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Finished. Six years after Breaking Dawn, a brutal murder is committed near Forks. When called in the middle of the night, Charlie Swan rushes off to do his civic duty and protect the public. Three hours later, he returns home with a new ward: the only survivor of the double homicide. From the beginning, it is clear that the poor thing needs a new start, a new life- and someone to save her from her old one, especially when ghosts from the past resurface. And, with Nessie determined to overcome her own demons, the two realize that friendship can come from the strangest places.

All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. Duh…

31. Chapter 31

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They were all still standing in that grove of trees. Iris shifted awkwardly in Seth’s arms, embarrassed by their scrutiny. Everyone’s emotions were written so clearly on their faces. Some where thrilled that Seth had found her, and that they were okay. Some people were not so happy––mainly Nahuel. The hybrid she now hated with a passion glared at Seth cradling her tenderly in his big arms. Seth stiffened beneath her, but Iris thought she was the only one who noticed. Gently, she put a placating hand on his hairless chest, and felt her body churn with desire. As soon as they got back to the house, she was screwing his brains out relentlessly.

She really needed this horniness to go away.

“You’ve found her, then,” Alec nodded in approval. “Have you explained the situation to her?”

“Yes,” Seth nodded gravely.

Now it was Iris’s turn to stiffen. He had explained exactly what the Volturi’s will was, and she did not like it. No sir, not one bit. Seth promised that they would find a way around it, but she was not as hopeful. Secretly, Iris was hoping that she could kick some vampire ass, but knowing Seth the way she did, he would not be as fond of that idea.

“Very well,” Alec dismissed them. “You may go,”

“Thank you,” Seth said simply.

For a brief moment, the leech’s and the mutt’s eyes met, and an understanding passed between them. They both would go to hell and back to save the small woman they each loved. The woman who made their lives a living hell and so much more complicated when they were around, but it was not life without them. Seth knew that Alec had been pulling for him all along, because he would have done the same thing. It had been that vampire that beseeched the Volturi on his behalf, and won him the precious years with Iris. And Seth knew it would be that vampire arguing to let Seth stay with Iris, even after she was a vampire.

“You are welcome,” replied Alec.

The Volturi faded into the night like shadows. The Cullens and the wolves were left alone with Nahuel who stared at them triumphantly.

Looking at Seth, he declared loudly, “Love her and hold her while you can, because when the time comes, I will not hesitate to seize that which is mine.”

“The moment you touch her, you die,” Seth told him evenly.

Nahuel smirked. “Until time has aged your wisdom, Pet,” he whispered. In a blur, he too disappeared. The last thing Iris heard was Nahuel’s voice echoing in her head: I will come for you, my Pet. You are mine.


“IRIS!” Chief Swan shouted when she walked back into the terminal.

His youngest daughter looked haggard and worn. He could see how she lost weight she didn’t have to lose, and the ever increasing scratched that marred her body. All of that, even her changed blonde hair, he had expected to see. But what he had not expect was the way she leaned heavily on Seth, who steadied her as she walked, and pressed chaste kisses into her hair. He kept whispering ‘I love you’ over and over again. With every phrase, her hold on him only seemed to tighten as she clung to him for dear life. It didn’t look like Seth had any intention of letting her go anytime soon, either.

At once, his fatherly instincts took over. Sue gently took his hand and squeezed it. She had tears in her eyes, and Chief Swan realized that he was fighting the inevitable. Like Edward and Bella, and Nessie and Jake, the two before him were fated to be together, and nothing would keep Iris away from her Seth. Well…she could have done a lot worse. Seth was a good kid, even if he was too damn old for her––just like Jake and Edward again. What was it with these people? At the very least, Chief Swan knew he would respect Iris, and leave intimate acts for after marriage.

Iris was too young to know about sex, right?

Her eyes widened when she saw him. Ducking out of Seth’s warm arm, she slipped into Charlie’s. He pulled her tight against him, holding her much like Seth had: like they were afraid she was going to disappear again. If the Volturi had their way, she would.

He had been so worried about her; he loved her so much. She was his child and he would do anything for her. “I love you, baby girl,” he whispered to her. He had never told her that, but it was true. He loved her so much; for her, he would do anything.

Instead of stiffening like he had expected, Iris clung to him tighter and whispered so softly he almost missed it. “I love you, too, Daddy,”

He couldn’t stop the tears that washed down his face.


There were times when he wanted to kill them both. Like when he got home the next day after work, and found clothes littered across the floor. What he first thought was laundry, he quickly realized was what Iris had been wearing that day. Had been. The upstairs floorboard were creaking and moaning, singing in a disturbing cacophony and he glared.

In the kitchen, Sue laughed. Not stupid enough to ask how his day was, she smiled and took his hand. “Let’s go out for dinner. I think they’re going to be a while,”

“You knew, didn’t you,” Charlie accused as she lead him to the door.

Sue laughed. “When you live around this lot, you learn to watch for things like this,”

“I’d kill him if he wasn’t yours,” Charlie told her.

“I appreciate you not,” she kissed his cheek. “They’ll wear themselves out soon and I’ll make your lenience worth your while,”

Charlie’s eyes took on that gleam that Seth saw so often in Iris’s eye. It was a gleam that used to make him wary, but now it just made him excited. Sue flushed. Like mother like son. “Let’s hurry with dinner,” Charlie said.

Sue smiled. “Let’s,”

Together, they strolled off into the sunset.

The End

“Are they gone?” Iris asked Seth as she lay on the floor.

Her werewolf peaked out his window. “Yeah,” he breathed heavily. “Finally,”

“Help me into of this,” Iris tried to zip up the back of her dress.

Seth’s strong hands quickly pulled the zipper of the white dress up. It clung to her hips and emphasized her rump, which Seth really liked. Her chest heaved in it as she breathed; it was tight, but she insisted on white tonight. Her dark hair––it was one of the first things Alice demanded be fixed––cascaded elegantly around her head and down her back. There would be no veil; her hair would suffice.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked. His entire body shook with nervous anticipation.

“Yes,” Iris snapped crossly, searching for her shoes. “I’m sure. This is the only way Carlisle can think of to stop the Volturi, so we are going to do it,”

“Don’t you think we should wait until your a little bit older? Like eighteen?” he suggested.

“You mean legal?” she responded. “Let’s be honest: at the rate we’re going, I’ll be pregnant long before that. So yes, Seth, I’m sure.”

Seth pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. “Then let’s get this over with,”

Iris glared into his chest. “You make it sound like it’s such a bad thing,”

“No,” he told her adoringly. “I’m just antsy. It isn’t every day that two people become mates after all,”

Iris grinned up at him. “Mine,” she declared loudly.

Seth’s fingers brushed across the juncture of her neck, the place where he would bite her later that night, and claim her, much like Nahuel had tried to do. “Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked her. “There’s no going back,”

“Seth,” Iris replied. “I am positive. You are all I could ever want, and I love you with all of my heart. Becoming your mate is the best thing that could ever happen to me,”

“What if I imprint?” he voiced that terrifying fear that coiled in both of their stomaches. “It doesn’t seem possible that I could ever love someone else as much I love you, but I can’t be positive,”

“Sshh,” Iris touched her fingers to his lips, silencing him. “That’s part of love: the trust and the faith. We have to trust that this is real, and that nothing will supersede it.”

“But what if it happens?” he pleaded with her, desperate for some reassurance.

“It’s a bridge we will cross if it comes,” she promised him. “I won’t leave again, not unless you want me to,”

“I’ll never want you to leave,” he immediately retorted.

“Then I’ll be here forever,” she grinned. “We’ll be mates forever,”

“As long as we get married when you’re eighteen,” he made her promise.

“Deal,” she let her grin blossom all over her face. “Married at eighteen. Just like Bella,”

“You’re loved so much more than Bella,” he told her. “I love you so much,”

Iris glowed. “Mate?”

“Yes,” Seth declared. “Mate,”

Or not…