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My Protector

Edward has been overracting lately over Bella's safety, even more than usual, and Bella knows he needs to calm down. See if Bella can turn the tables and calm down this over protective vampire?

My first Edward/Bella one shot, that I do hope you greatly enjoy! WARNING: contains: FLUFF, SNUFF and other SNUGGLY things. You have been warned.

1. Chapter 1

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Edward smiled my favorite crooked smile; "Bella, love, I know you're worried. But truly, I'm just fine."

I slowly crawled into his lap and wrapped my arms around him, slowly tracing with the tips of my fingers up his marble back. I could feel him slowly shaking in my arms; as if stone could shake, as he fought relaxation. I began kissing gently up his icy neck, running my hand slowly down his arms, tracing in small circles, same as the day I did when he first took me to the meadow. I knew it would get to him.

"Bella..." he tested, as he tried to steady himself, "Really..it's-"

I cut him off quickly taking in a deep breath and slowly blowing it out across his cheek and then his lips. I felt his trembling increase steadily, and ran my hands down his sides and back up soothingly, feeling his perfectly statued figure.

"B-bella," I heard his gasp, and I licked at his lips, pulling against them softly. It was just so hard, his voice became as soft and as smooth as velvet making my thoughts incoherent. It was also nearly as difficult not to push him further, but he needed to relax. I pushed down on him, trying to subtle, even though I knew that if I had pushed on him with all of my weight it wouldn't have made a difference, but if I could just get him to lay down....

"Bella.." his voice became softer as I pushed. He tried to remain upright but I felt him slowly fall back. It was working! I took my chance. I helped him lay down completely across my bed, hitching one of my arms around his neck and began kissing up. "I'm truly okay..."

"Shh.." I whispered into his skin, breathing in his delicious mouth watering scent. I slowly traced my other arm down his leg, and back up his neck; gently twirling his bronze hair. I leaned more on top of him, tracing my lips across his cheek to his ear. "Rest love," I whispered softly, knowingly that it was impossible for Edward to sleep; I waited for his protest. And it came, in the form of a gentle light sigh. I felt him shift slowly, and he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me softly.

"You know I can't do that." Edward said, his voice lingering in my ears. He looked me in the eyes, and I gazed into their beauty. They shone brightly, yet deeply, like aged topaz. He kissed down my neck, his cold lips moving across my skin, stopping at my chest to listen to my heartbeat, making it accelerate. I leaned more into him, relaxing and breathing evenly, trying as hard as I could to slow it down. I felt his body slowly become rigid and I knew I was cheating big time. I couldn't let him dazzle me so easily if I wanted to win.

I slowly unwrapped my arm from around his neck, sliding it down his chest and side, wrapping it back up around his hard, perfect waist. I shook my face from his grasp gently, and used my other arm to place his own arms around my waist. I breathed into his hair and began stroking down his back.

"Bell...a.." Edward's angel like voice broke a bit on the ending to my name, which caused my heart to skip. A soft noise I thought I'd never hear. I lifted my head and pressed my lips to his gently.

"Yes?" I whispered as softly as I could. It was to the point there I could barely hear my own question, but I knew he would.

"Bella.." he whispered again, his perfect lips tracing against my neck. He held me a bit less, his arms loosening, sliding slowly to his sides. I let a bit of my hair fall in my face, and he deeply breathed in my scent. His eyes dis-focused a bit as he did, and I giggled to myself softly as I dazzled him.

I placed one of my fingers on his lips, tracing them slowly, and he sighed deeply, letting his eye lids drop mid-way- as if I had awoken some human part of him that called for sleep. I breathed into his neck and ran my hand along his back, rubbing gently. I felt Edward twitch a bit, as if giving his last few attempts to fight me, but he then relaxed fully; slowly closing his eyes. His mouth forming a small smile and his breathing finally slow.

I breathed in, complete awe taking over me as I gazed at him. He was just so beautiful..so perfect. How could a being as wonderful as this want me? But yet here, as if in a dream, my angel lay in my arms. The perfect picture of a god at rest. I slowly kissed his eyes, waiting for them to open as I pondered my thoughts, but they didn't. I knew he couldn't possibly be asleep; but he looked so peaceful. His shaking had finally stopped. He was completely relaxed, the closest to sleep I assumed he'd ever be.

I smiled, and kissed him once more, trailing down his neck, and across his marble chest. I then glanced upwards at his face; his lips were moving very quickly. I leaned over him gently to find there was no voice behind them, he was singing to himself as he called it, and I shrank against his chest, wishing I could hear it. I was so very lucky that he had chosen me. He was my angel I didn't deserve, my light when I couldn't see. He was my everything. I cradled him in my arms; internally thankful for all the nights he had done the same for me.

"Rest," I whispered again, laying my head against his stone chest, listening for a heartbeat I knew I would never hear, raising evenly with his breathing. "I love you Edward." I whispered softly into his ears, stroking his cheek once more. A perfect Adonis in my arms.
"My protector."