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Alice's Precious Cat

Alice just HAS to have a pet, and so she convinces Edward to get a cat for her. But what happens when they realize that this cat is something...different?

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3. Lucky

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“What?” I exclaimed, grabbing my cat. “What do you mean, a vampire?”

“Well, Alice,” Edward said, a smirk on his face, “vampires are these mythical creatures that suck people’s blood.”

I snarled at him, and he laughed. Then, I sniffed quietly and petted my cat on the head. “Can I still keep her?” I asked quietly, sounding pitiful. Edward bit his lip to hold back another peal of laughter.

“Ironic,” Emmett smirked, and switched on the TV.

Carlisle shrugged. “I really don’t see why not. She’ll fit in beautifully, except for Bella...”

“I don’t want to be an imposition,” Bella said quietly.

“We can train her! She can be a vegetarian, like us!” I said, getting more excited by the minute. “We can take her on our hunts, and she’ll only take the small creatures, you know, the deer and stuff like that! Oh, this is going to be so great!”

“As long as that thing stays away from Bella,” Edward said, his laughter fading. “If it even comes near Bella, it leaves!”

Ignoring him, I said, “Oh, so does that mean that I have an immortal cat?”

“I guess so,” Carlisle said, barely containing a smile. He gave my cat one last pet on the head and walked away. I hugged my cat closely.

“What should I name her?” I wondered out loud. I looked around. “Any help?” I asked.

“Alice Junior,” Emmett suggested.

I shrugged and looked down at the animal, well, vampire animal in my arms. “What do you think?” I asked her. “What shall we name you?”

I let my eyes wander around the room, looking for inspiration. “Hmm...”

My cat yawned, displaying a row of wickedly sharp teeth. “Awww,” I murmured, kissing her again. Suddenly, she jumped out of my arms and streamed at Bella, who began screaming again.

“Stop! Bad cat!” I exclaimed over the shrieks of Bella and the furious roars of Edward. He plucked the cat and dropped it in my arms.

“I’m sorry,” I said meekly, hanging my head in shame. “Bad kitty, that is not nice,” I said firmly, shaking my finger at her. My cat just stared hungrily at my finger.

“Alice,” Edward said warningly. “What did I tell you?”

“I’m sorry!” I repeated. “She’s just adjusting, and I’ll teach her not to hurt humans later! I promise! Please don’t be mad, Eddie,” I begged. He sighed and turned away.

“Come on, Bella. Let’s go to my room.”

They both hurried upstairs, and I sat down on the wood floor, putting my cat in my lap and petting her gently. “Now what am I going to do with all the cat food?” I wondered out loud.

She yawned again and laid her head on my knee, looking like she was sleeping, but I knew that she could not. I studied her closely, trying to figure out what her name should be.

“Jazzy!” I called, and Jasper appeared next to me.

“Yes, my love?” he said, bending down to pet the cat, which was stretching out in my lap.

“What should I name my new pet?” I asked him. He picked up the cat and looked at it closely.

“I don’t know,” he said, giving my darling back to me.

I bit my lip in thought. “She’ll be called...Lucky!”