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Deadly Dancing

A secret and mysterious cult is stealing artifacts across Europe, all with a goal made in the middle ages in mind. And that goal deals with only one thing. Vampires. Bella Swan is the only person in the world with the full knowledge of vampires, and is joined by her fellow agents of Zeta to try and stop the cult from spreading. But when a run in with her past occurs, will her duty be the only thing pushing her to fight? flag

All things from Twilight are Stephenie Meyers. All things from the Sigma Force novels (like the idea of Zeta) are by James Rollins. Everything else is by me.

6. White Caps

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White Caps

Into the Night—Santana feat. Chad Kroeger

“There you are! We were getting worried!” Morgan exclaimed as Edward and I walked up to the private waiting area. He had been pacing around, while Meka said on a push chair, playing with rubber ball.

I raised my eyes at him. “I’m early,” I said, glancing over at Meka. “I told Meka I would be here in a half an hour about twenty minutes ago,” I added with a frown. “I still have ten minutes to get here.”

“Oh,” Morgan said, frowning also, and glanced over at Meka. “Meka must have thought you were almost here when you spoke to him.” Meka flashed a grin and shrugged, and I laughed.

“Yes. Because it’s so out of character for him to mess with us, isn’t it?” I asked sarcastically. Morgan smirked and nodded, before he noticed Edward standing cautiously next to me.

“Is this the boy who was with you when you were attacked?” he asked, all business now. I nodded slowly. He turned to Edward. “Alright, before I can let you on the plane, I need to talk to you, in private,” he added, seeing me open my mouth. “If you’ll please follow me.” He led Edward into the corner, away from any security cameras that could catch what they were saying.

I bit my lip and sat down by Meka, keeping track off what was going on in the corner with my peripheral vision. Meka seemed to be watching them as well, sitting up a little bit straighter.

“So…” Meka started, flashing me a grin. “Where’d you meet him? I don’t mean to sound weird or anything, but he looks like he just walked out of an Abercrombie ad.”

I stared at him for a moment, and then burst out giggling. “That’s what I thought the first time I ever saw him. But no, I knew him in high school junior year back in Forks, and his family moved out east at the beginning of our senior year. I ran into him on my way home, and we started catching up a bit.” I shrugged.

“Oh, that sucks having to move senior year,” Meka said in sympathy. “That’s one torture I would inflict on no one,” he said, shaking his head. I remembered that something like that had happened to his cousin.

I nodded in agreement. “Yeah, moving is not fun for anyone, no matter when it is,” I said quietly, and Meka looked at my face a little harder, and then his eyes widened.

“That’s the boy!” he suddenly exclaimed. I stared at him, raising one eyebrow. I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, though I was slightly worried that it had something to do with the mission. Meka looked down. “Well, Morgan and I had a bet on why you refused to date anyone ever, or do anything, really. I thought it was because you had a bad brake up, and Morgan thought it was because of your work.”

Suddenly aware that Edward and Morgan were both looking at me now, I sighed. “It’s a mix, so how about you both give me the money?” Then I flashed a wicked grin to hide the pain lashing through me at the memory of Edward leaving.

Meka blinked, and then gave me a fierce scowl, digging out his wallet and handing me a twenty. “Morgan bet twice as much, so this should be enough money for you to take care of your friend.”

I frowned at him, and glanced over at Morgan, who was talking to Edward again, trying to make it seem like he hadn’t heard anything we just said. Good spy, I thought to myself sarcastically. But why had they both made bets on the somewhat obvious veil over me? I mean, it wasn’t their place to do so. At least Morgan bet on my dislike for dating on something less personal. He was a really good, kind man though. A really good, kind man who was now coming over.

I decided to get a little revenge. “So, since we’ll be in Italy, is there going to be any stops to a certain someone?” I asked coyly, standing up. I smirked at him as his face went red, and behind him, Edward rolled his eyes at my teasing.

Meka sighed. “Come on, I want to get on the plane so I can take a nap.” He got up and went straight to the gate, ignoring all of us. I rolled my eyes and grabbed Edward’s hand, pulling him after me through the gate.

His eyes widened as he saw what plane we were going in. “The government let you have this?” he asked in surprise.

I shrugged. “It’s fast, and we really need to get over to Italy. Breaking a few Mach’s along the way helps a bit with that.” And it was true that we would be breaking the sound barrier. The F/A-18F Super Hornet was an incredibly fast jet, one that was rarely given out from the military. But Director Brown knew how to pull the right strings.

He shook his head slowly. “For some reason, I feel like I should fear for our lives a little bit more right now. If you get this” he gestured broadly in front of us, where the large, sleek black jet loomed.

I grinned at him. “Well, no one ever said being a secret agent is easy. James Bond just glorifies it really. We don’t have must time for one night stands or martinis every night.”

“Says you,” Meka said, waiting for us at the steps to the jet. “I could use me a nice glass of hard liquor right now.” He looked up the jet, obviously wishing this was a private one, so that there would be couches, a bar and other comforts waiting inside.

“Don’t worry Meka. I’m sure we can find you a nice bar in Florence,” Morgan said from behind us, laughing.

I turned my head sharply to him. “What are you talking about? I thought we would be going to Munich, and searching down through northern Italy?”

Morgan shrugged. “A lot of the history of the Guardians of the Shadow seems to come from that area, so I’m going green and saving us a day’s drive down to Florence.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Going green? So does that mean you won’t be using any rifles, explosives or toxins in the next two weeks or so?” I asked with raised eyes.

“Or anything else that could damage the ecosystem, like poison, nuclear battery cameras…” Meka said, trailing off with the glare commander gave him. I gave a short laugh, before the glare was turned to me. I just raised my eyes at him. Morgan may be almost ten years older than, with that much more experience, but I wasn’t afraid of him.

He seemed to guess the reason for my bravery. “How many knives are strapped on you right now?” He asked with a laugh.

My face went red, and Edward raised his eyes at me. “Only five,” I muttered defensively.

Only five?” Edward asked incredulously. Before I could answer, the pilot’s voice came over intercom, and we all sat down in the seats, fastening the seatbelts and harnesses around us, as well as pulling down breathing masks. Edward only raised his eyes at me when I motioned for him to put it on.

“I don’t really need this,” he said to me in a low voice, careful to not let Meka or Morgan hear from the seat pairing in front of us.

I rolled my eyes and put it in front of his face, commanding him with my eyes to put it on. He sighed, and put it over his mouth, looking annoyed as he did.

I couldn’t talk to him, since everything was on radio waves once the mask was on, and not everyone had to hear out conversations.

The takeoff went without a hitch, and soon we were thirty thousand feet, forty thousand feet, forty seven thousand feet in the air. We had been in flight for only half an hour, but already all I could see outside the window was dark ocean, with a tinge of light coming from the east.

“How long is this plane ride going to last?” Edward murmured into the radio quietly.

“Well…it’ll be a bit faster than a normal flight. It should take us only about three to four hours to get to Florence from here,” Morgan told him casually.

“I still say we should have started in Munich,” I muttered, forgetting about the radio piece on my breathing mask. “That’s where the first thefts were.”

“We’ve been through this already, Bella,” Meka said, mock boredom filtering through his voice. “Morgan’s being all hip and going green. Don’t try to ruin his attempt at feeling younger.”

I tried not to laugh, but Morgan’s ‘humph’ just pushed me right over the edge. I burst out laughing, making myself dizzy from the uneven flow of oxygen coming into me from the breathing mask.

Edward noticed this, and grabbed my shoulders. “Deep breaths, Bella. Deep breaths,” he said, his topaz eyes staring intently into my own. I stared at him for a moment, before taking a slow, deep breath. He smiled at me, though it was hard to see through the breathing mask.

“Happy now?” I muttered sarcastically.

He chuckled. “Very. Now just keep breathing, and I’ll be ecstatic.” Underneath the humor, there was a deep tone of seriousness, which I knew came to me as a warning, to stay alive, to have us stay together.

We were all quiet after that, just resting, thinking about what was coming, what we could do. We couldn’t discuss much, since out radio was connected to the pilots, and we didn’t want anyone to overhear any classified information.

“So Bella, how did you figure out the thing about vampires?” Meka asked vaguely. I glanced at Edward out of the corner of my eye, who had stiffened slightly. I stifled the urge to roll my eyes. As if I was going to go ‘oh yeah, I knew because I dated one, and its sitting beside me right now!’ But, I could still have a bit of fun.

“Actually,” I said slyly, “Edward here got me interested. Back in high school he used to be really into myths and legends, and his favorite was the one about vampires. I just connected the dots from some of the stories he told me, like about Vlad III and St. Germain.”

I could almost imagine the wheels turning in Edward’s head, coming up with a way of comeback. “Yes, I used to be rather interested in those things. But Bella got me to be curious about other things,” he added casually. From his tone of voice I knew what he was talking about, and my face went red. He touched my cheek with a sigh.

Morgan coughed, while Meka cackled. “Oh Bella, what are these other things exactly?” Beside me, Edward stiffened again, and I could only imagine the thoughts going through everyone’s minds.

“Oh, you know, motorcycles and cars and stuff,” I said in a peppy voice, which was out of character for me. Everyone was silent for a moment, and the Morgan and Meka laughed.

“You do realize how I can twist that, right?” Meka said wickedly.

“Yes, but you also know that that was the probable answer,” I replied dryly. He grunted in reply, and I grinned, recognizing victory. “There’s a reason people like me more than you,” I teased, though it wasn’t necessarily true. I was good at seeing right through things—perceptively—while Meka could annoy them to get them to tell him what he needed, though not all of it.

“Wait; speaking of cars and stuff, do you know how we’ll be getting around Italy?” Meka said, changing the subject. I became still, listening, as I had wondered this as well. Edward rolled his eyes, obviously since he could just buy whatever car he wanted without any worries.

“Yes, a silver Porsche, along with a Yamaha 2008 XT250 for Bella, since I knew you felt more comfortable with that brand,” Morgan said, a slight smirk in his voice.

“Yes,” I hissed. I actually did love the brand. “That’s a dual one, right? Street and off-road?”

“Yes. I thought that would be a bit wiser, considering the…problems that came up when we were in Rio back in March.” I could hear the laugh in his voice, and beside me, Edward froze, his eyes wide as he obviously watched whatever was going on in Morgan’s head. I looked at him questioningly, but he didn’t notice.

“Well, as long as it isn’t raining, she should be fine,” Meka said, shrugging.

“Why does Bella need a motorcycle?” Edward asked. I could hear the slight edge to his voice, and guessed that I had been thrown out of his good graces for the moment.

“Well, Bella often goes to meet the people we need to deal with beforehand, and…becomes an acquaintance with them. She can use the motorcycle for a faster getaway.” Morgan said calmly. Edward let out a low growl, and I thought that I would be the only one to hear it, again forgetting about the radios.

“Was that the plane?” asked Meka in alarm.

For the first time, the pilot spoke to us. “No, that wasn’t the plane. I’m just guessing that someone forgot to eat their dinner last night.” He laughed a little. “Or any meals yesterday from the sound of it.”

I laughed, as did Edward. “That was me. I didn’t have lunch or dinner today, and only a really small breakfast,” I admitted, hanging my head down in fake embarrassment. It was mostly true though. I had had a piece of toast for breakfast and a protein drink for lunch, foregoing dinner. Everyone chuckled a bit at that, before the pilot came on again.

“Well, next time I would advise you to eat. But for now, I’m coming down into Florence, and you all need to be ready for the altitude drops, which are faster on this plane than others. I’m going down now.”

And I could feel what he meant. My ear pressure was getting more and more tight, and everything seemed to pushing down on me, and then suddenly it was over, and the plane smoothly touched the ground. I took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled. That was the one thing I hated about planes, especially fighter jets like this one. Your body just couldn’t adjust itself to the change of altitudes as fast as they came. Edward smirked slightly at the expression on my face. I stuck my tongue out at him, and turned away, causing him to chuckle slightly. Arrogant vampire.

“Welcome to Italy,” the pilot said.