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Deadly Dancing

A secret and mysterious cult is stealing artifacts across Europe, all with a goal made in the middle ages in mind. And that goal deals with only one thing. Vampires. Bella Swan is the only person in the world with the full knowledge of vampires, and is joined by her fellow agents of Zeta to try and stop the cult from spreading. But when a run in with her past occurs, will her duty be the only thing pushing her to fight? flag

All things from Twilight are Stephenie Meyers. All things from the Sigma Force novels (like the idea of Zeta) are by James Rollins. Everything else is by me.

5. Down the Street

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Down the Street

You Found Me—The Fray

I’m sure that if a mirror had been in front of me, I would have fallen over laughing. But Edward seemed to be a strong man: he was staring at me intently, as if waiting for an answer as I gaped at him, my eyes wide, my breath coming and going irregularly.

“But…but, what do you mean you love me?” I gasped, sounding as if I had just ran six miles. “You said…that day in the forest—“

He put his fingers to my lips, silencing me. His eyes looked into mine intently, almost hypnotizing me into staring back at him. “Can’t you see that I was lying that day Bella?” he asked urgently, as if his life depended on how I received this news. “I lied that day! I’ve always loved you. I only left to try and protect you from what I was. If I hadn’t thought you would be better off, I never would have left!”

Staring into his eyes as he spoke, I only saw truth in his liquid eyes, so different from the frozen pools they had been the day my life basically ended. Now I could see the emotions, the truth better than I could back then. And I realized what I had been trying to tell myself this entire evening. Edward Cullen still cares about me, still wants me.

Tears suddenly flooded my eyes as a small smile formed on my face. I nodded at him, and relief filled his features. He suddenly pulled me closer, hugging me to his hard frame. I breathed in his scent, feeling like I was home.

The emotions…the world around me seemed so much different. Instead of constant grey, black and white, I seemed to be overloaded with reds, blues, greens, yellows, oranges…golden eyes, staring into me. It was like I could clearly see him for the first time tonight. I was letting myself truly acknowledge what I felt for him. And the relief from not hiding it was staggering.

I took a deep breath. “Edward, I—“

A high shrill broke through what I was about to say, and I immediately got my phone from my pocket, opening it and holding it to my ear. “This is Isabella Swan.” I noticed that Edward looked slightly disappointed, but I wasn’t letting myself think of that. I may love him, but I also have my duty. And right now, my duty would be saving his life, so I had to focus, not get all twisted up in my feelings.

“Where are you? You got Morgan all worried!” Meka said. “I mean, I know girls like to pack a lot, but you normally just grab a little.” I could hear the slight worry in his voice, but he knew that I could take care of myself.

“I’m sorry. I just ran into an old friend, who happened to be with when I was shot at earlier this evening. I took him to my apartment, that way he won’t be tracked down in association to me.”

“Oh,” surprise colored Meka’s tone. “Are you going to bring him back here so that someone can keep on eye on him fort he time being?”

“Oh, um,” I hesitated slightly, seeing the murderous look that filled Edward’s eyes. He clearly didn’t want to be babysat. Or for me to be getting shot at in Europe. “I think he was going to just go to his family, which is staying in the capitol I think for the weekend.” Again, Edward shook his head no.

“If you’re going, then so am I,” he hissed, his eyes black. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. I knew it was smart to bring him, since he could help more than anyone else. But could I pull this off?

“I mean, that’s what he wants, but I think that he should come with us to Europe. He knows what’s going on, as well as a bit of history on the Guardians, since he knew someone who used to be in it. I think it would be smart if we brought him.” I glared at Edward as I spoke, while he looked very pleased with me going along with his wishes for once.

There was a moment of silence before Meka finally answered me. “Well, that does seem to make sense, but do you think it’s smart, having a civilian come with us? You would be responsible for him the entire time.”

I sighed, suddenly feeling older than my almost nineteen years. Me, having to take care of a 107 year old vampire, while hunting people who wanted to exterminate vampires. Only I could get myself into these situations. “I know Meka. I’ll look out for him. We’ll meet you at the airport in about thirty minutes since I’m running a bit behind.”

Meka agreed with my idea, and we said our goodbyes before I hung up. Edward seemed slightly smug with getting to go with me, much like a little kid getting the cookie they weren’t supposed to have until after dinner. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“I’m sorry for making you let me come, but I really think that I need to,” he said, getting straight to the point so that I wouldn’t be able to argue. “There is a very old family there, called the Volturi, and they are the leaders of our kind. If they found out what you know without me there to protect you…” he trailed off, his eyes haunted. He shuddered slightly, and I realized that there was a lot left out in that hanging sentence, most of which I probably was better off not knowing.

I sighed. “I know that it isn’t right letting you come with me, but I’m happy you are,” I admitted, looking down. It was hard for me to say it, and I wanted to cover it up with some asinine excuse, but I made myself not say anything. He had admitted his feelings for me, so I should admit mine for him, even though it went against what I normally did, keeping secrets to myself.

His eyes warmed at my admittance, and he smiled at me. “Really? You don’t mind having a vampire come with you to Europe?” I could see that he was teasing me now, so I decided to go along with it.

“Well, wouldn’t it be a good to thing to take a vampire to Europe? I mean, he must be lost over here in America. Everyone knows that vampires are supposed to be in Romania anyway, along with Dracula and Count Orlok.”

He laughed. “I doubt Count Orlok will be there, since the German filmmakers just plastered a different name onto Dracula so they wouldn’t be sued by Bram Stoker’s publishing company.”

I shrugged, though a faint blush rose to my cheeks. I hadn’t realized that when I watched the movie before. “Well, vampires live in Europe, okay? It’s basically a rule if you follow the whole stereotype thing, which is what my partners are going to be doing.”

He raised his eyes at me, and then grabbed my bag from me as he saw me pulling it up from the ground so that we could get going. I didn’t bother arguing.

“And you’re not going to correct them on their beliefs?” he asked, surprised.

I shook my head as I locked the door to my apartment. “No, since I don’t want them to be aware of anymore than they need to. If they find out that vampires are actually real, you might be exposed and get into trouble. I’ve spent the past seven months trying to prevent that, and I’ll keep it up now. Just don’t laugh at anyone if you find a cross and garlic in anyone’s suitcase.” I warned him.

He smirked at me. “I hope I don’t have to look in your bag for anything then, since you should know much better by now.”

I laughed quietly, trying to not disturb anyone. “Just a lighter and some flammable body sprays,” I said with a wink, grinning at the shocked look that crossed his face. Then I grew serious. “You didn’t think I wasn’t going to learn how to defend myself, did you? I am taking classes in explosives right now, just in case you know.”

He blinked, and then opened the front door for me. “May I drive your car to the airport?” he asked formally, and I knew that he was thinking of something else. I knew from experience that it was better to let him drive, so I handed him the keys with a stern look.

He put my small bag in the trunk and was in the driver’s seat before I even had my seatbelt on. “So…have you had to defend yourself against any of my kind?” There was a hesitancy in the way he spoke, as if he wanted to know the answer, but didn’t.

I bit my lip, staring out to the dark road flashing by, street lights becoming white blurs as Edward sped faster than even I normally dared to the airport. It would have scared me if I hadn’t gone almost the same speed on a motorcycle while people were trying to shoot me when I was on one of my first missions. Or if I hadn’t have been forced on the Top Thrill Dragster by a certain Hawaiian.

He turned to look at me after a few seconds, and I realized that I had to answer his question. I took a deep breath and sighed, closing my eyes in the process. “Twice. The first time was with Laurent when I visited Charlie in Forks, and he thought that I might be a good snack. The second time was in New York City, when I was doing an undercover mission with a drug dealer that we thought was connected to millionaire in Brazil. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess.” As had the vampire who decided that I would be his midnight snack, that was now just burnt ashes in a dumpster.

The car slowed for half a second, and then became even faster in his fury. “Laurent?” he hissed darkly. “What was Laurent doing in Forks?”

I shrugged. “Who knows? All I know is that he popped out of nowhere when I went to Charlie’s friend’s house to pick something up, and he just lunged at me. He probably was just traveling along the coast and came to see if any of you were still there.”

Edward was quiet for a moment. “Well, I guess I can say that I am very grateful that you have learned to watch out for yourself,” he said softly. We were both quiet for a moment until he spoke again. “Is this the right place?” he asked.

I looked up to see the private airport that was owned by the government. I blinked. “How did you know this was the right place?” I had been expecting to give him directions, but he had driven so fast I didn’t realize how close were.

He gave me a crooked grin, and tapped the side of his head. “I heard it in the thoughts of one of the men you work with. I must say, it must be convenient to be able to request a private jet whenever you need it.”

I nodded slightly, and got out of the car. Of course, he was out and already had my bags before I had even shut the door. He locked the car, and handed the keys to me with a grin.

“I must say, it isn’t an Aston Martin, but it is a very nice car,” he told me with a wink.

I laughed. “Well, at least it goes up to three hundred miles per hour. Isn’t that one of your requirements?” I remembered that Rosalie had done work to all of their cars, and that many of them went closer to four hundred…

“It’s a perk for me,” he laughed as he grabbed my hand, and pulled me towards my humanity.