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What you don't know

I've always wondered about the workings of fate and conicidence...deep stuff i know lol I've wondered what would happen if the wolf pack hadn't saved Bella from Laurent in New Moon This is my version of the outsome p.s. its my first time so go easy on me have fun :)


3. Chapter 3

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The trees flashed by with frightening speed yet Bella didn’t care.

The dark grey clouds overhead threatened to unleash what she knew to be heavy rain if continued for more than a day could cause floods in this little town yet Bella didn’t care.

She could hear thunder rolling in the distance and knew the dangers of being in the forest when it hits yet Bella didn’t care.

All she wanted to do was die but she couldn’t.

This was her own hell meant to torment her and eventually drive her insane for willingly accepting Laurent’s attacks. Sure she had struggled but deep down she knew that her life would be worse than death without her vampire. But now she didn’t want him, she couldn’t stand him anymore.

With the pain in her heart and the blurriness of her vision because of the tears that had escaped she didn’t notice the looming stone wall of the mountain infront of her.

The clouds tore and rain poured from the heavens. The sudden onslaught of water drops on her brought her back to the present and her surroundings. She stopped herself from ramming into the mountain which would probably collapse the entire mould of rock.

Raising her face to feel the rain against her tear streaked eyes she found a sanctuary atop the mountain where she was certain no one would find her.

She backed away and suddenly ran as fast as she could. As she neared the mountain wall she used her left foot to push her upwards and before she could blink she was running vertically up the mountain.

She fought against gravity as she neared the top of the mountain. She gave one last push with her left leg and leaped into the air and landed gracefully onto the top of the mountain.

She lifted her face to the sky again and let the rain drops fall onto her burning eyes washing away the tears she hadn’t realized had escaped. Letting out a deep sigh she sat down.

Lightening brightened the night sky and it was then that she felt the familiar sensation of another’s presence – his presence.

She jumped up and whirled around. He stood there, the rain drops falling upon his handsome face. His eyes were black and his lips set in a tight line yet neither dulled the effect he still had on her.

He took a step forward.

She took a step back.

He stopped, staring at her.

She stopped fear evident in her eyes.

“Finally, you’re afraid of me.” He whispered.

Thunder vibrated through the air. Took her a little more than a second to realize what he had said. Afraid of him, yes, she was afraid of him. Afraid of how much he could hurt her. Kill her by just walking away again. The hurt and betrayal repressed for the past 100 years arose and she felt a strength consume her, that had nothing to do with her vampire status.

“I’m not afraid of you.” She said with a certainty that impressed herself.

A hint of amusement she saw in his eyes and she turned her back to him. She heard his growl behind her and the next moment he was in front of her.

“Never, thought you the type to run away.” He said.

“No, that would be you.” She replied snobbishly and turned again.

Before she could draw her next breath his arm sped out and grabbed her’s in a vice like grip. He yanked her towards him and trapped her with his hard chest and iron like arms.

“How dare you! Let go!”

She made the mistake of looking into his eyes. They were intense and hypnotic almost like he was forcing her to stand still.

With the strength she didn’t realize she shoved him hard and yelled as he stumbled backwards, “LEAVE ME!!!”