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Forever Yours

What would happen if Bella was the vampire and Edward was the human? Would the scent of Edward's blood sing for Bella? Would they make the same choices and mistakes? And most importantly, would true love conquer all? Or would differences separate them? Edward/Bella

There is some mature content in this story (i.e. sex) :)

6. Chapter 6

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Chapter Six: The Next Day


I finally finished wondering where Bella had gone and left my window. It was almost seven in the morning. Crap. School started in thirty minutes.

I grabbed my shampoo and towel and walked into the shower. I tried to wash myself quickly, but the hot water soothed me. It helped me think straight. When I was finally out of the shower, I got dressed quickly. I threw on a pair of jeans and a camel-brown sweater. I grabbed my black rain coat, though doubting that I would need it today. It was absolutely beautiful outside, reminding me of my old home.

I ran down the stairs, glancing at the clock. It was seven-fifteen. I ran out the door with my bag, not even bothering to eat breakfast. I opened the door to my beat up Buick and sped all of the way while I was driving to school. I was glad I wasn’t pulled over. That would have been an experience, getting arrested by my own father.

I made it to school, just in time, for the bell. As I rushed to class, I found myself wishing, that Bella was lying to me. I hoped that she would actually be here with me today. But, against my will, Bella was not sitting in the lunch room and neither were any of her siblings. My face fell a tiny bit.

Mike was talking to me, explaining about the dance on Saturday night. He seemed excited and because it was guy’s choice, he was going to ask out Jessica. I restrained myself from laughing at him. It looks like he finally took a hint after being turned down by Bella countless times.

At our lunch table, I sat down between Lauren and Tyler. Tyler started a conversation about who he was going to ask to the dance. He whispered to me quietly that he was going to ask Lauren, but I was pretty sure that she heard, or at least, already knew that he was going to ask her. Smugness radiated from every comment Lauren made.

I lost interest in Tyler’s chatter and stared over at the empty Cullen table. I missed their constant, silent presence, their status as the most gorgeous people in the school. Without them, the school lost part of its character, part of its being.

As I gazed over at the empty table, Jessica walked over to my chair. She seemed nervous almost, as if unsure of herself. Oh god, I thought. She’s going to ask me to the dance.

Jess had always been quiet around me, kind of shy. Sometimes, when I wasn’t staring in awe at Bella, I would notice her eyeing me, sneakily. I tried to think of a way to turn her down easily so that Mike wouldn’t hate me.

It was a good thing that Mike was completely immersed in his argument about the dance with Eric. Jess walked over to me quietly.

“So,” Jess said, anxious. “Are you going to the dance on Saturday night?”

“Um…” I replied, desperately trying to think of another answer. “No, sorry. I was planning on going to Seattle that day.”

“Couldn’t you go any other day?” she asked, hopeful. I shook my head at her, trying to get her to give up on me.

“Sorry. That Saturday is the only day that I can go and I really need to check out a few music stores and some bookstores.”

“Oh, okay,” Jess said. She walked back to her seat, disappointed. I felt a little bit bad for her. It wasn’t my fault that I was already in love with an inhumanly beautiful girl. Yes, inhuman was the correct word. I knew that Bella was something more, no matter how much she denied it and how much I wanted her to deny it.

As lunch ended, I hoped again that Bella would be back just in time for biology. And again, I was let down. I wished that Bella would be here, to comfort me, to talk to me…

In biology, we were watching another movie. I had already studied this subject. Forks was a very boring place. There was nothing to interest me in this movie, so I settled for doodling Bella’s profile on a piece of notebook paper. I remembered her face as I awoke this morning, her smile of joy, her eyes alive in wonder. I remembered the melody that struck me when we kissed.

I finished doodling Bella’s profile and began to write down the music. I had perfect pitch, so I could hear exactly which notes came where. As the music began to write itself on my page, I found that the fifty minutes of biology were up. I quickly hid my drawing of Bella in my backpack, but I kept the music out, looking it over.

Whitney, a young girl with bright orange hair, walked up to me. She sat right in front of me in the classroom. She eyed the piece of music I had written suspiciously.

“I didn’t know you wrote music,” she said, interested.

“Yes,” I said. I had no intention of volunteering information. I could already guess where this conversation was going.

“So, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance with me on Saturday?” she asked hastily, sounding very optimistic about the idea.

“Sorry,” I said quickly, “I’m going to Seattle that Saturday. I really need to look at some music stores, and some new books,” I said using my previous lie again. Actually, the idea of getting out of this town sounded strangely relieving.

“Oh,” Whitney replied saddened. “Well, I guess I’ll see you around.”

“Yep,” I replied as I walked off to my next class. My last class was the worst. I hated it beyond all recognition. It was unnecessary, horrible, and terrifying all in one. Spanish. I HATED Spanish class. In Phoenix, a language was only required for two years, so I was hoping that I would be finished with the whole ordeal. Here, in Forks, Washington, it was required all four years. I could have taken French or German, but Spanish seemed like it would be the easiest, plus, I would have the most use for it, living in Arizona.

I had always been horrible at languages. I could never get the accent right, and the words were so confusing. I didn’t even try to learn languages anymore. Looking at the different accents confused me. It was so…foreign. I laughed humorlessly at my pun.

My teacher, Mrs. Parker, was the farthest thing from Spanish. In fact, her accent sounded southern and this made her Spanish speaking very strange. Also, she was way too enthusiastic about the whole thing to the point of ridiculousness. There were posters and drawings on every free space of wall, and the classroom always smelled faintly of salsa. It was nauseating.

“Hola mis estudiantes,” our overenthusiastic teacher said in a fake-sounding high pitched voice. I was reminded again of Bella’s perfect, quiet, everlasting voice. I missed it.

“Hola, Professor Parker,” we replied as a class in a bored tone. Mrs. Parker made it clear the very first day in class, that we would follow this call and response exercise during the start of every class. After this first sentence, I stopped listening to or horrible teacher. It took me three times to understand that she was asking me a question.

“Edward,” she said impatiently.

“What? Oh…yeah?” I asked, dazed.

“Qué hiciste anoche?” she asked, again, for my benefit. I knew what she was asking. It was on the tip of my tongue…something about the weather, I think.

“Es soleado fuera hoy,” I said. It is sunny outside today.

“Would anyone in the class like to help out Edward?” Mrs. Parker sighed. Eric, this really annoying and overly-helpful boy, answered.

“Edward, Professor Parker asked you what you did last night.”

Oh. Dammit. My head was filled with never-ending thoughts of Bella. I once again tried to figure out her secret. Then, I gasped. “Oh, sorry. Ayer por la noche, hice mi tarea.” Last night, I did my homework.

“Gracias, Edward,” Mrs. Parker said. I went back to thinking about Bella. I knew that she had a major secret. I knew that it affected her whole family. I knew that she somehow was not human. But what if…she was something more? She had asked me if I wouldn’t care if she was the bad guy. That narrowed it down.

I began writing down all of the inhuman bad guys I could think of. Voldemort. Werewolves. Aliens. Robots. Vampires…and the last one stuck with me. I tried applying it to Bella.

Today, it was sunny, and she wasn’t in school. Neither was the rest of her family. They were all missing, out of nowhere. When she was holding me this morning, her arms were so strong, and very cold. She had said that the cold had something to do with her secret. And…when we were kissing, she seemed to be smelling me…no. I was being ridiculous. Bella couldn’t be…I forced myself to think the word…a vampire. It was impossible. Vampires don’t exist. But…it seemed to fit her and her family perfectly…

I snapped back to reality as the final school bell rang. This was ridiculous. I forced the thought from my mind as I grabbed my text books and ran out of the classroom into the rare and bright sunlight that was breaking through the everlasting clouds that covered Forks, Washington.


Once I was sure that Edward couldn’t see me anymore, I started running towards the mansion. This time, I was careful to not ruin my shoes. Alice would for sure take me shopping with her then. I didn’t think I could stand it. But then I realized they had already left.

When I walked into my house, Emmett was on top of me, pulling me into a headlock. “Where were you!?” he shouted angrily, but while playfully noogying my head.

“Ouch Emmett, stop!” I said, annoyed, but laughing at the same time. When he finally released me, he pulled me into a big bear hug.

“We missed you at charades last night. Jasper and Alice completely creamed me and Rose! We needed you there!”

Charades was a familiar game in our family, because there was not much else to do. It was often very fun and hilarious, but I had completely forgotten. But that was okay with me. It didn’t matter anymore. I had Edward.

“Emmett, my head is still hurting,” I complained. He just laughed. “Anyways, where’s Carlisle? I kind of need to talk to him.”

“In his office,” Emmett replied. He then walked off to bother Jasper, who was lying on the couch, his eyes closed in concentration.

I walked up the stairs at a slow pace, trying to think of what I was going to try to explain to Carlisle. Out of everyone in our family, he was the one who understood our species the most, being so old. I knocked quietly on the door and I heard a muffled, “Come in.”

I walked into his office, still amazed by the wall covered in pictures. I knew the whole story, I must have asked to have it told to me at least a thousand times. “Carlisle?” I asked quietly, a bit anxious.

“Yes, Bella?” he asked while bent over a folder at his desk.

“I need to talk to you.”

He gestured to the chair in front of his desk as he put the folder down. “Of course, Bella! Sit down.” I sat, crossing my legs and clasping my hands together. “Now, what was it you needed to talk to me about?”

“Well…” I said, launching into the same story I had told Esme, but with a little more detail. I knew that Carlisle would understand. He had to. If he didn’t, then there was nowhere else to turn.

“Yes, I’ve heard that this sort of thing could happen,” he explained as he listened to the end of my pitiful story. “In Italian, it is called La Tua Cantante. That means, ‘Singer.’ His blood sings just for you.”

“Yes, that’s what I’ve been looking for!” I exclaimed in joyfulness. I was so glad that someone finally understood my problem.

“What should I do?” I asked Carlisle.

“Well, you should do whatever will work best for you. But I can give you your options. Option One: You could go back to ignoring him. Break his heart. Do whatever you have to, to get him to stay away from you. This will hurt him, and you, but at least he will finally be safe. He is human, and time heals all for their kind. But then you would have to go back to your life before he moved here, as if he never existed,” he said.

I shook my head in horror. I could never imagine a life without Edward. Carlisle laughed heartily.

“Yes, I thought that option would be out,” he said, amused. “Option Two: You can leave. Start a new life elsewhere, and try to forget him. This will also break his heart and he would eventually move on to love someone else. But you would have to live with it for eternity,” Carlisle stated.

I opened my mouth, terrified at the thought where Edward didn’t exist. I couldn’t bring myself to do that to him and me. I was much too selfish.

“Option Three: You can live with him throughout his human life. He will grow old while you never age. If he decides he wants more, like a family, you will have to leave him, but you could try to make it last as long as you could. Eventually he would die, and you would have to move on. But you would be able to love him, for as long as he lived in his human life. And your fourth option,” Carlisle started, but I shook my head. I knew what the fourth option entailed.

“Change him,” I whispered. But I don’t think I could do it. That would mean he would have to go through three days of absolute pain, begging me to kill him. My love, my love, would be hurting. And it would be my fault. But out of all of the other options, this was the most reasonable. Considering he would want to stay with me forever.

I knew I was much too selfish to try the first two options. I couldn’t live without him, I decided. Edward was my life now. He was all that mattered. That means I would have to choose between options three and four. Option three would involve much pain, for both of us. But I would love him more than anything. And…option four…it was enticing. I knew that this was the most selfish of all of the options. I knew that once Edward knew what I was, this would be the one he wanted, the one that made the most sense to him. And…I would be able to agree with him. He would be able to convince me eventually that this was the right choice.

But then I would be condemning him to an eternity of hell on earth. It would be never ending. And…he wouldn’t be the same. I would never see my Edward blush again, never hear his heart racing as we kissed, never staring into those green eyes again. And I couldn’t decide. And it wasn’t my decision to make. It was Edward’s, I realized.

I got up from the chair in Carlisle’s office. “Thank you, dad,” I said.

“Any time, Bella,” he replied as I closed the door behind me. I went to my room and changed my clothes into a jean miniskirt and a dark blue short-sleeve blouse. I threw on a pair of brown flip-flops, and I glanced at the clock. It was almost noon. Edward would be in school until at least three o’clock. Waiting for him was getting to be ridiculous. I decided to pass the time by hunting.

I ran through the woods, making sure to stay in the shade of the tall trees. I couldn’t risk exposing our secret now, when I was so close to telling Edward. I would tell him tonight. I had to tell him tonight.

I found a few deer in the woods. I hunted quickly, making sure not to spill any single drop of blood. There would be nothing for any humans to go on. No evidence whatsoever. As soon as I was done, it was almost three o’clock. I nearly leaped for joy at the thought of seeing my love, my Edward, once more.

As I ran back to the mansion, I pondered the options again. And…I was still completely undecided. I knew that I could live with the third option, but I would eventually have to let Edward go. This bothered me. And the fourth option, that was almost out of the question. I could not do that to Edward. I loved him too much.

I ran to the garage, grabbing my car keys out of my pocket. I walked up to my car and got in. Once again, I didn’t even bother to drive the speed limit. When I reached Forks High School, the bell had just rung. I smelled Edward before I saw him, he was about to get into his car. I decided that I would drive up to him.

I rolled down my tinted window ever so slightly and whispered to his back, “Want a ride?” Edward whirled around and when he saw my face, he smiled.

“What about my car?” he asked suspiciously.

“I’ll have Jasper pick it up after he gets back,” I replied.

“Okay.” Edward grabbed his backpack, but on second thought, left it in the front seat. Edward locked his car and then clambered into the passenger side of my jade-green Mini Cooper. He looked at me and I smiled, flashing my perfectly white teeth. My golden eyes smoldered at him, and I took off.

Edward looked back at me, an amused expression on his face. I took one hand off of the wheel and held his between our seats. He reacted to my cold hand at first but then embraced the temperature. He seemed to like the coldness of my body.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“A secret place of mine,” I replied. “The place I like to go when it’s sunny.”