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Abstract Reality

17-year-old Ana Forrester has lost everything. Her parents, her place in this world, her story. After a near-fatal car crash, the Cullens take her in, where she meets Seth Clearwater. Soon, she realizes that her life may have a chance to turn itself around. But when the Volturi threaten Ana’s safety, she must make a choice between her new family, and the wrath of the Volturi. THIS STORY IS COMPLETE!!!!!!! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO READ & REVIEWED!!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU AT ROUND 2!!!!*~Nymphadora_Cullen~*

In case anyone's wondering, in this story, Ana is 17, which means everything is happening now. Bella's been a vampire for two years, and Nessie is, I guess, about the physical representation of a ten or twelve-year-old. Also, I'm planning to do a playlist for this fic. Check the chapter notes to see what music works for each chapter If anyone has any questions, please leave a review.

2. Chapter 2: The Cullens

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Chapter 2: The Cullens

My head was throbbing as I came back to reality. Everything seemed unreal, like the remains of a nightmare; my thoughts begged for release, but my brain wouldn’t respond.

Disjointed images from the dream haunted my memory: The road… the deer… the tree… Dad, slumped, lifeless against the seat…

I heard a scream, and realized that it was my own.

My eyes snapped open. The first thing I noticed was that this wasn’t my room at home.

I saw that I was lying on a king-sized bed, with a golden comforter. I noticed that the headboard was decorated with intricate wrought-iron roses. The sheets were soft, and very clean.

The room itself was painted an off-white color, with one of the walls a window, showing me the entire forest in front of me. There were CD’s lining the walls, none of them in alphabetical order. There also was a fancy sound system and a leather couch pushed up into a corner. The carpet was the same shade of gold as the bed comforter.

I slid out of the bed and walked slowly to the door, pushing it open silently. There was a hallway, painted the same color as the room, but the floor was paneled wood. There were paintings hanging on the walls, but that didn’t appeal to me. What did, however, was the staircase at the other end of the hall.

I ran down the hall, reaching the stairs without having to exert myself. I took the stairs two at a time, finding a second floor below me, another hallway, similar to the one above me. There was another set of stairs ahead of me.

Eagerly, I made a mad dash for them, passing every door, and making quite a stir, I guess. I was going so fast, I almost didn’t see one of the doors open in front of me.

Out walked this beautiful girl about my age. Or, more correctly, danced. She was a short girl, with spiky black hair and pixie-like feature. Her skin was pale, and her eyes would have easily matched the comforter in my room.

“Hello,” she said, her voice rang like a peal of jingle bells. “I’m Alice,”

She stuck her hand out. I took it, noticing how solid and rock-hard he hand was, almost like granite.

“Hi,” I muttered. “I’m Ana Forrester.”

“We know,” a man’s voice said. I turned to see a man with the same skin and eyes, except his hair was a shocking bronze colored. The woman next to him was a thin, brunette woman, and she glanced at the boy next to her.

“Daddy, she doesn’t know you know.” A child of about ten said as she followed them up the stairs, with hair that matched the man.

“That’s all right,” I said, sticking my hand out anyway. “Ana, as you guessed.”

“Bella,” the woman said.

“Edward,” he replied

“I’m Remesmee,” said the girl happily, “but you can call me Nessie.”

“It’s a pleasure to me you, Nessie.” I told her. Nessie beamed, showing me pearly white teeth.

“So where is everyone?” Alice asked. “Jazz went with Carlisle and Esme, but I haven’t seen Rosalie and Emmett all night.”

“Rose and Emmett are downstairs,” Bella muttered.

“In a very compromising situation,” Edward added. “I had to cover Nessie’s eyes so she wouldn’t see, it was so bad.”

“Ick,” Alice growled, “Not to mention I can’t see most of the morning. It looks like Jake’s bringing a friend.”

Suddenly, Edward cocked his head to the side. “Really?” he asked. “Tell her everything? Are you sure?”

Alice nodded. “In about 5 minutes. Just give her the basics. Meanwhile, I’ll tell the lovebirds to get dressed.”

With that, Alice dashed away. It was so fast; one second she was there, and, when I blinked, she was gone.

It was just the four of us standing on the landing.

“Ana,” Bella began, “try not to panic when we tell you this, even though we know that everything you know is about to be compromised.”

“You see, Ana,” Edward continued.

“We’re vampires,” Nessie said.

For the next few minutes, Edward, Bella and Nessie told me about vampires, and debunked every myth about them.

“We don’t eat,” Bella said, “Except for blood.”

“Even then we only drink from animals.” Edward said.

“We don’t sleep,” Bella admitted.

“And some of us…” Edward added, “Have special powers. I, for example, can read minds.”

“Alice can see the future,” Bella continued. “Her husband, Jasper, can control emotions, exciting large crowds, or calming someone down. I can shield people’s minds from intrusion, and my own mind is protected all the time.”

“That’s pretty much it.” Edward concluded.

“Any questions?” Nessie asked.

I shook my head.

As if from far away, I heard a door open.

“Hey, Nessie!” called a gruff, husky voice.