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What you don't know

I've always wondered about the workings of fate and conicidence...deep stuff i know lol I've wondered what would happen if the wolf pack hadn't saved Bella from Laurent in New Moon This is my version of the outsome p.s. its my first time so go easy on me have fun :)


1. Chapter 1

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“Bye, Ms Isabella!” yelled Todd as he held onto his mother’s finger and turned to wave back.

“Bye Todd. I’ll see you on Monday!” yelled Bella, waving back at the little black haired boy. She stood at the door to her classroom until the little boy and his mother were out of sight. With a loud sigh she walked to her desk, bundled up the children’s paintings, picked her purse and walked out the classroom.

“Have a good weekend m’am” said Jim as he squeezed the excess water back into the bucket.

“Thank you Jim. Got any big plans for the weekend?” replied Bella smiling at the old janitor.

“Just a couple of beers, a good game on the tele and my mrs cooking a hot meal.” Chuckled Jim.

“Sounds good, see you Monday.” Laughed Bella as she pushed the door and walked out of The Little Toddlers Nursery. She got into the car and reversed the car out the school parking lot and onto the road that took her home.

As the trees flashed past her she ran her fingers through her hair her mind wandering back to this morning’s conversation with Tanya. She remembered the excited gleam in her blond friend’s eyes as she walked with Bella to her car, “Try and be back early, Isabella, its hardly hospitable to be absent when guests are coming home.” Said Tanya annoyed.

“I told you already, today is Outdoor Activities Day and I volunteered to judge the painting competition an-“ began Bella.

“Yes, yes I know” interrupted Tanya, “But surely you can leave a few hours early and just don’t take the car, running would be much faster and healthier for the enviorment too.”

“Oh sure, what fun that would be if my kids see their teacher running across town as fast as superman.” Replied Bella as she rolled her eyes.

“Look I’m getting late as it i-“ started Bella again.

“What are you talking about? Its still 6 am you aren’t suppose to be there till – “ Tanya stopped as she saw her friend’s eyes. The pain and anguish she saw reminded her of the first time she had opened her door and saw Bella standing there with a look of loss and hopelessness. That was over a hundred years ago yet she could never forget it. She didn’t know where her friend went off too early the morning but she never asked knowing that when Isabella was ready she’d tell her.

“I – I’m sorry Isabella, I –“

“It’s nothing Tanya, really. I have to be going now – “

“Alright, atleast be back as soon as you can okay?”

With a smile on her face Bella replied, “Under one condition.” Tanya’s curious look was enough invitation.

“Stop interrupting me all the time!” ended Bella with a laugh. Tanya’s face stretched into a relieved smile and she nodded.

The silence that resulted as the sound of her engine ceased brought Bella back from her thoughts. It didn’t come as a shock to see that she had reached home with her thoughts not even on the road. She knew it was a vampire thing to not need her eyes to drive but your other senses work as well. The atmosphere that surrounded her home for the past 10 decades was like an invisible touch that she was familiar to. Her body knew when she had reached.

The sun had just began to set and she knew she’d have to bear the brunt of Tanya’s irritation once the guests left. As she neared the door she heard laughter and brushed her fingers through her hair again to make sure she looked presentable enough. When she was surrounded by humans it was difficult for them to think her anything but perfect but vampires were a different story. Once she seemed pleased with her appearance she turned the door knob and stepped into the house.

The sight before her was one that she wasn’t used to. The large house that sheltered her family of eight, including her, was now inhabited by at least 15 other vampires all dressed for what appeared to be a formal occasion. In all the hundred years she had been living here she had never seen such a thing before.

Leaning against the staircase railing she saw Clarence with a glass of what she was sure was not wine. Offering small smiles to vampires here and there she shyly ventured toward him. His gift for sensing the presence of others was a blessing to her as he looked up at her. She walked faster and stood beside him. In what she hoped was a whisper even to the vampire hearing she urgently asked, “What is going on? Who are all these pe – vampires?”

“Didn’t Tanya tell you? We’re having guests over.” Replied Clarence surprised.

“Of course we have guests I can see that but what’s the reason, you know what’s the special occasion?”

“Oh, we do always gather together when one of us or should I say several in this case visit.” Chukled Clarence at his own joke.

The sudden appearance of Tanya, shocked Bella, “There you are!”

“Tanya what is going on?” asked Bella desperately.

“Oh that’s right you weren’t here the last time they visited.” Replied Tanya raising her face to smile at someone behind Bella.

“Who?” aked Bella annoyed.

“Our neighbouring friends to the south of course. We’re old friends us and the Cullens, here let me introduce you to one of the boys, Im sure you’ve met Emmett unless Clarence was too busy with his drink again.” Said Tanya turning Bella to face the vampire Clarence had been talking to.

She froze as her eyes met his. She knew he recognized her, his hanging mouth and wide eyes were testimony to that.

“Isabella I’d like you to meet Emmett Cullen, Emmett meet Isabella…oh…what is your last name again?” said Tanya.

Silence. Awkward silence.

“Swan.” Replied Emmett quietly.