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Edward never came back, and Bella changed. She is now a famous movie star. When Edward suddenly shows up, will she have room for him in her life?

This is my first story, so it may not be great!

5. Chapter 5

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We reached the Cullen house, and I stopped in front of it, admiring once again the natural beauty of the house.

“Bella?” Jacob said, and I snapped out of my brief reverie and followed him up to the house. I paused at the door, unsure whether to knock or just go inside, but I did not end up having to make my decision. The door swung open and Esme invited both of us inside warmly.

“Would you like something to eat or drink, Jacob?” she asked politely, and I gave her a grateful smile. It was always hard to deal with the feud between the vampires and the werewolves.

When Jacob declined, Esme turned to me. “Carlisle and Edward would like to see you. They are somewhere...” Her voice trailed off as Edward and Alice came hurrying downstairs.

“Uh, Bella,” Edward said, and he produced the morning newspaper. The huge, bold headline read: FAMOUS ACTRESS ISABELLA SWAN VANISHES JUST AFTER FINISHING LATEST MOVIE. I groaned as I skimmed the passage and examined the huge, blown-up picture of me.

“It says that they have squads of human police searching for you,” Alice said. I groaned again.

“Can the human police actually find me?” I asked, turning back to the newspaper.

“Technically, yes,” Edward said slowly, “but they are the least of our problems. In the article, it mentions that it is likely that you went back to your hometown of Forks, Washington. They don’t know that you hate Forks and would never come back.”

“So they gave the Volturi a clue,” I said in a mortified voice. Edward nodded, his face grave.

“Do we have to leave again?” I asked sadly.

“Stay,” Jacob suddenly said. I glanced back at him, having almost forgotten he was there. “You can come to La Push. Can the Volturi come there?”

Edward nodded again. Jacob’s face remained stoic as he pondered a way that I could possibly stay and be safe at the same time.

“We can only stay for another day or so,” said Carlisle, coming down the stairs. “And then we have to go.”

“Where?” Edward asked as we all turned to face the newcomer. “Where can we possibly go that they won’t follow us?”

“I had wished this day wouldn’t come, but I agree with Cullen. I would stay and fight, in your situation. But that’s just me,” Jacob said.

“He has a point,” I said, not wanting to leave Forks now that I had arrived. “Wherever we go, they’ll just follow, so maybe we should just...stay?”

Carlisle cocked his head, thinking hard. “It’s definitely a valid suggestion.”

“No, it’s not,” Edward said. “We’ll split up, like we did before with James.”

I cringed at the mention of the tracker. “But, Edward! They’ll eventually find us! James did,” I said, using his analogy.

“That was because you followed him!” Edward hissed, and I backed up in fright. He sighed, relaxing his face, and bit his lip in apology at scaring me. I lowered my head and let Jacob argue my position for me.

“It doesn’t matter,” Jacob said. “They will find you! Bella can come to La Push with us, and you can deal with the authorities. You don’t even have to fight, just talk with them!”

“No!” I suddenly said. “They can’t fight the Volturi alone! They’ll get themselves killed!”

“It’s better than you getting killed,” Edward said quietly.

“Again, I agree with you,” Jacob sighed, shaking his head.

Suddenly, Alice gasped in shock and her hand popped up over her mouth. She looked at Edward, a mixture of sadness and horror in her eyes. He listened to her for a moment and his mouth dropped open.

“No!” he gasped.

“Would you two tell us what’s going on?” I requested, but they ignored me.

“What do we do?” Alice asked frantically.

“We fight,” Edward suggested.

“Hello!” Jacob said. “None of us understand a word!”

“Edward, Alice, what happened,” Carlisle finally asked, and they both listened to him.

“Victoria’s after Bella too,” Alice sighed.