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If I Sing...

Bella Cullen has been waiting over a century to find the happiness and love that her family shares. When the blood of a dying boy sings to her, can she find the strength to turn him without draining him dry? And if she does, can they overcome the hurdles, both human and immortal, that separate them from the greatest love they've ever known?


1. Chapter 1: Prologue

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In the century that I had been a vampire, I never lost my enjoyment of walking. Walking, not running, at a simple, relaxing, human pace. Not that running didn’t have its perks. On the contrary, it was perhaps one of the most exhilarating things about being a vampire. However, walking had always been able to clear my mind.

So when Alice and Rosalie had convinced Carlisle to take a trip to Seattle, I was glad for the chance to walk around. Esme and my sisters had immediately jumped on all the opportunities to shop, and Emmett and Jasper had been forced to tag along as designated bag carriers. Not that they didn’t get anything out of the arrangement. I knew full well that Rosalie and Alice were planning a trip to the priciest lingerie store, where the boys could approve of all their potential purchases, leaving Carlisle and I to walk around the town.

It was nice, really, spending some time alone with Carlisle. Over the years as our family grew, it had become harder and harder to spend one-on-one time with anyone. And Carlisle and I were close. He had turned me, I was his first ‘child,’ and we had spent several years together before Esme joined us. Even then, we were still all very close, and I missed the personal relationship that I had formed with my 'parents' at that time.

“What are you thinking about, Bella?” Carlisle asked, noticing my quiet mood as we walked down the darkening city street.

“Just that I miss this,” I replied. Seeing his confused expression, I clarified, “spending time alone with you. Or anyone, really. It’s… nice.”

Carlisle smiled at me, a warm, fatherly expression. “I agree, Bella.”

We walked in silence for another hour or so, before something caught our attention.

“Do you hear that?” I asked.

Carlisle nodded, pointing toward an alley several hundred feet down the road.

Someone was yelling, others were laughing, and there was a sickening crunching noise that sounded too familiarly like bones being crushed. Within seconds, Carlisle and I were down the alley, taking in the scene before us.

Several young men, who smelled quite strongly of alcohol, were circling another figure, kicking and throwing bottles at him and laughing all the while.

Anger rose up in me. I never understood how people could underestimate the worth of life, any life, and I hated seeing it destroyed.

In the moment it had taken me to get angry, Carlisle had knocked the hooligans back, who immediately scampered off at his growl and unearthly strength. I knew they were too drunk to remember anything in the morning and I was sure Carlisle felt the same.

“Don’t worry, son, I’m a doctor,” Carlisle explained, crouching over the crumpled form on the ground. “We’ll have you right as rain in no time.”

I took a few steps forward, carefully approaching the scene as Carlisle checked the boy’s pulse. Even after a century, I’m not nearly as comfortable around blood as Carlisle. Though I’ve never had much of a draw to it, more of a repulsion, really. A gift from my human life, Carlisle said.

“Please,” came a raspy voice, and my head turned immediately to the sound. “Don’t let me die.”

“No one said anything about dying,” Carlisle replied, smiling at him, though when his eyes flicked up to me, I could tell the boy was barely hanging on to life.

“I can see it in your eyes,” the broken boy replied, and I swore I felt a stab of pain where my heart should be. “Please, I don’t want to die….”

There was a visible conflict in Carlisle’s stance. I could tell he was debating on whether to turn this boy. We had just moved to Forks (or moved back, depending on how you looked at it), and a newborn would not be very conducive to our remaining inconspicuous. Newborns needed our undivided attention to keep them from killing any humans within range. I stepped forward, despite my dislike of the blood, ready to help Carlisle, whatever he decided.

A tiny gust of wind blew down the alley, and my every muscle froze. Something smelled incredible. Absolutely and positively divine. My throat burned with a familiar thirst, and my mind was hazy. I sniffed a few more times, hardly noticing Carlisle as he asked me something or another--I was too focused on the smell. What was it? Where was it coming from?

I stepped closer to Carlisle, and immediately I knew. The smell, this completely orgasmic smell, was the boy before us. Or rather, his blood, that called to me, sungto me even.

Wait a minute….

It sung to me?

Holding my breath, I tried desperately to make my feet turn the other way, but they keep moving forward.

“Carlisle,” I whispered, so quietly that the human wouldn’t hear me. “His blood…. It’s singing to me. He smells incredible!”

Immediately, Carlisle’s eyes met mine, wide with surprise.

“Bella,” he said quietly, seriously. “You’re sure? Il Tuo Cantante?”

I nodded jerkily. Somehow, I had managed to stop my feet from moving forward, but I wanted to taste his blood like nothing I have ever wanted before. It filled me, consumed me, this desire to taste him, but some part of me wanted to save him, keep him with me forever and never get rid of his delicious scent. Sandalwood, and something spicier. Musky. Perfect.

“Bella, I cannot turn him,” Carlisle said, and I starred at him in disbelief. I had been looking for my singer for a century while watching my family find theirs, and now Carlisle would deny me?

Apparently my eyes held enough question, because he continued.

“Bella, we cannot have a newborn in our home right now,” he said, speaking both at a speed and frequency only audible to vampires. “There is no way to keep ourselves concealed. If you want him turned, you will have to do it.”

I swallowed a copious amount of venom that had pooled in my mouth.

“I can’t,” I whispered, watching in agony as the boy continued to whimper and beg for life. “Carlisle, I’ll drain him…. I can’t do it.”

Immediately, Carlisle was standing before me, holding my shoulders tightly. “Bella, if you want to keep this man, to turn him…. If he really sings to you, you will find the strength. It has to be you.”

“Why? Why not you?”

Carlisle sighed, another one of his habits in an attempt to be more human. “Bella, you know how your venom affected Emmett. The newborn bloodlust was nearly nonexistent. We cannot take on a regular newborn right now. You know this.”

I nodded. I did know. That didn’t comfort me any, nor did it make this impossible task any less daunting.

Carlisle held my shoulders as he walked me toward him, and I held my breath. Kneeling before him, I placed my cold, hard hand gently on his forehead. My throat burned as if someone had lit it on fire, perhaps even more so than when I was first turned. Is this what my family felt when around any humans?

The boy had such green, beautiful eyes that immediately captivated me, making the bloodlust a bit easier to handle.

“Please,” he whispered, and I wiped his brow.

“I can help you,” I replied quietly. “But I need to know your name.”

“Edward,” he rasped out. The name flickered something in me, and for the tiniest second, I thought I might be able to do this without killing him.

“Edward….” I breathed out, bracing myself for the frenzy I knew would take hold. Tilting his head gently to the side, I pulled back my lips, sinking my teeth into the sweetest skin that ever existed....