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Edward never came back, and Bella changed. She is now a famous movie star. When Edward suddenly shows up, will she have room for him in her life?

This is my first story, so it may not be great!

7. Chapter 7

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I was welcomed warmly by the La Push pack, and an argument ensued as to where I was going to stay while the crisis with Victoria and the Volturi was sorted out. Jacob won, and he offered to carry my heavy bag to his house.

I was greeted slightly less warmly by Billy Black than any of the others, but Jacob’s enthusiasm quickly made up for Billy’s lack of excitement. He showed me to the only guest room in the house and let me unwind for a minute.

The ‘unwinding’ did not take very long, and I was down in the Black kitchen quickly.

“Hungry?” Jacob asked hospitably. I shook my head. After a moment of awkward silence, Jacob left, saying that he needed to check on Billy. I sat down on a chair and thought about what the Cullens were doing, and when I would next see them.

Jacob came back quickly. “Hey, Bella, do you want to go down to the beach? The sun’s finally out!”

I shrugged, and said, “Sure.” I got up and followed him out the door and into the sunlight.

The beach was fairly full, for the La Push beach, which was usually empty. I watched as people began to slowly emerge, basking in the sunlight that only showed itself rarely. I smiled at the people, realizing that I had been feeling sun nearly every day, and so the fact that the sun was not out was not as big of a deal to me as it was to the others here.

Quil and Embry also followed us out, and quickly ran into the ocean. I saw Jacob’s longing look as he watched his friends have fun.

“Join them, Jacob,” I urged. He looked at me skeptically. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry. I’ll look at the tide pools.”

He sighed and ran after his friends. I watched him until I was sure that he was completely into the ocean, and not paying attention to me. Then, I turned around, pleased with myself. See, I thought, I can be a good liar.

I began running through the sand and finally reached the forest. I disappeared through the trees, and started to walk, knowing that Jacob could not see me anymore. As I walked gracefully, now, over roots and around trees, I pondered where I was going to go. I certainly could not go to the Cullen house, because they would just make me go back.

I finally settled on going to Charlie’s house until I could figure out how to help get rid of Victoria and the Volturi.

I walked back up to Charlie’s house and this time let myself in.

“Dad! I’m back!” I called through the house. Charlie emerged from the kitchen, looking relieved.

“Hi, Bells!” he sighed. I sniffed the air curiously.

“What’s the burning smell? Are you cooking?”

I ran into the kitchen in time to save a nearly-exploding pot of oatmeal. I turned off the heat and turned to Charlie.

“How have you been surviving without me?” I asked.

“Jacob comes over a lot,” Charlie said embarrassedly.

I smiled and said, “I’m going up to my room for a bit, Dad.” Charlie nodded and I escaped upstairs.

Walking back into my room, I realized that Charlie had not changed one thing in it since I left. I ran my hand over my copy of Wuthering Heights, falling apart, and my bed, still not made. I threw myself on it and stared at the ceiling, much as I had been doing at the Cullen house.

I had not realized that I had drifted off to sleep until I woke up to the phone ringing.

“I’ll get it, Bells!” Charlie called. I crept to the top of the stairs to listen in on his conversation.

“Oh, hi Jacob! Bella? Yeah, she’s here! You’re coming when? To pick her up? She can just stay...oh, okay, then. See you in five minutes! Bye!” Charlie hung up the phone.

“Oh, shoot,” I muttered. Panicking, I tried to figure out which way was the best to leave. Finally, I decided on my window. Dashing back up the stairs, I unlocked the only window in my room and pushed it open. The tree had overgrown next to my window, so it would be easy to climb. I squeezed myself into the tiny hole and clung on to the first branch. I twisted myself on the branch so I was sitting on it, letting my legs dangle down until they almost reached the second branch. I let myself slide off a little until I was sure my foot had a firm hold on the next branch.

As I descended down the tree, I realized that those two years ago, I would have never been able to do this. I would have fallen a long time ago. Smiling proudly to myself, I finally jumped down onto secure soil.

I heard the sound of Jacob’s car long before I saw it, so I began running as fast as I could in the opposite direction, not sure I was safe until I rounded the corner onto the next street.