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Forever Yours

What would happen if Bella was the vampire and Edward was the human? Would the scent of Edward's blood sing for Bella? Would they make the same choices and mistakes? And most importantly, would true love conquer all? Or would differences separate them? Edward/Bella

There is some mature content in this story (i.e. sex) :)

5. Chapter 5

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Chapter Five: The Night


My love startled awake, almost hitting his head on my chest while I was leaning over him. He opened his deep green eyes and almost screamed when I covered his mouth with my hand. He fought against me, and I laughed at the irony. After about five minutes, when Edward was calm once more, just staring into my golden eyes, I murmured, “I’ll let you go if you don’t scream.” Edward nodded, terrified, and yet still curious at the same time.

I let him go, taking my hand off of his mouth. As promised, he did not scream, but he grabbed my hand and placed it on his forehead.

“Jesus, Bella,” he whispered, completely out of it. “You’re freezing!” I quickly took my hand back from his forehead, though the warmth still lingered on my fingertips. I loved the feeling. “What’s going on?” He asked.

“You’re not scared?” I asked quietly. “Of me?”

“No, of course not,” he said. “I knew someone was watching me, even in my dreams. It felt awkward.”

“How is that possible? How are you not afraid of me? You should be terrified, running to get Charlie right about now! You’re not going into shock!”

“No…” he said, confused.

“You’re not frightened?”

“Nope,” he replied. “I just want to know what the hell you’re doing here at,” he looked at his alarm clock, “one thirty in the morning.”

I considered leaving, just jumping out of the window. He would wake up in the morning and think it was all a dream. I was all a dream. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I couldn’t leave this beautiful boy alone.

“Well…” I said, eyeing the window.

“You are not going to leave,” he said. “That’s not a request.”

“I know,” I replied. I went and sat on the end of his bed. Edward got up and sat next to me, grabbing my hand again.

“I don’t understand why you’re so cold!” he murmured as he stroked my palm with his finger tips.

“That’s part of it,” I said.

“Part of what?” he asked innocently.

“It’s really hard to explain.”

“I’m a good listener,” he said, gazing into my eyes.

“I know,” I whispered.

“Look Bella,” he said as he gave me my hand back. “I know that none of your family is human. That would be impossible, the way you act, and look. And…I don’t care.”

“But what if I’m the monster?” I asked, bewildered.

“It still doesn’t matter,” he said. “I can’t live without you, Bella. I don’t know how to explain it, but…”

“It’s okay, Edward,” I said. “I understand what you’re trying to say. And…I can’t tell you my secret yet. But I will tell you eventually.”

“Why not now?” he protested.

“Because,” I said, “I need to talk to my family first.”

“Your family? What do they have to do with anything?”

“I will tell you everything, I promise,” I said as I drew soothing circles on the back of his hand. He intertwined our fingers together, feeling the coldness of my hand, the gentleness of my touch. Edward made room for me on his lap. I obliged, moving over to him, drawing my knees into my chest. I rested my cold body against his bare chest and he shivered. But it was not a shiver of cold; it was a shiver of happiness.

I looked up at Edward and he was examining my face. I saw him memorize each shape, each angle. I memorized him too. And as I gazed in awe, he smiled a smile so unique that it made my heart melt. It was crooked, and goofy, and beautiful, and innocent…

“Bella,” he said as I looked into his green eyes, questioning. “I…” he didn’t finish because I reached upwards and pressed my lips against his, kissing him for the first time. He tasted even better than he smelled. It was amazing and I knew in that moment in time, that I could never live without him. Edward Anthony Swan. His name made me giggle inwardly.

Our lips moved together, slowly, but searching as well. Not searching for anything, just searching for each other. My thirst disappeared. It was just a low hum in the back of my head, reminding me what I was. I loved Edward, and I could do nothing to hurt him. I could never drink his blood.

I held his face securely to mine, creating no space between our bodies. We moved as one, we were one. We broke apart and Edward groaned and looked as if he was about to say something. But then he paused. He didn’t want to ruin this magical moment with words. Because words were meaningless now that we had each other.

“I have to go,” I whispered into his ear. He shook his head violently, his green eyes constantly pleading and I said, “You need to rest for school tomorrow.”

“Stay,” he whispered, desperate.

“I will,” I promised against my better judgment. And I helped him get under his sheets. I lay down next to him, encircling his body with my bare arms. He shivered again.

“Are you cold?” I asked quietly. “I could sit on the rocking chair.”

“No,” he responded automatically. “Stay next to me.” And I held him for the rest of the night, constantly whispering, “I love you” into his bronze hair until he was asleep. I spent the whole night like that. I was never bored because Edward was in my arms.

When his alarm clock rang, Edward stirred. He then opened his eyes. I pressed my palm against his cheek and he was so warm. He turned to face me, staring into my golden eyes. He gasped quietly, amazed that I had stayed the night.

“Charlie,” he whispered, horrified.

“It’s okay. Charlie left early this morning. You were fast asleep.” Edward grinned my favorite crooked smile.

He got up, stretching, showing off the muscles in his chest. I giggled. He sat back on his bed and I moved to his lap. This was my favorite place. I kissed him slightly, burying my vampire nature deep inside me.

“I won’t be at school today,” I stated. He just nodded, seemingly understanding. I went and opened his window and jumped down. Edward stared after me. I waved from his driveway. Then I walked into the forest.


That night, with Bella holding me in her arms, I slept dreamlessly and peacefully. I woke up, not to the sound of my alarm clock like normal, but due to the cold arms encircling me. I turned around against the will of the cold iron cage, and saw Bella’s face. I almost jumped for joy, but instead, I smiled at her, groggily.

Then a thought went through my head. “Charlie…” I gasped, horrified at the thought of him finding Bella here, with me, in my bed…I fought the urge to smile.

“It’s okay, Charlie left earlier this morning. You were fast asleep,” Bella said in her quiet, beautiful voice. I smiled. Bella smiled back at me.

I got up out of her arms, reluctantly, and stood by my bed, stretching. I was showing off, just a little. In Phoenix, I had developed a relatively strong abdomen due to weight training for gym. I was strong and proud of my muscles. Bella giggled quietly as she watched me.

I sat back on the bed and she moved to my lap. We started into each other’s eyes for what seemed like a very long time. Then, I bent down to kiss her. Bella’s breath smelled amazing. It was very sweet, and irresistible, but almost minty. I leaned in closer to her body, smelling her mouth-watering breath.

We broke apart and Bella said, in the voice that I had come to love overnight, “I won’t be at school today.”

I just nodded, understanding. I knew that there was some secret to Bella, some hidden meaning behind her love. I had to let her go because if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t see her again. She went over to my window and opened it as wide as it could go.

I don’t know how she did it, but even in her black heels, she jumped out the second-story window and landed with grace. She waved at me from the driveway, as I continued to stare at her. How could she have made that landing? If I had tried that, I would have had at least a broken leg. But my Bella pulled it off professionally, while wearing high heels.

Beautiful Bella walked off, and as she reached my driveway, she waved at me. I smiled slowly, but it then turned into a full-out, teeth showing grin. She smiled a small, quiet smile, reminding me of her perfect voice. I continued to stare helplessly after her as she walked into the forest.