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Dead and Gone

Edward dies trying to protect Bella. Even though Bella would rather die, the Cullens change her when Alice finds out the Volturi are on their way. The story takes place after her change (with a little flashback in the beginning explaining everything). I'm sure there are other stories to do with Edward dying out there, so I did not attempt to copy them if my story sounds like them. Oh, and the title was inspired by the song "Dead and Gone" by T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake (it has nothing to do with this story, it just seemed to fit). Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I was going to wait to post this until after I had a few chapters, like I do with my other stories, but I liked this first chapter a lot, and I wanted to know what you all thought.

2. Chapter 2

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“Bella, are you almost ready?” Alice called softly from out in the hall.

“Yes, I’ll be down in a minute.” I heard her footsteps as she moved away from the door and down the hallway.

It was our second year back in Forks. I remember the first day we came back, I had spent the first day holed up in my room, which was Edward’s old one, dry sobbing. Then the next day Alice had convinced me to start going to school. I don’t know why I agreed, maybe it was because I was getting tired of her nagging and the entire family being overly cautious around me, or maybe it was because deep down I thought that when I walked into biology he would be sitting at our old table waiting to tell me that this entire thing had been some sick joke by the Volturi. But for whatever reason I went, I did, and the first day was terrible.

I had gotten through my morning classes fine, mainly because Jasper was in most of them, and he kept a good check on my emotions now-a-days. But as we walked through the cafeteria to where they used to sit, I heard the conversations that I had been blocking out all day.

“What’s wrong with her?” One girl sneered.

“Yea, she looks like someone died.” Another girl agreed, flipping her blond hair over her shoulder. I looked down at my feet.

“They don’t know Bella, its okay, they’re just jealous of you.” Jasper whispered.

“I know, but that doesn’t make it any better.” I replied.

“Does she seriously think that she can fit in here?” The girls at the table continued on.

“Like anyone could ever like her.” I stiffened as I sat down at the table Jasper had led me to. The girls were only a table away and they were glaring at me.

“Their right.” I mumbled.

“No they’re not.” Alice rubbed my back.

“Yes they are, everything is my fault!” I put my head down on the table and covered it with my arms.

“She must be emo or something to be so depressed about nothing.” A girl remarked.

“How about instead of egging Marcy’s house tonight we do hers instead.” The blond from earlier suggested.

“Yea, she looks so… I don’t know different.” Someone asked.

“That’s it.” Rosalie growled. She grabbed Alice’s arm and pulled her up from the table, “No one talks about Bella that way, even me.” I knew she was just referring to the first few months I had known her. They waltzed over to the girl’s table and waited until they looked up at them.

“Excuse me,” Rosalie smiled sweetly, “But do you mind keeping it down?”

Alice looked at Jasper and motioned quickly to her ears. Jasper got the cue and quickly covered my ears, but I still heard the conversation.

“Why should we? Just because you come waltzing in here all pretty and stuff doesn’t mean we have to listen to you. Why don’t you socialize more, then maybe we would.”

“Oh, trust me, if I socialized, you’d have no ‘friends’,” Rosalie made air quotes when she said friends. “Now, just to let you know, we heard everything you said from the very beginning, and I don’t think that egging our house would be a very good idea.” She flashed them a menacing smile.

“Not that you could even find our house.” Alice smiled also.

“And leave our sister alone.” Rosalie added quickly.

“Why should we? It’s not our fault she’s acting all depressed to get attention from boys.”

“Because, for your information, she doesn’t like the attention, and she did lose someone she loved, we all did, it just hit her the hardest.”

“What? Did your little doggie die?” The blond girl pouted dramatically and the girls laughed.

“No, our adoptive brother and her boyfriend,” Alice said quietly.

“Oh, it’s a boyfriend and he was adopted anyway, get over it. I did when my boyfriend died in the car accident.”

“While you were probably only dating for a few months, they were together for years, and once we were out of high school they were planning on getting married. You have no idea how he died to.” Rosalie snapped at them.

“What? Drunk driving? I would get pretty drunk if I had to date that.” The girl glanced over at me and saw Jasper’s hands covering my ears and smirked.

“No, he was murdered.” Rosalie said quietly.

“What?” The girls gasped and looked at her surprised.

“Yea, they,” she glanced quickly to see if I could hear, and obviously thinking I couldn’t hear, continued, “cut his head off and burned him, all the while some one was holding her and making her watch. So you watch what you say or you’ll regret it.”

I couldn’t stand being there anymore. I sprang quickly from my seat, surprising everyone. Rosalie and Alice looked shocked that I had heard them and so did the girls.

“Bella, I didn’t think you could-“ Rosalie stammered.

“It’s fine Rose. I just, I can’t be here anymore. I’ll be back before lunch is over.” I was close to breaking down now, and I did not want to do it in front of a cafeteria full of humans. I turned and walked quickly towards the door. As soon as I was out I started running.

That was last year, and this year it wouldn’t be any different, people would still talk about me thinking I couldn’t hear. But none of them knew to the smallest extent what I was going through.

I glanced over at my clock. I still had an hour before school started.

“Alice,” I called as I flitted down the stairs.

“Yea, what’s up Bella?” She danced lithely into the living room from the kitchen.

“I’ll meet you guys at school; I’m going to go for a run first.”

“Okay,” She looked me over cautiously, knowing exactly where I planned to go.

I hadn’t been to His grave since the day of the funeral. I hadn’t planned on going at all, but suddenly I felt the need to.

The meadow was the same as I remembered. The beautiful clearing with wildflowers covering the floor of the tree-lined perfect circle; there was something off about the sunny place though, and I knew exactly what it was.

In the center of that perfect circle, was a medium sized marble tombstone, engraved with those three impossible dates, and the name of the perfect man who had lived them.

I knelt down and pressed my head to the cold marble.

“Why did you have to leave?” I asked, turning my face up to the sky, and then I started to sob again, my eyes burning with the tears I couldn’t cry for the one I loved.

Eventually I picked myself up off the ground, and before leaving the meadow, I found the perfect daisy. Its petals were all intact and its tiny little stem was strong and pointing towards the sun. I picked it carefully, making sure not to pull up the roots, and set it gently in front of his gravestone.

Just like him, that perfect little thing would eventually loose its life, and that perfect beauty would be taken from the world.

I sighed, and after promising myself I would visit Him more often, I turned and headed for school.

By lunch I was already bored beyond belief.

“Please,” I begged. I wanted to skip the rest of the week and just hang out around the house. “I’ll even watch a movie with you guys, or play a game.” We all knew that wasn’t true. The last time I had promised them that I had stayed in my room the entire time.

“No Bella, and that’s fin-“ Alice cut off mid-sentence and stared with wide eyes across the cafeteria.

I followed her gaze and gasped. There, sitting at a table was someone I thought I would never see again.