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Dead and Gone

Edward dies trying to protect Bella. Even though Bella would rather die, the Cullens change her when Alice finds out the Volturi are on their way. The story takes place after her change (with a little flashback in the beginning explaining everything). I'm sure there are other stories to do with Edward dying out there, so I did not attempt to copy them if my story sounds like them. Oh, and the title was inspired by the song "Dead and Gone" by T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake (it has nothing to do with this story, it just seemed to fit). Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I was going to wait to post this until after I had a few chapters, like I do with my other stories, but I liked this first chapter a lot, and I wanted to know what you all thought.

6. Chapter 6

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When we pulled into the driveway Carlisle and Esme were standing on the front porch, Alice had called Carlisle and told him to hurry and get home because there was a major family emergency.

Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett got out of the first car, followed by Mike and Jessica who were in the car in front of us.

“Alice, honey, where’s Bella?” I heard Carlisle asked her as she skipped up to join them on the front porch. “Did something happen? Did the Volturi show up? She didn’t go with them did she? She didn’t ask to die again?”

Edward turned and looked at me, confused at the last part.

“I tried to run away a few times, and jump out my window when I was human,” I explained to him. “But Alice was always there; even if she didn’t have a vision she just knew when I was going to try it.”

“Bella,” he sounded upset.

“You would’ve done it to, actually you did do it, so you can’t get mad at me.” I pointed out. He sighed but nodded.

“Bella’s here Carlisle, don’t worry.” She pointed to our car, “But we have some new guests, and a family member.”

“What are you talking about Alice?” Carlisle asked, and with that, I stepped out of the car, followed by Edward.

“Edward!” Esme exclaimed. And then she and Carlisle were down the stairs and embracing Edward in a hug.

“Nice to see you son,” Carlisle whispered. Edward smiled and they pulled back, allowing him to pull me back into his arms.

“Isn’t this amazing?!” Alice asked from the porch. “Now we’re a family again!”

“Yes, yes it is!” Esme exclaimed, pulling Edward into another hug.

“Oh, I’m sorry for being so rude and not introducing myself.” Carlisle had noticed Dan and Eloise standing by their car.

“No, it’s fine, we understand.” Eloise smiled.

“Well I’m Carlisle and this is my wife Esme.” Carlisle extended his hand towards them and Dan shook it.

“I’m Dan and this is my sister Eloise.”

“Well now that the introductions are all over with, let’s go inside.” Esme said and motioned toward the house. Once we were all settled into the couches, Carlisle spoke.

“So Edward…” He looked deep in thought for a moment before continuing, “How exactly did you… come back to life?”

“I don’t think that’s my story to tell.” Edward said truthfully, squeezing my hand and then nodding toward Dan.

“It would be my story.” Dan said slowly. “You see when I was a human; I was a doctor in the E.R. I don’t mean to brag, but I was pretty good. I saved a lot of lives, and I guess that translated over into my vampire life. I can bring things back to life.”

We all stared at him amazed.

“But you’re so young!” Emmett exclaimed. Of course he wouldn’t think that the fact that he can bring things back to life is amazing, he thinks it’s amazing that he’s so young and he worked as a doctor. Dan laughed.

“I was extremely advanced for my age.”

“So you can bring people back to life?” Carlisle asked.

“Yep, pretty much.” Dan nodded. “Eli and I were in the area and we were running through the forest. We came across the headstone, and we were confused as to why it was there all by itself in the middle of the forest.”

“So we checked it out.” Eloise cut in. “We saw that there were three dates instead of two so we figured it had to be a vampire, and, I’m sorry for invading your privacy, we read the note that was in front of it.”

If I was a human I probably would have blushed, so I opted to hide my face in Edward’s chest.

“Eloise urged me to save who ever it was, so I did.” Dan added. “The second Edward was all put back together; he jumped up and attacked Eloise.”

“As soon as he calmed down enough, he explained that he thought I was someone named Victoria and that he was fighting her before he died.”

“I asked them the date after that,” Edward jumped in. “And when I realized it had only been about three weeks, I rushed to the house, but you were all already long gone.”

“We promised him we would help him find you, and we’ve been traveling across the country since.” Eloise summed up.

“Well, we’re certainly grateful for what you did.” Esme said.

“Yes,” Carlisle agreed with her. “Are you two together?” He asked, noting their closeness to each other. Dan and Eloise looked at each other for a second and then started laughing.

“No, definitely not!” Dan exclaimed.

“We’re brother and sister!” Eloise added in.

“Oh, well thank you for clearing that up.” Carlisle nodded, and I noticed Edward and Jasper were looking back and forth between Mike and Jessica and Eloise and Dan. Everyone else caught on to the fact that they liked each other and we found excuses to leave the room.

I pulled Edward outside with me.

“Let’s go somewhere.” I whispered.

He nodded enthusiastically and grabbed my hand, taking off into the forest.

When we reached the meadow we both stopped and stared at the grey headstone that sat before us.

“Are we allowed to get rid of that?” I asked him. He nodded and smiled at me.

As I walked forward to rip it from the ground, I noticed something surprising.

The daisy I had placed on top of the stone had fallen off, and somehow, made its roots in the ground once again.