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Road Trip: Across America

The Cullen's take the 50 states! Silly and fluffy. It's sometime between New Moon and Eclipse. Bella is still human, but it doesn't really focus on that. I apologize if the minor things I change offend you, but I won't do it unless it adds to the story. Read and Review!


1. Oregon.

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My classmates watched the clock with rapt attention.

I fidgeted in my seat. Edward looked over at me. "Relax, Bella, we're almost out of here for the summer."

The clock continued to tick.

Five. Four.

Edward still refused to tell me where his family was going for the summer. All I knew was that I was going, and Charlie approved.

Three. Two.

I bet we're going to Denali, I mused. They're tight with the Cullens.


A whole summer with Edward. Wow.

The bell rang. Cheers erupted in the hallways. The loudest by far was a familiar boom.

"SUMMER! SUMMER! SUMMER!" Emmett chanted. I could hear him all the way down the hallway. As Edward and I joined the stampede out of the school, I saw him sprinting through the hallways. I laughed. Emmett was one of a kind.

We continued out the door, Edward protectively making sure I didn't fall and get crushed. With my luck, that would probably happen. Alice and Jasper joined us outside of the Vovlo. Jasper looked as if he was about to explode. The emotions radiating off these kids must have been driving him insane. The four of us hopped in the car in time to see Emmett and Rosalie screech out of the lot in Emmett's Jeep. I could still hear him yelling.

We were about halfway to the Cullen house when I realized that Edward hadn't dropped me off. "Uh, Edward? Are you planning on taking me home?"

He grinned. "Nope. We're leaving as soon as we get the cars ready!"

"Don't worry Bella, I already packed your things!" Alice yelled.

"Are you planning on telling me where we're going?" I turned and looked into each of their faces. Even Jasper was excited.

"ROAD TRIP!!!!!" They screamed.

Oh sweet Lord.

So here I was, in the THING, as I called it. The Cullens, being the Cullens, had insisted on taking a giant bus across the country for the summer. The fridge was stocked with a few bags of bear blood and tons of random human food. There was one bed, a bunkbed, one bathroom, and three TVs. And there was absolutely no privacy. We had been on the bus for about three hours, headed to Oregon.

"TURN THAT DOWN!" Rosalie screamed, as the video game the boys were playing reached new volume levels.

"Rose, you're being louder than the game," Emmett muttered.

She glared at him. "Carlisle, tell me again why we couldn't get a freaking SOUNDPROOF wall for the video game area!"

Carlisle laughed from the driver's seat. Esme turned around to lay down the motherly law. "Boys, turn it down. Rosalie, darling, just relax with Alice and Bella." Alice and I giggled from the top bunk.

"Since when am I the good influence?" Alice whispered in my ear.

I laughed quietly. "Maybe since I became a raging caffeine monster. Damn that game of truth or dare." Chugging four energy drinks. My hyperness had affected Alice as well, and the whole family wanted to chuck us in the loony bin. Even Jasper couldn't calm us down.


Edward, Emmett, and Jasper twisted around and looked at us with annoyed expressions. "What?" Emmett sighed.

"TRUTH OR DARE?" I sang.

Edward gave me a gorgeous smile. "Dare."

I bit my lip and grinned. Alice saw my decision and started hysterically laughing. "I DARE YOU TO THROW THE XBOX OUT THE WINDOW!"


Emmett was hyperventilating. "NononononononoBellayouwouldn'tdothattomeAlicedon'tmakeme-"

Edward's approach was simple. "Bella, love," he said in his beautiful voice. All he had to do was look at me. Stupid dazzling vampire boyfriend.

“I guess I could let it slide.” I smiled.“CARLISLE! WHERE ARE WE GOING?” Emmett roared. “I NEED TO GET AWAY FROM THESE EVIL WOMEN WE CALL OUR WIVES!”

Carlisle chuckled. “We, children, Esme, are going to see the Grant’s Pass Caveman.” He twisted around and looked at us. I suppose he wanted a better reaction than six vampires and a human looking at him with shocked, open mouthed faces.

“What?” Esme hissed. “You said it would be somewhere relaxing.”

Alice, Edward, and Jasper were whispering rapidly in the back of the bus. No doubt planning a revenge plan. Alice looked up and grinned. “Its time,” she mouthed.

As if on cue, Carlisle spoke up. “Come on, kids. Get excited!”

Oh, I understand now.

I felt the excitement flowing through the bus and it started to rock as we all began jumping up and down in delight. Emmett, ever one for chants, started screaming, “CAVEMAN! CAVEMAN!” Even Rosalie was screaming. Edward and Jasper were doubled over laughing and I saw them bump fists.

“JASPER!” Carlisle screeched, well, excitedly. “IF I DON’T FEEL HAPPY AND PEACEFUL IN THREE SECONDS I AM LETTING ALICE REDO YOUR OFFICE WHEN WE GET HOME!” I immediately stopped jumping. I felt and saw grins stretching across everyone’s faces. Carlisle relaxed and kept driving. “Thanks, son.”

“Seriously, Carlisle,” Edward asked. “When are we going to be there?”

“We are.”

The family ran outside, eager for a chance to escape each other.

“What.” Rosalie.

“The.” Jasper.

“Hell.” Emmett.

“Is.” Alice.

“That.” Edward.

“Thing.” Me.

A giant caveman perched in front of us. He stood tall, brown, and with a club. We stared in shocked disbelief. Carlisle looked at us nervously.

Everyone under the human age of twenty busted out laughing.

“I’m sorry, Carlisle,” I giggled, “its just so bad its funny.”

Emmett was on the ground, rolling in laughter. Alice and Rosalie were holding each other to stand up. Jasper was laughing, but he looked like he was going to freak out from all the emotion. Even reserved Edward was doubled over.

“Kids,” Esme said. We all immediately silenced and looked at her. “Go pose with the Caveman.” Our mouths dropped open again. “Now.”

She whipped out a camera as we disbelievingly posed around the monstrosity. “Jasper,” she said warmly, but it was clear it was a warning. At once we all became happy and huge grins cracked our faces. The camera flashed. “That’s a beauty,” Esme beamed.

“Can we please please please please head to California now Carlisle!” Alice asked.

Carlisle sighed. “Already?” Six eager faces nodded. “Get in the bus.” Edward scooped me up and we were all back inside in a flash.

“So where are we going?” Rosalie cautiously asked.

Carlisle and Esme spoke in unison. “Hollywood.”

Alice screamed in excitement.

Hope you liked the latest chapter!

If you have a cool attraction in your town or state let me know and I’ll feature it. Thanks so much for reading.