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Alice's Precious Cat

Alice just HAS to have a pet, and so she convinces Edward to get a cat for her. But what happens when they realize that this cat is something...different?

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2. What's Wrong With The Cat, Alice?

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Bella screamed and Edward grabbed the cat before it touched her. I could see from his face what he was thinking, and snatched the cat from his hands before he did anything rash. The cat squirmed in my arms, trying to break free, but I held her closely. Edward took Bella in his arms and soothed her, much like I was doing to my cat.

“I’m sorry, Bella,” I said, feeling bad. “I just got this cat, and she’s still adjusting.”

“Adjusting?” Edward repeated incredulously. He turned towards me, his eyes blazing with fury. “Alice, that thing is a terror, and you have to get rid of it!”

I opened my mouth in horror. “Edward! How could you?” I forced tears into my eyes to make me seem more pitiable.

Edward ignored the moisture squeezing out the corners of my eyes. “Alice,” he growled, his voice low and frightening. “You promised that if that animal did anything remotely bad, you would give it up. It tried to kill my girlfriend, so you are going to give it up.”

“Edward, don’t...” Bella tried, but Edward silenced her with a look. She gave me a glance filled with apology, and I smiled at her. Then, I turned to Edward and my smile disappeared.

“What is going on?” Carlisle asked, coming in.

“Yeah, it sounds like someone’s eating Bella,” Emmett joked, following behind Carlisle.

“Close enough,” Edward snarled.

“What happened?” Carlisle asked again.

“That thing,” Edward spit, “tried to attack Bella!”

“It’s a she!” I exclaimed. “And she’s just trying to adjust to a new place!” My cat squirmed again and hissed at Bella, who cringed into Edward. He shot me another menacing look, and I stuck my tongue out at him.

“It tried to attack Bella, specifically?” Carlisle asked. “It has not done anything else?”

“Well, she’s not eating...” I said, my voice trailing off.

“And she can run faster than Alice,” Emmett cut in.

Carlisle nodded once, frowning. “Alice, can I see the cat, please?”

I held my cat closer, unsure.

“I won’t hurt her, Alice. I just want to see her,” Carlisle said calmly, and I reluctantly handed her over. The minute she left my hands, she tried to make another jump at Bella, but Carlisle clasped her firmly, and began examining her. “She’s...flawless,” Carlisle noted. I nodded, smiling affectionately. Edward scowled and kissed Bella on the top of her head. I bit my lip and awaited Carlisle’s decision.

“Ah, Alice,” Carlisle finally said, slowly. “I’m afraid that your cat is not a...normal cat...” he murmured.

I immediately began protesting. “So what if she has a disease! You can’t discriminate against the crippled! That’s cruel, and she deserves every right to live, just like us...well, not us per se, but you know, humans, and...” I decided to stop talking as Carlisle looked at me, one eyebrow raised. Emmett snorted with laughter, and I stuck my tongue out at him.

“No, Alice, she does not have a disease, and she’s not crippled,” Carlisle said calmly.

“Then what’s wrong?” I asked, confused. I ran through a mental list of everything that could possibly be wrong with her. Suddenly, Edward gasped.

“No!” he said, a smile spreading on his face. Bella looked at him, the same confusion in her eyes that I was sure was in mine.

“What?” I asked, feeling completely in the dark. “What is it?”

“Alice,” Carlisle said, “your darling cat’s a vampire.”