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My Immortal

Bella was Changed. It's 30 years later. Bella and her small coven moved back to Forks. And so do the Cullens. Neither Bella's coven knows about her past, and the Cullens don't know what happened to Bella. In the small town of Forks, two Vampire covens can't be kept secret from each other.
This story has been put on hold for a bit. I'm very busy lately, and I honestly don't know how I can make this story more exciting. But I promise I will be updating..this story will have an ending.

I got this idea from a lot of other stories about Bella being changed when Edward left in New Moon, and then they meet again.

6. 5

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When I got back to our old Victorian house, I waited impacintally for Alice. She came soon enough

"So this is where I live" I said, as we walked into the living room.

"It's very nice" Alice complimented

"Thanks." I said. I turned to see Madeline skipping down the steps Conor following behind.

"Hello" grinned Madeline. Alice smiled back

"Alice this is Madeline and Conor"

"Hey" waved Conor

"Nice to meet you both" Alice said

"It was nice meeting you too. Well would you please excuse us? Conor, Taylor and I are going out to the movies." For this I was thankful for this. I really had nothing to lie to Alice about. And I really didn't want Madeline and Conor knowing about my lost love. Taylor is really the only person who knows my feelings. I assume Alice thinks I have moved on. I wish I could.

"I took a seat on the couch, Alice followed. She turned and looked me deeply in the eye for several seconds. Her eyes were apologetic. Then she began to speak slowly.

"This still is amazing to me," She said "No one ever thought we would see you again."

"Because you thought I was dead?" I asked.


"Why did you think so?" It really was an obvious answer. Everyone thought I was dead. In a way, I really was dead.

"Carlisle and I returned to Forks about 2 days, I guess, after the determined that you were dead."

"How-" I began

"The newspaper. I remember it clearly, we were horrified." I nodded on for her to continue.

"The article said something like......

"18 year old, Isabella Marie Swan was announced dead on April 29, 2006. Isabella had been missing since March 19, 2006. She was lasted spotted on the 1st beach of La Push. A close family friend reported that he was planning to go cliff diving that day. Police think she when diving by herself and that the current was to strong for her. They think she drowned to death. There is not real proof anything could have happened to Isabella Swan......."

"Oh" was all I could say. It made me sad to think about Charlie and Renee, they must have been devastated.

"It send horror through all of us. Especially Edward." Edward? What would he care? No, I shouldn't think that. Even know Edward didn't left me doesn't mean he is a bad person.

"Oh Well I am really sorry." I said

"No, It's not your fault, well, how did this all happen?"

"Everything?" I questioned

"Everything" she echoed

"I chuckled humorlessly "It's a very long story."

"Bella please tell me?" She pleaded. I sighed.

"Well okay" I started "For a very long time I was very alone and miserable. Then I started to find some happiness in my friend Jacob Black." Alice nodded silently "He was a werewolf." Her eye's widened "He had been protecting me."

"From?" She asked. I took a deep breath

"Victoria." I sighed

" "Victoria?" I nodded "Victoria as in James' Victoria?" I nodded once more. I continued on.

"So like the news article said, I did jump off a cliff, and it would have killed me, if Victoria wouldn't have pulled me out. But I wish she would have just let me die...Anyway she hurt me, and then she bit me. She told me that she was going to let me suffer, then she was going to suck the venom and my blood out. I'm guessing the werewolves killed her because she never came back....and here I am. Taylor found me and I've been with them ever since....."

"Oh Bella!" Her thin arms were around me. "I had no idea! Victoria? This is our fault."

"No Alice. It's not. It's no ones fault." I insisted. I didn't really think about it, but there was a question that was rising from inside, a question I was scared to know the answer to, but was dying to ask. That was off topic....

"Why wasn't Edward at school?" I asked without really thinking about it. "Does he hate me?"

"What?" She asked, but then everything suddenly clicked "Oh no Bella! Never! He could never hate you!"


"He wasn't ready to see you. Half of him didn't believe me. But when I came home, he saw you, in my mind. Also he was very upset...." Alice saw my expression change, I looked away. "No Bella, you don't understand. He was upset because he left to protect you from all of that. From vampires and immortality.

"What? This is not what I was told! Did he lie to me? Did he really love me enough to let me go? Did he really want me to try to have a normal life? That would make sense about why he is upset..... No, he probably lied to Alice....

"What did he tell you Bella? When he left?" She asked. I really didn't want to talk about this anymore, I didn't want to talk about me, the pathetic ex girlfriend.

"It doesn't matter anymore."

"Bella" she whined. I shot her a pleading glance. She let the subject drop.

"At least you found a good family."

"Yeah I did."

"Alice stayed for a while. We talked and caught up on things. I forgot how much I missed her, my best girl friend. Madeline, Conor and Taylor came home a few hours later. We all hung out and talked it was really nice. They all go along great with Alice. Alice didn't leave until the late hours of the night.

"Everyone will be at school tomorrow." She said as I walked her to the door. I nodded.

"I love you Bella." She said.

"I love you too, Alice.

We said our goodbyes, and I was suddenly very nervous for tomorrow.