulled off my shirt and looked at my reflection. God, I was so boring. Long, limp brown hair. Ordinary brown eyes. Pale skin. Too skinny body, not enough curves, too long of a neck.

I took off my ugly, comfortable sports bra and put on the new, pretty one. Or at least I tried to. I’d never actually worn a real bra before. I’d moved out of Renee’s house before I had hit puberty, and Charlie had certainly never shown me this. Heck, he wouldn’t even pick up tampons for me if he was stopping by the store.

I fumbled around with the little closure for a while, trying to reach around far enough behind me. With a groan and immense irritation, I pulled my arms out of the straps and put it on backward, clasping it in the front, then pulling it around till the closure was in the back where it belonged. I put my arms through the straps and adjusted it a little, then looked at my reflection.

Wow. Maybe I did have boobs. I mean, sort of. Nothing like Rosalie’s of course, but nothing to scoff at. I’d always heard that the right underwear could make all the difference, but I didn’t know that included me. Suddenly, I had decent sized breasts. Admittedly, they were a little on the small side, but they looked so much better. Having that support and something dainty instead of constricting around my chest also made me look like I had a better figure. I still didn’t have a full hourglass figure, and I was still just as skinny as before, but at least now my body didn’t look like a boys.

I pulled my hair out of it’s ponytail and mussed it, trying to make it look a little fuller. It was just too straight and long to get sexy, movie-star volume though. But, at least it was shiny and healthy and smooth. I needed to count my blessings and stop being so negative. I was a pretty enough girl, though a bit on the plain side. I had two amazing best friends. I had gotten accepted into college, and now I was going on a yacht for a week. Put into perspective, my problems were pretty miniscule.

Pulling my shirt back on, I emerged from the bathroom.

“Okay, okay.” I conceded. “I’ll keep them.”

-- --- -- --- --- --

The three of us piled our luggage into Rose’s yellow jeep and we quickly took off. Rosalie drove, Alice sat in the passenger seat, and I sat in the back, feeling like a little kid about to go to Disney Land. I was actually really excited. I had never liked surprises, I hated them in fact, but this was a good one. Graduation had been great, and now I was having a girls week with my two best friends. And her brother. I didn’t think that would really be a problem though. From what I’d heard about Emmet, he was a fun, laid-back guy who was plenty entertained just steering his father’s prized yacht. Men, I thought with a sigh.

It wasn’t long before we reached the coast and pulled up to the Cullen’s dock. I looked at their yacht in surprise. It was even nicer than I had been expecting. It was long and sleek, with a shiny white finish. I could see the woodwork gleaming on the deck. I followed Alice and Rose in awe up to the boat. Emmet greeted us with friendly smiles, a captains hat on his curly dark hair. I fought back the urge to roll my eyes.

“Baby sis!” he called, scooping Alice up into a bear hug. Alice had told me about him before, but her description most certainly did not do him justice. He was twenty five and a full time fire fighter. He was seriously built- tall, muscular, and tan. He had curly brown hair, mirthful brown eyes that crinkled at the edges when he smiled, and a happy looking face. In short, Alice’s brother was hot. I could tell Rosalie agreed. She crossed her arms over her chest, subtly pushing her boobs up a little bit higher, blue eyes focused on him, waiting for an introduction.

After releasing Alice from his hug, Emmet took in the sight of me and Rose. He gave me a perfunctory smile and nod, then met Rose’s smoldering gaze with a grin.

“I’d be careful in those heels if I were you.” he cautioned Rose, giving her legs a long look. Her glossy lips quirked slightly upward and she put a hand on her hip.

“Oh, don’t worry. I have plenty of experience. I won’t fall overboard.” she assured him. He laughed.

“I’m not worried about you falling overboard, princess.” he said, smirking. “ I just don’t want you scratching these wooden floors I just waxed.”

Rose’s jaw fell open slightly, then snapped shut. She gave him a deadly glare and stormed off, grabbing Alice’s hand and tugging her along in the direction of the cabin, away from Emmet. I looked at him in shock, now left alone with him.

“You have no idea who you’re messing with.” I told him, still stunned. He laughed again.

“It’s okay. I’ve dealt with plenty of girls like her before.” he assured me, and walked toward the captains wheel, head thrown back in laughter. He appeared to be very amused with the whole situation.

I walked toward the cabin where I had seen Alice and Rosalie disappear. I carefully made my way down the flight of stairs where I assumed our room would be. There was a long hall with several doors. One of them was slightly cracked open. That must be room I’m looking for, I thought.

I came upon it and pulled the door open with my free hand, my other one still holding my heavy suitcase.

“You can just leave my bags in here.” I heard a voice call. A voice that most certainly wasn’t female. I was about to backtrack, not wanting to meet this guy who must’ve thought I was someone else. I hadn’t even realized there would be anyone else on the boat. I was backing up toward the door when the most handsome person I had ever seen emerged from the adjoining bathroom, drying his hands with a small towel. He nodded toward the bed. “You can just set them down there. I don’t need any more help today.”

I looked at him in confusion, my brow furrowed, my mouth refusing to work. He was just so attractive. Who was this god-like vision?

“Come on, what’s the matter with you? I said you can set them down. That’s all.” he said, voice gruff, irritation reading on his face. Now I understood. He thought I was some kind of maid or servant or something. But he was being so rude! How dare he use that kind of tone with me? Even if I had worked for him, he shouldn’t have been talking to me like that.

“Excuse me?” I asked, holding on tightly to my suitcase. He walked up to me, impatience in his green eyes, and tried to take my suitcase from me. I didn’t let go of it. “Stop!” I yelled at him. “This is mine!”

He let go of it suddenly and I fell backward, suitcase landing at his feet, and me landing on my butt and scraping my elbow. It stung, and I looked up at him in disbelief. “Who the hell do you think you are?” I asked him. He glared back at me.

“Me? Who do you think you are? This is my family’s boat, and that” he said, kicking my suitcase. “Is my luggage.”

I pulled it toward me and he took the handle and pulled it toward him, both of us jerking it in a strange game of tug of war. The suitcase, under too much pressure, released and broke open. My clothes fell out, all of my silky underwear and lacy bras floating to the ground. My eyes widened and so did his, and we simultaneously let go of the suitcase. He fell to the floor, gathering my clothes, but dutifully staying away from my underwear.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, not meeting my eye. “I thought this was my bag. I didn’t realize…” he left off.

“I’m a friend of Alice. I’m staying on the yacht with her this week.” I informed him angrily, stuffing my bras and panties into my suitcase, my cheeks burning in embarrassment. The nerve of him, I thought.

“I’m Edward, Alice’s brother. I didn’t know she was going to be on the yacht too.” he told me, sounding apologetic. I was far too irritated with this guy, attractive as he may be, to be soothed by his apology.

“Yeah, well now you know.” I said, closing the suitcase and stomping out, leaving Edward standing there just as embarrassed as me, and slightly more confused.


What a jerk. What a stupid, fucking asshole. The nerve of that guy. How dare he talk to me like that? No man over the age of twelve and under the age of sixty had ever done anything but swoon at the sight of me. And not one had ever talked to me like that.

Oh, he would regret it. And to think, I had even been flirting with him! I felt very irritated with myself. Whenever I saw a good-looking man, I couldn’t help it. I turned my game up. I needed to learn. Good looking guys were trouble, and boy was he hot. I had never met a man that was so sexy. He was just so tall, and muscular, and those dimples he got when he smiled. I wanted to run my fingers through his curls and then rake them against his back. No, I warned myself. This train of thought would get me nowhere fast.

I needed to find myself a nice, ugly, rich guy who wanted a trophy girlfriend. That kind of man would never hurt me, at least while my figure held out. The minute my boobs started to sag or I stopped working out every day though, I’d have to make a new plan.

“Your brother is the biggest dick in the universe.” I told Alice, after slamming the door shut to our cabin. I threw myself on the bed and sighed in frustration. “He is going to regret the day he met Rosalie Hale.”

Alice kept her mouth shut and started unpacking.


I had been so excited to see Emmet. Why did he have to go and ruin things off the bat with Rosalie? It’s like he knew the exact wrong thing to say to her, too. I could tell she liked him, or that she had. I had seen that look in her eyes before, the one that said ‘I’ve spotted my prey.’ And while I didn’t exactly like the idea of my best friend banging my big brother, anything would have been better than her being irritated with him. Rose was no fun at all when she was in a mood, and now she was royally pissed off.

Suddenly, being trapped on a boat with them for a week did not sound like a good idea at all. What had I been thinking? And where in the world was Bella?


I stood there, still staring at the door, my mouth agape. What the hell had just happened? Had I really just made a huge ass of myself with a beautiful stranger I’d be isolated on a yacht with for a week?

How in the world had I mistaken her for staff? If an angel like her had been working my father’s yacht, I would have known about it. And I would have made it a point to sail much more often.

What a great start. I closed my eyes, mentally berating myself. I prided myself on being calm, cool, and collected. I tried at all times to be a gentleman, accommodating, yet aloof. I had miserably failed. First, she was probably insulted that I had mistaken her for a cleaning lady or something, then I had implied she was a liar and a thief by claiming that the suitcase was mine, then I had broken the damn thing and scattered her clothes and- I gulped at the thought- very lacy, very silky, very sheer, and most definitely very sexy under garments- all over the floor.

I sat on my bed and cradled my head in my arms, feeling utterly desolate. What a schmuck I was. What an idiot.

Jasper, whom I had met and befriended at the prestigious private school I had attended, calmly walked in, a curious look in his light grey eyes. Though I had only known him for four years, I felt like I had known him my whole life. Besides my brother Emmett, Jasper was my best friend. He was the most easy-going, well-intentioned person I had ever met. Being in his presence always had a soothing effect.

“Is that your bra?” he asked, nudging a lacy black bit of cloth that I hardly thought constituted the term clothing out from under my bed with his foot. It must have gotten under there when the suitcase exploded. I picked it up carefully and dropped it on the bed. Suddenly, I was imagining what Bella must look like in it. Her creamy pale skin, her delicate figure, her graceful neck, her mesmerizing brown eyes…

This was absurd! I was having fantasies about a girl I had just met. A girl I knew nothing about other than her name and that she possessed some very sexy negligee. Jasper cleared his throat, reminding me that he had asked a question.

“Oh, um, no.” I stuttered, glancing back at the bra on my bed. “Of course not.” I somehow wasn’t ready to tell Jasper what had happened yet. It still felt too personal, too embarrassing. “I wonder how it got here.” I said, hoping he bought my act.

If he didn’t, he made no sign of it. He just sat down in a chair, opened the novel he had been reading, and sat there immersed in his book quietly. Good old Jasper, I thought. It had never bothered me that he was shy and sometimes a little withdrawn. He pulled back a little from most people. I didn’t understand why. Everyone who met him liked him. But he has always much preferred staying in and reading to going out. When he did go out, he usually went by himself. I knew that when he disappeared for hours that he was out hiking or taking a walk in the woods behind our school. He was a solitary person. I considered myself lucky that he let me into his little world.


Blondie was hot, I had to admit. Am I regretting pissing her off? Hell no. If I know anything about sleazy blondes, it’s that if you rub ‘em the wrong way at first, they’ll let you rub them in all the right ways later, if you catch my drift.

I’d have her in no time.