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Abstract Reality

17-year-old Ana Forrester has lost everything. Her parents, her place in this world, her story. After a near-fatal car crash, the Cullens take her in, where she meets Seth Clearwater. Soon, she realizes that her life may have a chance to turn itself around. But when the Volturi threaten Ana’s safety, she must make a choice between her new family, and the wrath of the Volturi. THIS STORY IS COMPLETE!!!!!!! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO READ & REVIEWED!!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU AT ROUND 2!!!!*~Nymphadora_Cullen~*

In case anyone's wondering, in this story, Ana is 17, which means everything is happening now. Bella's been a vampire for two years, and Nessie is, I guess, about the physical representation of a ten or twelve-year-old. Also, I'm planning to do a playlist for this fic. Check the chapter notes to see what music works for each chapter If anyone has any questions, please leave a review.

12. Chapter 12: Sacrifice

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Chapter 12: Sacrifice

I realized in that moment that I missed having Seth at my side. It wasn’t a mental thing so much as a physical thing. It was an ache in my chest, a hole in my heart. A bit cliché, but that was the best way I could describe it.

I knew I could’ve forgone this whole thing. If I hadn’t gone with Dad when he went to Forks, if I hadn’t fallen in love with Seattle, and, by default, Washington State. If, if, if….

Yeah, well too late now for regrets of any kind. Not that I regret any of my past decisions. It’s hard not to, when you gain new friends, another family.

And now it had all come crashing down over my head.

I walked over to the darkest of the cloaks, and stared into their burgundy eyes. The bottom of my stomach dropped to my knees. Three to one, with the odds not exactly stacked in my favor. I couldn’t even outrun them, like I had the bullies on the playground so many years ago.

“Which one of you is Aro?” I asked, not betraying the fear evident in my psyche.

The one in the middle stepped forward. I could see what Seth (wince) had meant by Onion-Face.

His face, despite its beauty, was oval shaped, and seemed to be peeling. Or maybe that the chalky quality of his pale skin. I shivered slightly at the sight of his red eyes lighting up as he eyed me, like Dad might’ve eyed a piece of meat.

Remember, I told myself; This isn’t like with the Cullens. I might as well be lunch now.

“You asked for me?” I whispered, barely keeping the fear from my voice.

Aro looked delighted as he beheld me.

“You must be dear Ana,” he appraised, “I was wondering if I could learn more about you.”

I glanced around, as if wondering how to do that, but Aro only gestured to my hand.

“I just need to touch your hand in order to understand your thoughts. It’s a gift I have. Nothing to fear, my dear.”

I raised my hand, as if I was about to shake his. He took my hand, and closed his eyes. I noticed that his skin, when compared to the Cullens, felt like shale to their granite, and looked cobwebbed, compared to the clear beauty of the Cullens.

I closed my eyes, my thoughts echoing the same words over and over again, like a scratched CD:

Fear is only in our minds,
Taking over all the time.
Fear is only in our minds but it's taking over all the time.

I recognized the lyrics from the night of the crash, and I fought the memories. I didn’t need memories of my past to tell me that I missed my parents more than I should.

“Ah,” I heard him say, “That is very interesting. I have seen nothing such as this in all my years….” He trailed off, and I could only guess as to how long he’d been around. Probably longer than even Carlisle had been alive. I glanced back, but all I could see of the Cullens were a few wolfy ears: Russet, black, chocolate, sandy… My heart seemed to lodge itself in my throat.

“My dear, I believe I would like to study this more deeply. Two magnificent gifts for such a young human, but you have experienced so much, have you not?” Aro’s voice seemed farther away, but I realized what he was saying. I couldn’t believe he was doing this!

“Demetri, be a dear, and watch out for Ana for me, will you?” I saw a black haired vampire walk forward, and take me by the shoulder. Out of the corner of my eye, Aro whispered something to Demetri that I guessed was a warning not to feed off me.

I couldn’t allow him to do this.

“Hang on,” I began, “What about me and Seth? He Imprinted on me; you can’t just take me to your lair like this.”

Aro smiled; he seemed to be trying to reassure me. It didn’t work. “Ana, my dear, I need to study you and your powers in the proper setting; here, I have neither the tools nor the time to do that.” He reasoned.

“But this is a free country!” I hissed, “You can’t take me away like this! It’s called kidnapping; I have rights, you know.”

Aro just smiled, waved, and said, “I’ll see you when we return to Volterra!”

Demetri gripped my shoulders tighter, and I struggled, hopelessly trying to break free. But then I remembered….

An image of Edward swam before my eyes. “If you get in trouble,” he whispered, “Just let me know.”

“EDWARD!” I screamed with both mind and voice. He would know, and Seth and Edward would come.

“Aro, you heard Ana,” Edward’s voice roared from across the field. “Let her go, and leave us alone!”

“I cannot let her talent be wasted like that!” Aro answered. “She is powerful, and we know the venom will unlock that power hidden inside her!”

“Maybe I don’t want to be a vampire!” I hissed under my breath.

During this time, Demetri’s grip on my shoulder had slackened, and I pulled away, running toward the front of the line. I broke through the front of the Volturi group, running as fast as I could. A second later, I felt Demetri’s cold grip on my shoulder; I knew it would've taken him only a moment to realize my plan, but I had gone as far as I could.

I shoved my left elbow into his stomach, and I heard bone crunch. I broke my funnybone, which wasn’t even laughable. As I went down screaming, I felt a slashing pain in my shoulder, the one opposite my broken elbow. A second later, I felt Demetri’s weight disappear; I turned to see a flash of sandy fur chasing the Volturi into the forest, along with the Cullens and the wolves.

I felt a cold nose against my ear, and I smiled.

“Hey, Seth,” I whispered.

And then my world exploded in pain from my right shoulder down; I fell back screaming, the pain worse than any I’d felt before.

What had I done to deserve this? Or what had been done?