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Abstract Reality

17-year-old Ana Forrester has lost everything. Her parents, her place in this world, her story. After a near-fatal car crash, the Cullens take her in, where she meets Seth Clearwater. Soon, she realizes that her life may have a chance to turn itself around. But when the Volturi threaten Ana’s safety, she must make a choice between her new family, and the wrath of the Volturi. THIS STORY IS COMPLETE!!!!!!! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO READ & REVIEWED!!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU AT ROUND 2!!!!*~Nymphadora_Cullen~*

In case anyone's wondering, in this story, Ana is 17, which means everything is happening now. Bella's been a vampire for two years, and Nessie is, I guess, about the physical representation of a ten or twelve-year-old. Also, I'm planning to do a playlist for this fic. Check the chapter notes to see what music works for each chapter If anyone has any questions, please leave a review.

7. Chapter 7: Future

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Chapter 7: Future

I’d found the tree by myself.

Seth had stayed by where we’d stopped running; he was farther back into the woods, but close enough to be there if I needed him. After we stopped, he phased, saying no one would care if they saw a boy sitting at the foot of a tree by the road. He’d even brought a book with him.

The tree sat there, the side facing the highway charred, and dented. I saw something glinting in the grass, and bent down to find a piece of glass, probably from the windshield.

“You miss him, don’t you,” a voice whispered. I turned to see Edward leaning against a tree. Surprised, I nodded.

"I miss my parents, too.” He muttered. “Ninety years later, and I can still remember my mother’s face as only a blurry mass of colors.”

“I’m sorry.” I whispered.

He nodded, and sighed. “It was during the Spanish Influenza of 1918. My father’s face is much harder, but if I think hard enough, I can still see him. I’ve never told Carlisle, but Bella knows. I’ve always wanted to talk to them, ask them if they still… care about me.”

"I bet they still do,” I told him. “I also think they’re very proud of you, being here, getting a chance to be with Bella.”

He cocked his head to the side. “Do you really think so?”

I nodded. “Sometimes,” I began, “when I can’t sleep at night, I try to think of them. I usually imagine them on a puffy white cloud, talking about me, telling each other how proud they are of me.”

“You’re lucky you can sleep,” Edward laughed.

I found myself smiling as I looked back at the burnt tree, fingering the shard of glass.

“You were very close, am I right?” He asked.

I nodded. “I just wish I had something to put there, by the tree, like a flower or something.”

“You’re lucky I found this in Esme’s garden.” Edward replied, holding up a small bunch of white lilies.

“Dad always used to get them for Mom," I muttered, cradling the white blossoms in my arms. “But how…”

Edward tapped his head. “Mind reader, remember?”

“Oh, yeah!” I gasped, calling his joke, “Now I remember!”

He chuckled. “I’ll be over here,” he added, gesturing to a tree nearby.

As I walked over to the charred trunk of the tree, all my apprehension returned in full force.

“I can do this,” I whispered, not sure if I actually believed my own words. The tree stood there, unmoving, a grim reminder of the night everything changed for me.

I tightened my grip on the flowers, stalking toward the tree. I knelt, feeling the grass rub the knees of my jeans, and slowly set the white lilies on the base of the tree trunk.

“I love you, Daddy,” I whispered, tears thick in my throat.

“Ana,” Edward called suddenly. I looked up to see a black figure running quickly through the trees. A moment later, Edward was next to me.

“Get on my back,” he whispered. “Close your eyes if it gets too… blurry.”

I obeyed, and when I felt secure, Edward took off. He hadn’t been kidding when he’d said it was blurry; I had to shut my eyes within seconds of him beginning to run.

The wind whipped my face, but I held on. Without thought, I heard the lyrics dancing in my head

Fear is only in our minds,
Taking over all the time.
Fear is only in our minds but it's taking over all the time.

I knew Edward would’ve heard them, but I didn’t ask, and he didn’t say anything. It was shortly after we started running that he suddenly stopped; I opened my eyes to see the house, and Alice, Jasper and Bella standing at the edge of the river.

I didn’t need to ask; I jumped off Edward’s back as the other three joined him.

“We’ll be back soon,” Alice said without preamble, and the four of them were gone in the blink on an eye.


I turned to see Seth running from the house, and my feet flew from under me to him. I didn't stpo running until I was in his arms, his heat radiating and comforting against what had happened.

“Are you-?” he asked.

“Yes,” I muttered into his shoulder. “Edward was there.”

“Yeah, I know,” Seth replied, “He told me to come back to the house. I saw the shadow. Ana, it was another vampire, but I couldn’t get a good look at him.”

“It’s alright,” I whispered, “It’s okay.”

I continued to whisper those words, more for my sake than his until the others returned later that evening.


The other vampire had managed to get away, and it seemed that he posed no threat to our existence or to us. Alice could not locate his future, which gave us a bit more safety, and from what she could tell, he wasn’t really going anywhere anytime soon.

We finally settled down after the quick scare, pushing the episode to the backs of our respective minds. My relationship with Seth was growing, blossoming with every passing day. We gladly went everywhere together, and grew more and more closer.

Until one night, when everything changed.

It had started out as any normal evening. Seth and I had returned from La Push after hunting for rocks and seashells on the shore. When we had collected enough stones, Seth brought them to Kevin Silver, a stone polisher whose son was also a wolf. His hair was silver, like his name, with a tan face, a long, pointed nose, a small mouth and eyes that sparkled like the stones he polished. Then, he drilled holes into the stones, and Seth threaded them onto a long string that became a necklace for me. I promised him I’d wear it wherever I went. Afterward, we’d gone for dinner at Seth’s house; Sue Clearwater was pleased to meet me. The shells were in my new purple knapsack, an early birthday gift from Nessie.

Alice was in the living room, looking for the future while we did other pursuits.

Emmett and Jasper were watching college football, Rosalie was flipping through a fashion magazine, while Edward and Bella were by the piano, where he was composing a piece while she watched. Nessie and Jake were on the computer, listening to music. Carlisle and Esme were reading; it looked like a bestseller if they were into it.

I felt sleepy, so warm curled up next to Seth on the couch. He threw his arm around me, and I felt myself drifting off.

“Oh, Alice,” Emmett called jokingly. I saw Bella standing behind Alice, a smile on her face.

“Alice,” Bella whispered, so quietly I almost didn’t hear. “Alice, the mall is on fire.”

Alice sat up, screeching “WHAT?” It was so high that I had to look to make sure the windows weren’t cracking.

Meanwhile, Emmett, Bella and Edward were laughing. Jasper was trying to hide a smile, but was failing so badly that he was hiding his mouth behind his hand. Even Carlisle and Esme were chuckling with mirth.

“That’s NOT funny, Bella!” Alice yelled, “I cannot believe you’d come up with something so-!” Suddenly, Alice stopped talking mid-sentence, her eyes wide.

“Alice, what-?” Edward started, but his eyes, too, seemed to widen as he saw what Alice was seeing “No,” he moaned suddenly, “No, not now!”

“Edward, what is it?” Bella asked, and I could see the fear in her eyes.

Alice managed to break away. She turned to us, looking many years older than she usually was.

“They’re coming,” she whispered, “The Volturi are coming.”