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Inner Workings of the Salad Bowl

Believe me. The title will make sense once you read this. What if Jacob didn't break the rules? Jacob never went to Bella's room that night and Bella never had the dream. She has no idea that Jacob is a werewolf. Set a few days after Jacob practically tells her that they can't be friends.


5. Accident

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The nearest hospital was in La Push, and I hoped that Jacob wouldn’t show up. But a small part of me did. I wanted him to see what he did to me. I came to him, begging for him to be my friend, and he entirely ignored my plea! And the only thing I actually got out of the experience was a broken arm!

“Ms. Swan, we are ready to see you,” the woman at the front counter said. I nodded and was brought into a x-ray room. They took some x-rays and put me in a cast. I walked out of the hospital filled with pain medications and sedatives. I was a little loopy when I stumbled into my truck. I fumbled with the keys and dropped them on the floor. I then sat still and tried to regain what little hand-eye coordination I had. I managed to start the truck and pull out of the hospital parking lot. I was driving down the road at a slower pace then usual though. I didn’t want to hit any innocent bystanders, did I?

I then realized what had happened. Jacob abandoned me…again. And this time I knew exactly why, and he still ignored me! Maybe he just didn’t want to be my friend…It felt like my heart was being ripped out for a third time. I pulled over to the side of the road and started to sob. Why me? What did I do so that I deserved this? After a few, or I thought it was a few, minutes, I tried to calm myself down. It wouldn’t do any good if I got all worked up. But I couldn’t stop. I heard myself gasp for breath, and I couldn’t believe that it was coming from me.

Do it for Charlie, I chanted in my head. He wouldn’t want to see me like teary-eyed and miserable. I calmed myself down enough to restart the truck and make it home. When I entered the door, I was met by Charlie sitting on the couch. As soon as he saw my face and my arm he started to get off the couch.

“Bella, what on Earth happened?” he started to yell.

“Just stop, Charlie! I can’t stand it anymore! I just want to be left alone!” I sobbed and ran up to my room. I flopped onto my bed and buried my head in my blanket. I couldn’t believe that this was happening…again. My whole world seemed to be crashing down on me. All the hope I had left was gone. Out the window with all my dreams. I wanted to see Laura again. I had to talk to her about this. But then I heard something that made me want to cover my ears with my pillow.

“Whatever Jacob did to her is tearing her apart!…Don’t you blame this on her! She went there today and when she came home she was in tears! You should have seen her face!…I don’t know what he did, but he better watch out for now on. If he makes one wrong move, then I’ll be on the case,” Charlie yelled, hanging up the phone quickly. I was bring my own father into this whole mess along with me. I was a rotten daughter. I then quickly wiped off my tears and walked down stairs. I saw Charlie sitting on the couch not really watching the game.

“Dad,” I whispered. He looked up at me with worried eyes.

“Yes, Bells?” he asked nervously. I looked down at the ground and then looked back up at him.

“Can we maybe reschedule with L-Dr. Fustner for maybe this week…or tomorrow,” I said quietly. I needed to talk to her. She was the only mystical creature I had left in this world. The last reminder of…him.

“Sure, if I can get her to reschedule,” Charlie said quickly. He jumped off the couch and ran for the phone. He dialed and then held the phone up to his ear. “Hello, it’s Charlie Swan. Bella would like to reschedule for sometime earlier this wee-…tomorrow? Okay, bye,” Charlie said hanging up the phone a little surprised. “Wow. We have an appointment tomorrow,” he said. I smiled weakly. “She must like you,” Charlie joked.

“Well, we share a…special bond,” I said laughing a little at my secret. “Thanks, Dad,” I said before started to head upstairs to get ready for bed. But Charlie stopped me.

“What happened to your arm?” he asked concerned. I sighed.

“I tripped over a rock and hit my elbow,” I said. Charlie seemed to buy it and sat back down on the couch. I then went back upstairs. It was early, probably too early, but I didn’t care. I was exhausted. I didn’t even change. I just flopped down on my bed and closed my eyes. I fell asleep in seconds.

I awoke the next morning from a dreamless sleep. Or I thought it was dreamless. I didn’t have the energy to remember if I had one or not. I drifted down stairs and got myself some breakfast. Cheerios and Fruit loops were off the menu so I made myself some waffles. I wondered what disastrous event would happen that day to make waffles inedible. I sighed and zoned out during my breakfast. I hardly even noticed when I burnt my hand on the waffled maker. It took me about five seconds to notice the searing pain on my hand. I grabbed my hand away and ran it under cold water. I mentally smacked myself for being so careless. Tears formed in my eyes from the pain. Charlie then made his appearance. He looked at me with my hand under the water and immediately furrowed his brow.

“Bella, what-”

“I burnt my hand,” I said quickly. Charlie then saw the waffle maker and a look of realization spread across his face.

“How bad is it?” he asked worried.

“It’s…fine,” I said after a wince. He didn’t buy it. He took a paper towel and wet it and then wrapped it around my hand. Despite my protests he dragged me into his cruiser and drove me to the hospital. They out some stuff on my hand and I wondered to myself what other injury I would acquire by the end of the week. Torn off leg, cracked skull…both possibilities.

Charlie then took out his cell phone. “Bella, I don’t think you should travel today,” he said. I nodded. I wasn’t up for a long trip to Seattle anyway. He then dialed Laura’s number again. “Hello, it’s Charlie again. Bella got injured and I don’t think she can come in today…Oh, okay. Thank you. Goodbye,” he said surprised again. “She’s going to come over instead,” he said a little dazed. I smiled to myself. I could always count on Laura. Charlie pulled up to the house. I got out of the car but he stayed in. “I have to go to work. Can I trust you by yourself?” He asked. I nodded and he pulled away. I sighed and went into the house.

I spent all morning doing nothing in particular. That was until I tripped over my own two feet and landed quite painfully on my broken arm. I was about to scream out in pain when a shadow loomed over me.

“Hello, Bella,” a sinister voice said. I looked up and saw my worst fear come true.