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Edward never came back, and Bella changed. She is now a famous movie star. When Edward suddenly shows up, will she have room for him in her life?

This is my first story, so it may not be great!

1. Chapter 1

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“And cut!” the director yelled. I relaxed and began to walk off the stage, nodding to the compliments that were thrown at me and hurried into my trailer. Looking at my face in the mirror, I began to wipe the superfluous makeup off my eyes and cheeks. I turned on my television for something to watch and found the trailer for my newest movie being played. Pausing in my intense scrubbing, I watched the fast action, and myself scurrying around the screen. Then, I heard my name at the end, the main character, the best actress, starring in her fifth movie. I smiled and turned back to my mirror. This had been a hard movie for me, probably the hardest. I played the lover of a vampire, which had brought far too many painful memories back at first. Just thinking about him made me shudder with anger. How could he have left me?

The minute I started thinking about it, I knew I was not going to be able to stop. I quickly grabbed the nearest magazine and began rifling through it, pausing on the one ad of my movie. I looked back at myself, at how different I had become. I was far more graceful, my hair had grown silky and gorgeous, and my speech was less awkward since he had left.

The last scene was being shot tomorrow, so I decided to get some sleep. It was getting even too late for me.


The sunlight wafted through the windows far too early. I covered my face with my pillow, but it failed to do much, so I decided to get up.

I got ready much quicker than I was used to, mostly because I was nervous. This was my best movie so far, and this was the ending. Finally, I would be able to see myself in action.

I went down to the studio and was ushered into the makeup room, where powders and gloss were brushed on my face in enormous quantities, even more than I was used to.

“Are you ready, Isabella?” the director called impatiently. I looked at myself once more in them mirror before I was pulled onto the stage.

Brett Jones played the vampire, and he was known for his good looks. I did not see much in him, but apparently most girls my age did, so I went along with it. We were shown our places as I went over my lines in my head. Finally, I took a deep breath and focused on getting into the mood of the scene.

Brett turned to face me. He gave me a quick, nervous smile and I returned it.

“One, two,” the director yelled, and mouthed the word “three,” then pointed to us. My heart beating with excitement, I looked at Brett, forcing anger and sadness into my eyes. Brett gave me a longing look.

“Sandra,” he whispered. “I can’t stay here, and you know that. But you have school, and your parents, and your sister. You cannot leave them all for me. Just forget about me.”

“I can’t,” I rasped, images flying into my mind of Edward. I tried to push them back, but they stayed motionless, refusing to leave.

“You have to,” he snapped. Then, his voice softened. “For me. Do it for me, Sandra. Just stay.”

And Brett walked off the stage. I bit my lip as true tears flooded down my cheeks, remembering Edward, and our last moments together.

“And cut!” the director yelled. His voice sounded elated. I smiled as everyone began cheering and hugging me. I wiped the tears from my face, but more replaced them, smearing my makeup. I had to get out of the crowds. Gently pushing people aside, I hurried to my makeup room, where I began vigorously wiping the makeup off with a napkin. I collapsed in my chair and closed my eyes, remembering what Edward had said to me.

“Bella,” a soft voice said in my ear. My heart stopped. No one had called me that since he left. No one had dared call me that. My eyes slowly opened, and I looked at the mirror, swallowing hard. There he was, in the mirror, looking at me sadly. I reached out to touch the mirror, but a pale hand flashed up and caught it. I stifled a scream and swiveled my chair around. He was there, sitting in front of me, looking at me as he had done before he left me.

“Edward,” I gasped, my voice breaking in the middle of his name. He smiled slowly.

“Bella, my movie star,” he whispered, brushing a tear from my cheek. “I missed you.”

And I fell into his arms, crying as I had done when he left.