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My Immortal

Bella was Changed. It's 30 years later. Bella and her small coven moved back to Forks. And so do the Cullens. Neither Bella's coven knows about her past, and the Cullens don't know what happened to Bella. In the small town of Forks, two Vampire covens can't be kept secret from each other.
This story has been put on hold for a bit. I'm very busy lately, and I honestly don't know how I can make this story more exciting. But I promise I will be updating..this story will have an ending.

I got this idea from a lot of other stories about Bella being changed when Edward left in New Moon, and then they meet again.

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"Bella, Bella!" called Madeline from across the hall. "You have to come help me find something to wear tomorrow! And we still need to find you an outfit." "Okay Madeline, I'm coming." I sighed. I stood up from bathroom floor. Another failed suicide attempt,iIt was no shock to me that I was absolutely fine. I always was, I guess being 'immortal' really means what it says. I knew there really was no way to kill me or one of us, except by ripping us apart and burning the pieces. But neither Madeline, Taylor or Conor was willing to help with that one, the only one. Even know I know all this, I can't help but try. I've been trying for 30 years. I appeared in the door way of Madeline's huge closet, she whirled around to face me, holding an arm full of clothes. "How did that one work?" she grinned. "I'm still here, aren't I?" "And you're not going anywhere. Now lets pick out our outfits for tomorrow." she demanded. "Sure." I answered. I was use to Madeline's clothing obsessions, she always made us pick out our clothing the night before school. But tomorrow was the start at a new high school. New for them, anyway. Forks High. My second time. I really did not way to be here. But I guess since this is the rainiest place in America, I can argue. Well, I probably could, if I told them why I hate this place so much. I decided, well Madeline did for me, on a lacy grey halter top, skin tight skinny jeans, and matching pumps. Her outfit was a black Layla dress, white legging, and matching flats. "Hey Bells." I turned to see Taylor leaning against the threshold. He face pulled up into my favorite grin. I dropped the necklace in my hands and ran into his embrace. He picked me up and whirled me around in a huge hug. I laid my cheek against his stone shoulder. "I've missed you so much Taylor." "I know what you mean Bella. I've been going crazy without you." Taylor and Conor had been gone for a two weeks. They were called by the Volturi. They were very interested in Taylor' power, which was psychokinesis, moving objects with your mind. In Taylor's case, his is very strong, he can move things from miles away and very heavy things. But the Volturi's where very interested in have him with them, but he had told me that he wouldn't stay with them. I guess he didn't 'cause he is here now. Which I'm thankful for. I hated being apart from Taylor. Taylor was like Jacob....in a way. Taylor and me clearly loved each other. But we don't, never did, have a romantic relationship. I explained to him, along time ago, that I was hurt, and couldn't handle it. It sounds silly, even to me. Taylor loves me, I love him. I know that he would never do anything to hurt me. I'm always happy with him. So whats the problem? I don't even know. I feel lost without him, even when we're apart for the shortest time. But I just can't let myself be with him- or anyone for that matter. The great thing about Taylor is that he understands. He never pushed me, he promised that he would always wait for me, and my happiness was his only concern. Which I know isn't fair to him. He doesn't even know, what, or how I was hurt. Him, Madeline and Conor, all want to know, but I just can't bring myself to tell that about, it. What happened in my mortal life. Yes, and the hole still rips through me. I wish everyday that Victoria would have killed me, instead of her killing Jacob. The rest of the pack got her. But I feel so responsible for Jacob's death. "Excited for tomorrow?" Taylor asked. "Your not funny." "Sure I am. Hey um, do you wanna take a walk, down by the lake?" "Yeah, okay just let me change." "Okay, by the way, you looked beautiful." I grinned as he back out and shut the door. B&&E&&B&&E Alice Cullen's POV There she was, just the way she looked last time, I'd saw her. But more beautiful. Bella Swan. There she was, walking into Forks High. At first I thought the vision was from the past. But I can't see the past. There was only one possibility- Bella was immortal. A vampire. How did this happen? How could this happen? Oh my god- Edward. Was this a good thing or a bad thing? What am I going to do? Bella was walking into Forks High. This had to be tomorrow, and we were starting there too, again. Edward would surely see her...... "Jasper! Jaaasssppppeeerrr!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Completely unnecessary, with our hearing. "Jasper! Hale! Whitlock!" "Yes dear?" Jasper appeared at the door. "Where's Edward?" I demanded. "He and everyone else left about 20 minutes ago to go hunting. Why what's wrong? He's not going to try to go to the Volturis again, is he?" "No no, but......" I swallowed hard "Bella." was all I could say. "Bella?" He repeated "What? Alice your not making any sense." "Bella i-i-is immortal." I choked out "What!? Alice how.....Are you sure?" "I don't know anything. I just saw her, tomorrow walking into Forks High with 3 others." "Vampires?" "Yes Jasper. Vampires. They all were, are." You need to tell Edward" "Yes, I know. How do you think he'll take it?" "Well anyone normal...." I cut him off. "Edward isn't normal" "Yes, any normal person would be thrilled that the love of there life didn't die and could be with them forever." Yes, but Jasper, Bella may not love Edward. After everything, and not to mention 30 years." "Yes, I know. But he still has to know." He sighed. "Do you want to tell him?" I asked hopefully. "I'll pass." "Mmm." I groaned. How the hell was I possibly going to do this? B&&E&&B&&E There was Edward, laying down on his black leather couch, eyes clasped shut. Of course he knew I was standing in the doorway. "Uh Edward? I have some news for you." Yes, I know, you've been keeping you're mind very clouded. What Alice?" He had readjusted himself so he was sitting on the couch, eyes tight on mine. "Well um, like I said, I have news for you. It's either good or bad news, depends on what you think. But it is shocking. I think it's great, but I defiantly sh...." He cut me off. "Alice! What is it?" He demanded. I took in a slow deep breath Okay, um well, see I had a vision of tomorrow at school, I wasn't looking, it just came..." "Say it Alice." He was getting impatient with me, I didn't want to make him mad so I'd better just spit it out. "Bella, is immortal. I announced quickly. "What?" He sigh "Yes, vampire. She was changed." There was a long silent moment, that felt endless, I had to speak. "I don't know anything, except, she is starting at Forks High tomorrow. I think she lives like we do. She was with 3 others and they all had orange eyes. That's all I know. And I thought, you should know, because you could, probably will, see her tomorrow." I swallowed hard. There was another moment of silence, then Edwards face dropped to his hands. I felt very uncomfortable. I slowly backed out of the room. Tomorrow was going to be....rough.