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Finished. Six years after Breaking Dawn, a brutal murder is committed near Forks. When called in the middle of the night, Charlie Swan rushes off to do his civic duty and protect the public. Three hours later, he returns home with a new ward: the only survivor of the double homicide. From the beginning, it is clear that the poor thing needs a new start, a new life- and someone to save her from her old one, especially when ghosts from the past resurface. And, with Nessie determined to overcome her own demons, the two realize that friendship can come from the strangest places.

All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. Duh…

32. Chapter 32

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It's Ange,

If any of you all have a livejournal, and want to follow Iris on it, her username is Sisterofabella.

Haha, yeah I know.

I know I'm probably taking this whole character thing way too far but there is just so much that happens behind that scenes that you all don't ever get to know about. So it'll be little tidbits from Iri's brain, and little happening s in her life that seem too far fetched to be normal. But it's all cool. It's make believe.

You'll get to see pictures of what she looks like, and some of her art. Fun stuff. Like I said, the little tidbits that never make it into the story.



And f you wanna follow me on it too, mine is either going to be angedelumiere or nxcrehab. i'll post it on my profile here if you all care