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Little Differences

When Edward and Bella are straightening out their relationship after Edward comes back, Severus and Lily are ruining theirs even more. Time flies by, Edward and Bella fly to London for a well-earnt holiday. Little do they know the company they will recieve when they arrive. Twilight and Harry Potter* based. *During the Marauder's time (as in, James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black etc.)

Disclaimer!: I do not own these characters! Stepehenie Meyer owns the Twilight characters, and J.K. Rowling owns the Harry Potter characters. The time frame of the story is after Edward comes back, and him and Bella are sorting their relationship out.

1. Mistakes

Rating 5/5   Word Count 827   Review this Chapter

*Edward POV*

I smiled as I watched her intently. Her breathing was even and peaceful; it relaxed me. The words she spoke were soft but clear, it was hard to tell if she was asleep, but I knew she was. The lullaby I hummed was like her sleeping pill.

It was stupid mistake, I had left and Bella was the one to suffer. I thought she hadn’t needed me anymore, but I was wrong. When she had gone to save me, I was shocked. Hadn’t she jumped off the cliff? But Alice had explained. It was for recreational purposes. Bella had explained with more detail though. She kept hearing my voice, but only when she was in danger. Now I knew her reason, and I stayed with her. I plan to, forever.

Soon, it was morning and Bella awoke. She sat up and looked at me; her eyes darted up and down my body. “Are you… real?” Bella’s soft voice made me smile, instead of a string of words; it was music to my ears. “Yes.” Nodding my head once, I sat beside her on her bed and wrapped my arms around Bella. My Bella.

*Bella POV*

He was real. Not some stupid dream. He was really there. Sitting next to me. All alive and well. I shut my eyes and leaned my head against his shoulder. It felt as hard as rock, but I didn’t care. I never really did. Edward was my life. That word was a bit inappropriate considering Edward’s life would last for pretty ever. Eternity was a better word. Especially when I would be changed too.

Standing up on the floorboards, I looked into Edward’s eyes. They were blood red. He was thirsty, he needed to hunt. Otherwise, he would be afraid of my danger, and he would leave. Once again. There was no way that I would him leave, not when he had promised. “Go and hunt.” My words were sharp, the tone wasn’t demanding, but Edward understood. “I will. Get ready for school, darling. I’ll be there.” I couldn’t resist, I leaned in for a kiss, but I was pushed back by my love’s cold fingers. “I’m thirsty. I can’t take that chance. Please, Bella. Later.” I looked down at my feet and blushed bright red, making Edward laugh. With that, he jumped out my bedroom window and ran.

*Lily POV*

Why did I have to believe that shaggy kid? I thought, with all my heart, that he was my friend. My best friend. Then, he had to go ahead and call me those terrible names. I knew Severus had regretted his words, but I couldn’t seem to forgive him. He had apologized many times, sometimes waiting outside of the Gryffindor dorms, with kids laughing and pointing at him. I felt so sorry for him, but still, my heart had not been ready enough to forgive.

It was always James. He was the one I always forgave. For his stupidity and the things he did to my friends. Especially to Sev. Stupid and childish James Potter. There was something, something more than his charm and his pranks. That was what I loved. Yes, I’ll admit it. I love James Potter.

Severus Snape, was a different situation altogether. I loved Severus as a friend. He was my best friend, from the moment I met him. All that changed as he said a single word. “Mudblood.” He said it. Just because I was defending James. Sev had known all along. He knew I loved that ignorant Potter, but Severus had always been jealous. He had loved me too.

My soft sobs could not have been heard by the snoring sleepers around me. They really couldn’t have cared less. They didn’t understand why I even hung out with Severus Snape. “A Slytherin.” They had sneered.

*Severus POV*

Soft cries filled my ears. I stumbled pointlessly around the outside of the Gryffindor dorms, listening and looking for Lily. She was my best friend, my true love. Or so I had thought. This was all before the biggest mistake of my life, and boy have I made a lot of mistakes. Normally, she would have forgiven me by now, but ever since that Potter got to her, she had completely changed.

Oh how I despised James Potter. Everything I wanted to be, crammed up into a singled person. It wasn’t his popularity with everyone at Hogwarts, nor was it the fact that his family wasn’t abusive. It was because Lily Evans loved him. I had known from the moment I had seen her set her eyes on him. The glow, the interest, the curiosity. I would have adored to be James Potter then.

I sank down onto the carpet; my eyes welled up with tears. I heard footsteps, it was probably a professor, but I didn’t care. I wanted to be expelled. I wanted to leave. I wanted to die. Impossibly, it wasn’t a professor. It was a girl. It was Lily Evans.