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What you don't know

I've always wondered about the workings of fate and conicidence...deep stuff i know lol I've wondered what would happen if the wolf pack hadn't saved Bella from Laurent in New Moon This is my version of the outsome p.s. its my first time so go easy on me have fun :)


2. Chapter 2

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Bella gulped loudly and tried to compose her face as the memories of the Cullen’s departure and the effect it had on her raced through her mind. Betrayal and hurt rekindled within her no matter how hard she tried to push them away.

Realizing that she still had a chance of escaping this awkward situation not completely burnt she smiled at Emmett and said,

“I’m sorry you must have me mistaken with someone else. I’m Isabella Austen.” Bella internally kicked herself, ‘Austen’ was that the best she could do. Sure Jane Austen was her favorite author but it was too closely related to Isabella Swan.

Seeing the amusment in Emmett’s eyes, Bella quickly excused herself and rushed upstairs declaring that she had to change. Once the guests couldn’t see her she ran up the stairs and into her room at the end of the corridor. She had to leave before Emmett told the others.

Throwing her purse on the bed she yanked open her closet and grabbed a hanful of shirts and pants and threw them into her sports bag which was already lying on the bed. She stopped in mid action and frowned. She knew she hadn’t even touched the bag.

“Your running away.” A small voice said from her dresser who’s view was blocked by the closet door. Bella didn’t need to see the vampire to know who it was.

Slowly Bella closed the closet door and stood her ground as she gazed at her once sister like friend, Alice. The years hadn’t changed a thing about her yet there was something in her eyes. The silence seemed to stretch forever as Bella continued to study Alice’s eyes. They appeared troubled almost sad. After a moment’s thought she realized that it was pity that she saw in Alice’s eyes.

Rage like never before filled her and she threw the clothes in her hand into the bag.

“I’d rather define it as avoiding since I planned on returning once you left but I guess ‘running away’ is a term you’re most familiar with.” She gave Alice the cold glance and turned back to open her closest.

“Bella, we didn’t mean – “

“Yes you did Alice! Yes you did. Nothing you say can change the fact that you did mean it.” Cut Bella.

“You have every right to be upset, Bella but you need to understand that it wasn’t – “

“Save it, Alice okay! Cause nothing you say is going to change anything. What did you just hope that I’d eventually be gone in what 60 years and you all could just go on living for the next 100 centuries, was it such a big disappointment that you now see me 100 years later still very much ali-“

“Stop it Bella! It wasn’t like that and you know it! Whether you believe me or not is your decision but the truth is that we did what we thought was best for you! We didn’t mean – “

“Didn’t mean what Alice! Didn’t mean to just abandom me, didn’t mean to leave me alone, broken and hurting huh Alice! what didn’t you mean?”

“We didn’t mean for this to happen to you, for you to be damned like the rest of us.” Replied Alice’s small voice.

The response was not one Bella was expecting and caught her off guard.

“The reason we left was so that this wouldn’t happen to you, so that none of us would loose control the way jasper did.” Continued Alice.

“For someone who can see the future you sure need more practice. Perhaps if you hadn’t abandoned me this wouldn’t have happened.” Said Bella in a cold voice that was foreign to her.

“Bella I –“

“I have to go.” Bella interrupted her quietly. Using her hair to hide her face from Alice she walked towards the door with her bag. She stopped and over her shoulder she said, “And it’s Isabella.”

With that she walked out of the only sanctuary she had known. Quietly going down the steps she snuck to the kitchen while the guests were occupied in the main hall. The sudden burst of laughter made Bella jump which in turn caused her to knock over a vase with her bag. Groaning inwardly she bent to pick up the pieces.

“Immortality hasn’t changed your clumsiness I see.” Chuckled a deep voice to her left.

Gritting her teeth against the humiliation she picked the pieces with her hand and threw them into the nearby trashcan. She continued walking towards the back door. Placing her hand on the knob she was about to turn it when the same voice spoke,

“Are you going some where?”

Stiffening Bella replied, “Yes.”

Her annoyance level went up a notch as the person behind her whistled. Huffing she muttered something and yanked the door open.

“What did you say?”

“I said go find yourself a grizzly, Emmett and sh – “ turning Bella stopped as though the air had been knocked out of her.

Standing facing her in the hall was the one vampire she knew could destroy her. His face was still as heart breaking as before. She watched him smile at a young vampire with gold locks wearing a blue summer dress. Tears that she had fought for a hundred years collected in her eyes.

Emmett watched the sudden emotions on Bella’s face and crinched at what he saw. He wondered if he’d ever experienced such agony. Following her gaze he saw his brother and the first son to Carlisle and Esme.

Everything went hazy around her except the sight before her. She didn’t think she could feel worse pain than this but she was proved wrong the next second. She watched as he bent and kissed the girl’s hand and a whimper escaped her.

“Bella I – “

But before Emmett could finish Bella flew out the window, her bag left on the floor of the kitchen, forgotten.

Emmett weighed the actions that he knew he should take. He could go after Bella and make sure she’s alright but he knew Rosalie would never forgive him if he left her alone at the party. On one hand Bella was a v-v-vamp…good God! He couldn’t even bring himself to say it. He knew she could now take care of herself but on the other hand Rosalie had Esme and Alice and he would be back in no time.

Growling with irritation he walked into the hall to the only vampire he knew could control Bella the way she was now, he only hoped that unlike her clumsiness her potential to drawing danger like a magnet had disappeared with the changes of turning into a monster.