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Forever Yours

What would happen if Bella was the vampire and Edward was the human? Would the scent of Edward's blood sing for Bella? Would they make the same choices and mistakes? And most importantly, would true love conquer all? Or would differences separate them? Edward/Bella

There is some mature content in this story (i.e. sex) :)

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter Four: Closer


I almost ran to the building that my biology classroom was in, not bothering to be careful around the ice. Like I, the vampire, was going to trip on some little slab of ice. I tried to slow my pace down as I walked closer to the classroom, trying to be humanlike, trying to be normal. I didn’t know if that was possible.

I walked in the door, sophisticated and sure of myself. Edward was already sitting in his seat, looking out of the window at the snow that was still falling. I sat down next to him. I don’t even know if he knew I was there.

Mr. Banner wasn’t in the classroom yet, so everyone was chattering about the snow, the class, and the new boy with bronze hair.

As I turned to him on my stool, his spicy scent just stunned me again, and I was unable to talk. Once I collected myself, I tapped him on the shoulder, being careful not to startle this boy. I almost started to speak when Edward turned to me. “Hello,” he said, quietly, gazing into my golden eyes, searching almost.

“Hi,” I said back. “I don’t think I got to introduce myself to you before. My name is Bella Cullen. My family and I all go to school here. I have two sisters named Alice and Rosalie, and two brothers named Emmett and Jasper.”

“I’m Edward,” he said to me, amazed. Unfortunately, Mr. Banner walked into the room right then, and we didn’t get a chance to talk more. Mr. Banner explained the lab that we were doing today, examining onion root tip cells under a microscope and separating them into the phases of mitosis we thought they were.

Edward looked up at me, as if to say, go ahead. I examined the microscope and said, “Prophase.”

Edward checked the microscope and I wrote it down. Now it was his turn. This was a fun game for me to play. He checked the slide quickly and said, in a clear and confident voice, “Anaphase.”

“Do you mind if I check?” I asked, suspicious. I looked at the microscope. He was correct. I wrote down anaphase in my neat script. Edward went ahead and checked slide three. “Interphase,” he said, confident again in his work. I wrote it down, having no doubts that he was incorrect. He seemed to be good at science.

When we were finished with the lab, Edward started talking to me. “How long have you lived here?”

“My family and I moved here a couple of years ago. My father, Carlisle, works at Forks Hospital.”

“Oh,” he said, “My dad’s the chief of police here.” I listened intently. I loved the sound of Edward’s musical voice. It was like honey to me, melting my resistance down, showing the other side of me that only my family knew.

He seemed eager to talk to me, and I could see the questions forming inside of his head, but Mr. Banner walked over to us to see why we were no longer working.

“Isabella,” Mr. Banner said accusingly, “don’t you think that Edward should have a chance to examine the microscope?”

“Bella,” Edward corrected Mr. Banner’s mistake almost automatically.

“Actually, Edward identified most of the slides,” I replied. Mr. Banner turned to Edward, who was looking very uncomfortable in his seat.

“You were in the AP program in Phoenix, weren’t you, Edward?” Mr. Banner asked, very doubtful.

“Yes,” Edward replied. “I’ve already done this lab with whitefish blastula.”

“Well, it’s good that you two are partners then,” he said as he walked over to Mike Newton’s table to see how they were doing.

“So you really don’t like the snow?” I asked, skeptical.

“Yes,” Edward replied, “or the rain.”

“Why did you come to Forks?” I asked. “It must be pretty hard for you to live here, if you don’t like wetness.”

“Well,” Edward said, seemingly awkward in this conversation, “my mother got remarried to a man named Phil.”

“Do you not like him?” I asked.

“No, Phil is great. It’s just that he plays baseball and moves around a lot. My mom missed him while she stayed home with me.”

“Oh,” I said. “Did she send you here?”

“I love my mom, and I want her to be happy. And she can’t be happy unless she is with him. I came here so that they could be together. Besides, I was due for some time with Charlie.”

“That sounds unfair,” I replied.

“It doesn’t matter. I want my mom to be happy,” he repeated himself. “Why do you care about my story?”

“I don’t know,” I whispered, a bit scared. I hadn’t had the courage to ask myself that question yet.

Edward seemed to shut down. He went back to doodling on his paper and Mr. Banner called the class to order. As he explained the lab, I looked at Edward. He seemed uncomfortable. He shook his hair and his scent stopped me again…

When the class ended, I said while grabbing my textbooks, “It was nice talking to you, Edward.” And I ran off, out the door, and felt his gaze watching me leave the classroom.

When the day was over, my family and I all congregated by my Mini Cooper. I opened the car and we all got in. I saw Edward getting into his old Buick. I waved out my window at him and he stopped getting into the car. He just stared at me, watching as the Cullen car disappeared into the distance.

Alice chattered constantly to Jasper during the car ride home.

“I don’t know, Jasper, maybe we should go to the clearing again tonight, if you didn’t get as much blood as you needed last night.” Alice kept talking, switching subjects every few minutes. Jasper was silent.

“Bella,” she turned my head as she addressed me, “You really shouldn’t have ruined those heels yesterday! I mean, they were so cute and now we’ll just have to go shopping again. I’ve been wanting to go to Olympia, but Seattle would be fine too. But if we took the Vanquish, we could probably make it to Los Angeles by tomorrow. It’s supposed to be sunny, so that will give us something to do.”

“No, Alice,” I said, trying to let her down gently, “I don’t really want to go shopping tomorrow. Go with Rosalie, I have enough clothes.”

“Okay,” Alice said, unhurt, seemingly knowing that I wanted to stay close to Edward. “Rosalie?” she asked.

“Sounds good Alice, but let’s try and make it to LA because the malls close to here are pretty limited and I saw this dress that I really wanted to try on…” Alice and Rosalie kept talking. I was completely zoned out and almost missed the turn into our driveway.

I spent the afternoon reading again. That was the one thing that I didn’t give up for being a vampire. I always loved reading, even as a human. But I preferred the classics. I was a hopeless romantic in my human life, and even now, I loved a good love story. The novels written now were so…I don’t know. Plot-less almost.

In my completed works by Jane Austen, I started to read Sense and Sensibility yet I realized that the hero’s name was Edward.I turned to Mansfield Park and I started reading when I remembered that the main character was named Edmund. It was just too close. I couldn’t concentrate anymore. So I settled for listening to music while laying on the couch. I had no uses for a bed and it was just unnecessary, even though there was one in my room.

I closed my eyes and thought of Edward. I imagined what it would be like if he knew I was a vampire. Would he be scared? Or horrified? No, I decided. Even though he seemed like the kind of person who was prone to overreacting to everything, I don’t think he would have been terrified by our family. He would be eager to learn more about us. Edward seemed like a very accepting person – I had no doubts that he would get used to the idea of our secret.

I got through the rest of the afternoon by thinking of Edward until it was finally nighttime again. I went to his window and stared up. The climb up the tree outside of his house was much easier this time, as I had already completed it before. I opened his window soundlessly and climbed into the cerulean blue room. I watched Edward as he was sleeping and he was just as beautiful as before, just as innocent, just as stunning.

But something was wrong tonight. Edward’s chest wasn’t taking deep even breaths. They were faster, uneven. I wondered if he was having a nightmare.


I was dreaming and I was sure of it. This couldn’t have happened in real life. It was impossible. I dreamed about a young girl with an angel’s face. I saw her light brown hair, her pale skin, her golden eyes. They smoldered at me. I was dreaming that she was very close to me, our heads facing each other.

She looked into my green eyes and whispered something. I was stunned, but I couldn’t remember what she said to me…and then we kissed. Her lips were cold and soft against mine, moving with mine in a rhythm. I heard the music going through my head, the inspiration for a new song. Bella. I think I’m in love with her.

My hands intertwined in her hair pulling her closer to me, I pulled my lips from hers, kissing every part of her neck, her chin. My hands went over her face a thousand times, always finding something new within. I memorized the lines of her eyebrows, her lashes, her nose, her cheeks, her mouth…

I opened my mouth and let my tongue through my lips, wanting more of her sweet scent. But the scent wasn’t a perfume. It was something better…it was beautiful and rich, and…irresistible. I wanted more, unable to restrain myself from sliding my tongue along the bottom of her lip gently as we kissed…

Suddenly, I woke up. I jolted upwards, almost hitting my head on something hard above me. I almost screamed, but an ice cold hand covered my mouth, luminescent golden eyes staring down at me in wonder.