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Alice's Precious Cat

Alice just HAS to have a pet, and so she convinces Edward to get a cat for her. But what happens when they realize that this cat is something...different?

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1. The Cat

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I ran my hand along the sides of the numerous cages and then turned back to Edward, my innocent eyes getting wider.

“Please, for me?” I whimpered, the corners of my mouth turning down slightly. I looked up at him through my long eyelashes. “Come on, you can’t deny that it would be so much fun!”

Edward’s face hardened. “No, Alice. We are not getting a pet, and that is final.”

I gave up on trying to be cute. “Aw Edward!” I wailed. “It’s the only thing I’ve wanted in such a long time!”

Edward snorted. “Yeah, besides the fifteen pairs of shoes yesterday, and the dresses the day before, and the hair accessories the day before that, and...”

“I get the point,” I interrupted him, looking back to the small puppy in the cage in front of me. I turned on Edward. “But, Eddie, I’m your favorite sister, aren’t I?”

Edward attempted to give me the cold shoulder, but he soon sighed. “Alice, if Carlisle says anything or if this animals does anything, then it is your fault and we are giving it back, got it?”

A huge grin spread over my face. “Thanks!” I exclaimed, hugging him tightly before rushing upon the saleswoman demanding to hold a kitten.

Edward barely spoke to be the whole way home from the pet store, but I did not care. I was far too busy petting the small black cat in my lap to notice anything else.

“Edward, look at her beautiful eyes. She’s so perfect! And her little nose, and her fur is so soft, just feel it!”

“Alice,” Edward sighed, not tearing his eyes from the road. “The saleswoman said that everyone who adopted his cat brought it back immediately afterwards.”

“I know, poor thing,” I said, cradling the cat in my arms. “Well, she shall have a permanent home now.”

It was the most gorgeous cat that anyone had ever seen. There was not a flaw in its beautiful face, or its sleek body, or its flicking tail, and I was instantly drawn to it. Even the saleswoman admitted that it was a perfect cat. The cat looked up at me with large, innocent eyes that nearly matched mine. I planted a kiss on her head and gave her a warm hug.

“She’s going to fit so well in this family,” I said, and Edward rolled his eyes as we pulled into our house.

“Alice!” Rosalie groaned as she spotted the small cat in my arms. Then she turned to Edward. “What did you do?” she snapped.

Edward held his hands up in defense. “Don’t blame me, it’s all your sister here,” he said, and stalked off to his room.

I set the cat down. “Can someone help me get the cat food and stuff out of Edward’s car?” I asked, but no one volunteered. “Come on?”

“Alice, you are strong enough to get it all out yourself,” Emmett said. I huffed in response and blew a kiss to my darling cat before hurrying off to collect her things.

I set up her bowl of food in the kitchen. “Come on, precious, it’s time for you to eat!” I said, picking her up and carrying her over to her food bowl. I sat down on the floor as she batted at her food with her paw. She looked up at me with confused eyes.

“It’s your food,” I explained to her. “Go on, eat! It’s yummy! It has...” I picked up the bag to look at the ingredients, “salmon, and chicken, and some other stuff,” I said. She launched herself into my lap and buried her head into my arm.

“Aw, come on! I love you too!” I said, picking her up and holding her up at eye level. I gave her a kiss on her wet little nose and then set her back down in front of her food. “Now, you have to eat!”

She meowed and bounded away from the food. “Wait!” I called, running after her with inhuman speed. I could have caught up with any cat, but for some reason this cat was faster or equally as fast as I was, and everyone noticed.

“Whoa! What was that?” Emmett asked, looking up from the television.

I followed the cat upstairs, where I found her curled up in Edward’s lap. I leaned against the door frame and watched as Edward took in the animal.

“Alice!” he roared. “Get this animal off me now!”

“Don’t Edward!” I exclaimed, rushing into the room and extracting the cat. “You’ll scare her!” I cuddled the cat in my arms and gently petted her on the head.

“Alice, did that cat really just run in here faster than you?” Edward asked. I straightened, my pride not allowing me to reply to his assumption.

“Maybe I was being slow on purpose,” I lied tactfully. “Anyways, she won’t eat her food, and I’m worried!”

The doorbell rang, and Edward glided downstairs. I heard the door open and Bella’s voice and smell carry through the house. My cat’s ears perked up and she suddenly streaked downstairs and launched herself at Bella.