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Jasper's Girl

What if Jasper was finally getting the means to control his thirst? What if Alice and him, never got together? What if Jasper had a human girlfriend? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jasper had just introduced the Cullen family to his next girl, and most of the house is taking it well....exept Bella. See what happens when Jasper takes his chances at a mortal love.

My first Twilight Fanfic staring Jasper, Edward, Bella annddd...Jasper's new human girlfriend, Violet. Jasper had just introduced the Cullen family to his new girl, and most of the house is taking it well..execpt Bella. See what happens when Jasper takes his chance at a mortal love. WARNING: contains: FLUFF, SNUFF, and other SNUGGLY things. You have been warned. Also, apologizes if Bella and Edward are abit mellow-dramatic, I'm still fiddling with the ideas untill chapter 2. If there is one. All rights, characters, and story lines goes the wonderful and goddnes of Twilight that is Stepenie Meyer.

1. Chapter 1 : Jasper's Girl

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I was in shock.
I was more than in shock; I was scared.
Jasper and a girl was in the room next to us, a human girl.
I admit, Jasper was getting better with his....diet, but still I was scared for her.
I pressed my ear up to the wall over Edward's velvet couch and listened.


Nothing but my own heart beat pounding my ears that is.
I then filched away, could they hear it too?
Was the beating of a heart just edging Jasper on?
From the corner of my eye I saw Edward giving me weird looks and I backed down.
Should I tell Edward what was going on?
That a girl could be dying back there?
The pounding of my heart told me not too and I leaned back against his stone cold body and tried to relax.
It's okay. It's okay. Edward was here, and he could smell if something was wrong, read panicking thoughts.
Damn! The ONE time I wish he could read mine!
Edward held me gently in his arms and rocked me back and forth, and I began to panic even more.
Couldn't he feel my heart beat racing through me?
I looked up at him to see that he wasn't even looking at me, but at the piano across the room.
I couldn't help but sigh in awe, he was just like a god, even in the flickering proceeding darkness of the room.

He fixed his gaze on me and smiled.
"Bella." He said softy into my ear and he began sweetly kissing me down my neck.
My heart skipped and my brain frizzed.
It took everything I had to hold on to my thoughts.
I had to find a way in there!

~ Jasper's Girl~

Whispers. That's all I could hear from the room across ours and I began to wonder what Bella and Edward were doing. I laughed softy as I thought of the look on Bella's face when Jasper introduced me to her.
"Jasper's Girl." I couldn't help but love the sound of that name.
Because I was.

I heard a loud "Damn!" sound from across the room and I looked over to see Jasper lighting more candles.
But from the looks of it, the candles were lighting him. I had to admit, he was doing a good job for well..Jasper. The room glowed with the soft lighting of candles, making the gold velvet trim on almost everything in the room shine. But I knew better than to think he was just doing this for touches.

"Not working Jasper." I said sing-song from the couch.
"Mhm..." I heard him say quietly under his breath.

I giggled and smiled happily at him, it was just so nice when your boyfriend lusted for something other than your blood! I knew he was slightly pissed, for it was only a week ago when he found out he couldn't control my emotions, so if he wanted anything from me, he was gonna have to work for it.

Suddenly I saw the candles on the table in front of me flicker and then Jasper was beside me.

"Hello." He said, smiling so that he raised his lip over his teeth so that I could see them glisten, as if he was trying to frighten me.
"Hello." I said back to him trying not to laugh. I just don't know why, but I didn't find Jasper scary at all.
I had already heard the stories of his human killing and vampire fighting days and didn't even blink. He just wasn't scary, even when he tried to be.
Well..either that or he was trying to be sexy. I couldn't tell, but either way it wasn't working.

After a few minutes of looking at each other he finally spoke.
"You look beautiful."
"I do?" I said shocked. I looked down at my pale skin and old back T-shirt I was wearing with jeans.
I sure didn't feel beautiful.
He laugh softy at my expression and pulled me gently into his lap.
"So." He said as I stared deeply into his gold eyes, that seems even more beautiful than any gold trim I had ever seen.

"So." I said back to him as I wrapped my arms around his neck.
I saw him stiffen a bit. He still wasn't quite used to human touch yet, but he was trying.
He then relaxed and pulled me a little be closer to him and I shivered, I had forgotten how cold he felt after spending even just a few hours away from him.
He then laughed softy at my shiver.
"Working?" He asked as his golden eyes twinkled.

I bit my lip.
"Nope." I said.
"Oh come on baby." He said in an Elvis Presley voice and lifting his lip into an Elvis smile.
I tried not to smile. "Unless you think I'll taste like a peanut better and banana sandwich, lose the accent."
I saw his smile drop a little and he started laughing and I smiled.
No one else could ever joke about the taste of a me but me and him, the others would freak.

"Hmm...you should know better than to joke like that." As he leaned closer to me.
"Oh really?" I said leaning closer to him.
"Yeah, you never know what's going to happen when you joke the odds." He said smiling a smile that took my breath away.
We continued leaning closer to each other.
"I know exactly what's going to happen." I said trying to breathe.
"Oh really now? You're Alice?" he said as he stopped leaning.
"No." I said taken back that he had stopped. I bit my lip.
He then smiled and my heart skipped.
"Well good, because truthfully I like Violet a lot better."
He slowly raised his arm and smoothed his marble hands gently across my cheek, sending tingles down my

I reached up, and curled my fingers around his, tracing with my thumb gently across his crescent scars on his hands, then trailing slowly up his neck and down his shoulders. He sighed contently, his eyes disfixing on me, and I blushed.
Jasper's eyes then snapped back as if the blood had called him back down from a very far away place. He chuckled softly, and breathed in; his golden hair shifting and catching the candlelight, sparkling.

He then continued leaning towards me.
I tried not to blush and smiled.
He was so sweet, it's' to bad no one ever saw it..

"Well I doubt you know this." He said smiling inches from my face.
"Oh yeah, and what's that?"
He smiled and he lifted his hand again and place it gently on the side of my face.
"I think it's working." He whispered.

Suddenly it happened. He pressed his ice-cold lips to mine and we were kissing.
It was amazing, my heart skipped, my blood rushed through me, my thoughts flying in my mind.
I wondered if this is what Bella felt like all the time whenever she kissed Edward.
I didn't want it to stop.

Then without thinking I pulled myself closer to him and he stiffened.
I slowly raised my hand and placed it over his on my face. He had stopped breathing.
He then moved his hand from my face and took my hand, squeezing it softly.
His eyes were a mix of gold and black as he looked down and away from me.
"I...I'm okay." He said slowly as he raised his eyes to mine.
They were dark gold again and I breathed-in; in awe.
"Just wow." He said pulling me even closer to him.
"You're an amazing kisser."

I was speechless so I just nodded and he slowly, very slowly, began kissing me down my neck.
I breathed in the sent of his golden blonde hair. It was an incredible sent, though no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't compare or describe it. It was a sent all its own, like the rest of the Cullen's; but I could have sworn Jasper's was sweeter.
He paused when he kissed my collar bone and I stiffened.

"Wow." He said as he rested his head on my chest. "Your heart beat...it's.."
He said nothing more and we stayed like that for a long time.

He then raised his head and moved towards my neck but then paused when saw me filch.
I didn't even realized I had.
"I promise." He said firmly, his eyes pure gold. He then bent down to kiss my neck.

A scream then shot out from the doorway and I jumped.
Suddenly the candles blew out all around me and the darkness settled in the room.
Jasper was no longer with me, but on the other side of the room, with his arms locked behind him by Edward.
I couldn't see his face in the darkness but his teeth glistened and he wasn't breathing.

Bella suddenly was next to me, her face franticly searching for a bite mark, only to find nothing.
"Are..you okay?" She said in shock.
I blinked and looked at Jasper. "Yes. I'm fine."

I looked around, everyone had an intense expression, and I wondered if Jasper was creating it.
"Of course she's fine!" Jasper spat from across the room.
I heard something like a bone being bent and a low hiss.
"Then what were you doing?" Edward said in a low voice.

"I wasn't going to bite her, if that's what you're thinking!" Jasper hissed.

"Lair, I know what you were thinking!" I heard Edward yell. "I could read every thought!"

"No!" Jasper yelled. "I'm not, I wasen't!"
He then looked at me, and I saw his eyes were black, and I shuddered. I never noticed the deep purple lines under his eyes, and I immeidently felt horrible for testing him.
He swallowed and fought with Edward's grip.
"I.." he said again, he then stopped fighting and let his head hang.
He then took a breath in and looked up at me.

"I love her. Why.... would I hurt someone I love?" Jasper said softly.
His eyes shone pure gold.
I gasped quietly. It was the first time he had ever said he loved me. A slow smile crossed my face.

A silence filled the room, I could see the calmness taking over and but Edward still didn't budge.

Bella's voice broke the silence. "He does."
"What?!" Edward snarled in protest.
"He does." Bella confirmed again.
Edward narrowed his eyes.

"Can't you see it Edward? He loves her and who are we to judge..we're just like them."

"I am not like him." Edward said with a low hiss.

"Yes, you are because you love someone with a heart beat and that is something we share."
Bella said slowly.

I saw Edward and Bella's eyes meet and Edward let go of Jasper.

Jasper fell to the floor but quickly rose and stood in the middle of the room, desperately trying to read my emotions. He obviously didn't want to come near me if I didn't feel the same.
But he didn't have too.

Together, Bella and I walked towards them. Edward then took Bella in his arms and held her close. They looked magnificent as the moonlight shone through the darkness into the middle of the room.
Then before I realized it I was in Jasper's arms, holding me closer than I had ever imagined he could handle.

"I love you Bella." I heard Edward whisper to Bella in the moonlight.
"I love you too Edward." I heard Bella whisper back to him.
And then they kissed.

Suddenly Jasper placed his hands on my face and I looked deep into his golden eyes.
"I promise." Jasper said as he bent down and kissed my neck, sending the first chill I had ever felt from him flow through my body.
"I love you Violet." Jasper whispered to me.
"I love you too Jasper." I whispered back.
And then in the moonlit darkness,
I pressed my lips to his and we kissed.