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The Island

After graduation, Bella is invited by her best friends Rosalie and Alice to go on a week long vacation on the Cullen family yacht. Little does Bella know that this is no girl's trip though. Also along for the ride are Alice's older brother Emmett, the captain of the yacht, Alice's twin brother Edward, and Edward's soft spoken yet very intense friend Jasper.

What will happen when Murphy's Law takes over, and everything that can go wrong, does? The six wash up on a deserted island, and then things get interesting.


3. Chapter 3

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I‘d been too fidgety to enjoy my first day onboard the yacht, disturbed by the horrible moods of my roommates. Bella wouldn’t tell me what had happened, but I had surmised that Edward was at the root of it. How had both of my brothers managed to so completely ruin the good mood that had been floating over my friends? This was killing my Zen.

Dinner was a fiasco. I have no idea what got into everyone. I sat at the table with Emmett and Edward, across from Rosalie and Bella, hoping to serve as a buffer. Edward had informed the party that his friend Jasper would not be joining us. I thought that was a little weird, but was too distracted by everyone else to really worry about it.

Rosalie was trying to kill Emmett with her eyes, which were narrowed in disgust and aimed right at him. After seeming to have no effect on him, she actually kicked him under the table- hard. I felt his leg rocket back and hit the wooden bench we were seated on. In response he sweetly smiled at her.

“C’mon sugar. Is that any way to treat the captain?” he asked, a smirk etched into his features.

“If you call me sugar one more time…” Rose warned.

“You’ll what?” he taunted, clearly enjoying their little argument. “Glare at me some more?”

Rose’s chair screeched out, scratching his wooden floors. She then stood, grabbed the bowl of spaghetti sauce, and overturned it onto his lap, red rivulets streaming down his pants and pooling on the floor. Turning sharply on her heel, Rosalie left without another word.

For a moment no one moved, then Emmett burst out into laughter. “She’s a pistol!” he declared, not bothered in the slightest that he was covered in tomato sauce. He stood and it dripped further down him. “I think I’ve had enough entertainment for one night.” he said to us on his way out. “I think I’ll go change and count my blessings that she didn’t reach for the soup.” All of us eyed the steaming server of soup, thinking the same thing: Ouch.

I looked at Edward, shocked by what had happened with our brother.

“That was rude.” he said, shaking his head.

Bella nodded. “I know. I can’t believe he thinks he can talk to her that way and get away with it!”

“What?” Edward asked, an edge to his voice. “I was talking about your friend dumping that spaghetti sauce on Emmet. I mean, how old is she?”

“Well, maybe if he hadn’t of been such a jerk!” Bella argued.

“Maybe she shouldn’t have flown off the handle!” Edward retorted, slightly raising his voice.

“Well, maybe he shouldn’t have assumed he could call her that!” Bella yelled.

“He wouldn’t have assumed, if she hadn’t been standing in his room!”

“That does not give him the right to take things that don’t belong to him!” she countered.

I was lost. Completely and utterly lost. I had no idea what they were talking about anymore. Edward stood abruptly from his chair and it toppled behind him. He dug something out of his pocket and threw it on the table in front of Bella.

“Here. You left this.” he said, and left, an angry scowl on his face. I picked up the thing he had pulled put of his pocket to see what it was. I held a skimpy black brassier in my hands and stared at Bella in confusion.

“I hadn’t realized you had already… met.” I said quietly. I looked up into Bella’s eyes and saw that they were about to spill with angry, frustrated tears. Her mouth was set in a thin line and she didn’t say anything. She stood up and fled the dining room, the tears spilling over.

Great. Now what was I supposed to do?

I grabbed Emmet’s glass of wine and drained it, in a very uncharacteristic move, and stood, no longer hungry. Besides, I didn’t really want to eat by myself.

I left the dining room, but had no desire to go back to my cabin and face Bella and Rosalie. I also didn’t want to go to either of my brother’s rooms. Emmet was being a pig, and it seemed Edward was not behaving himself either. I was not about to pick sides.

I walked up the stairs and to the back of the yacht on deck to get some fresh air. It was hard to see in the darkness, but I could make out a tall, thin figure leaning over the railing, peering at the water churning below him. Moonlight painted his skin silver and cast a coolness to his blonde hair. Even in the darkness, I was instantly attracted to this man. He was not conventionally handsome, not the kind of guy I was normally attracted to, but his eyes, so deep and intense, held something. The lines of his face were very serious, a troubled look on his almost beautiful face. He was very tall and thin, but his body had a wiriness about it, and I knew at an instinctual level that this man could be strong or gentle.

“Jasper?” I called, not wanting to startle him. This must be my brother’s friend, I thought. He twisted around to look at me, looking surprised to see he was no longer alone. “Are you Jasper?” I asked, coming forward.

He nodded. “Yes, I am.” He said quietly. His gray eyes flashed in the moonlight, searching my face curiously.

I smiled at him warmly, trying my hardest to seem charming. I had never had to try to impress people, but it suddenly felt very important that this man like me. Why did I care so much about this stranger? “I’m Alice, Edward’s sister.” I explained. He nodded again but didn’t say anything, though he looked like he wanted to. “You know,” I went on. “There’s a table full of food in the dining room that never got eaten, and it’s probably still warm. I’m actually starting to feel a little hungry. Would you maybe want to join me?”

Nervous butterflies danced in my stomach. Jasper looked embarrassed and averted his brilliant gray eyes from me. “I’m sorry,” he told me, letting go of the railing. “I- I have to go.”

I looked down, cheeks burning in embarrassment, eyes filling with tears. I’d never felt so rejected before in my life. What had I done wrong? I couldn’t meet his eyes but nodded quickly, then took off in the direction of the cabins. In my haste I swung into him, and I could feel his warm hands, his long, sensuous fingers, touch my shoulder and the small of my back, gently righting me, setting me in the right direction. That small amount of contact sent a shiver down my spine, a jolt through my entire body. I wanted to bad for his hands to not leave my body, for his fingers to brush against me again, but I knew they wouldn’t. I didn’t know him, and already Jasper had made up his mind about me. Alice Cullen was not good enough.

This time, I ran in the right direction, and didn’t look back.