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Inner Workings of the Salad Bowl

Believe me. The title will make sense once you read this. What if Jacob didn't break the rules? Jacob never went to Bella's room that night and Bella never had the dream. She has no idea that Jacob is a werewolf. Set a few days after Jacob practically tells her that they can't be friends.


2. Pajamas

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I played with my cereal depressed as always. I pushed my spoon on top of a fruit loop and watched as it floated back to the top again. I let out a sigh. No matter what force was put against it, it would always resurface. But after I pushed it a little too hard, it broke in half and turned into a soggy piece of sugary bread. Depressing. I looked at the clock uninterested. It was almost time to go to school. I dreaded every second that would take me out into the open. Victoria was still out there. Lurking, waiting, watching. I couldn’t die. Charlie would be devastated. First, his only daughter dying inside, and then her actually dying? Why not just hit him with a shovel? It would have the same effect.

“Bella!” Charlie called down the stairs. I heard the loud thumps of his boots as they made their way down the stairs. He came into view and then saw that I was sill there. “Great, I didn’t miss you,” He said . He walked over to the other side of the table and sat down. He looked at me in the eye nervously. I looked away quickly. “Bella, look at me,” he commanded. I turned my head slowly. I met his gaze. It was horrible. I could feel the disappointment coming off him in waves. “We need to talk Bella.” Oh didn’t we. What would we talk about first Charlie? The love that left me? The other person that I trusted abandoning me? What do you want to talk about first!?

“About what?” I said as calmly as possible. I played with my cereal some more. I heard a loud screech as Charlie pushed his chair back. He stomped over to where I was sitting and grabbed my bowl he dumped it out in the sink. I sat there a little terrified.

“Listen to me, Bella! This has gone on long enough! I can’t stand to see you like this! You-you’re going to see a psychiatrist!” Charlie yelled. My mouth fell open in shock.

“A-A what?” I stammered out.

“A psychiatrist. Dr. Fustner is a great at her job. She will help you through this!” Charlie begged me to understand.

“I don’t think she can relate to my situation,” I said coldly. I didn’t want to see a psychiatrist. No doubt it will open old wounds. I didn’t want to relive the moment Edward left me. I didn’t want her to even hear about it.

“Please, just try it out. It may help. If it doesn’t then you won’t have to go anymore. Please?” Charlie pleaded with me. He would have gotten on his hands and knees if he had to. I couldn’t say no to him. I would just have to go to one session. That’s all.

“Fine,” I said quietly. The look on Charlie’s face made me smile. He looked so happy.

“Thank you, Bells,” he said while hugging me. He then looked at his watch. “Oops! You’re going to be late for school,” he muttered. He then looked at me quickly. “Have a nice day!” he then rushed out the door and into the cruiser. I rolled my eyes and went to get my backpack. I sighed before I went out the door. I stuck my head out and look around widely. Nobody was there so I ran to my car and locked all the doors. I drove to school with my heart still racing.

I did arrive to school a little late, but I didn’t care. Students were still drifting into the building, so I didn’t worry about Victoria striking there. I ran to first class, ignoring the confused faces I saw around me. What were they looking at? I stopped and went into a bathroom. I looked in one of the mirrors above the sink and saw nothing wrong with my face. I heard the stall behind me open and saw Jessica go to the sink next to me.

“Did you roll right out of bed and right into school or something?” Jessica asked me. I looked at her confused. I saw her look down at my clothes. I nervously did, too. I gasped at what I saw. I must of forgot to change into my clothes because I was still wearing my pajamas. My holey, way to large pajamas. Jessica laughed a little.

“I thought that you must not of done that on purpose,” she said still laughing. She shook her head, washed her hands and walked out of the bathroom still laughing. I looked into the mirror again and saw that my face was bright red. I was starting to look like a tomato more and more. I washed my face, trying to make the red die down, but it didn’t work. I was suddenly a little angry at Jessica. She just laughed and laughed at me. She didn’t even try to help me. I didn’t know what she could do, but maybe she could have lent me some makeup to cover up the shadows under my eyes. Was she still mad at me for the Port Angeles(spelling?) incident. She couldn’t be…I apologized to her many, many times. I sighed and looked at my appearance again. Maybe I could fix it. I combed my hair with my hands and pulled it back into a pony tail. I smoothed out my t-shirt and tried to hide the holes in my pajamas. I also found a very, very old tube of mascara that I forgot I had in my backpack. After I was done, I didn’t really look any better. I sighed and walked out of the bathroom and into first period, which just happened to be English. I heard a few chuckled from my classmates but I ignored them. I sat down in my seat and tried to concentrate on my work.

The rest of the day consisted of chuckles and me falling flat on my face. I was covered in bruises by the time I got home. Charlie was already sitting on the couch, watching T.V.

“Ready to go?” he asked me. He looked over to me and his eyes widened. “Bella, what are you wearing?”

“I forgot to get dressed this morning,” I said coldly.

“Well, you can’t go to the psychiatrist like that. Go get dressed,” he commanded me.

“What? We’re going today?”

“Yes, now go get dressed.” I grumbled as I walked up the stairs. I threw on the first pair of jeans and shirt I found on the floor. I stomped down the stairs.

“That’s better,” he said. He led me to his cruiser and we drove to Seattle. It was a very long drive.

When we finally got there we had to climb up three flights of stairs to room 127. We were both panting by the time we got to the door. We opened it and Charlie signed us in. After five or ten minutes of sitting in the waiting room awkwardly, the receptionist called us into an office.

“Dr. Fustner will be right with you,” she said. I sat down in a comfy chair and rested my head in my head. It took another five minutes for the doctor to actually get into the room.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Fustner,” I heard a sugary sweat voice say. My mouth fell open when I laid eyes on the pale woman standing in front of me.