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What you don't know

I've always wondered about the workings of fate and conicidence...deep stuff i know lol I've wondered what would happen if the wolf pack hadn't saved Bella from Laurent in New Moon This is my version of the outsome p.s. its my first time so go easy on me have fun :)


4. Chapter 4

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Edward lifted his face and crouched looking at her. He knew she was a vampire now and the thought still tore at his heart but the strength she just exhibited was not due to her vampire being.

She stood there, a few feet away, her eyes burning into his with anger he’d never seen before. She was so beautiful. After all these years of mourning her death and turning the countryside upside down searching for her gravesite he knew that the memory of her did not do justice.

He stood up. How was he going to do this? What was he expecting, that she’d run into his arms with tears of joy after a few soft words? His mouth turned down with disgust – of course that’s what he’d thought. But now before him stood a goddess. Sure she was breath takingly beautiful before but immortality just added to her and made her appear ethereal.

“Stop it,” she said suddenly.

Huh? What had he done?


“Stop looking at me like that!” she yelled.

“Like what?”

“Forget it!” she yelled, throwing her hands in the air.


She turned her back to him and sighed in frustration. She couldn’t believe he still had such an effect on her after all these years! She stood still staring at the mountains off the horizon, letting the rain fall on her face that felt warm compared to her temperature. She could feel his frustration behind her. She wasn’t willing to let the numbness melt just yet, not after it being her constant companion the past century.

“What do you want?” she asked softly yet without emotion.

“I want to know that you’re alright. That you’re not…that you’re not hurt…physically, I mea…” he stuttered, damn, he had never been lost for words.

“Are you alright, Bella?”

The concern in his voice nearly brought her to her knees but she was stronger than this, she had to be.

She turned to face him, lifting her chin at him and replied defiantly, “I’m fine.”


He stared at her.

She looked fine. Actually, she looked perfect. Had she moved on? He knew that that was what he had hoped for, the reason for leaving her yet now he wanted nothing more than to hold his Bella, to smell the sweet smell of her blood running just beneath her skin, the blood that so intoixicated him. No he didn't want her to move on,he wanted her to need him just as she always did.

But he had to take things slow, something wasn't right...but what?

“That's good to know, Bella.” he said slowly, taking a step toward her.

He saw her hesitancy, she backed away, a look of waryiness in her eyes,

“Don't take a step closer, Don't. Wh...Why are you here? What do you want?”

He continued towards her, the desperation to know what had happened eating him from within but he knew he had to be patient with her, ease into her,

“Emmett told me he saw you and that you didn't seem too good. I thought he was playing a cruel joke on me especially since Alice-”

He stopped.

She stopped.

The look of confusion on his face was clear to Bella what he was thinking about.

No she couldn't tell him.

She had to find a way to cure his curiosity without telling him the truth.

“How did Alice not see this, Bella?”

She gulped. Oh! She had always been terrible at lying.

“How did Alice not see what?”

The frustration in Edward's eyes caused Bella's brain to think of something at an amazing speed.

“You know what I'm taking about Bella! How did Alice not see you being turned into a vampire?” he yelled.

The thunder that seemed to follow emphasized the authority that rang in his voice.

She knew she was going to hate herself for this but she needed to buy more time, “Why don't you ask her yourself?”

And with that she turned around and ran using his distraction as a means of escape. She ran as fast as she could, literally jumping down the mountain, her feet splashing into the now muddy ground with just one thought running through her mind like a chant, please don't follow me, please don't follow me, please don't follow me...