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Edward never came back, and Bella changed. She is now a famous movie star. When Edward suddenly shows up, will she have room for him in her life?

This is my first story, so it may not be great!

8. Chapter 8

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I knocked hard on the wood of the door of the Stanley house. It swung open, revealing Jessica dragging a huge suitcase and an enormous, bulging purse over her shoulder.

“Oh, Bella, hi!” she said. “Are you going too?”

I frowned. “Where?”

“To our high school reunion, of course! They’re holding it in Seattle this year. Mike Newton’s coming to pick me up, and we’re driving down there. In fact, he should be here any minute!”

A brilliant idea began forming in my mind. “You know what, Jessica. I will be there.”

She brightened. “Perfect! We’ll see you there, I guess!”

A car came rumbling down the street, and at first glance, I was sure it was Jacob’s car, but as it approached, I realized that Mike was in the front seat.

Unlike Jessica, he had not changed one bit. He got out of the trunk, all smiles, and his gaze landed on me.

“No way. Bella!” he exclaimed, and hurried up to Jessica’s house to give me a huge hug.

“Hi Mike,” I said, stepping out of his embrace. I motioned over to Jessica, and he, quickly understanding, gave an equally big hug to her. Satisfied, I smiled at him.

“Bella’s going to be there too, Mike!” Jessica said excitedly.

“Oh, do you need a ride?” Mike requested. I opened my mouth to say no, but the more I thought about it, the more the plan seemed perfect to me. Normally, I would leave Mike and Jessica alone, but there was no way out of this.

“Sure, Mike,” I said. I looked out of my peripheral vision and saw Jessica’s horrified face, and gave her a quick, apologetic smile. Her returned smile was icy, and I bit my lip and turned away.

“Where are your bags?” Mike asked.

“Oh, they’re at...” I began, nearly saying They’re at Jacob’s place, but I stopped myself. “I don’t need any; I won’t be staying for more than tonight. But I do need to go do something real quickly!”

Mike shrugged and began loading Jessica’s things into the back of his car.

I turned and ran as fast as I could to the forest. Once at the edge, I plunged my hand in my pocket, searching for something with my scent on it. I pulled out some chapstick and threw it as far as I could into the forest. Then, I found a few paperclips and tossed them on the ground by my feet, then went back to Jessica’s.

Jessica called shotgun, and I did not bother to stop her. I just opened the door and climbed into the backseat, the guilt of my decision overwhelming me. Jessica got into the front passenger seat and we both waited in silence for Mike to enter the car.

As he began pulling away, another car stopped next to his and rolled down the window. I saw Jacob’s face from my window and sunk down low, thankful that Mike had his windows tinted.

“Hey,” Mike said, rolling down his window too.

“Sorry, man, I’m just looking for someone,” Jacob said. Then, they both rolled up their windows and drove in opposite directions. I sighed in relief.

For the majority of the ride, I pretended to be asleep, just to make the environment that Jessica had wanted, when I was not there. I was beginning to realize how much my career in acting has been coming in handy lately. However, a few times, when we stopped for gas, I rolled down the window and tossed a random object with my scent on it onto the ground.

It felt like forever before we finally arrived in Seattle. I let myself “wake up” a few minutes before we were going to arrive.

“Hey, Jess, what do I wear?” I asked her as we drove up to the hotel where our reunion was.

“It’s semi-formal. If you don’t have anything to wear, I can lend you something,” she offered.

“Thanks,” I said gratefully, happy that she wasn’t totally mad at me.

We had arrived a few hours early, so I had time to get into the tight, blue dress that Jessica loaned me, and do my hair before seven o’clock.

Finally, the clock began chiming seven, and people streamed in, all faces I recognized. Unlike in high school, I was the center of attention. It took at least a half-hour to get away from my numerous fans and find Angela and Ben, who were with Jessica and Mike.

“Bella!” Angela shrieked, nearly toppling over a chair as she rushed up to me and hugged me. “I’ve missed you! I can’t believe you’re a movie star!”

“I’ve missed you too, Angela,” I said, hugging her back.

As soon as the music started, everyone rushed to the dance floor, except me and Angela. We hung out on the side talking, and I scanned the large room to make sure that neither Edward nor Jacob had followed me, until my eyes rested on a face that I recognized all too well.

“Uh, Angela,” I said quietly, my heart pounding as I shrunk away from Victoria, who was glaring at the room, searching for me. “I’m, uh, going to go, uh, to the bathroom, okay?”

“Oh, I’ll come too! I need to fix my hair,” she said, standing up. No! I exclaimed to myself. I turned to Ben, who had materialized next to me.

“Ben, ask Angela to dance,” I whispered, improvising. He turned to me in surprise.

“What?” he exclaimed.

“She has no one to dance with. Go on!” I urged him frantically. He shrugged and went up to Angela, and asked her to dance.

“Sorry, Bella,” she said as they both went out to the dance floor. The minute they left, I jumped up and began walking casually to the back door, out into the dark garden.

I closed the big glass door and looked around at the pitch black porch that led out to the grassy garden. Huge trees that made up a small forest loomed next to me. I began scooting towards them until I was sure I was completely hidden from Victoria’s searching gaze. Suddenly, someone grabbed my wrist.

Crying out, I turned around.

“Bella,” a voice growled at me.

“Ow, Jake, that hurts!” I exclaimed, twisting my arm from his grasp. I tried to hurry away, but he stopped me.

“Bella, why?” he hissed at me.

“I had to help Edward!” I exclaimed, making another attempt at escape.

“By leading Victoria here?” he asked. I nodded, forgetting that he couldn’t see me in the darkness. “Good Job, you just made him more frantic. He’s here too, searching for you.”

“What! You told them?” I whispered.

“Of course,” he said simply. “Now you have to come with me.”

“No!” I said. “You’ll make me go back to La Push!”

“Of course,” he said again.

I scowled at him and suddenly ripped my hand free, and dashed to the door that led inside the reunion room. I threw the door open and rushed inside.

“There you are, Bella!” Angela said. “I went to the bathroom and couldn’t find you. Where were you?”

“Oh,” I said breathlessly. “I just went outside for a minute.” I craned my neck, searching for Victoria, and suddenly gasped.

“What?” Angela asked me, following my gaze. “Oh, look, there’s Edward!”

I groaned as I took in my position. I was at the corner of the room, at the other corner was Victoria, looking for me. The Cullens had just arrived, and they were also looking, as were the Volturi, who had just walked in.

“Crap,” I murmured, and knew that was a devastating understatement.

“There you are, Isabella! You know the media’s been looking for you everywhere!” someone said from behind me. I turned around and stared Brett Jones in the eye.