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My Immortal

Bella was Changed. It's 30 years later. Bella and her small coven moved back to Forks. And so do the Cullens. Neither Bella's coven knows about her past, and the Cullens don't know what happened to Bella. In the small town of Forks, two Vampire covens can't be kept secret from each other.
This story has been put on hold for a bit. I'm very busy lately, and I honestly don't know how I can make this story more exciting. But I promise I will be updating..this story will have an ending.

I got this idea from a lot of other stories about Bella being changed when Edward left in New Moon, and then they meet again.

7. 6

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I sighed heavily as I closed the door behind Alice. I wanted so much to run away. But what good would that do? I would be alone, and I really didn't want that. I knew if I asked Taylor to come with me, then he would. But that wouldn't be fair to Taylor. I also don't want to leave, I like being here, I like seeing Alice. But could I see him? I could forget about the feels I hold for Edward Cullen and just pretend they're not there? Would he see that I still have thoughts feelings? I doubt it, but I do and I can't just ignore that. But I guess I am going to have to.

What more can I do? I'll tell you what I am going to do. I am going to walk into that school tomorrow and act like my life is great and that the feels I have for Edward don't exist. Maybe even seeing him, and not having him, will help me more on. . .


I stepped out of the shower, and wrapped the pink towel around my wet body. School started into hours. I felt the need to take extra time on my outfit Which annoyed me. I got dressed in a jean mini skirt that Madeline bought for me. I also wore a dark purple Lacey cami with a tight white hoodie, that I let hang open. I wore sliver heels with rhinestones.

I straightened my long brown hair. I put a ring of black eyeliner on my eyes and a mascara on my long lashes. I lined my lips and applied lip plumper. This wasn't to much different then how I normally dressed. Being immortal gave me a lot of confidence. Back when I first started high school again, I realized that teenage boys went crazy over me. I was always getting asked out, and complimented left and right. That helped myself esteem a lot.

I walked down the stairs. Taylor was waiting for me at the bottom. He reached out his hand, to help me on the last few steps. I giggled as he pulled me into a hug.

"You're nervous." He said It wasn't a question but a simple fact.

"Yes." I sighed "I am."

"Well you shouldn't be." He said "Bella," he started as he started deep into my eyes "you are smart, beautiful, wonderful you're everything and I love you, I know it's a different way then you feel, but everything is going to be fine." I buried my head into his chest, i felt his arms tighten around me.

"I love you, Taylor."

"hmm." he mumbled as he kissed my hair. "Now lets get going"

"Where's- where is Madeline and Conor?" I asked

"Oh they left."

"For school right?"

"No, there skipping."

"What? Why?" I didn't like this. I wanted them to be there with me. Conor's humor always made me relax and Madeline always gave me the best advice. Ugh! I need them!

"I don't know. I told them that you probably would want them to be there today, but they said you wouldn't care."

"Ugh! Well they were wrong!"

"I'm sorry. I'll stay with you most of the day, if you want?".

"Yeah. That would make me feel better."

"I'll meet you outside of all your classes." He said.

I grinned. He let go of me and we started walking to the garage.

"I'll drive" He offered.

"Okay." I said

He helped me into his huge yellow Hummer. It was so big the tires were as tall as me. The ride to school was long and quiet. Taylor held my hand the whole way there. The parking lot was half full when we pulled in. We had to park far from the main doors. Taylor met me at my door, he lifted me out of his huge Hummer. Taylor sheltered us under his umbrella, the rain was coming down hard. I still hate the rain.

We walked slowly through the parking lot. That's when I saw him. I looked away quickly when his glance met mine. But with my memory, I could stare. He look exactly the same as I remembered. There was absolutely nothing different about him. His face was still breathtakingly handsome. His face looked relaxed. He had been looking at me too. What did he think of me? What did he think about Taylor's arm around me waist? He has to know that there isn't anything between me and Taylor, not really. I'm sure Alice told him everything I told her, or he read her mind. I wonder what Taylor was thinking? Whatever he was, I'm sure Edward could hear it, this made me nervous.

I walked to first period with Taylor. And then he walked me to second period. Alice was at the door waiting for me.

"Hello Alice." I greeted.

"Hi Bella. Nice to see you again Taylor." She grinned.

"You too Alice." He grinned back. "I'll see you soon, Bella."

I spend that period mostly talking to Alice, when the teacher wasn't talking. She asked a lot of questions. She wanted to know what it was like with the Halen Coven. I spend a lot of time answering that question. She asked me again, if I was romantically involved with Taylor. Of course I told her no, but that he was very important to me, and that I loved him.

Again Taylor met me to walk me to my next class. He did this for everyone of my morning classes. He met me for lunch in front of the cafeteria.

Lunch. This is what I was most nervous. I hadn't seen Edward in the hallway, at all. Maybe he was avoiding me? But I would for sure see him, now, at lunch.

"I guess it's just you and me today." said Taylor. He held the door open for me.

We go in the lunch line to get our prop lunch tray. There across the room was Alice, sitting with Jasper, she waved to me. I waved back.

"Unless" He continued grabbing a tray of food for us to share "you made plans to sit with Alice-"

"Uh no, I didn't." I said. We were silent until was sat down at our small round lunch table directly across from where Alice was sitting. Then I saw Edward take his seat right beside Jasper. I gasped slightly. Taylor followed my glance to the table where Edward sat. He took my hand under the table. It overwhelmed me, to be in the same room as him. The rest of lunch Taylor didn't say anything about the Cullens or anything. Taylor was good like that. He always knew what I did and didn't want to talk about. He always knew when something was wrong.

Lunch passed quickly, quicker than I had hoped, but that was good. Taylor walked me to my 5 period class, and then to my 6th.

I walked into 6 period late. But the teacher was busy talking to a student in the back of the room so he didn't notice. I remembered that we didn't get assigned seats the day before, so I took the first empty seat I could find. Then I noticed the other side of the room. Edward was in this class too. He was sitting directly 5 seats away from me.

"Alright class" started the teacher "Now that everyone is here. I can sigh seats."

He started walking around the room pointing at seats and calling our names.

"Mr Brandon, Mr. Smith"
He started at a new row.
"Ms. Snow, Mr. Schaeffer
New row started.
"Mr. Anderson, Ms. Bower
New row started
"Mr. Cullen, Ms. Halen." He called me, to sit by Edward? Nervousness washed through me. Edward when and took his seat. He probably didn't know that 'Halen' meant me. I walked to the seat right beside him and sat down. I kept my hair in front of my face. I looked down at my books. The sudden vibration of my cell phone in my pocket, made me jump. I pulled out my phone with my shaky nervous hands. It was a text message from Taylor. It read 'Hey Bells. I am really bored. I'm in a study hall.' I answered back 'My class hasn't even started yet, we just got assigned seats.' I held my phone in my hands as I rested them on the table.

"Bella" I heard my name from a voice that I hadn't heard spoken in years. If my heart was still beating then it would have leaped out of my chest. I looked up into his familiar topaz eyes. I didn't know what to say. I wanted to scream. I wanted to run. I wanted to cry....

"Um Hello Edward." I spoke. My voice was more calm then I expected.

"It's been awhile." He said. Just trying to make conversation I expect.

"Yeah, it has." I chuckled humorlessly. We were silent for a moment. "Did Alice-"

"Yes Alice told me everything."


"Yes and Bella, I am so sorry. I-"

"No." I stopped him "Don't be. It's not your fault."

"Bella-" The ring of the bell stopped his sentence. I was eager to get out of glass. I didn't want to here Edward apologize or something he truly wish didn't happen, we I wish it didn't happen but for other reasons. I could feel his eyes on my back as I hurried out of the class.

Taylor was again, waiting for me. He took my hand and we walked off together down the hallway. I was very jittery the last hour of the day. People noticed too.

I avoided Edward the last hour of school, until we were in the parking lot. I was walking with Taylor when Alice came up to me with Edward.

"Hey Bella, Hi Taylor." She greeted

"Hi Alice" said Taylor

"Uh Taylor, this is my brother Edward." She said. It surprised us all, no one had expected Alice to introduce Edward to Taylor. I'm sure Edward knew who Taylor was, and I'm know Taylor knows who Edward is. Taylor reached his hand out to shake Edward's. This all felt so weird to me. The guy I'm in love with shaking the guy that's in love with me, and the guy I should be in love with's hand!

"Bella" Alice said in her small voice "you should come over sometime, all of you" She said gesturing to Taylor.

"We'd love to." I said, trying to sound enthusiastic. "Well would you excuse us, we have to get home." I said.

"Yeah, We'll talk to you guys later."

"Goodbye Alice. Bye Edward" I said.

"So that's Edward?" Taylor finally asked once we got into the car. I'm sure he's been wanting to ask that question all day.

"Yes" I sighed "That's him"